What Can $10 Get in POLAND? (Budget Challenge)

By | September 28, 2022

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After a 15-month hiatus, I’m bringing back my $10 series for a 58th episode!!! Today we will be exploring all around Krakow, Poland – one of my fav cities in Europe! 🇵🇱

It’s my 4th time in Krakow and I think it’s one of the most magical cities in Europe. Romantic like Paris, gothic like Prague, beautiful like Vienna and FUN because it’s a college town! Join me and my local friend Kacper as we take you deep into the heart of Krakow to try the best Polish foods and experience the lovely culture.

Stay tuned for next week, where I’ll be sharing “Real Stories from Ukrainian Refugees.” I use my platform to let their voices be heard.

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I'm drewbinski and today I'm going to Show you what 10 can get you in Krakow Poland [Music] Absolutely love Krakow it's my third Time here and I think it's one of the Most underrated cities in all of Europe It's a place where East Meets West it's Grungy it's hipster kind of like Prague Krakow's very young because there's so Many universities here there's so much To like about Krakow let's go explore I am so excited to be meeting up with a Local friend named Casper who reached Out just yesterday on Instagram he will Be showing me the ins and outs of Krakow While we keep a tight budget of under 10 This is Polish zlati did I say it right Yeah it's a lot too so what I like about The money is it's small every bill is Small and like the lower the account the Smaller it gets doesn't it look like Monopoly it kind of looks like Monopoly Money and something I also love about The bunny here is that it's all Different colors for different bills Yeah in the US it's all green and it's Hard to know how much it costs so when I First came to Poland around three zlatis Was a Euro now it's like almost five This is our budget for today we're gonna See how many things we can we can buy [Music] So the church behind us is actually

Arguably the most important Landmark Here in Krakow and it's also one of the Most important churches in the whole Country I really love it man I mean it's The highlight of this beautiful Square Which by the way is massive there's so Many people here that right now it looks Empty but it's probably 5 000 people Standing in the Square I see these bread Things they remind me of Istanbul they Have these all over turkey but is it a Polish thing ah I would say it is and What's it called uh in Polish it's Called okay gotcha gotcha it's like a Pretzel it's like a pretzel it's like Different toppings all right let's get Let's get one please what do you think Is best Sesame So that was only like a dollar basically Oh it was three Wow yeah that caught me by surprise okay Cool we're on it we're on a roll already Okay so let's try it here we go bite of Options John Nick It's exactly like a pretzel they should Give you a dipping sauce they don't give You that pretty good and for like 50 Cents it's a good thing to start the day With and uh let's keep walking Two blocks that way it's three zlaties And now it's 250. can you can you tell Her just just explain to her that I Appreciate that most people should come

Here and they should know that they can Get a better price What did you say that there's more Tourists in that area so that's why the Price was higher of course this is the Place to go [Music] I remember this Market from uh 2012. It's kind of an unforgettable place man It's huge and it's right in the middle Of the square exactly what's the Significance of this it's one of the Oldest markets in Europe it's obviously Tourist central but but it's cool and it Gives charm to to Krakow and I did buy a Chess set here 10 years ago from one of These places and it's still in my house Right now that's pretty cool it's not About the products it's about And all these emblems are the different Uh provinces of cities I don't think Anything in here we can find my 10 video While I'm walking around Krakow I Thought I would share with you guys a Little behind the scenes of how I make My travel videos because hey I've never Shared it with you before and B I think You'll find it quite interesting for the First five years I did everything myself Scripting editing filming uploading but Nowadays every single video I make Touches the hands of 15 creative people Who come from nine different countries From script writers to editors to

Production managers to graphic designers It's been a really fun journey to manage A team that works a hundred percent Remotely we use a variety of tools such As frame dot IO which allows me to Review Cuts notion to keep all of our Tasks organized Google drive to Physically store the footage and canva Which is my favorite platform ever and Also the sponsor of this video do you Ever wonder how I make thumbnails or Reformat all of the content on different Social media channels yep that's canva Canva is an all-in-one graphic design Platform and collaborative space that I've been using since I started my first Travel blog back in 2013. nowadays my Entire team uses canva for graphic Design organization and most importantly Thumbnails right now I'm going to take a Thumbnail for this video and I'm going To send it to my team who's going to Edit it on canva Did you get the image I sent it to you Yep I got it right here wait throw it on In there yep background mover Yep give me a few seconds Nice speed I took another image of Krakow if you want to throw it in there You probably should blur this background A little bit Yeah you can add a little Blur Nice nice get that nice blur cool man Yeah it looks way better all right back

