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As a proud ginger, I was THRILLED to attend the world's largest ginger festival/gathering a few months ago! It was the 12th consecutive year of Ginger Fest, held in a small town in Southern Netherlands called Tilburg. And what a blast it was!

More than 1,000 gingers, from all over the globe, came in for a weekend of music, activities, picnics, bar crawls and just old-fashioned FUN.

But I must admit.. it was pretty strange to spend 2 days exclusively with other members of the ginger community. Why? Because we have nothing else in common other than our unique genetic mutations. Most festivals/gatherings around the world are centered around a common INTEREST, such as music, sports, arts, etc — but this one? It's just a bunch of redheads taking over a small Dutch town!

That being said, I will say that it was a fun time, and I made several new redhead friends who took me around UTRECHT (my new favorite city in Europe). It's a mini-Amsterdam, without all the tourists – as you'll find out in this story!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for next week, when I visit the bizarre town called BAARLE which is literally stuck in between two countries: Netherlands and Belgium.

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I'm here at the world's largest Ginger Festival in the Netherlands hundreds and Hundreds of Gingers come from all over The world to celebrate it is awesome and Hilarious and weird and we're gonna go Discover Somewhere in the Netherlands there is an Annual gathering for gingers only it's Called redhead day I'm surrounded by a Sea of Gingers literally look around me Right now I first heard about it five Years ago and after seeing the photos Online and being a proud Ginger myself I've always wanted to go what is it like To hang out with a bunch of Gingers for A whole day well the time has finally Come gotta get my red out it's gonna be Quite the adventure What is up Amsterdam got my got my car Here and I'm driving South Salberg I guess now my house should come Off for the rest of the trip because I'm Not gonna be needing it you gotta be Proud to show that red hair less than One percent of the human population has Red hair and I'm lucky enough to be one Of them this is your own is my natural Hair yeah You can think of it like an ultra Exclusive Club where only a select few Are bonded by their genetic mutations Even some of the world's most famous People but sadly being a ginger is a Dying Breed if predictions by the Oxford

Hair Foundation are true then the number Of natural redheads will rapidly dwindle Until there are none left by the year 2100 that is less than 80 years from now Many scientists strongly believe that The recessive gene will eventually die Out so today we celebrate Hey quickly guys before we dive deeper Into gingerfest I want to share with you How I was able to fly first class for Free to the Netherlands to make this Video and how you can do it too one of My best travel tips is to get your hands On travel reward credit cards which have A hefty sign up bonus which basically Acts as free cash that you can redeem on Flight upgrades hotel rooms and much More these credit cards also give you Crazy perks like the priority pass which Gives you unlimited access to more than 1 000 airport lounges around the world Also discounts on rental cars Uber rides Free global entry and tons more I just Relaunched my travel blog after many Years in the making and I put together a Detailed list of my top favorite travel Rewards credit cards which you can find On the link down below make sure to take Advantage of the Black Friday discounts Happening right now and through the Weekend and with that being said let's Head back to the Netherlands it's my First time here yeah do you mind being Interviewed can I just quickly most

People know me already so it's strange For me because people say well hi Bart And I say well you have red hair and Probably I've emailed you a thousand Times but I have no idea who you are Bart founded Ginger theft more than 10 Years ago and his reasoning for it is Quite interesting all people that have Red hair feel a sort of relationship With other people with red hair So that you start us talking as if they Were family then after the first meeting That people said well uh are you going To organize the seconds redhead days Wow why should I organize the second one And they said well you organized the First one so you should now do the Second one All right right now we're having a nice Cookout barbecue brunch slash dinner With all gingers that's pretty funny Thanks for cooking man oh you're welcome Bro you're like two steps ahead of Everyone right now Cheers Hold it like this Like like this One any other other one all right oh you Give me both of them yeah all right I Think I've just turned Dutch thank you You're welcome whether you're a ginger Or not beer is a huge part of Dutch Culture so it's only respectful to drink I think as kids or at least me I was

