World’s Most Surreal Tribe (South Sudan)

By | December 11, 2022

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This is a story that I’ve wanted to tell for more than 5 years, and I'm really proud that I finally made it happen! I just spent 2 days living with the Mundari Tribe of SOUTH SUDAN and it was an incredible experience to say the least. It was refreshing to witness how the Mundari's have such simple, genuine lives – far removed from the stresses of the Western World. I learned why they live among thousands of cows, and how they utilize the cow's urine and dung to improve the quality of their lives and their skin. I learned that it's the simple moments in life that matter most, and family time is more important than anything else in this world.

I feel like this story takes me back to my roots of storytelling, and it's only the first episode of my 3-part series called TRIBES. Stay tuned for Laos next week, and then Papua Island the week after! If you're still reading this, just know that I love you and I'd love to hear your feedback on this video cuz I hope to do more stories like this next year! Thank you so much!

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I am completely surrounded by cows Somewhere in South Sudan with the Mandari tribe this is one of the coolest Stories of any story in my life stay Tuned [Music] [Music] The most interesting thing about the Shower is that you don't know when You're going to shower like you just Have to wait for a cat to pee [Music] [Applause] I am on my way right now to South Sudan For the second time I am so excited I'm Going to be spending two full days with The mandari tribe the cow tribe and I'm A little nervous because my local friend Myom he is not very responsive and he Told me he's going to take me out there And have everything set but he hasn't Responded to me in two days I don't know If he's going to be at the airport Waiting for me I'm excited anxious Nervous there's going to be a hell of a Trip here we go checking in for our Flight right now to Juba and they took Our e-visas and the guy just walked away We're going [Music] Hello South to dance It's hot we made it man yeah yeah yeah All right good how are you All right we're ready to roll ready to

Get this trip started my last time in Juba was in 2019 when I made the story On the world's tallest tribe I came to South Sudan and I feel like I just Entered Manhattan because I surrounded By skyscrapers I must admit that it's Surreal to be back here and see all the Advancements happening in the world's Newest country back then there were only Two hotels now there's five so much is Changing which is wonderful to see Considering its rough recent history South Sudan gained independence from its Northern counterpart in 2011 after a 22-year Civil War in which two million People were killed from 1983 to 2005 This region was under constant attacks And my local friend myom was forced to Become a refugee in Ethiopia we were Kids you know most of us actually had to Perish of hunger of diseases and you Know you know so those of us that Survived we were the ones who were lucky And after the coming of the Year came With food with medicine and so on when Your country is affected by War there's Always something that comes to your mind When you are separated from your parents From your other siblings there's always That thought what happened to my parents What happened to my other siblings and What is going to happen to me and Because of the Civil War and instability Juba remains an extremely difficult City

To visit as a tourist the local people While friendly are very hostile as soon As they see a camera even on a Smartphone therefore shooting content Here is harder than anywhere else in the World but it's all part of the adventure We're at our first roadblock Just like a string that they tied in the Road in front of us So we just stay here Checkpoints checkpoints checkpoints and These guys are not letting us go we've Been here maybe only 15-20 minutes but They have our documents how does it feel To not have your passport I don't like Not having my passport What's happening bro I will come are you sure they are now Finished here oh cool Good Thank you sir our visas are inside yeah Have a nice day we got a bad boyfriend [Music] Yeah I got it what what happened why it Takes so long those guys have different Offices you finish this one they say Come to me you finish with that you say Come to me like that like that so that's What it's taking a long time and then You know Then you just want to create a scenario Where they want to reward players They have a lot of time yeah yeah yeah We don't have a lot of time and we don't

Which they know [Music] Driving through this landscape is Incredibly surreal but after all these Checkpoints I am quite anxious to arrive We've made it to the mandari tribe Thank you Hey should I be careful with mosquitoes Some of us like me I don't care of the Mosquito yeah but I'm white but for you Yes they do speak Arabic in South Sudan Although it's a different dialect known As Juba Arabic yeah true Nice to meet you First impressions are that they're very Humble they're very kind genuine curious No hostility towards foreigners very Welcoming people I haven't visited a Tribe such as this in like three years The mandari tribe is a group of Nomads Indigenous to South Sudan only about a Hundred thousand of them still exist and Today I have found a small community of About 15 families the mandaris are known As cow people because not only do they Permanently live with cows but they use Their milk for eating their urine for Showering and they're done for skin Protection trading cattle is used as a Replacement for money and they even use Cows for Dowry to pay the family of the Wives before marriage Saying that the cows are the life of the Mundari people they are the ones that we

Live on we survive on them we feed on Them everything like our life is all Based on the cows He's saying that the cows are actually Our wealth the conditions in which we Sell them are like when you are sick or When your children are sick then you Have to sell the cows so that you can go And get some money when you buy medicine For the children or for yourself or Whoever you are taking care of we also Use them for Um for marriages when you want to marry A wife like one of the girls then you Have to pay cows like 80 cows or 100 Yeah to to the family of the girl yeah Yeah I like Dory yes so all of them have The blonde hair yeah you know like I Told you before yeah they use urine Cow's urine How do they put the urine on their face When you know there are two ways in Which they do that One way is when the cow is urinating Directly then they come on And then the other way is when you know They can collect and then at a later Time The urine shower is something I've never Seen before in my life but it doesn't End there this is cowdung which is dry And then now they are using it now to Foreign [Music]

