What Backpacking is REALLY like (Thailand Vlog #3)

By | October 5, 2022

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It's that time of the day where I take a Hand and I decide what I'm wearing with The luck of a draw sweatpants and green Shirt what a combo Sweaty cup Amigos and good morning from A beautiful day in Bangkok for the next 12 days I'm going to be daily vlogging Our adventures through this beautiful Beautiful country of Thailand right now We're on our way to a breakfast spot That we heard is amazing it's just Around the corner if there's one thing You should know it's the taxi drivers Generally don't want to take the meter The meter is very affordable a 15-minute Drive was literally a dollar fifty I Just paid 57 most taxi drivers try to Ask for 150 200 but this guy didn't even Negotiate he just put on the meter so It's always appreciated Foreign [Music] My budget is in Peril after seeing the Prices today which is not good So this is one of the most popular Breakfast spots they actually have Multiple locations across Bangkok let's See if it lives up to the hype Or breakfast omelette it tastes a lot Like pie cooking it's really good this One is a sauerkraut Pastrami and uh Homemade Bagels wow So Andrea was just sharing with me a Solution to an angel problem you travel

With multiple people you don't always Want to split the bill a lot of times You just have someone pay and then you Know I'll get the next one I'll get the Next one but what happens is you Eventually on a long trip forget Completely who got the next one like add A description at how much it is you can Change the currency and then you say Like who paid it like for example like When maybe like you paid for something So I add it and so this is an app called Split wise where you can basically have A ongoing tracker that shares all the Expenses of the trip I've got some bad News that bill was 14 I'm spending 25 Today on my bed I have 11 left for the Day fast meal yeah that and the mango Sticky rice for sure we're not having Lunch or dinner anymore so one of the Coolest things about Bangkok is that so Much of the life happens right here on The side of the road and then we are Walking our way okay go get a taxi hello MBK let me turn thank you all right That's good news for us we have a meter Uh it feels so good to be in this city There's just so much life to it I'm rebooking our hotel and now it's Even cheaper Thank you so much okay taxi here was 70 Baht which is like two dollars so this Is one of the most unusual malls Basically imagine a street vendor but

Then having an entire Mall filled with Them knock off shoes you got your denim Flowy pants uh sheet huh here we go Again when I see the deals it's also Very famous that you can find like Chanel or Hermes purses and what they Have on the front display is the low Quality stuff if you get to know the Owners the shop owners they actually Open up back doors and they'll take you To like the super high-end knockoff that It could be like a thousand dollars for Like a basically identical to an Hermes Purse that's only what I've heard I've Actually never experienced it for real Though they have some super nice stuff I Might do some shopping here today we'll See then again I've only got 11 left to My name so how MBK works is the higher You go up into this monster the cheaper And cheaper the things get so like Downstairs is kind of like the closest To like the high-end stores and then as You start to venture you start to get The speakers that when you turn them on It goes pairing Bluetooth mode [Music] Just to give you an idea there's floor One two three four five six seven or Seven floors full of junk and some good Stuff a lot of good stuff too but it's Uh you'll start to see some patterns Basically everyone sells mostly the same Thing yeah I want something more all

Right Ruby had a really good idea let's See what ten dollars can get us here at MGK so this is gonna be carved out of The budget we're not counting this but I Want to see who can get the best most Ridiculous thing with ten dollars Oh no no no no [Music] [Applause] Foreign I feel like this is discrimination Yeah I hear where you're coming from Like here's the thing I put on a little Bit of weight I think charging me more Because I'm just getting a little bit Thick right now is just a little bit Inconsiderate what if what if we call it 199. I look really good in it right What's your best price best price Can you do 180. I'll tell you what you drive a hard Bargain we have a deal [Music] Thank you I'm a local now once you go to floor Four this is where things get real [Music] And it just said something so true he's Like every floor has a different smell This is a very strange smell to it like Burnt plastic or something I don't know All right I'm not gonna lie there is a Day coming where we are all going to be Screwed when this is a camera all of

These are spy cameras and that freaks The crap out of me because pretty much Everywhere I go I stay in hotels so when I see cameras getting smaller and Smaller I'm like there's gonna come a Day when one of my tapes gets leaked on The bright side your videos will also be Leaked so I guess we're in it together I've never felt so popular every shop You walk past you're getting cat called They're like oh come in can I help you Can I show you what you need what are You looking for I'm like bro if I knew That answer I wouldn't be an MBK I am Searching for everything and anything Okay what's your favorite product in This store it's really good it's Original 18 bucks for this it's pretty cool Lovely summer yeah man I'll take it so One of my biggest tips to Travelers is To have a sub bag basically something That's very low profile small that can Fit inside of your main bag because when We're out traveling obviously we don't Want to carry around our big backpacks So you can shove this one inside barely Take up any space from your backpack and Uh this one here was only 20 20 roughly Okay Can you guys guess what I uh what I Chose yeah What do you mean is that all I got I got An egg

Really hot for the beach and the sweater Is all that all that was ten dollars Yeah Oh my God guys every time I try to hold A meat up here you guys always leaked The location it's unbelievable Guys I made it guys you're looking at the Wrong people that's not lost LeBlanc Do you want to take a photo He's not even verified on Instagram I'm Verified All right it's time to drown my sorrows And alcohol we're going to a Sky Bar I Got my new bag I'm not gonna count that Towards today's 50 otherwise things will Be really bad for me so to get to where We're going next one dollar by Metro I Should probably be trying new places but Hey this is trying to revisit some of my Old memories and actually this is a Sky Bar that I used to come to probably the Most of any of them I really love it Foreign [Music] Don't come to a Sky Bar when it's about To rain and it's about to rain [Music] This is cool All right a bit of a mission failure Today they won't let us go to the top of The sky bar so we're being rained out Today but I still got to have an amazing View the 45th floor Looking Over sukum

