What CAN’T You Find When You Travel Abroad? Travel Safety

By | January 11, 2023

We were recently asked what was the hardest thing to find when you travel abroad? Basically what are things you want to make sure you bring with you as you will have the hardest time finding them when you travel abroad.

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Sarika asks Walters world what necessity Do you have the hardest time getting When you travel abroad and I'll be Honest with you there's not a lot of Things you can't get everywhere in the World so I don't really worry about it Too much if I forget things but I think A few of the things that for me Personally are kind of important one I Have a hard time finding the right Over-the-counter medicines when I go Abroad whether it's trying to find Ibuprofen you know Tylenol or Advil or Or anti-diarrhea medicine because some Places you can get over the counter some Places it's a prescription and that Could be complicated so we always take a Really a nice first aid kit that has Stuff for upset stomachs we have stuff For allergic reactions we have things For diarrhea we have things for Headaches we have things for muscle pain Because those are things that it's not Always easy to figure out and also Sometimes it's hard not to be able to Translate those things in other Languages you know so that would be one Thing okay those over-the-counter meds That you're not sure what you can get so I bring those second thing from Johnson's perspective she'll tell you Tampons Cinema High G products when you Go abroad you can get them their tampons Are all over but if there's a certain

Kind of tampon you like or a certain Kind of female hygiene product you like You might not get the same one abroad Josh's big example is when you get Tampons in the US they have applicators When you get tampons in Europe most time They don't have applicators and that's The thing that you might not feel Comfortable doing or you prefer Different ways so that's one thing I Usually recommend to bring with you when You travel and I think another necessity For me personally this is one thing I Always have a hard time finding Underwear that's comfortable because you Know we all have our certain underwear We like to wear and you can buy Underwear anywhere in the world but for Me that's one of the things I've had the Toughest time finding we're getting like Either I don't know why I'd run out of Underwear but like when I wanted to buy More under when we traveled that's one Of those things I usually end up with Something that has a name on the back or Or the tags uncomfortable or it's a Little tight in the front let's say Um that's one of those things there so Those are the three Necessities I kind Of think about that are hard to get that I really you use because yeah I mean There's all kinds of stuff you can't Find abroad but for travel Necessities Yeah for me over-the-counter meds uh

That I know what I'm gonna get tampons Feminine hygiene products that are ones That we're used to versus what's Available there and three just a nice Pair of underwear so what are those Necessities that you find tough finding Abroad let us know in the comment Section below and if you have other Questions for Walters world for us Please put it on the comment section Below too and we love to answer your Questions in our videos bye from here in Savannah Georgia

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