What Can $10 Get in QATAR?

By | November 9, 2022

If you visit Qatar for the World Cup, then get the One Pass: It’s an access pass to museums, restaurants, events, concerts and more!

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HELLO QATAR! It’s great to be back in this Middle Eastern country, in the wake of the World Cup starting in 10 days! Which country are you rooting for?

Join me in this epic adventure as I take you around Qatar – from Doha (the bustling capital) to the Desert (sand dunes and small towns) – to see how many things I can get for just $10 USD.

Have a lovely Sunday and I’ll you guys again in the next video!!

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Alone Wow This is my fourth visit to Qatar a lot Has changed in this Arab Nation since my First visit back in 2016. I mean just Look at the skyline of Doha it's one of The world's most interesting cities Electric full of energy and bright Lights yet it's among the cleanest Safest and richest countries on Earth I'm standing on the iconic banks of the Bay you can see these old fishing boats Traditional fishing boats with the flags Hanging out they're made of wood and Behind it you have the Epic skyline of Doha which is so special and so unique It's one of those skylines that when you Look at it you know you're in Doha in Your own words how would you describe Doha Developments Diversity And The unexpected you're going to see loads Of other cultures North African cultures Asian cultures very prominent very Dominant in this in our country and it's Latin part of our life there's no Separate you know we're all in it Together We're all on this land we're all earning Here we're living here You know bill has very small everybody Knows everybody so it's very like a

Peaceful exciting here we're really Family orientated we love people Um our culture is really strong though How welcome everybody to Doha for the Last 12 years Qatar has been preparing To be the first Middle Eastern country To host the FIFA World Cup and it's Happening this month the hype on the Streets is building and it's a surreal Time to visit in the wake of the world's Most premier sporting event Qatar is Also the smallest country to ever host a World Cup if it were a U.S state it Would be the third smallest can you Imagine hosting a World Cup in Connecticut with over a million people Coming in behind me is one of the eight World Cup stadiums and it's actually Made up of 974 cargo containers because The country code of Qatar is 974. so After the World Cup they're going to Take it down and they're gonna reuse the Cargo containers it's pretty cool Despite its petite size Qatar is strong And mighty because of its Rich economy The country sits on the third largest Oil Reserve in the world and therefore Natural gas accounts for 70 percent of The country's total revenue that Explains why you'll see the most Urban Landscapes and world-class museums Behind me is the national museum of Qatar it's shaped as a desert rose and It's worth coming to visit we have now

The temporary exhibition of pathology Swiss artists it's like really nice with Lights and such a soothing a relaxing Place So it's very interesting Yeah this is cool Whoa I feel like I've entered a new World Travel tip if you come to guitar you Should get the one pass it gives you Access to over 300 experiences like food Museums fashion and festivals and most Of all Qatar is safe it was just ranked As the safest country in the world for The third consecutive Year by the numero Crime index so what's it like to live in Qatar it's amazing so I don't know if You know it's super super safe that's The main like thing that I love about Him it's actually the safest country in The world yes yeah yeah yeah have you Ever experienced any situations here That made you feel unsafe never uh Really not once not once even if it's Just it's dark and I'm walking anywhere Like I don't even have to look behind my Back like as a female or even as a male Like most countries in the world walking At night in a place you don't know is Not safe yeah but here it's completely Safe hair is so safe let's talk about Prices because this is a 10 video after All much like its neighbors of Dubai and Kuwait Doha is very expensive however

The prices are relative considering it's Higher wages but to be honest as a Tourist it's going to be extra hard to Complete this budget challenge ten Dollars is 36 Qatari Rials let's get This party started my first stop of the Day is sukwakif or the main traditional Market I've been here on every visit to Qatar and I think that it's one of the Best Arab markets in all of the Middle East it's pretty cool how such a modern City like Doha still has these Traditional Alleyways and houses Especially near the soupwaukee area it Is so cool and cultural to walk around These streets Foreign India Tamarind yeah very interesting it has Like a sweet taste almost like grape Juice kind of tastes like grape juice Tamarine juice Just like it tastes in Syria Right now I'm gonna meet a local guy Named Hamad I've been recommended him by Several people seems like a really cool Dude he's gonna Take me around the market what's up man Great to meet you how's it going how you Doing very good to be yeah I'm good I'm Alive yeah just finished work Alhamdulillah So we're here in Doha the capital and Glorious city of Qatar I read something

