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We tried Van Life in Bali but this camper van lifestyle was not what we expected.. This Bali Roadtrip took us to Tiyanar, Sidemen and Candi Dasa and Canggu. Check out the Capsule 3 Laser Projector here!

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At some point or another we've all had That moment that mental breakdown where We are this close to saying it I'm Selling everything and I'm buying a van This seemingly effortless way of living Just calls to us the van life has been Plastered across social media and pinned Up on just about every millennial's mood Boards but for some reason I have never Seen anyone do it here in Bali Indonesia I have come to experience the van life Bali Edition [Music] Um And of course you already know we're Packing [Music] I'm almost out of the chaos in the Traffic and the dream of the Bali van Life is about to begin [Music] Locker in here and there's no openable Windows We're five minutes in by the way Is this really nice air freshener in Here I think it's It's like the smell yeah Phil is questioning his life decisions Aren't we all oh my God Everything was going great until this Happened Is that noise I don't know if we're gonna make it We are getting the authentic van life

Experience today wow [Music] So we're gonna have to give her a little Bit of a push you know just a little Love tap Happy Christmas for a moment give it a Break yeah okay ready Fan life is so sick [Music] Wait for a moment okay this is where We're camping out tonight guys get comfy Oh this is nice Let me take a quick look here It's a it's a come on Have you tried turning it on and off [Music] That does not sound good Tanner how are You enjoying band life so far apart Feeling pretty hippy right now yeah I feel like it's getting better if I can Give you one quick thought on this car It's like a beautiful woman with no Personality she looks nice but the more You get to know her the less you want to Be around her one hour later what can I Say we hired the best these guys they're Engineers ex NASA and they somehow got This thing running Don't forget to live left love [Music] Thank you So I'm super selective with what goes my Camera bag and that's because I only Have so much space and I don't want to

Haul around things I don't need but when It comes to a road trip this right here Has secured its spot in my bag first of All this is a Bluetooth speaker and it Has 10 hours of play time but unlike Most Bluetooth speakers that is the Least interesting thing about it as you Might be able to tell this is the nebula Capsule 3 laser projector and later Tonight I'll be showing you those laser Capabilities as we set up for a big Movie night [Music] Our first stop of today is cinnamon and If you guys have watched my channel you Know I freaking love this area it's the Best part of Bali Here we go what should have taken two Hours in your typical van took us almost Four and a half in this fossil on Wheels But despite the hurdles and challenges We made it yeah here we are Thank you boss Chris we made it Fairly literally I think if anything This guy needs a break all right go give Her some rest or maybe just buy a new One [Music] Look at this the beauty of cinnamon Nothing reminds you how important you Are to your dog then when you let them Off leash Hey buddy Hi I guess Welcome To Paradise

[Music] Yeah this is so crazy Now I usually spend two hours packing Camera gear in about five minutes Packing clothing and today that Backfired because I forgot a bathing Suit I'm gonna have to go to my boxers Be careful be careful oh my God oh my God You can do it it's perfectly safe Sisters in the wild all for a photo he's Just laughing but he's also scared no no No no no no no no no no no no no no [Music] After an afternoon by the river it was Time to go get some food unreal little Day trip and we're just getting started So we've come here to wapa the human We're having some ayam Goreng which is Basically like fried chicken with some Rice some bean sprouts and we're on our Way to a place I've never been before It's called The Savannah of Bali you'd Think somebody who's been in Bali this Long would have seen it all but this Island is actually surprisingly big the Way things are going with this car let's Just hope we make it tonight we'll be Able to see it by Sunrise yeah the van Did take a bit for me [Music] And so our fearless van lifers having Filled their bellies to a level of Contentment prepared for the next

Journey that awaited them let us begin Chapter two [Music] What do you think guys looks like some Good weather for camping Yes perfect we are having a little dance Party and a little work party in the Back How We Do [Music] We have escaped the rain clouds so movie Night is back on is it is a tent Waterproof yes what if it rains yes Ryan You'll find out tonight How far are we One hours later one hour are you messing With me I think you're joking right he wasn't Joking it's an hour and 12 minutes It's bang bang time let's get our bang On bro I'm ready to be banged [Music] Turns out this Volkswagen can't actually Go through the mountains so we have to Take not the long way but the long long Way all around the perimeter of Bali Just a brief seven hours of driving Throughout the day later we had arrived This is tianyar Bali right at the foot Of Mount agung the largest active Volcano in all of Bali a few moments Later wow oh what A vibe there's these Three white dogs oh they're like Triplets see Coda that's what

Appreciation looks like They at least like your food Look at this they really pulled it off Big Time wow that's nice hey good work Team I got you bro wow So much room for activities Wow so we're about to put the nebula Capsule 3 to use I got just enough Internet and cinnamon to download Top Gun so we're gonna see Brad Pitt blown Up doing wait that's the wrong actor [Laughter] Wow hey now this is really incredible We've got our own little campsite it's Like a little village here this Beautiful campsite has been made Complete by this last little touch the Nebula capsule 3 is a laser based Projector with a single press of a Button this projector turns on and we Now have two and a half hours of play Time with the built-in battery and this Is actually a smart projector so it has Bluetooth it has Wi-Fi you can actually Connect and use some of your favorite Apps and as you can see the size is Beautiful let's go set it up [Music] Most other projectors I've used you have To actually manually rack Focus this one Actually can automatically detect which Is super helpful especially when you're Constantly moving and changing the