The ash made from cow dung is used as Both the mosquito repellent and Protection from the Sun and of course It's stylish it's refreshing to see how The mandaris are so far removed from Technology and urban Society no Electricity no internet and little Access to anything in the modern world Their home is out here in the middle of The countryside with nearby lions and Drafts and they are nomadic people which Means that they move according to the Weather and in case you were wondering They love to smoke and we're given the Shisha from another visitor a few weeks Ago one of the reasons why this is so Special is because I'm always moving so Fast It's so cool just to sit here and Observe And just do nothing and just kind of Learn about a really really special Culture that's why this this feels Different Do any of you guys know your Birthdays And most of them have not gone to school So they don't keep such information [Music] Thank you This is proof that South Sudanese are The tallest in the world Look at this So tall man

What makes you happy Only way music can be happy is to have As many cows as possible okay this way You know we will have enough milk to Drink you can also have enough meat for The family and also for themselves it Will also kind of expedite the process Of having more babies that is to say you Know the more food you have then you Know like it will be easier for you to You know maybe after one or two years Then you you can have the first baby we Eat yeah that we can win then you have Another one coming in and so on and so Forth can you ask them what do they Think about America All of them I'm curious like what do They think about America [Music] Saying that America is a beautiful Country But the only problem is that they don't Allow People to go there like them you know They will not be allowed to go there That's true yeah considering that we are Out in the wild nowhere near any cities Or towns we have to adjust to the rapid Weather changes in other words a Rainstorm is quickly approaching and we Need to find cover Foreign Rain Holy [ __ ]

Everything just changed the whole mood Changed it's now cold rain the weather Dropped tremendously Man that was crazy bro Everything just everything changed right Yeah I'm walking in a mixture of mud Cow poop and dirt And it's uh pretty cool Every day at exactly 5 PM thousands of Cows come marching in over the horizon They know exactly where to go and Recognize their owners to a T it's Absolutely fascinating to witness how The mandaris care for and protect their Cows I learned that they are animus Which means they believe all natural Things such as plants animals rocks and Thunder are animated and alive and Possess a spiritual Essence that Influences human events all I can say is That this scene of the cows Marching In And the interaction of them to the People is one of the most beautiful Sights I've ever witnessed in my entire Life [Music] Foreign [Music] It is just a sea of cows around here [Music] Absolutely surreal In Mandarin culture cows are at the Center of religion birth and marriage

Cows are symbols of wealth and power a Man's status is determined by how many Cows he owns and the size of their horns Families sell cows to pay for food and Send their kids to school although cows Are rarely killed for meat cow milk and Cow blood are Staples in the mandari Diet sometimes a cow's life is Considered more sacred than the life of A human Foreign [Music] Is a popular sport out here Oh So can he wrestle him Who's gonna win in a wrestling match [Laughter] Tomorrow morning at 8 A.M they said They're going to do a big wrestling Match and see who's the champion I have A feeling it's going to be him [Music] So the night has come and then we're Just gonna sit here and Enjoy the evening with them I don't know What what they have planned what's going On but we're gonna figure it out and That's the beauty of this experience Behind me she's making coffee over the Fire So cool Foreign [Music] [Music]

Hear the cows all night just logging Their tails and the Bells on them But to actually see what's going on It's absolutely surreal So interesting how it's so quiet out Here but everybody's just doing their Part like they're cleaning they're Sweeping they're You know getting the cow manure and Throwing it over [Music] Early morning means it's time for a Shower it was a cow urine shower Straight when the cows peeing It comes through What might look obscure to you is Actually practiced due to the lack of Water sources and also to get minerals From the cow's urine which they believe Is good for the skin and the overall Health the reason why their hair is Permanently blonde is because of the cow Urine shower I do this every morning for Their whole life And then it just dyes your hair blonde Or reddish I was asked by a couple of the boys if I Wanted to try it out and after a long Internal debate I decided to do it Damn it I missed it literally was Missing by one second Warm [Music] Oh

I have now showered in couches and The first and last time I'll do that Foreign [Music] Brush which consists of this natural Stick that cleans the teeth quite well And it was time for some local breakfast They've offered me some of the milk From one of the Thousand cows Milk makes you tall man you need to get Taller and stronger Very warm white okay it tastes a little Different Not a lot different but a little Different yeah it tastes like goat milk [Music] So you can hear the horn blowing in the Distance they are preparing for their Huge wrestling match to see who is the Champion here look he's already pulling People in We Got The Spectator section Right here they've gathered everyone for The fight and this is gonna be pretty Fun to watch they do this every so often As a way to pass time as a hobby Wrestling I gotta love it [Music] Okay One one zero got it I'm hearing the fan Zone under the tree Watching [Music] For sure

Thank you Three one that is one for this team and Three for that team so it's that team That has won and the Champions team has Actually been defeated in including the Champion it's pretty amazing how I can Come here unannounced and discover a Life full of beauty and joy and that Just goes to show that happiness is Found everywhere even for those of us in The western world who are always so busy And consumed with technology and social Media it's important to realize that the Little moments in life matter the most And in the end we are all the same I am Speechless this is the best story that I've made maybe in my life and just so Humbling to be out here to meet these People they're so amazing the cows are Fantastic the life here is so peaceful And so real and raw and that's why I Made this story I hope that you guys Learned about this beautiful little Slice of the world it's truly These kids following me everywhere It's truly amazing and I'll see you guys In the next video thank you for watching Peace Make sure to subscribe to this channel For more epic travel stories from every Country hit up my podcast called roots Of humanity and I also have a second YouTube channel where I share more Unseen travel stories until next time

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