What living in Bali is REALLY like! – 7 TROPICAL DAYS

By | January 16, 2023

What is life in Bali really like and why is everyone moving to Bali Indonesia? Here is a candid vlog that shows a few days in the tropical life of a digital nomad. We visited the Four Seasons Jimbaran, went out to Savaya, worked from Canggu and a ton more.

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I live in Bali but as you might know I'm Actually from Canada but after traveling 70 to 80 countries over the last few Years I have to say the place that I Called home is here and soon this will Actually be my home it's currently Construction site but today I want to Share with you why so many foreigners Are ditching their ways of life back in The western world to make home here in Bali and the best way to show you is Simply by giving you a candid and real Look into the week in the Life in Bali Indonesia Hello we've made it down here to Jimbaran down in the South this is one Of the most beautiful high-end resorts In all of Bali so we've come for two Nights and finally break away from work Ruby still with crutches hopefully Walking soon and a welcome drink to kick It off if I look tired it's because I'm Actually obliterated in the last like Two and a half weeks I've flown from Bali to Belize which is like the Opposite side of the world I flew to BVI And then back and that was about Probably 15 flights in that period of Two weeks the most maybe I've ever done When I landed I went straight into a Black Friday sale it was Madness welcome To the 400 plus new members in LCA but That brings me to this point right here Where all I need to do is take it easy

All right all our stuff's being loaded Up here into the cart and we're on our Way to our room this here is Adrian Hello welcome to Four Seasons thank you So much one of my favorite pastimes These days is observing people's Gardens And I love what I'm seeing so this is Our Resort Temple Hello nice to meet you I'm a rainbow flower You Look So Graceful thank you so this is the Balinese Temple guys I think that's my first time ever having That kind of chicken I love how they Offered it too as soon as you walked in Like do you want this I'm like you know What yes I want to feel blessed and not Stressed And oh my God we are just looking over The beautiful blue ocean right there got Some recliner got a little gazebo here To escape from the Sun and let's see This Wow oh this is so stunning look at the Workmanship oh my gosh it's so Good the bathroom and we got this Amazing Soaker towel just behind it here We have a outdoor shower every time I Check into a new hotel I feel like a kid In a candy shop Simply Stunning a lot of Notes to be taken from this it's like a Roller coaster Foreign That's really pretty Honestly a 9.5 exceptional boost

Wow this is where we're heading to Next Guys bit of relaxation right by the Beach You can swim lengths here for days well I can't I've just eaten too much but I'm Gonna get a shisha pretty much the exact Opposite of what Phelps would do So one of the things I'm most excited About is we've been booked in for a two Hour spa treatment today Garnet is good For the grounding and jet lag Mr Carnelian is good for the reproductive Issue which one's the one for people That need communication skills is it Possible to give her all seven stones I Really think she could use it So they've just turned it on these are Heat beds that feels so good right now Today's treatment is multi-staged but Where things get one of a kind this is Like a light that represents each of the Seven chakras so the treatment continues In here it does sound it does water it Does light So funny this might just be the most Unusual spa treatment I've ever seen Ruby looks like you're going for open Heart surgery but like in a spaceship Like alien surgery wow honestly one of The best spa treatments I've ever had Unbelievable I'm just realizing my outfit's going to Be a bit of a challenge for what we're About to do oh my God that boat

Let's take a boat ride around jumper on Just to see the coast have some drinks And watch the beautiful sunset with my Baby So we were supposed to be at home right Now but when you find something that's Good in life you hold on to it this Place is so spectacular we had to extend I'm a little red in places I don't Normally see Sun my butt is totally Burnt we've enjoyed the privacy of this Place here tonight has just been the Best it's been such a day of Reconnection with my loved one when I First showed up to the Four Seasons I Wasn't that happy with who I was being I Was not in a place of patience and I had Very little room for anyone around me And that included you I'm not gonna lie I was in a very very focused Place three Days later I feel like a new person Ruby And I have had some very very beautiful Talks for us it's so key to have these Moments where we break away from even Our own home because that's where Routine happens honestly this place has Been the best tomorrow we have an insane Massage scheduled I'm so excited we're Gonna try what's known as a DIY Treatment I have no idea what that even Means I just know there's no masseuse It's just us Our last moments here at the Four Seasons Jim Baron and I want to show you