Beats is this crazy crazy artery that Connects the whole city with the metro Station and you can see how this thing Just runs all the way down into the city So tonight we've come here to octave Sky Bar and we're actually meeting a fellow Content creator Chloe's actually from Burma or Myanmar she was telling us that Next time we're in this area we're gonna Have to plan a trip out to Burma which I Am so down for it's just an incredible Destination so so different than most Other places in the world fitness Programs and everything related to Fitness I'm here for you And I've now officially eliminated all My money for today I had a work day today that I didn't Really think was worth filming but I Made some massive progress on the 10-day Creator challenge which is a program I'm Launching in just two more days you're Somebody that's been dreaming up Becoming a Creator but you don't know Where to start well I will show you how To do it for 47 and I guarantee you you Will get 10 000 views within your first 10 videos or money back [Music] So tonight we are getting a traditional Thai massage and I'm excited because This is a different kind of massage Which can also be dangerous in Thailand But uh

Andrea yeah since everyone's like kind Of considering dating you should we show The feet oh my God So as Ruby said today we're doing a Thai Massage and the first time I ever got One of these I literally felt like I was In a car accident like the next day I Was so destroyed everything was painful And sore so I have not done one like Since then I don't know All right so this is different I'm Getting dressed into these red rows What's up ladies what are we doing We lose are we limber yet I can't Believe we're having a massage together All in one room One way to describe a Thai massage it's Like a massage of a thousand daggers a Lot of elbow action directly into your Muscle groups like your neck your back Your thighs he massaged me with his heel By basically like sitting on the ground And digging it into me into like the Bottom of my leg and then to like finish It all off he stood on me and like Walked around my back my legs honestly It's like a really nice full body Stretch I was manhandled completely I'm Being punched I've been punched Something stretched I had legs they're Called kill me like this I was like what Is going on right now like did you like It though I did I did in a weird way Foreign

[Music] This place looks so good let's try it I Mean it's more money than I have anymore But this is where the magic happens guys They've got all this delicious food on Display you can see here they work a lot With egg noodles which is delicious we Got prawns and pork wontons the dish That I've now ordered is in total about A dollar sixty maybe a dollar 75 it Smells good it looks good this place Looks like they've got some history too And you just know it's gonna be good When you got photos like that on the Wall I mean come on that's like a proud Mom right there just like come on in son I've made you some food oh my God thank You thank you this was like literally a Minute later oh my God this looks so Good very very simple Really good that was a missing Ingredient I think it's a broth oh now We're darker now we're talking yeah so Different it's a bad thing good that's So nice he bought this for us he's so Sweet so it's a sweet drink a sweet Drink yeah welcome to Thailand thank you So much that's very kind of you My new favorite tea I'm gonna buy it now I'm gonna I'm gonna tea it now it's a Part of my tea collection it's a plant Wow it's like sweet chamomile that's Good That's really cool he was just seeing

How stoked we were on the food and how Much fun we were having and he felt the Need to share a bit of his culture with Us look inevitably it's gonna be some Sort of a food video at this point but Mango sticky rice that's the spot we Went to the other day and right next to It we're gonna try this out I think I Want uh milk tea this one here so the Thai Flavor palette they love spice and They love sugar even more so you have to Kind of go minimal on the sugar or the Sweetening even the can of Coke like It's 120 calories in Canada 110. it's 160 calories here because it's all made Up by the sugar difference this place is Called moma's and that right there is 70 Cents bye guys Yes How can I help you Hello So where are we going right now is we're Going to my old residency where I used To live and the reason we're doing that Is because from there I can find one of My favorite street food places I hope I Remember how to get around but right now I'm having this little take back moment Where I remember every time I would go Home from University if I had to take a Taxi they would ask me where I'm going And I'd be like And then they'd be like huh and then It'd be like shapong and then after

Going back and forth for like 10 times They'd be like oh and I was like yes That's what I tried to say I literally Couldn't hear the difference and then Every time I'd say every third or fourth Time I'd say it they would look at me Like oh very dangerous very dangerous so Wherever we lived I think was dangerous But anyways nothing ever went wrong There it is this is memory Central right Here Nancy residence where I lived for Like four months when I first became an Adult I'd say it's when I first had Independence at least so many memories I'm so curious if the restaurant is Still in here this is where I would eat Food pretty much every day at least one Meal it's all gone the restaurant's gone What change sucks I'm gonna be taking Them to one of my favorite street food Spots now if that has closed then I'm Flying home I'm going back to Bali this Isn't good I don't really remember Exactly where it was but from my memory I think we should have seen it by now This is my last hope if it's not right Up here it's all torn down and gone I'm Having an existential crisis right now Oh my God I think I see it Still there thank God this is a Hidden Gem like truly truly one of the local Spots and it's still here yeah Yeah okay let's go it's pretty much the Exact same thing we had before we are

Literally Yeah wow look at that cauldron though This is the other thing you have to try Chicken uh with rice and the Cucumber This one here the portions aren't that Big so I would always go to this place And next door to it and I'd get one of Each the Chicken and the Egg noodle pork Oh yeah that's the good stuff this looks Yummy I'm excited to try some authentic Street food that you used to have when You were a little baby yeah I know it Was really cool literally that is a Portion though I can't with all this Food right now thank you this stuff is So good it's like a spice sauce it's Just like I remember commit to the sauce Can you eat this every night every day I'm shocked I saw this and I I was like It's really simple like why are you Freaking out about this the sauces make It all so good yeah when you get the Dollar fifty rice and chicken it comes With this broth I went over 50 today but Don't at me I just ah Here We Go Again fun of the day yay Yay

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