WORLD’S HOTTEST CITY (140 Degrees!!)

By | September 21, 2022

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Welcome to Jahra, Kuwait – the city with the hottest ever recorded temperature on earth!

I went to Kuwait a few months ago, on the exact hottest day of the year, so I could see what life is like in the brutal heat!! How on earth can people survive and do their daily activities when it’s 55 degrees Celsius, or 140 degrees Fahrenheit outside? How can they eat? Sleep? Pray? Enjoy life?

I met up with my local friend, Sulaiman, and together we went on an adventure of a lifetime, from the urban city life to deep inside the desert on the Saudi border.

This is my favorite video of the year so far, and I hope you enjoy!!

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Foreign [Music] Many places claim to be the hottest in The world such as Iran's Lut desert California's death valley and Algeria Sahara but those places are all very Remote As far as cities go no place on The planet is more scorching than jahra In central Kuwait 5 though has an egg Let me see it and we are about to crack It on his car Is 122 degrees Celsius it's cooked bro Today is going to be what 52-53 for the Air temperature I'm flying the Drone Right now and it says temperature iPhone Needs to cool down before you can use it Steam room and a sauna because of the Humidity I don't know I'm not expecting This humidity here this is challenging Just trying to stay outside for more Than like 30 minutes at a time is Brutal during the summertime Kuwait is One of the harshest and most Inhospitable environments on Earth and That's exactly why I wanted to visit on The hottest day of the year I'm so Curious as to how people can survive in Temperatures that are currently 55 Degrees Celsius or 133 degrees Fahrenheit wish me luck [Music] Let's go to Kuwait You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get Inside land Adventure Kuwait see what I

Did there [Music] Back in 2016 on my first trip to Kuwait He is a great guy a fellow traveler and Content creator and he offered to take Me around his country in the blistering Hot Sunshine we were joined by another Friend shovra who helped document our Journey into the unknown right now in This moment is the hottest pepper I've Never dude have you realized your color Now bro this is 50 SPF sunscreen Man it is hot hot I feel like I'm just Walking in a sauna right now how do you Survive the Summers here by living Indoors with AC or go to the beach put Sunscreen although I don't think many People do it's because they want to get Tanned but yeah yeah have you ever had Like heat stroke or deep extreme Dehydration it happens with one of his Colleagues that he fall down because of Very high temperature and he is over Dehydrated look at this Man How do you survive this heat you don't Work you don't work it's very hot there Is a law in Kuwait that laborers are not Allowed to work from 11 o'clock until Three o'clock did you know that this Town is the hottest place in the world He's saying yes you know that it's too Hot but he thinks that only this Farm Are you hot right now why not because

You have a question A little hot For me it's too hot You're so cute Real quick guys I want to let you know About my exciting new product called Link by just go it is a unisex charm Bracelet that celebrates your favorite Countries your heritage your ethnicity Or countries that you just love and Support we have only 500 bracelets Available that drops on October 12th so If you add your email on the link below You'll be the first in line to secure Yours you'll also entered to win a 300 Just go gift card all right let's get Back to the story you have to hide from The Sun so moles are like the place to Go and walk and shop and enjoy some Coffee shops restaurants you know just Covered Place AC in the US we would only Go to a mall if we like needed to buy a Certain item that ones are outdoor most Of them rest correct but here it's like You go to the mall because you just want To hang out exactly inside the only Reason I came to Kuwait on this trip is To find out how people are living in the World's hottest city it's 54 degrees Outside how do you how do you live here He says we grow up like like that and as You see he's drinking a hot coffee or a Hot tea now because it's it's like a Normal thing yeah it's normal do you