Bullied a lot because of my hair color But now it's really funny because when You get older people accept each other More and it's like the hair color is Really special and they're like whoa That's so cool your Ginger and me other Ginger people So now it's actually really nice and I'm Happy with it but as a child it was a Bit like different this is really Important Dutch culture every time that You go to a party you start like Drinking at your house then you go to a Party and you bring a baby Ocho which Means So you can maintain your level of drunk Or get more drunk sometimes you have two If the parties are away so essentially It's a tactic to save a lot of money Yeah exactly because you don't you don't Need another shot at the club you just Need to base the ocean as I walked Around I couldn't help but think how Strange it is to have a meeting place For those with the same physical Features I mean nothing else binds us Together except for our gingerness not Music not art nor Sports just purebred Red hair on a personal note having red Hair has always been a unique Advantage For me in my life and in my profession As a content creator it's a way that I Can stand out from the crowd and I've Come to embrace it you know I got picked

On a lot as a kid like any other Ginger But it just makes me unique and I'm Proud of it and it's pretty cool to be Here and be with other gingers who Probably feel the same as me so what Exactly causes red hair well it comes From a mutation in the mc1r gene it's a Recessive trait so it takes both parents Passing on a mutated version of the mc1r Gene and because it's a recessive trait Red hair can easily skip a generation or Two or three or in my case 4. after all It has unknowingly become a huge part of My brand as drew binsky the ginger Traveler is your first time here no it's Not my first time it's my third time It's my first time oh well welcome thank You you're gonna do the pep girl I will Be there yeah have you ever met so many Redheads before no never my sister was The only one I personally knew and yes So you in your family or in your friends You don't have many redheads You have awesome hair man thank you do You like grow it nice and long I didn't Go to the barber You already like me how do you endure This sun like in in Arab places 50 Protection yeah 50 SPF is good I don't Know I think I'm a little more tan Compared to most redheads my maximum Okay so this is not my maximum if I'm Outside in the sun I I get because my Whole family has dark hair nobody has

Red hair so I'm like redheaded but I Also have features of like darker skin People so I can tan I don't know I don't Understand genetically why this is Happening it's a skill are you sleeping Here the yes I'm sleeping uh at the at The edge of this corner if you're having Red hair at least once you have to come Here and and look at look at in the Person amen appreciate that man Subscribe to his channel I like the Video and how does it make you feel to Be around like hundreds or thousands of Redheads I love it but I feel like I'm Not special anymore you know so yeah You're not unique I know exactly hey What's up bro are you good how you doing I met Tom a few weeks ago when he came To my Meetup in Prague I'm having the Best time of my life I invited him to Come to gingerfest and sure enough he's Here here you have all the different Strands of red hair what kind of Ginger Are you I was um looking at this earlier So there's three things I am so there's A rich copper red or the uh fiery red or Maybe if I'm lucky the beautiful red for Me I think I'm I'm a little darker yeah yeah maybe Mahogany red no that's too dark Where's that chestnut red I think you're More than chocolate red chocolate red This one now that now I know I'm happy Thank you did you know that there's a

Sunscreen unit I did not you know you You definitely need it more than me I'm Burning yeah SPF 50. oh yeah See that get in there Oh yeah this is the life of a ginger you Know you gotta just Gotta put on this disgusting stuff every Day I don't wear it every day do you not Everything How do I look pretty There it is oh it's way too much good Protection it's weird because at any Festival you're usually bonded through Music or something but here yeah you're Bonded by just your hair color it's Really strange last night on the pub Crew I was leading it and um we went Through the town and it's honestly like Everyone in this city like knows about It like properly and we've got like Special treatment and everything it was Really strange we're going to take a Picture with all the gingers right now Come on let's walk yep as strange as it Sounds the photo is what everyone comes Here for I am in a sea of redheads I've Never been in a ceiling how does it make You feel it's weird it's weird it's like Kind of scary yeah it's a little bit Weird Hi Dave what do you think about this It's insane man this is wild Hey

