Why Did Baby Cali Hit Mickey Mouse on the Nose at Walt Disney World?

By | July 24, 2022

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[Music] You want to do that Hello good morning from walt disney World florida Be signed peace out For us disney is all about family Traditions my favorite tradition is [Music] Go get it go get it [Music] [Music] Guess what I'm going to disney world today Yes and guess what we're going to stay At the boardwalk hotel Hey cali hey We don't have a stroller this year at Disney so you gotta be a big boy you Gotta walk [Music] [Music] My favorite tradition is one Two three [Music] Wow Macaroons you must have known vanilla Was coming Yay I'm stamping that right You too excited yeah don't you excuse it My own heart dilly dilly that told me so You must love me dilly dilly for i love You Good night

You tired Do you know what today is What is it Do you want to go to disney you want to Keep sleeping What is it hey Do you know what today is oh Where are we This new way yeah You want to keep snoozing you won't go This way But is it still nighttime The sun is coming up Good morning guys do you want to go back To sleep or you want to go to disney World [Music] How did you even do that the park's Gonna open in seven you guys ready for This yes What's right are we gonna do everyone we Made it Are you so excited Oh we're gonna go ride some rides this Is called main street tell me when you See the castle You see the castle yeah my favorite Tradition is called daddy here mommy Here dorothy Manila Yeah I was watching back on old videos and we Do our family roll call it was really Weird watching that without cali at the

End tally We're grateful for you you complete our Family buddy regular family roll call Daddy here mommy here jordan here Vanilla here kelly My favorite tradition My favorite tradition How do you say [Music] When you were in mommy's tummy we stayed In that castle right up there right here Was a spot where we got surprised with a Once-in-a-lifetime treat the cinderella Passes [Applause] And here it is [Music] That's the door Oh should've brought the key [Music] Is Oh [Music] Oh Just as soft on the nose All right thank you mickey all right Guys you want a picture one two three Cheese [Music] Oh yeah [Music] [Music] [Applause] Yeah you're good bud

I'm white disney why now We wanted to come to disney this year Because cali is at the most perfect Prime disney age he's four years old He's just tall enough to ride 40 inches Yeah [Music] You want to do that Oh Two heads [Music] [Music] Wow perfect timing where's your bite [Music] Is [Music] Crocodiles are not very comfortable not Very cuddly mama crocodile person Flapping those ears that is to keep cool There's blood vessels behind the ears That are going to help with that [Music] Oh Oh my gosh my other favorite tradition Is i'm scared Oh [Music] Kelly look at me I got you safe okay oh whoa this is tall Hey kelly i got you safe okay bud I got you safe buddy Nice two hands Oh my gosh Oh it was such a special moment when it

Clicked for callie on the rides and he Went from just absolutely terrified to Like enjoying it hands up in the end Screaming and smiling Power mode [Music] Wow That was awesome guys His little hands Yeah kelly yo minute careful the back is Way faster It's way faster Two hands Here we go [Music] [Music] Yeah there it is [Applause] Favorite tradition is [Applause] Okay let's get out come on do you know What a storm trooper is no you don't Know what a storm trooper is they're With the white helmets and the white Armor and they have real guns They're bad guys do you know what i'm Talking about yeah okay Hey you watch out for him if you see one You scream Yes Okay okay [Music] Hold on hold on [Music]

Oh no [Music] You remember your colors let's go here We go Here Okay Guys check out this rainstorm Whoa Guys it's raining so we're gonna go on a Hike to the swimming pool yay Let's go for a hike Let's go to the pool yo-yo You put a little job walking through the Forest laughing back and forth [Music] That is [Music] [Music] Good job guys Oh my gosh Geez that one really did uh my heart Not [Music] I can funny i'm pretty much Give me a salute [Music] You got this buddy Just try it one time buddy just one time [Music] [Music] You got it callie All right sit on your bum [Music] [Music]

Wow look at that smile all right Final Challenge ready Boy All right sit down Hold on to this i'll yell to mom right Now Okay hold on hold on to this Go Go [Music] Oh [Music] You're so tiny too Kelly you're even tinier So you guys know like the dino games at Carnival games manila did the basketball And there's this look in his eyes i i'm Super proud of him enough because you Have just developed the self-confidence Where you know you have good luck but Also you work for it you practice and as You can see there's like this laser Focus in his eyes he knew he was going To make the basket You got it bad [Music] All right You got it Daddy for you buddy kelly Did he want one for you [Music] Guys for you what do you want do you Want the mickey or the mini

Um Yep Let's do it our mini face It What do you say My other favorite tradition is All right squad here's the situation It's really raining hard the rest of Today no no breaks in this rain right Mom We're raging we got two options We can either stay inside where it's Warm and comfortable or we can just go For it Make the most of it I vote stay inside where it's more of Uncomfortable i vote in the pool with The ramp under disney world disney You're the deciding factor [Music] What do you say go for it go for it Let's go Look at the people with ponchos they're No more dry than us i think we they're Just wet from the inside i think we Pull it No No the pool is closed Hey come on guys Why are you guys giving up on me this Charge yeah that's it dorothy let's go We made it oh yeah fingerprints don't Worry [Music]

You know what [Music] Has its ups and downs Sometimes [Music] Nodding hands [Music] Uh [Music] [Applause] [Music] Manila My other favorite tradition is you and i In the little toy shop buy a bag of Balloons with the money we got set them Free at the break of dawn till one by One They were gone Floating in a summer sky 99 Red balloons go by This is a gift for you [Music] Perfect thank you They're from uruguay Awesome [Music] I can't wait to see how it all turns out Thank you walt disney world for hosting Us on this visit and thank you to bess Our favorite human in this world we love You best we love you but sally calls her Best She is the best i like um

When i wasn't old enough for one ride in I want why some other ride was best Thank you best i love you I like to On splash mountain you sat on the front With me and we got really wet thank you Best i miss you My favorite part was [Music] Bye [Music] You

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