Complain about the weather so he still Complained about it because it's hot No so the AC of the car is already Broken it does not work so they came Without AC now no no no no yeah what did You put the windows down when you drove Oh man I would think I would die since There is literally nothing to do outside Right now we are heading south into the Middle of the desert many people Including myself have no idea what Exists in Kuwait outside of the urban City life and skyscrapers and my Curiosity is driving me to the Countryside our only mission right now Is to find a place to sleep outside in The desert we have been heading far down South in Kuwait we're almost at the Saudi border maybe like 15 kilometers Right deep into the desert we head I don't even know where we're sleeping Tonight we'll figure it out we arrived Somewhere I have no idea where we are Actually somewhere and there's a chef That made us some food smells like Indian food and I'm hungry wow look at This Oh my God Uh is that only for three people because That that's enough for like 10 people This is a delicious lentil soup here Thank you so much thank you thank you Put it in the soup yeah what are these I Got onions

Yeah man hot and spicy I haven't had Indian food in months I don't know why Yeah oh my God it's fantastic oh yeah Just what I needed in my life right now You don't call this Kuwaiti food like This is Indian food that's Indian Absolutely yeah But we're in Kuwait though what a lovely Treat This is absolutely amazing and totally Unexpected I thought we'd be eating goat I don't know like who knows man when You're with Solomon he always takes care Of you so Solomon was telling me that Him and his friends come here on Fridays And hang out eat food and watch YouTube Videos all day which is really funny Now now we're creating a YouTube video And you can watch it in here [Music] [Laughter] You guys are flattering me right now is The hottest time you can wait and I'm Absolutely crazy for coming to Kuwait at This time that's what he's saying all Right the damage has been done that food Was fantastic and now We gotta figure out where we're sleeping I pulled over somewhere in the middle of The desert I don't know where we are and Something I was trying to get a hold of His friend who lives here is not picking Up He literally like we're on it we're on a

Highway you can see there's cars passing By he's a childhood friend So there he is thank you Facebook What's up man how you doing I'm good we're sitting here on the side Of the road like stranded waiting to Find waiting to contact you [Music] Okay we'll wait here hey what's up bro How are you all right I'm good what About you hey good to meet you man good To meet you when I roll down the window It's freaking steam bath coming in here And it's like midnight right now look at This midnight 11 55. this is turning Into more of an adventure than I thought That's why you have SUVs here yes now You've got the answer they said okay We're good okay I'm not used to this You've never been here before nope The weight is so small and it's it's It's cool to me that we're visiting a Place in Korea that you've never been Crazy It's like a mouse with a long tail we Catch it and we eat it we make barbecue Perfect that's it can you catch them Yeah sure you would like to try do you Have like a stick or a spear no not Stick by hand or buy a piece of cloth You can put it on top and catch him Foreign We are truly out here in the middle of Nowhere like the Mitchell of nowhere

Kuwait this is cool that's the Temperature device gives you the Temperature of the things that you are Pointing on like this is 35.3 It's the Sand temperature at night the car Temperature it's 43. at night at night What about the daytime the daytime it Should be uh 70 for the material if it's Uh the sand the sand the sand would be 50 so the metal would be 70 75 we're Looking for this camp that we're Supposed to sleep in but it's too late The guy's not answering it's midnight Already sweating because it's humid I Don't know why it's humid it shouldn't Be humid in the desert desert's supposed To be just hot so this guy's sleeping is Not going to answer so So we got it Because six times Okay I guess we gotta go if we can't Stay here what do you think we should do We want to knock randomly People that I never met before I never Contacted before You want to try it yeah why not and I'll Be responsible of that You think it'll be okay yes it will be Okay because all the people in the Desert they are welcoming everyone and That's part of our culture Baseball I don't think that we can fit four People it smells like camel poop

Look look at this place dude Usually this big building is the honor Building that's how People they design and I think there's More room there where we can find the Workouts He accepted to welcome us and he said There is no any problem even he don't Need to call the owner to ask for his Permission for us to stay all of us are Welcome anytime as long as you want to Stay you can stay that's a normal guy That we never met him before this really Shows the hospitality of the Kuwaiti People they're so welcoming it's Literally one in the morning we knocked On the freaking door of this guy's bed He was middle sleeping he woke up he's Like what's going on and now five Minutes later he's making us a bed This guy he's one one of the people in The neighborhood he saw our cars and he Came here to to check on his Neighborhood hi Hi how are you Hi so Thank you and and he's asking us to join Him at his place which is next to here And he said everything is ready food and Coffee and everything because he's Already here and he would like us to Join him onto his camp and this guy who Is already prepared the place for us in This Camp I don't know this guy and I Never met him he's pretty amazing I'm Taking something in his own country