To the story My Favorite Polish food is Pierogies it's the thing that everybody Knows about Poland yeah the US has so Many polish immigrants over the years And so you can find pierogies in Chicago For example can we try pierogies here Yep sure you have a spot in mind yeah What do you mean you have to when you're Here you know it's like a it's like a Thing yeah it's not it's not like a tour It's like pierogies is not like a Touristy food it's like like Polish People actually eat it and enjoy it yeah We eat it like you know some people eat It once a week some people eat it every Day bar and malinsky yeah It smells middle partner all right let's Go inside Which one do you like the best I mean I Like the Russian ones so with potato Cutter she said onion is this for like a Whole plate of them it's 10 ounces it's Very cheap like if we went to a Restaurant now and ordered the same Thing we'd probably play 35th So this is a good deal S yeah [Music] This is a plate of pierogies this is my Favorite food in Poland I haven't had these in like four years And I can't wait here we go trying Delicious Russian well they're not Really Russian they're polish but

They're called Russian they're called Russians cheers man That is amazing what's inside cottage Cheese And black pepper I can't explain how Fresh this tastes and how it feels like It's made in a homemade kitchen like Your grandma's house they would make This you know for only a few bucks I'm Telling you guys pierogies are the best Thing about Boeing in the cuisine world It's funny because you can't really find Good pierogies outside of Poland look You can find a good sausage anywhere in Europe so many Denmark sausages are kind Of whatever but this can't get anywhere Else no these type of places started to Exist somewhere around 50s or 60s in the 20th century and you know that was the Time when Poland was a communist state We were totally controlled by the Soviet Union we're not independent whatsoever You know food was very expensive we even At some point had cards for Food meaning That you were on that you could only buy Like a specific amount of bread every Week specific amount of meat and you Couldn't really you know exceed this Limit because you ask your parents about What it was like to grow up yeah it was Terrible I mean you know they they said One thing that was like quite funny but Also like tragic at the same time that If you had dollars you were good because

If you had dollars and you could buy Things of the you know black market or These like special shops that were Called private so how do you know that Like this style restaurant was from the Communist like can you tell by like the Way the cables are in the walls or does It have a certain style yeah definitely And you know even the like the process Of ordering but as you can see we got These in like like a cafeteria it's like Two minutes and they were good to go Right so anybody younger than me which Is you you all grow up learning English And being more open-minded but anyone Older than you no didn't grow so Tell me about like the generational Shift here like is it it's very great It's very big it's very big it's very Big and you can actually really really See it like my parents don't speak English they learn Russian in school you Know so they know how to speak Russian But they don't know how to communicate In English Um I would say that the biggest change Happened in 2004 when we officially Joined the European Union that was the Biggest you know change for good Obviously with our current government Things are not really great Um because you know they're kind of more Right-wing sure left wing so we have Some problems uh along the way but 2004

Was definitely like a very significant Year and time proposed people so Casper I've noticed all around Krakow and Really Poland there's a lot of Ukrainian Support so obviously we all know what's Happened but tell me from your Experience like what's what's been going On uh it was unbelievable I would say Like something that you wouldn't really Think that can happen that it did you Know just like a like reality just Crashed through your eyes you know I Mean I saw people sleeping on the train Station for like two weeks on the ground Same thing was happening in Warsaw and All my like major cities right it was Crazy I mean to see what the people have Gone through and to hear some of the Experiences you know most of them left On the other backpack and a bottle of Water right and that's it Poland has Opened up their their arms to help Ukrainians give them shelter give them Food because obviously they were running For their lives it's been amazing to Watch from the outside to see how Poland Has been so great Ukrainian population Here prior to war was also quite Significant they're everywhere but you Know we're definitely not complaining we We embraced that and we just want to Help them in any way that we can that's An amazing lesson thank you for sharing This is obviously a heavy topic but it

Cannot go unnoticed I mean you can see Everywhere you go here you can see Support for Ukraine it's really Beautiful thing on that note I've Actually been meeting Ukrainian refugees Across Europe to hear their stories and I will be sharing them with you in a Video very soon even though the Mainstream news seems to have forgotten About the war or I think it's very Important to let their voices be heard On my platforms behind me is the Beautiful Wild World Cathedral I Probably butchered the name it's spelled W-a-w-e-l the Wawa Cathedral is Beautiful you can see all the different Kinds of architecture over the years we Have gold domes we have pillars columns We have Gothic churches that look like Prague and it's kind of all smushed Together into one beautiful building and This is probably my favorite spot in all Of Krakow haven't been here in 10 years But man is a beautiful behind us there's A Riverside which has become like a very Very popular hanging out place for People this is really nice man so is That was that like the newer part of the City yes or no so look these all the all These buildings are new as you can tell Obviously but behind them there's like Even older part in this part of the city Gotcha real quick guys there's one more Note about canva that I forgot to