What they set up for us we have a DIY Spa treatment it's known as longevity Garden as you can probably see we got a Cold tub behind us we've got this Private enclosed Garden we could just Get to chill and relax here and DIY our Own Spa so this right here is a part of It we're gonna apply some volcanic mud That they just made and to get ready We've got this beautiful change room and This oh my God we have a steam room and Then the last part about it Is going into the cold plunge which is My favorite my least favorite let's see This is gonna last longer today you you Win I'm I'm not even gonna try she Always beats me in the cold plunge with This little Courtyard thing they've Built I mean it's got me dreaming like Look at this it's like an Aztec Palace All right guys the sun is about to see My butt for the second time in its life And uh let's start the treatment Whoa 15 minutes later and we have Literally rubbed down our bodies with These volcanic rocks yeah it's so it's I Feel so smooth like a baby's bottom I'm Actually gonna start to implement this Into my weekly routine do you really Want me to go in yeah go go go go go oh My oh my God The cold one which is my favorite Conclusions wow I feel like a new person I'm glowing that cold cup really did it

I feel amazing that was cool when I Think spy always think massage I think Of touch but this is like touching Yourself but in the best way possible Hey not bad bro I've never done Slackline before Felipe has inspired me It's like a personal challenge I'm like I gotta make it Oh Here we go oh Wow this piece is so beautiful So guys I've spent the last I don't know No joke three hours painting this Not even a joke so Um let me tell you a little bit about This please this is the nine to five you Know we've all been there we've all Slayed Phil he was just too bright for The city right now he's Midway on his Quest All the way to paradise and this is a Story of Will he make it Yes you'll always make it when you Believe in yourself Phil It's really crazy because my time in Bali is over so now I'm like reverse Filled I'm like you are literally Gtfoing all the way back All right so we just got home and we Just took Coda on a big walk we Basically been letting him off leash and Racing down with the scooter and he'll Just chase us I know he's so tired

There's one thing I wanted to try I saw It on Instagram you know what I'm Thinking yeah sparkling water oh good I've got something for you Tied up Foreign Off to a really good start we got Beautiful weather we've got a rooftop Workout here at lch Christian all right So I'm heading out I'm going to show you Guys something really cool that's going On here in the community behind this Gate is something that I'm extremely Passionate about and something that's Really important that's going on here in The community let's find out what's Behind door number one I'm home this is What's behind the door a bunch of Beautiful doggos all of these puppies Right here are Foster puppies they're Looking for forever homes this is Balipaw's brand new piece of land which Is exciting and this right here is Desi She and her sister are the ones who make All of this happen they've taken in Roughly 50 dogs at this point I'm sure The number changes every week it really Does yeah this is all something she's Doing from the bottom of her heart we've Been doing this for six years now rewind Just a month ago you had a place in Brawwa with like plenty of space for all These dogs but then yeah then then we Got kicked out

Um and we had to to look for something New last minute 50 dogs 24 hours but somehow then they agreed to Give us two weeks I took in one of the Dogs for a few days because like you Were just like hauling all everyone like Hey can you please Foster a dog I'm Trying to find them a new home and you Found something yeah we finally found Something but it needed a lot of work And it still needs a lot of work this is Is the biggest problem Are You Gonna Fill This in or how are you gonna well They have to but it's quite expensive And so we put up some fences right now Everywhere just because I'm worried that If the puppies fall in it especially the Little ones yeah they won't be able to Get out how many dogs are here right now Not many the others are still in the old House basically hiding we're not allowed To be there anymore but they're hiding There oh my God and then we have more in Foster care and so much how stressed are You right now Take a deep breath so this is the future Sanctuary for these puppies but there's A lot of work ahead as you can imagine This all costs money which is why I feel Really excited that I can come to you Guys and let you know that there's ways To contribute if you feel like that's a Cause that is important to you and uh