We're surrounded I'm walking with a pack Of Gingers right now to a bar it's Really funny to be walking with like all Red-headed people it's literally Hilarious we're taking over the streets It almost feels like the strangest dream Possible going on a bar crawl in this Tiny Dutch town with a thousand redheads What is life Tom we are walking with a Pack of Gingers right now I actually Have no idea what's going on but I know That we're Unstoppable because we're Ginger Power Max we are Never been to the Netherlands first time Yeah I don't know what to expect but the People were very nice I asked two people For directions and they were more than Happy more than welcoming to talk in English just tell me where to go so it's A good impression so far What do you think about all these people Can hear me What's up look at this guy dude this was He was he was a truck driver with this Beer for four years Of its own no so how do you feel being At the ginger Fest I I think it's great I think it's great um it's really lonely Sometimes being the only Ginger around People were like who did you give the Guy uh whiskey to it's like yeah the Ginger Yeah it's like good points good points Yeah so where are we going now uh we're

Going to the lollipop uh it's a gay bar That they rent to just have a gingerfest Spot in we are in the Netherlands it's Like the most open-minded people in the Entire world yeah yeah it's Grand I mean Most people are just uninterested in gay People like yeah sure you're gay Whatever exactly yeah and I think that's The most healthy way to look at it a lot Of people are generally open to being Gay or lesbian or whatever and I just Don't give that's the best part of it we Found the parties Street of tillberg man This place is cool I love this country Love it it's different when you're Walking through a street with the Hundreds of gingers The people in the street are like Completely shocked they're like we must Look pretty funny though Walking together All right what is going on right now Um we're in the ginger Club we're in the Ginger Club we're at the ginger party This is Ginger Ginger headboard is here Oh my God Myself Foreign I found a solid crew of Gingers this Dude Foss and his lady friends who Really showed me a good time until the Wee hours of the morning and even the Next day they've invited me to their Hometown called Utrecht a city I've

Always wanted to visit it's time to show You all about Dutch culture and the Reason why I love this country so much See what's going on a quick word on the Netherlands it is a great place and I've Been coming here since 2012. in my Opinion it has the most open-minded People in the world who all speak fluent English and are happy to meet foreigners It's a shame that almost all tourists go To Amsterdam which by the way is an Incredible City if you like canals Parks Buildings beer coffee shops and Nightlife but there is a lot more to This country that needs to be talked About just this year Polish news station Claimed that Utrecht is the most Bike-friendly city in the world the city Has a population of 350 000 residents With a hundred and twenty five thousand Cycling through the downtown area on a Daily basis in fact the Netherlands as a Whole is incredible for public transit With a major focus on cycling Infrastructure this is seriously Mind-blowing the world's biggest biking Garage it's huge how do you remember Where you parked your bike there's like A QR code here which doesn't work but I Take a picture of it and then I can Remember my mind is blown by what I am Seeing over 20 000 parking spaces for Bicycles and truth be told I've never Been more intimidated to ride a bike in

My life it's go time It's okay I'll manage you know it's really Enjoyable to ride by bike because this Is going to sound really obvious but you Just get places really quickly you also Get exercise at the same time turns out It is even faster to bike places in the Netherlands here's one location and the Route to get it by bike and foot here's The same location and the way that he Would have to get there by car doing it This way disencourages people from Driving and makes daily trips by cycling A lot more attractive and easier I came Here for a ginger Festival are you Kidding me did you know that no I didn't Look at my friends look behind you hi is So funny I watch your videos all the Time thank you man I'm from Peru Actually they're like five gingers in The whole of Peru so like wait are you Actually Ginger yeah wait what are the Odds that I just met you on the day that I'm filming about you you're so cool the Netherlands is not only Holland what you Know as Holland is a small province in The country which includes Amsterdam the Main stopover for the country's 20 Million annual tourists all of a sudden Everyone started referring to the Netherlands as Holland when in fact Holland is only 20 of the country's land Mass

