We’re in the ARCTIC CIRCLE!!! ( Part 1/5 )

By | October 31, 2022

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Foreign [Music] The Arctic has always had a certain Allure for Sailors the drawer of the Vast isolated Landscapes and anchorages It is strange though isn't it what is it About this place that makes people want To endure Sub-Zero temperatures in some Of the world's harshest most Unpredictable weather to experience for Many these days it now starts with a Photograph that's what we first saw Followed by some video I found online And there was something inexplicably Intoxicating about what I was seeing we Actually began plans to sail here in 2017. it's about 15 degrees and you want To go to svalban but life and other Adventures have held us back Riley and I Spoke about this place often and finally Kind of between sailboats we found Ourselves with some time to come here And experience it for ourselves with our Young family Foreign We're about to mix things up a bit [Music] Join us in the tropics where we kick off Our trip and make the journey up to the Spectacular spellbart to go on this trip That we've been dreaming and planning For five years now try and spot some Polar bears with us and learn all about What it means to live on board a tall

Ship in such harsh conditions with two Very small children So we haven't filmed in a while it's Been about a month actually of no Filming we've been here living in the Bahamas in a house whilst our boat gets Worked onto her and this morning we're Packing up for a massive trip like I Don't get nervous for travel these days We really have done so much but I am Like nervous to go to Norway it's going To be so different for us being in the Cold we've got the kids as well being on A tall ship in the cold like it's just Gonna blow my mind I mean I just I can't Even imagine it right now And I'm nervous as heck [Music] Have a Harmony [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm nervous about this dramatic hair Change Riley's going first though which makes Me feel a little bit better so we've got Nina here thank you Nina Came very last minute we appreciate it [Music] It was time to lose the salty Bohemian Dreadlocks we'd acquired over the past Few months and exchanged them for Something a little more Nordic because We couldn't go up to the Arctic and not

Get Viking haircuts besides we'd already Spoken to one of the crew aboard the Norda leak The Vessel would be boarding And he was already sorted Oh Oh Rally also planned for one of us maybe All of us to do some ice water plunging Up north much to my annoyance so yeah There was some training in order Apparently I like to think that I'll get better at That but oh my God so it was eight seven Pound bags of ice in a tub come on who's Next we must struck whilst the iron is Hot you ready Yeah so the time to be Is one minute 30. [Music] It is gold you just got to get it you Got to get in and then I'm going to hit The thumb ready one two three go Go That was 20 seconds no get back in That was 20 seconds quick come on jump Back in jump back in That's enough Get back in or you're not coming to the US don't Oh that is Bonkers okay ready you need To be a minute 30. a minute We kidnapped her to join us on this Northern Adventure mostly to help out With the kids she hadn't done a lot of

Travel before this and it was only a Couple of weeks into her time with us And she'd already stayed out on a Dangerous oil rig Hotel flown on some Tiny shaky Bohemian airplanes with us And now she was doing ice baths we love You Ray I gotta go wash my hair out No that's amazing all right are you Gonna get out and I'm gonna run into the Floor Oh that was two minutes twenty but it Didn't even seem like you needed to get Out then Elena the people just down from us had a Massive Pizza Said that we need to be nice to each Other Too [Music] Let's go Craig [Music] This is a tiniest elevator a nine hour Flight from the USA later and we'd Arrived in Oslo the capital of Norway a Vibrant City full of ancient buildings And green spaces that we'd be able to Enjoy for only one night before Continuing on Foreign I was going to ask you how is it Traveling here kind of how I expected Pretty pretty hard you didn't you never Sleep on those things so that makes your Life difficult

I kind of slept the kids were the kids Were very well behaved considering yeah I mean it was a night time flat so they Slept yeah yeah we'll definitely do that Again Widget lagged everyone knows what it's Like it's 12. is it nearly been nearly One And myself and Elena and Darwin or Rendezvous by the bathroom we're like oh What are you doing up Wow [Music] All right We're doing it that was like the Smoothest like leaving a place we've had Yet don't you think it was We checked into our Inn which would be Our home for the next three days before Moving aboard the tall ship we decided To hire a car and get the lay of the Land what's happening Riley just parking And unpacking [Music] But I guess some things that I really Want to do whilst we're here I would Love to love to go sled dogging sled Dogging without all the snow looks a Little bit different but we've seen We've seen them slow dogging like down Here on the road and it's like it's so Cool uh we absolutely have to see a Polar bear whether that's now or when we Get on the tall ship I have a feeling