He wants me to sleep in the desert no Man are you sure this is what we do in August in Kuwait we uh find random People knock on the earth and sleep tell Him come here have you ever have you Ever done it before I've done it in the Winter but not in the middle of the August You can go back to sleep I'm sorry for Bothering you in general there's no Danger here in Kuwait I mean in a desert In your whole life have you ever Experienced a traveler in the middle of The summer to come He said no one is visiting them in Summer even people that they know they Don't come they said we'll come in Winter when it's better weather it's uh It's about one in the morning right now And I'm I'm like literally dying in this So like how like how do you how do you Sleep outside it's not too hot it will Hit one from Sudan from India he works It he all live outside it's too hot [Music] This is not something I would Crave You Know back home they would give you like Ice cold drinks Yes lemonade very hot coffee Mmm strong is this Arabic coffee It's very strong I don't know how I'm gonna fall asleep Tonight You drink this like before bed

Nice to meet you man thank you for thank You so much Oh he remembers my name I like this guy Oh yeah A sugary Arabic tea That's some good right there I cannot Tell you how freaking hot it is here Like It's almost two in the morning and just Dripping in sweat See you in the morning I don't even know if I could fall asleep With that coffee in my body and the heat I'm just thinking about like polar Plunges Oh man I'm taking it off yeah I put you In the situation Oh man I'm taking this this thing off it's too Hot [Music] It is 4 56. Oh bro what's up [Music] Dude it is so nice out here amazing holy Crap bad to be honest Dude [Music] Did you sleep at all That's very well Actually we slept it was 34. We woke up 31. [Music] Good morning bro good morning good

Morning You know what's really funny about you Is that you have a North Face hat on Yeah and that they make like winter gear Yes but look where we are Right today's gonna be what 52 53. Around that for the air temperature and The road temperature It's more insane insane you're crazy It's scorching hot in this little house Man it's hot in here bro Claiman he was asking Why don't you sleep inside he said it Feels like oven It does feel like an oven in here These beans look awfully tasty and you Know what if I get food poisoning It happens all right as I've gotten Older my stomach has gotten a little bit Weaker so I've gotten food poisoning one More often like in Iran I had it Recently in Turkey if happens if it Happens again it's still worth it what's So fascinating about life here is that People just adapt to the environment and That's just normal life for them the Same as in Yakuza Siberia where I was a Few months ago the coldest city in the World it was minus 40 degrees there and The people were just living a normal Life here it's 200 degrees hotter 200 Degrees hotter we still find people Living a normal life I think it's too Early to complain that it's hot right

Enjoy this moment because according to What you will feel in couple of hours This is not hot We got some hot flatbread here My favorite And we have food which is basically just Minced beans Kind of Egyptian style yes Yeah that's good That's a scuffy Cold coffee coffee Even if the water is hot the coffee is Not hot coffee and he boiled it himself He doesn't feel the taste of it he said This cold coffee I wouldn't drink it Tell him that in America we would only Drink cold beverages in the heat and Nothing else even if they he made the Coffee and it became cold he will reboil Again and have it hot to me it's insane Um I don't know I just craved something Really cold like this so thank you Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] I got you all kind of sunblocks that are Plus 15. That's what you need here are you gonna Do it like three times today otherwise I'm gonna Go back red Sunscreen is vital out here Tell them if I don't put that on I will