Yeah all right now that we got that Settled why are people from the Netherlands called Dutch well we can all Blame the British they labeled anyone Who spoke a Germanic language as Dutch Which included both Germany and the Netherlands today the German word has Evolved into Deutschland but for the Netherlands it just stuck as Dutch okay So this is typical like in the weekends Here in UTech and I think in a lot of Dutch cities they have these music Things and they're shaking their coin Box and you can donate something and for Us it's like the sound of going shopping On Saturday it's like synonymous with The sound of the weekend exactly yeah I Think only Dutch people would understand This sounds like a carnival is happening But really it's just a guy asking for Money Okay we're getting two of these smoked Sausage things that are apparently only Found here right in this Supermarket we Call it The smoke so we got our smoked sausages This is pretty Dutch cheers man It's really warm and juicy this is some Seriously good sausage man Really favorable Better than a German sausage really That's a big claim Is it normal that people just sit in Like have picnics outside yeah yeah

Especially in coffee times it was really Good it was like awful there were bars Selling cocktails like right here on the Kennel and people just sitting down Every drink it's like a low rider like How do you feel that you're surrounded By like five gingers right now looking At me like the only Blonde one tell me About Utrecht it's like a mini Amsterdam It's quite nice the Dutch really are That cool and I'm reminded of this while Walking around Utrecht with my new local Friends oh and speaking of open-minded Have you heard about their tolerance Towards drugs oh this is also funny to Know it's an ecstasy Museum yeah Wow do they like sell it too no it's Called the Ecstasy store they don't sell It but it's like an experiment of the Government to raise awareness about how To use it because they know that Everyone does drugs so they want to like Inform you of how to do it responsibly I Think that's cool because like if if you Grew up doing it then it's not a big Deal yeah like in the US it's like so Illegal then when you do it like it's Different right it's also the thing That's really important is that they Educate us they come to the schools to Tell us about the drugs they like Everyone knows how to do it responsibly So people don't die from it as much Well imagine on drugs this would be

Really nice as well Literally everyone's looking at us Because we all have red hair It's the Funniest thing ever but like a Dutch I Want the most Dutch yes It's beer of course more beer what is it How do you say it yeah I'm out of tasty man very rich very Flavorful What I like about God's beer is that It's strong like the percentage of beer Is strong like six seven eight percent Or something so it takes a few more Beers to get drunk bro you got some Freckles on that armor yeah I don't I Don't even have that many we're Different breeds of Ginger yeah yeah I Think so like Sophie for example almost Has nothing So no freckles medium freckles lots of Freckles I have a lot like here in the Winter there are almost no freckles here But when it's summer just the Sun hits It and there's yeah I have a lot of Freckles okay what is that okay so it's Like a fried bowl of food it's like a Meat and it's fried I don't know how it Looks great it's like a Coquette a bit Smaller and in Baltimore and it's called Foreign It's like a meat it's so creamy when you When you eat it it's like the Consistency of mashed potatoes but it Tastes really good and it's super fried

On the outside What a journey it has been in the Netherlands from The Wild Ginger Fest to Biking around uttarak to parting with my New Ginger friends life in the Netherlands is simply better this story Is a bit different than my usual ones And that's because it has a deeper Message which is to take advantage of Your uniqueness whether you have an Illness or have a skin disease or a Missing limb that's what makes you you And it should allow you to be confident And brave I hope this video inspires you To always be your authentic self and Don't hold anything back from achieving Your dreams and if you're a ginger make Sure to hit up next year's Ginger Fest Thanks for watching and I'll see you Next week make sure to subscribe to this Channel for more epic travel stories From every country hit up my podcast Called roots of humanity and I also have A second YouTube channel where I share More unseen travel stories until next Time stay safe be well and just go

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