It's probably going to be on the tall Ship I'm just really excited we've Already said how excited we are we're at 78 degrees north that's insane that's Very that's that's some high latitude it Would have been why I call it a sale Here but difficult with the kids oh yeah Oh my gosh the place we've always wanted To go so here we are taking it off the List and look at this view behind me Like Lenny you're meant to tuck your ears Into your beanie because your ears will Get cold no my ears are not getting toes Welcome to Long Urban embarrassingly it Took us far too long to be able to Pronounce the name of this town Correctly for the next day we kind of Just ate slept sort of because the sun Was not setting at all it was just Always light and tried to adapt to this New wild environment that we were in This might be the nicest view I've ever Seen running [Music] See I've never seen running [Music] That kind of looks funny [Music] But breakfast couldn't have been more Beautiful like did you film any of that Yeah I did I filmed so much more than I'd like I've just been on my phone Looking like a typical tourist way too

Much more than I'd like but I don't even Care because it's really just so Beautiful every corner you've got to do You gotta do your job I'm like obsessed I I want to capture every single moment Here because I've never been so excited For a place really yes I love it when Elena gets like this you guys are ready I'm so excited you guys can probably see The ridiculously large smile on sporting Here seeing Elena light up about filming Our adventures here in svalbard took me Right back to the day she picked up that Clunky video camera on our sale to Turkey with an innocent genuineness just Like now she documented our adventures a Few cameras later and we've gone from Some small town Aussie kids to parents With kids at 72 degrees north pretty Incredible I'm just obsessed with this Place I love love the feeling of the Culture it's just a really nice feeling And especially after what is the feeling Of the culture um or just like there's a Little bit A little bit A link so I would have thought the Feeling would have been different but There's more of like a sciency Um Explorer Vibe kind of like the Galapagos Islands here the Galactus and Um I really love that they're so Welcoming here like anyone can move here So this is a really cool point about

This place it's owned by Norway but Available to everyone so anyone can move Here really easily anyone can travel Here really easily you need to have a Place to stay when you arrive and a job And a job yeah if you have a place to Stay and a job you can apply to live Here jobs are jobs are easy yeah they're Desperate for people so this and and They've got this the seed bank so it's a Really International World place I don't know it's hard to Explain this afternoon we'd be hitting Up this mysterious seed bank followed by Some dog sledding Getting a loser Thank you a bit big oh okay no worries And are there tours available to go Inside or it's just not allowed she's Calling the seed bank ah okay okay well That makes it even cooler we will just Look at the outside then All right thank you bye Bye Okay so you're not allowed to go inside The seed bank Super protected seeds in the bank So you have to be from the KGB so So we're just I Futuristic [Music] [Applause] [Music] The spellbard global seed vault is the

Largest safety backup of the world's Crop diversity 130 meters inside the Mountain seed samples of crop diversity From all over the world are stored at a Constant temperature of negative 18 Degrees Celsius there's no public access To the seed Vault that that is so cool How cold is this [Music] As of 2020 the state vote has stored More than one million seed samples Representing more than 5 000 species of Crops from around the world this Includes more than 150 000 varieties of Rice and 200 000 of wheat to two of our Most important stable crops look into The future the seed bolt has a capacity Of 4.5 million samples enough space to Safeguard seeds for all crops of Importance to humanity wow His little hands we can't find his mitts They're somewhere in the back There's somewhere in our bag we just Haven't found them yet but he's so cold And cute little teddy bear Yeah you want to go Back in the warm path [Music] I was just saying to Riley and he said I Needed to share with you when we first Landed I was kind of like unsure not Knowing if this place is beautiful or Not I was like oh this isn't what I Thought it would be