Be red as a lobster Skin color difference yeah It's about that time of the morning Where they're going to feed the camels Oh under the barbed wire fence Oh They're hungry [Music] He's milking the cows on this glorious Morning And uh they're screaming [Music] She is the guide of the whole group we Call her an Arabic Whenever she go all of them would follow Her Anywhere I want you to ask her to sit Down so you do that by saying and pull Her head down [Music] So nice to feel AC last night was like Sleeping in a swamp It's only gonna get hotter from here man [Music] On the kitchen Channel That's what you're doing Over here That was the weirdest thing ever another One another one Oh Okay good job no more one more Okay okay okay All right bye bye guys 49 50.9

He was shooting the ground with the Temperature gun To show how hot it is the middle of the Highway A baby where are we Our family farm hopefully you would see Something special today You need secret access to get in here It's not open to the public all of a Sudden it's green everywhere Thanks to Suleiman he got me a lovely Sunny hat all right it helps Tremendously all kuwaitis have these Really thick water bottles that keep Water cold for like 24 hours even in the Hot sun this is very very necessary To have hydration where are we now The birds area and you can see how our Old cupboards could be in the shade to Have a better temperature actually in Some very hot days we use this kind of AC to make the place colder by the way What is this like beautiful Greenhouse This is the greenhouse where we grow Banana fruits vegetables they're all Inside we can fix the temperature Here Orange Mango tastes better when you pick it Yourself Oh sweet even when it's 52 degrees it Tells you it's outside still sweet you Can still grow sweet figs hmm I'm good Bro yeah [Music]

Yeah It actually feels it feels Breezy here Feeling cold that's the temperature when It goes up makes you think how to make Cold area so actually when you ask me About feeling 50 feeling 52 we don't Live in 52. we live inside the house we Live in cold places we just spent five Minutes moving from car to house from House to farm We don't feel it exactly pretty cool That we found an oasis literally in the Middle of the desert [Music] I recently went into Asana this is so Interesting Oh man It's almost fainted in there I kid you Not it feels hotter than that it almost Feels like a steam room and a sauna Because of the humidity I don't know I Was not expecting this humidity here They told me that they just had like a Fluke rain a couple days ago and maybe That's what brought the humidity but It's brutal Faisal has an egg let me see it and we Are about to crack it on his car And show you how fast we can boil an egg Outside in this heat failure It's too hot it's too hot Pepper The car is 122 degrees Celsius The egg is kind of going downhill

Because the car slanted but you can see That it's already cooking after 20 Seconds [Music] Thank you Yeah That is a cooked egg If you want it well done more 30 seconds That's it visiting faiso's Oasis was a Really cool experience but what was even More impressive was his friend's Ambition to literally create a Sustainable and eco-friendly City in the Kuwaiti desert and yes he works in the Middle of summer So this is an attempt to go for Self-sufficiency we're designing this And implementing this to be able to rely On itself for water energy as well as For food sources so for example we're Using the plantation or a different Kinds of plants to establish the system To hold more water reducing the seepage Of heat from underneath and increasing The surface area or the depth of the Wall to reduce the delay of heat Transfer from the exterior to the Interior for our climate we have to Create thick months 10 to 15 centimeters Because of this a breaking down of the Organic matter all of this have Converted into this good topsoil usually In added zone or in our hot dry climate We don't support having exposed ponds

But here we haven't exposed pond and There is no cooling of any kind in this System but still you see the water level Is good these are guppies Yeah and there are different uh maybe The dragonflies have finished their Shift but they just left see the koi Over there or the Goldfish over there And then the big one where is it usually Yeah so we don't go on and haphazardly Start establishing an aquatic system Without creating this microclimate half Shade and half sun and create these kind Of ecosystem it's amazing how you can Make life in such hot weather with this As the example to show that you could Create a system without requiring Significant energy input and in this Kind of a hot climate with turtles Different fish as well as different Microorganisms with with also spiders in Different living I'm flying the Drone Right now and it says temperature Temperature iPhone needs to cool down Before you can use it Thankfully the connection is still going Dude it says I freaked out for a second Because I thought it stopped working Look temperature too hot but it came Back damn dude they came back we're good I've come to the realization that it's Harder to shoot videos in extreme heat Than extreme cold because in Yakuza my Camera worked just fine we had no