That 99 of the people in this country Live in Doha that's correct but see There's something you have to understand Like the locals we don't call it Qatar We call it so you could be in this most Southern part and it's still oh I'm from You know and so this outfit this Beautiful white robe that you wear is it Different than the one in Kuwait and the One in Emirates yes how Style the way we make it the way it's Tailored why do you dress like that It's us I'm Qatari this is Identity you feel proud Yeah I just feel like a boss too and I Put it on every morning you know Like you just put it on you feel Different and you just get on with your Day yeah so let's do a quick one this is Like your professional Professional like hello I am a media Person now and then this is like I got a Flat tire and I need to sort it out get It get done and this is how we play Football back in the day Pick it up in turbo mode do you feel Like unique walking around the streets That you're one of the eight percent of People that are Qatari I'm the lord of The land yeah Bowing down but you need a fan commodity Thank you no um it is a bit weird like It is but then I got I grew up abroad because then when

I come back here I met people from all Over the world yeah which is super cool For me what is this Market how would you Explain it is the oldest Market in the City like the First Market in the city Of like modern Qatar and pre-historic Like pre-modern history of Qatar right If you see the old pictures Around like 10 meters from where we are That would have been all the waterfronts And boats would dock there and they're Typically spice Merchants pearls Merchants clothes merch so this has Always been a Marketplace this this land Yeah it's always been the city like if You think of the biggest Market in the Country this would have been it everyone Told me about you I was like I need to Find this guy like this man yeah this is The man the myth the legend right so Here yeah these are all like Local women who cook at home and come And sell this food here amazing this is Definitely you have to try it take me to Get your favorite dish What is madruba what is it so the name Means that you know Is Beating up Mother over so it's a wheat ghee meat And they just keep bashing it it's Passionate she bashes it and then yeah We'll try this okay that's like against Everything

Okay all right we're gonna try the Madroba come on get in there with me Don't let me do it by myself cheers bro Cheers It's a very creamy kind of sour soup not Soup it's a stew this is stew yeah There's beans in it for sure chicken Chicken shredded chicken it's really Good bro and then secret ingredient in All katari Cuisine is sun-dried lime That's that's the flavor of what you're Getting yeah Sun-dried lime how about that despite Being crazy jet lagged and running on Literally no sleep I wanted to host a Last minute just go meet up in Doha for All the amazing Travelers in the Community if you haven't checked out our Just go app it's a place for you guys to Connect Network and make new travel Buddies thanks to my friends at Qatar Creates they were able to offer me a Private Auditorium and over 150 people Showed up hi how you doing pleasure man Pleasure pleasure Say it anywhere Hi how are you good to Meet you meet up in Qatar here we go Baby hello everyone oh If you weren't a YouTuber what will we Be doing right now uh I don't know what I would be doing I would not be working A nine to five in an office like in New York I would be traveling somewhere and Finding a way to make a life of travel

Whether that means working in a hostel Or doing something meeting people if I Wasn't creating content Awesome 99 of qatar's population or 3 million People live in Doha so who are the one Percent and where do they live what's Happening outside of the big city it's Time to go off into the unknown good Morning it is 4 37 a.m We just drove an Hour to the middle of the desert to go Dune bashing if you don't know what Dune Bashing is then you're in for a real Treat are you ready bro you got ready to Go yep yeah that's tough The sky is like turning pink almost a Little bit of yellow a little bit of Pink Purple All right we have Park to watch the Sunrise from the sea The last time I was on the sand dunes Was in Iran Like seven eight months ago and before That was Saudi Arabia such a special Time to just get out of the city and Connect with nature and just I mean look At the Sunrise behind me is that not the Most beautiful thing you've ever seen in Your life Huh So cool Somewhere in the Qatari desert you will Find four tall brown rectangles they