Projector's position Oh we are in business tonight Andrea Yeah it is not that time oh my God it's Five times let's go 1080p laser projector and I know we're Used to hearing the word 4K thrown Around in the TV world but in lasers That is incredibly high resolution it's Like as if we have 120 inches of Incredible sharp sharp image here in the Middle of nowhere this is an incredible Way to watch Top Gun or even better Las LeBlanc in the middle of nowhere what Are you laughing at nice little nice Little self promo so you know what to do Check the link down below So what's good dude we got some really Comfortable pillows where's your Mattress Here buenas noches That's French for good night so I got Kicked out of the van girls fan It's fine the tent looks way better Anyways the Rocks seem really really Nice and cozy where's Andrea She got really sick and now she's Throwing up on in the field of dirt on All fours Hey that's van life right overall some Very very cool moments today and I'm off To bed I'll see you guys tomorrow [Music] I thought it was my best sleep ever Practice

It was pretty rough But that is the nature of camping Sometimes I wouldn't know I've only been Camping like five times in my life But they've all been like this every Time I go camping I feel like this so Cool this Is the Savannah [Music] So this morning we woke up to honestly One of the more beautiful sunrises I've Ever seen but I'm kind of running on Like three hours of sleep and my my Serotonin levels are down here so I was Like wow that's really nice but my back Hurts I've got nothing clever to say I Have them on three hours of sleep [Music] This right here is something absolutely Mind-blowing I've never seen this place Myself I've only seen photos and this is Truly like being in Africa these are Some incredible planes it really feels Like in Savannah This is what happens when you get the Memory foam mattress you just rest up Completely undisturbed all right Breakfast is syrup guys We got sliced bread and oh we got Chocolate spread that's actually kind of Tight There's nothing more de-masculating than Struggling with a jar [Music]

We are all packed up and we're saying Goodbye to the Savannah I gotta say this Is a very unique landscape here in Bali You get Good boy I almost forgot what we were Coming back to We got about four hours to get home Maybe five it depends on how many times We break down [Music] I mean come on it wouldn't be a real Adventure without a couple breakdowns I Went to the driver I'm like boss do we Have a problem he's like yes I don't know what it is there's a pretty Sizable language barrier right now so That's kind of as deep as we'll be Getting on that conversation you know What I'll But there's certainly been some amazing UPS Oh we got chocolate spread there's one Last spot that I want to take you to Today if we can make it and that is a Place called chandidasa I've never Really been there actually so let's get Away from the highway Turns out we just ran out of gas [Music] So Andrea has been throwing up all night Ruby sprained her foot and uh Tanner's Just chilling just she's just chilling We have been traveling in a toaster box Which has been quite interesting

I'm sweating Well it is not the end of the trip it's The end of the time in this camper van We're gonna get a go Jack bye you hate To see it go Love to see it leave Oh my God that feels so good I was just Saying I need a vacation from my Vacation I don't think the van life's For me at least not in a Westphalia Whenever we travel we always have a Tendency to lean on the things that are Comfortable well today we want to try a Few things that are brand new to us and That's kind of my goal as a traveler Here in Bali as somebody that calls this Place home I want to understand this Island a little Google Map search has Brought us to a very very seemingly Beautiful beach so for 75 cents we're Headed down here to see what chandidasa Has to offer I gotta say one thing I've Really loved about this trip though has Been bringing Coda just seeing him go Full wild dog mode in fact I hope he Didn't get any ideas he's been hanging Out with a few too many wild dogs it's Gonna have to be a little more Domesticated when he comes home but for Now let him live his best life yo this Is so stunning [Music] I had no idea there were beaches like This on the East I thought it was only

The self and as I recently discovered Some parts of the north if you want to Discover the north I did a series on it It's honestly incredible I'll have that Link down below only one last thing to Do Also link down below if you want to see More [Music] beach and where do I find kodo I've been replaced That's how you find hidden gems you go To the places people don't tell you to Go by following this advice You are breaking the rule of the Hidden Gem Discovery but at the same time if You get here before others watch this Video This is a spot the sand is perfect it's Like mostly white with a tiny bit of the Black sand but it's so fine and there's No Reef out there if you don't find many Beaches like this in Bali it's amazing Oh what no way and the last spot of the Day right next to the water is a hot tub My chakras are aligned the girls headed Home a little early Ruby literally can't Walk on one foot and Andrea's been Throwing up all night that's basically The summary Oh that's basically the summary of this Trip guys if you want to see my top Bali Recommendations check out that link down Below The Insider places just like this

That I haven't even shared on YouTube Let's get lost again in the next one

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