Mention they have a brand new feature Called whiteboards which takes Collaboration to another level whether You're work shopping projects or just Brainstorming canva whiteboards allows You to navigate an infinite space with Zoom pan and scroll features you can use Your built-in templates or create your Own and then you can add ideas with Stickers Graphics shapes and lines as Well as canvas library of 100 million Images videos audio tracks and more the Truth is that I wouldn't be able to Create content as efficiently if it Wasn't for canva and right now they're Offering my subscribers a special Promotion click that link below to claim Your 45 day free trial for canva pro I've promise you you're gonna love it Alright back to the video [Music] And what street is this just a random Walking street by the old town some of The streets where most of the streets Here are going to look quite similar Around this area but we are actually Headed to uh towards the Jewish District Nice great and there you can actually Feel like the vibe of the city I would Say you know I would love to go there And connect with my ancestors [Music] Before World War II krakow's Jewish Quarter was one of the most populated

And Lively Jewish communities in the World with 65 000 members in fact Krakow's Jews once made up 25 of the City's total residence they used to work As Bankers Merchants they were owners of Popular restaurants cafes and bars and They were the best Craftsmen in the city The Jews spoke both Hebrew and Yiddish And led Rich cultural and religious Lives sadly the Nazis killed over 90 Percent of krakow's Jews in the Holocaust and the remaining ones left Poland however the synagogue still Remained intact and the entire district Has been converted into a hipster place For young tourists and locals to hang Out so we are in the Jewish District uh The places we're going to used to be a Senegal actually it's a very cool place Because it has almost not been renovated Whatsoever so we can get divide you know Let's go man that sounds cool the Jewish History and Krakow is really special I Mean there was a lot of Jews before World War II it was thriving and Obviously now they have the beautiful Community left over but most of the People are gone it's just so cool to be Walking around here seeing Judaism signs Everywhere shops selling menorahs and Jewish music being played on the streets And it gives me this Eerie feeling Because I have like great great aunts And uncles who were killed in Auschwitz

Which is like 30 minutes drive from here So it's it's somber walking these Streets but It is very it's very special Casper and I made our way deeper into the Jewish Quarter into a former synagogue which Has been converted into a bar this is so Cool this way yep okay I'll follow you Go ahead this is awesome Whoa man this Is cool beautiful This place is amazing can really feel How it was a synagogue before [Music] How do you say cheers in Polish Same in check That's good all right it's a local beer What's it called Yeah good I think this is the first time I've ever Had a beer inside of a synagogue and I've been in a lot of synagogues but This place is really cool 19th century Building and all these paintings are Original unbelievable man so this is the Jewish quarter so a lot of the Synagogues that were here they're not Working anymore because there's not Enough dudes they're actually two of Them that still work okay the Jewish Community especially here in this part Of the city is still quite a bit Obviously not just because yeah sure Sure this is so cool man you could tell It's a synagogue by the way that these

Arches are yeah this is really cool Having a beer in the synagogue and the Vibe in here is cool with the music and Krakow's a cool place dude That's fair where are we now so we are Still in the Jewish district and now We're like a deep one of the most famous Places for at Lakewood I've heard about Zabikanka but I've actually never tried It it's kind of like pizza but it's not Ground and you know it's like a thick Crust with cheese on top of it and some It's like a Polish pizza right yeah Thank you this is only 11's latte This can feed like a family it's open Till very late and usually this is like A bar area so you would find like Hundreds of young people oh yeah how do You like you have to bite it like I can rip it off too oh look at that Cheese You have really thick bread crunchy Thick bread fluffy bread with cheese on It mushrooms that are onions and garlic Sauce is that pecan cup that's it right Yep [Music] Yeah It's been an absolute pleasure to visit Krakow once again this city is truly one Of the most underrated in all of Europe There's so much history so many good Flavors and so many friendly people but To wrap up this 10 video I was able to

Get one circular bread one plate of Pierogies one delicious local beer and One zapikanka or polish pizza for 9.89 thanks for watching and I'll see You guys next week thanks for watching Make sure to subscribe to this Channel With more epic travel stories from every Country hit up my podcast called roots Of humanity and check out my second YouTube channel where I share more Adventurous unseen Adventures until next Time stay safe be well and just go

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