Problems only frosting But in the extreme heat the iPhone and The Sony and the GoPro did just stopped Working sometimes the Drone could lose Connection yeah it happens most of the Times the Drone just Stopped like if you're using your phone To fly the Drone the phone just stops And the Drone is lost it's middle of the Day right now I'm gonna do a little personal challenge To see if I can stay outside for one Hour without getting shelter Without having water see if I can do it I'm not kidding you guys it is really That hot outside It's just like Makes me almost makes you want to puke Like uncomforting dizzy it's not only The heat coming down it's also bouncing Off from the ground you know put me in Cold weather any day but he really gets Me actually I want to know your guys's Thoughts comment below what could you Send extreme cold or extreme heat which One do you prefer I'm really curious to Know This is challenging Just trying to stay outside for more Than like 30 minutes at a time is Brutal which is why kawitis mostly stay Inside Let me check the weather here see what The actual degrees is

My phone's not even working it's so hot And I try to swipe left right up down no Response The iPhone's just done 129 degrees Fahrenheit Right now You see that That's how hot it is Wow Hot Hot Oh Come on It's not quite 11AM yet it is nine but At 11 it's illegal for workers to be Outside of Kuwait between 11 and 4 in The summer because it's just so hot it's A law I'm not sure what this says We might as well say it is freaking Hot out here Ow It's been 45 minutes Starting to get slow of of talking Because it's really really getting to me See how the sweat dripping down my face Look at this I can't see it because it's White but this is all Wet from sweat I'm really dying of theirs Yeah this is not good I'm actually I'm Seriously starting to feel dizzy oh man This is not good I'm feeling really really parched right Now

Yo Piezo I'm dying man okay Yeah yeah I just dizzy It's not a challenge a son can build Everything even human beings All right don't worry [Music] Because I've been outside you got Covered That's the outside body temperature You can finish the video for me you go Shoot you're saying it tell us I'll I'll Do the remaining of the video forget About true we're gonna keep him here in Wolf right Till he get better Stroke is real No joke man go shoot the horses bro Really so Drew not feeling well I'm gonna show you these freeze horses I'm dying bro Did you get some horse content Oh I'm alive Wow Look how beautiful she is I'm gonna do That one I breed this horse I don't want To sell it if you were to put a price on It how much I want I want I feel she's Like my daughter so maybe half a million US Dollars no no less less than that but She's not that level but uh she is Expensive you're proud of that one thank You what's your name her name is Cool you have a great collection of

Horses Really there's some other one yes Exactly close to the German border this Kind of horse they have a special Movement they move like a hydraulic System the hands up and down different Than other species of horses I can save This source 10 to 15 to 8 000. Forty thousand dollars yeah around that That's not expensive compared to other Hospitals the same kind I don't know how To ride horses so I don't want to ride It I don't know how you would okay what Do I do I'm a beginner bro put your foot foot This one here Hold here with your hand okay and jump Hey voila so To hold the brake pull both of them pull Both of them back towards me pull back His break back as brake right and left Like that okay and how do we make him go Kick with your leg this is literally Like my first time riding a horse Okay Kick with my which which leg Together One of them Wow this is pretty cool That's pretty amazing definitely worth The money [Music] How long can he walk without dying like He can walk forever like he can just

Keep going This temperature like for now I can I Can 20 minutes I guess this is what kuwaitis do in the Summer This is cool it has been an amazing trip Back to Kuwait I survived barely look I'm still sweating bullets right now as I say this but it's been really Rewarding to learn about life in the Desert and and you know people look After each other if there's ever a Problem you have family or friends that Are looking out for you and that is Really inspiring but next time I'm Definitely coming in the cooler months In the winter all right guys that's it For me thanks so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video peace Thanks for watching make sure to Subscribe to this Channel with more epic Travel stories from every country hit up My podcast called roots of humanity and Check out my second YouTube channel Where I share more Adventures unseen Adventures until next time stay safe be Well and just go

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