You want to get involved then just Message her on Instagram it'll be a Great way to get started and I should Also add that these dogs are not just Looking to live here they're looking for Homes so if you want to come and visit Come and see the puppies yeah come Around anytime just just message us Before and come around hey boss yeah You're here to fix things nice I don't Speak English I'll take that as a yes See you later so Ruby has just come home And she's been feeling a little bit sad You know her foot's really bothering her A lot now I will say she does not ask a Lot and there's one way to make her Happy very very very easily surprise Baby what are those Two for me did you do this for a video It's a break did you do this for a video Like I had a hard day today so this Really really made my day We're back here at lch tonight is very Special everybody is quickly meeting Here at the Creator house but we're Actually going down to the beach Look at this spot guys we're having a Bonfire tonight under this rock face This beautiful cliff and uh Sunset is About to go off just right there Good morning guys today I'm doing what I've been doing pretty much one day a Week which is going and looking for land So as you guys know I opened lost

Creator house and it showed me that Getting into hospitality is not just Like a very achievable business it's Also a very rewarding one I've been able To see people from around the world come Together it made me realize that if There's one thing I think I do well is That I have the ability to create Communities and one other thing that Bali needs more of is good community Space and Community can be found in gyms Community can be found in a co-work Space in a spa and so what would it look Like if you brought those three things Together all in one so that's why I'm Looking for land and I know what some of You might be thinking Christian how deep Are your pockets that you keep going and Investing more and more and the truth is I'm at a place now where I'm actually Going to be coming to you guys with These unique opportunities to invest in Projects it might not be this week it Might not be in six months from now but I guarantee you there are some Incredible opportunities that will be Coming soon All right so today is a new day and with It comes an opportunity to find some Really cool decorations for the Lost Creator house Kiki the manager and Myself have come out here to Ubud to Find some fun Decor if there's one thing I love about Bali it's that when you get

To certain parts of the island there Will be streets lined with shops just Like this one there's got to be hundreds On the island that sell unique handmade Stone Ceramics Woodwork and so much more Some things are very experimental like a Crystallized wooden desk some things are Very tribal and some things are just Completely out there but I love it There's so much creativity and so many Talented Artisans that live in Bali We've picked out a bunch of the tribal Little accessories things that will Bring so much personality this is three Dollars it's all hand carved it's Actually a coconut this is another three Dollars also hand carved this is like 40 Or 50 70 25 we've got ourselves a nice Tribal mask that'll sit right above the Lockers so we're literally about to Empty this dude's stock out of all of His tribal accessories we'll see how Much it all adds up that's the size of Calculator you need when you're adding Up numbers here in Indonesia my dude's About to say a number that's bigger than Anything we've ever heard before 100 Million 500 million a billion trillion 200 million US Dollars no no yeah okay We're good then this trunk is literally Looking like Indiana Jones Raiders of The Lost Arch all these precious Artifacts are being brought back we're Running out of room it's like Tetris

So we've come here to a ceramic shop This door alone tells me we're in the Right place this place makes Ceramics by Custom order this is going to be great For both The Lost Villa where of course We're gonna have our own style of Ceramic and also for the Lost greater House where we've got a full-on coffee Shop so we want to make sure we've got Some cool ways to serve it up even these Are super nice these are a little more Than I thought they're beautiful they're All made by hand uh but this is Literally 25 when you only sell so many Coffees it ain't gonna go so hot when Someone drops our mug Wow I don't know what I was expecting But it wasn't this this is where the Action happens this is the most Satisfying thing you'll ever watch that Right there is Roy Roy works here and He's the marketing manager this was not Planned he's invited me to come back and Try making some of my own someday which I think is probably the coolest thing Ever well I'm gonna take you up on that Offer man that sounds awesome fantastic Man all right welcome to Kavala and hope We're gonna make some cool stuff Oh hi Mark and Mark and I have spent the Last few days here basically just Chatting over some exciting ideas things That aren't yet ready to talk about but I will say we just visited this plot of