Represent art and it is one of the Strangest sights that I've ever seen and Absolutely worth waking up for This is how fast we're gonna go to climb The hill Kind of scary actually it's terrifying So how's the pro over here he knows What's going on whoa Holy crap Yeah Good job man Dude the thrill of that is absolutely Outrageous man the whole car was covered In sand Foreign In the middle of nowhere we have a Contact to contact our friends to help Each other whoa They were full on leaning I'm out here in a little camp in the Dunes and meet some people see who's Living out here how are you good Where are you from You from cartoon I love cartoon I'm going to Juba South Sudan tomorrow Yeah Yeah I'm going there tomorrow Andrew nice to meet you Drew nice to meet you Drew nice to meet you man Thank you For you you're first

Thank you thank you oh it's it's uh it's Spicy Masala tea how long have you lived Out here in the desert Um Is it too hot They said they have their own cars they Go to City and bring the things here to Make by their own 99 of the people in Qatar live in Doha so it's really Interesting to meet the one percent who Live outside of the city their means Because of they are staying in the Desert and they have a habit now to stay In the desert when they go to the city They are feeling good Behind me is a kind of settlement that They hang out in right here tea kettles Right there Electricity right here now lights up There Chairs To chill out It's kind of kind of frightening Wow His eyes are crazy Hey bud How you doing what's your name Jara Enjoying the desert man our journey Continued to more remote parts of Qatar We cut through the desert across more World Cup stadiums and then arrived in a Tiny town called Duhan this is a general Statement but it's so cool how every

Town here and in the Arab world has a Mosque it's the same as when you travel Around Europe they all have a church It's a beautiful life up here it's quiet It's very quiet there's not skyscrapers It almost looks more like rural Saudi Arabia which makes sense because we're Near Saudi I'm enjoying this equally as Much as I enjoy Doha honestly So there's a problem with our car here We need to get it fixed real quick this Is the car stop everybody comes here to Repair their cars there's a chai shop That little red thing that says Cafeteria we're gonna get some Indian Chai my favorite milk tea literally you Just pull up in front of the shop and The guys come out You know just in Kuwait the nearby Country filming the hottest city in the World this might be number two guitar Thank you how much Two oh there's one Thank you bro Is it good Dude nothing better than a hot cup of Chai on a very hot day tastes just like I'm in India or Pakistan That is delicious everyone just kind of Hangs out outside their car Drink some chai and then continue on With the day We are somewhere in the countryside here Of Qatar and I spotted the golden arches

From what I know the McDonald's here are Halal which is the dietary restriction For Muslims I'm gonna try to get a menu Item here I've been at McDonald's in around 75 Countries I lost count I'm not proud of It I do it for the cultural experience Because it's super interesting I mean Just look right over here they have Mcdelivery in the US we will not have McDonald's bring in your Big Mac it Would be like ubereat or doordash so They literally have motorcycles where They will bring you McDonald's look at Them look at all these bikes there's Like five of them And I get the mushroom omelette muffin That one Right on the budget thank you yeah it's Always interesting to go to McDonald's In other countries because the vibe Inside is different sometimes you have Like parties inside or families eating Or music playing one time I went to a McDonald's and there was a DJ playing in Angola like on outside like literally There was like loud music playing and Everyone was going to McDonald's to the Party it's 7 p.m and the music is Blasting it's fun you know it's a taste Of home and it's something that you Always know what you're getting in any Country so let's see let's see how this Tastes I'm curious all right we have the