Um but now I've gotten used to the Colors and everything and there really Is so much Beauty here but it's just a Different kind of beauty like there's no Trees or anything it's just this insane Landscape huge mountains with ice on the Top Um yeah Every shot I get I'm like oh that's the Best shot ever but there's so much Beauty I could spend all day just Looking at things I could not be happier We just found some Seals some dead seals and Lenny's sang Mama I want to go and play with this And we're like I'm sorry Lenny but the Seals are actually dead Right they're hanging upside down [Music] They're they're not alive Bubba okay We're gonna drive off mate Okay so bye-bye [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] ER just went to ask the lady with the Gun if she could take a like video her And it turns out they know the channel And then and now they want a photo with Us okay so who have we got here hi my Name is Carl I am here because my Great-grandfather went missing on Pittsburgh and 100 years ago and I'm

Making a documentary and I'm going to Find him back and so you're you to film It too yeah I'm here to film it What are you doing so far everything's Been really cheap which is weird Considering Consider its location is uh this was 150 Bucks for the day which I was expecting It to be probably 200 or 250 it's Cheaper than the Bahamas you can get a Good meal here for ten dollars you can Get an excellent meal for this day us This is all us I'm talking been away From Australia for too long sorry Australia I might be smaller Okay you look good to go take your ears Then because it's going to be cold yeah All right should we go outside and have A look at the dogs All right so our dogs are already Standing in the teams Um so one row eight dogs that's the one Team smartest dogs are here closest to Us those are lead dogs and we have a Team dogs and last two doggies those are Usually the strongest dogs or the Biggest troublemakers so we keep them as Close as possible to the card or the Flood so we have the most control over Them yeah [Music] No this is Sven ah hey spam this is fun He can jump up but if you want to come

And cuddle him [Music] These are the most doggy smelling dogs I've ever laid my hands upon Oh you stink Whilst we're gearing up to bomb around With these sval body and pups we thought It prudent to share some information About the sledding of the dogs the Practice of using sleds to pull dogs Dates back for sure to 6000 BC and Harnesses and sled bits have been found Together with canine remains as long as 8 000 years ago which is Mind-boggling that's a long time ago There is an incredibly Rich history Involving sled dogging if you haven't Seen against the ice with the dude from Game of Thrones it's so good I actually Called up Nate from current night and Recommended it to him recently Norwegian Sledders established the longest race in Europe the thin mark slopet that I have Definitely pronounced incorrectly where A single musher with 14 dogs races 620 Miles and like many people who live in The Arctic sled dogging simply put is Just a highly effective mode of Transport [Applause] [Music] Thank you Oh my God A lioness hands are bitterly cold we

Can't do any filming because we're just Cold as soon as we stop the dog they're Just barking their heads off Um but they do seem I'm quite sure They're being very very well looked After once we know the dogs are being Looked after then we can start worrying About ourselves and uh oh dear come on It's snowing [Music] This is not the Bahamas Anymore the lady offered for me to drive Which is normally something that I do But my hand wouldn't actually be able to Grip the break I'm cold I don't know how he's asleep right now All right Elena what do you think of of uh the Sled dog I think it was very clear what I thought Um I feel I don't want to be ungrateful Or sound like I'm just a no just tell us How it is mate Don't just honestly if that's not no the The problem with travel vlogging in General or the cliche problem is people Say that everything everything is good Yeah yeah when really everything's a Drum yeah everything set you up that was Um not very fun at all part of that was Out level for not wearing the right gear I should have had a big fairy neck thing Um I I took their advice and used their

Gloves when really their gloves were the Thinnest things I've ever put on and Were useless my fingers were frozen I Should have worn mine I brought good Ones they were I had less insulation Than wet paper towel so not only were we Freezing but every time she put the Brakes on that was fine but when she Took off the brakes it would like it was Like I'd be dropped 30 centimeters on my Ass it was like Ass was hurting it was numb I couldn't Wait for it to be over the dogs are very Well looked after and I thought the lady Really enjoyed her job I would never Film it and then show it if if it was no It's you know like you're like training Monkeys we did film it and shower but we Spoke about how the camels were not Super well treated Was it Tunisia yeah yes anyway Um felt like a tourist And it wasn't very good everything else Has been brilliant some of the food is Fantastic this is the best place you Guys have to stay here love it here What's the name of the boat another way Say it again Good man Better pronunciation Hey oh my gosh We're looking forward to being back in Our element next week join us for part Two of five next week with the boat tour

This ship sure has some character and Make sure you've subscribed so you don't Miss this one [Music]

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