What Can $50 Get You in Bangkok? (Thailand Vlog 4)

By | October 6, 2022

This is how to backpack Bangkok Thailand on a budget. Start from the beginning of our trip HERE:

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But damn look at that outfit 10 20. and who are you gonna go on a Date with none of them But if they leave a poem in the comments The best poem gets a date with her and I'll pay for it all right today's Starting budget minus twenty dollars to Stay here it actually got cheaper Breakfast was five dollars we got 25 to Go explore Thailand my brother good to See you brother all right here we go This ain't the cheapest way to get Around the best way is always a taxi With meter but yeah that's fine you see How cozy we are in the back of this took Took this could be you if you just Dropped a beautiful phone The best poem we'll get to experience This [Music] Oh oh he's cute Daniel Daniel Someone just said Christian sent me so That was about a dollar per person so This is something you find all over Thailand it's their smoothies for sure They add sugar but they're coconut Smoothies hello can I do a coconut Smoothie Okay there's like this much coconut we Saw them make it the rest is condensed Milk and it tastes so good wow that's Actually fire It's just like a nice milky treat with a Little bit of coconut Umami to it one

Dollar hello For a foreigner Oh no now I'm really giving away my Outfit welcome back if you've been Watching my channel for a while to What's Arun this is actually the first Temple that I ever visited in Thailand All the way back when I was just 21 year Old And this is one of the places where I First experienced the Thai architecture And even to this day it's still equally Stunning this is kind of like the budget Way to get the king's Palace experience So on the other side of the water Literally right across from us I think The king's Palace is like a thousand Baht whereas this one's only 100 and you Pretty much get a very similar Experience what I'm loving so much about This trip is just like the Nostalgia so Much of the places I'm visiting and Revisiting are just like seeing it for The first time because it's been so long But while these places are still the Same my life has completely changed over The last seven to eight years I've gone From being a clueless young immature and Broke Backpacker so today having a Pretty good grasp of where I want to Take my life and I feel very blessed to Be able to say that I feel very Fortunate even putting myself in the Younger Christian shoes I remember being

Here and being confused and even scared Of what the future held knowing that I Was going back to an accounting job that I despise so much has changed mostly for The better but definitely definitely a Lot more responsibility than ever before I'm Not The Backpacker that just could Show up and have only one thing to think About you know this morning I had to Start off with four or five hours worth Of work just catching up on emails Getting ready to launch the Creator Challenge which is just about ready to Go live I'm so excited to share that With you guys it's basically like the Blueprint to how to go from being Completely lost to being right on track 10 videos it completely annihilates all Of the most common reasons you can't do It money skill confidence on camera Every single one of these fears are Broken down I promise you if you take it You will get 10 000 views within 10 Videos it's literally a money back Guarantee that's how confident I am life Is not the same but I'm so grateful to Be on to this next chapter and yet still Reliving one of my earliest chapters So this was built in the 17th century That's 70 meters tall you used to be Able to go almost all the way up but not Anymore cracking my day the decorated Men look like they're having a Thai Massage that's literally how I looked in

The Thai massage The weather right now is so so Unpredictable but one thing's for sure That is a nasty storm cloud but it's Kind of nice right now all right so Literally as we're leaving now it's Starting to rain and right outside of Watarun right there's the exit this is The pier and for like I don't know 50 Cents or something we can cross over Until the other side uh oh it's that Time of the day it's about to rain you Can see the pavement is leaking okay Beautiful day on the Chopra River look At that whoa these waves are actually Insane if you've ever seen a more Inviting body of water than this than Comment down below but I don't know About you I just just want to go for a Dip in there so inviting Foreign Look at those fish they're huge we're on The wrong dock change up the dog Apparently it's flooded on the other Side Here we go Ruby go That was like literally level one Apparently it's the other side that's Flooded not this side yeah yeah yeah Yeah what No way hey bro actually I saw it on your Water head back pocket it's just like Okay what a pretty crazy cartoons

Yeah yeah just the first time solo Traveling you know dude nice to meet you Yeah you too All right You got this Christian Believe and you will achieve Oh my God You did it okay I see your Technique [Music] Let me let me just tell you this is Going to be the best investment you ever Make I was just telling your your lovely Boyfriend this is the best investment You'll ever make I would know it's Stylish you need to get the shirt to Match Literally try it it's a fresh Pomegranate wow so this is really cool Guys they actually grind up the Pomegranate right here All right so I was walking down the road And I just saw that memory lane I used To order this all the time I'm gonna Give you something that you'll never Forget I don't like ice cream what about Coconut yeah so you'll have like it I Want to have a coconut ice cream Ice cream yes You know it's fresh hands down the best Coconut ice cream I've ever had in my Life This is amazing I used to get this all The time

Whoa that's crazy Two dollars I think what's so cool about Bangkok is that often if you're Open-minded it's not really the Destination that matters it's like you You see all these different street foods You see all these little venues and Things worth checking out and next thing You know what you thought would be one Stop became like five but the thing is Most people will walk by because they'll Say I can't eat that it's gonna get me Sick it's not gonna be good it's unusual It's strange but you have to try things Because there's a lot of amazing food Even me I need to be more open like I'm Eating the things that I'm comfortable With because it's nostalgic but I need To break my own rules and just try some New things here For you that's for you I'm not eating The squid Foreign Guys literally the flooding is carrying On to here too they've got these bags And they've got this platform to get Into the restaurant wow that's actually Really surprising This is like a specialty coffee look at It it's all layered Lucas was waiting For us to eat I was just reminding him That in Southeast Asia it's like Unspoken there's like different table Etiquette you do not wait for others to

Receive their food to start eating Because you don't know if the next meal Is coming out in you know a minute or Whether it's going to be half an hour or They straight up just didn't put your Order through which happens a lot but it Looks like our food's all coming out Similar timing this is masaman curry and It's a must you have to try this it's a Peanut based Ryan cannot try this I'm Excited stay away we've got some jasmine Rice that is the Penang Curry guys this Is really really good we asked for it Mild I would have liked a bit more spice But they can tone it down for you so Even if you're afraid of like Thai Curries and spices it doesn't have to be Bad this is so so delicious if you're Looking for your first entry level like Gateway Curry so you don't destroy your Palette with like spices masaman is Always a bit more of a creamy one it's a Peanut based one so I really really Recommend that too I'm digesting so the Damage about nine dollars for a curry The coffee was another three so twelve Dollars on lunch but to be fair still on Track for the daily budget so it's all Good So I was really curious about the name Turns out this is a Super it's That plant right there knowledge is Power the more you know [Music]

Minutes away less than that should be a Hundred Yeah it's only 10 minutes All right They literally just drive away and leave If you're in a tourist area good luck Getting the meter they won't do it they Are praying and waiting on People Like Us hey boss Chinatown 10 10 minutes to Chinatown 150. can you Do 100 10 minutes away Okay 100 [Music] . Wow guys look at this so we've come for Some late late night street food and we Thought everything would be closed but Uh it's 11 30 and it looks like it is Just going here all these little Street Vendors it's so cool We had that today [Music] [Music] Being in this area is literally the Definition of sensory overload Everywhere you look everything you smell So much is going on you know it's gonna Be good when you got the little red Chairs I got that one deep fried crispy Pork with some rice guys it came so fast I know we ordered literally like two Seconds ago and it already came here I might have to order another Oh yeah

We got back we cleaned ourselves up After being out in the humidity what are We doing tonight For once yep yeah I mean never party no Tonight we are [Music] Ah would go again fun of the Day Yay this is the worst thing that can Happen Did you see that first go go go

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