Land that's really really interesting For a potential project what did you Think of it it's absolutely incredible Like so much potential the views the Rice fields it's something special and Uh that is his little rescue pup so Mark Found this puppy six months ago You run out in front of my bike on my Birthday and I couldn't help but just take her in she Looked nothing like this she looked Completely different one of the cool Things about Bali is that you have so Much opening like every week There's a New coffee shop a new restaurant there's A lot of restaurants a lot of coffee Shops opening but very few of them have This kind of outdoor and inviting Atmosphere so I'm pretty excited about This one I can't say anything about the Food or the drinks just yet but the one Meal I had was really good This is the artist behind all of this Beautiful chaos Good morning poggy Pancha how are you Hello good very good Pancha and I have Just ordered in Bagels by Bagels I don't Think there's many places that do Bagels Quite so well here in Bali as you guys Might already know I'm in the midst of Basically building out a full Bali video Guide and this is something that will Take me easily a month to build I'm Gonna be looking at how we can work

Together Pancha and I to basically give Guests The Experience he's always given Me and with Bali customized tours Anytime I need to see the island it's Always you that I come to Pancho yeah Very nice yes I'm having Bagels here is It is that your first bag yeah ever yes Ever ever What do you think very nice very Delicious yeah I came here seven years Ago as a broke Backpacker on the island And this was the guy that said hey I'll Show you around even when I had nothing To show for it you took a chance on me Pancho I'm thankful thank you thank you What are we doing right now Ruby Are taking some very beautiful steps Towards an already healthy but much Healthier relationship by going to Couples therapy and I'm so excited about It no one did anything wrong in the Relationship at all we just want to have A really healthy happy successful future Yeah and because you're such a clutter Mess you honestly need the therapist is Just gonna literally throw the book at Her Jokes Aside it is definitely an exciting Step for us we struggle with Communication so we're gonna go see Somebody that can hopefully help us gain A little bit more understanding on that Try to bring down some of these Tendencies and habits that we've built

Over years and sometimes you just got to Bring in that third person to help you Get through that Let me just say that was so worth it I Have never been to a therapist before Let alone with a partner and so to have Somebody that was both wise unbiased Able to be that middle person hearing Both sides and helping us through where We often get stuck I feel it's really Instrumental to our relationship not Just in the hard times but also in the Good times and it definitely doesn't Hurt that I feel like we found the right Person to help us through that alright So I just got back home after freaking Countless meetings the good news is I'm Gonna end it off in the best way Possible but I pretty much need to leave Now We've gone from a jewelry opening party Here's a little Studios get some food so They're gonna cook our pasta inside Cheese this is amazing baby review the Restaurant while crushing your way down It's not that bad I liked it I'd come Back It is day seven today's my last day in Bali actually guys I am going to be Flying to Dubai later tonight I've got a Direct flight taking me to see my Parents to celebrate Christmas together That'll be a video for later of course Justin and I back up on the rooftop

Straight up my favorite way to start the Day though with a little vitamin C and a Whole lot of vitamin D I know clever Gonna finish it strong I got a meeting In 15 minutes let's do it So my understanding is usually it's done Matte and then you could gloss it once It arrives the last thing to do here in Bali before we leave it is to go over The plans for lost Villa plan two Basically an entire project Down Below On the lower land where we're gonna have By the looks of things eight units which Can in theory be subdivided into 16. Really really pumped about that So traffic is so crazy right now I Literally sent Thea with uh my luggage Happy holidays we'll see you later That's an earthquake the whole Building's shaking right now nobody Notices straight up the most bully thing Ever it was a very subtle earthquake but It's still a earthquake Back in Dubai Yeah yeah are we done here yeah Yeah let's see here

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