Mushroom Omelets McMuffin something I've never Seen or heard of before you can see Inside here oh you know what that Actually looks really freaking tasty I have to admit McDonald's is a guilty Pleasure like it tastes good it's not Healthy for you but whenever you get the Chance when you're traveling for a long Time then you're eating a lot of Unfamiliar food is the way to go and for Two and a half bucks worth it I wasn't planning on finishing it but Gone already We made our way quickly back to Doha Just to try one of the best kept hole in The walls in town given that the Population of Qatar is about a quarter Indian that means you can find some Pretty good Indian food so right in Front of me is a place called almanar I Love how small this place is it's so Cool Chefs in the back just preparing the Food I mean this is the good stuff this Is what I look for when I travel these Small little shops that just prepare Excuse me you can't even walk by him That are just preparing their specialty Very good man thank you thank you thank You very much you know the place is good When there's only four things on the Menu egg sandwich egg cheese tea and Coffee

We have a fresh Omelette or as they call a sandwich you Can see inside is omelette in the middle You have lettuce tomato onion egg I Don't even know but it looks fantastic Man very good spicy all kinds of Indian Flavors chapati fresh vegetables wrapped In a beautiful sandwich with egg And this whole plate for one dollar Thank you hamak we've been driving for God knows how long like almost two hours Now like where are we going we are going To an abandoned Village of Gmail so we Are in the Northwestern part of Qatar Yes which is far away from Doha yes it's A small country but we gotta drive out Here it's a drive I always wondered like What do qataris do when they're not in Doha well they get out into the desert And we can Go fishing enjoy the beach Off-roading is a wonderful past time Because obviously we're all rich and Have loads of money so we just buy Expensive toys No but yeah some some of that is true There's some truth to that but the place We're at now is not that common of a Destination for guitars no this is for Anyone really and I mean it's our History This is what Qataris used to live like and this is What a typical Qatari Village was

Let's go learn about this place from The One and Only anzivasa Do you know what I feel like I feel like A bit of an Angel If I kind of stand like this I feel like I'm floating above the Earth I feel like An angel too what an amazing way to end This Qatar road trip at the ruins of Al Jumeo an abandoned Pearl and fishing Village that was inhabited by the Akobaisi family over 200 years ago today You can find the remains of the Traditional houses with doorways and Parts of the walls preserved if you ask Me it's outstanding this is the most This is where they pray okay So Hamad is going to do the call to Prayer yeah at the mosque in the minaret And then we're going to pretend like We're living 100 years ago Job to get up here yeah five times a day And do the call to prayer in the 19th Century the average height of a male Qatari was two foot four look at the Size of those steps so we are climbing Up the minaret which is really really Narrow and this is not made for tall People and I'm not tall that's the funny Thing this is not made for someone our Size right so This is where you do the call to prayer And you can see the whole village from Here so Alone

Foreign Foreign Man that was pretty awesome that was Really cool man thank you man dude this Is uh from what I remember but we're Here five times a day so I should pay More attention next time but I I just that's pretty cool wasn't it I'm Trying to not to have a moment on camera I wasn't ready for it and now it's kind Of hitting me so Sorry Emotions are good man yeah That's awesome man yeah yeah it's really Cool I mean I hope a lot of tourists visit This place and a lot of locals visit This place just to kind of pay their Respects after after that moment I have A very different perspective Kind of appreciate the history it's cool Man This trip to Qatar has been nothing Short of incredible the country truly Has a lot to offer from food to Nature To hospitality and it's a great Destination to be hosting the World Cup To wrap up this budget challenge I was Able to get a Tamarind juice a bowl of Hearty soup one hot milk tea an eggplate Wrapped in chapati and a Halal McMuffin For 9.95 these are the experiences that I Live for how many of you guys actually

Knew that this existed in Guitar I Didn't before I came here this is what It's all about having a moment here Absolutely beautiful place hopefully you Guys enjoyed the video of guitar was Super fun to make and when you're Watching the World Cup now you know What's happening in this Mighty country Behind the scenes it's special place Look at the sunset see you guys in the Next video Make sure to subscribe to this channel For more epic travel stories from every Country hit up my podcast called roots Of humanity and I also have a second YouTube channel where I share more Unseen travel stories until next time Stay safe be well and just go

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