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Go Let me put on three okay super Brave Doors I don't think we should Good morning from Hawaii [Music] Today is Saturday Tomorrow is Sunday by the time you watch This video We will have two older people in this Family it is Dorothy's birthday and Garrett's birthday you remember that Little girl The ground and ready okay tell the Camera what happened [Music] You're tall enough Are you scared A little bit I I really like making this video Because I'm gonna watch it Bless you now we have that video so we Can always remember the adventure All right just in case you ever get Older and I need to remember what you Were like when you were a cute little Girl It is Time is a thief and it is super Depressing And sad No I decided I can't be depressed Anymore I've already gone through that Stage the grief yep now uh what's next

Anger Yeah no I've already been angry too uh And I wouldn't say I'm quite an Acceptance is neglect one of them or Denial oh yeah maybe denial is one of Them that's where I'm at oh darling [Music] First of all This time we go on Pierce Dorothy's ears I remember getting my ears pierced as a Little girl actually I remember going in When I was five and like straight to go With your mom straight up chickenpox Just left Then I think I've like blacked out on The time it actually happened because I've never had a collection of it Actually You said it was like such a special Experience with your mother well the First time was but I chickened out Oh you remember when you bought your First bra with your mom that was Terrible [Music] All right stink Okay what's your question No No sorry what's your question Got reaction tell me Get me get my ears no No Why do you want to get yours pierced Why do you want to put permanent holes

In your ears that'll last forever and Make you look more grown up why why do You want to grow up so fast I don't know Why you gotta have a good reason why Otherwise the answer is no oh I They wanna do my shiva's job and make Movies and be a soccer player like you What does it have to do with bears in Your ears I'm growing up that's why oh that's why You want to grow up yeah Yeah but you're gonna grow up anyways Why why are you rushing why are you in a Hurry to grow up [Music] Oh my gosh All right three tests If you pass these three tests you can Me Maybe okay test one Say sweetie girl sweetie girl Say it again here we go all right Test number two Tell me the name of one Prisoner stripper drug addict that does Not have their ears pierced [Laughter] All right failed To the accomplished one you failed one So it all comes down to the final test Who's your hero Daddy are you just Saying that Okay How about I say yes but you please just Don't do it this weekend

Yeah okay yeah yeah yeah say I will not Do it this weekend whatever Oh you shook On it Said All right Game Time Dorothy do you know Which one you want sis Can you be a super Brave show us have a Great thanks have a seat sis Foreign Super Brave doors One two three So brave Doris Good not too bad It looks good Oh The time Dorothy did so good she was so so brave Just was so cute it was such a special Special day for her and I go do this Together Thinks she's gonna walk away like that Anybody who has a fat face tattoo has Their ears pierced as well so he's Convinced that Dorothy's going to In the near future against It show me anyone show me anyone with a Face tattoo who doesn't have the ears Pierced gateway drug that's what I'm Saying Foreign They look really pretty Oh You look gorgeous Let me see you guys I need to say

You picked great ones I wanted to be upset but when I saw her Oh she looks so beautiful she looks Really beautiful she's a grown-up taking Very good care of them so responsible so Responsible that girl was ready I tried I had to be upset with her just Just love her so much [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign Really just grateful to be your parents It is just a pure joy to be a part of Your life and to get to Witness you growing up You're just such a good human we love You so much happy 10th birthday Dorothy Happy birthday girl [Music] [Music] Every year [Music] For me In time it's time [Music] To die There is a house built out of stone Wooden floors was Labels and chairs worn by all of the Dust This is a place where I don't feel alone

[Music] I think my idea for this dollhouse came From me just wanting to keep her a Little girl just a little bit longer It's really special this is gonna look She's gonna lose her mind is she home Go Yeah Don't judge yourself We have to the turtle tower you guys Isn't this amazing yeah Yeah Remember that picture Jeffy look at your Bedrooms We have bunk beds Keep getting this one though Whose room's that Mom and Dad's yeah can I see cool [Music] IE and Manila you guys are not allowed To touch this what Only only when Dorothy says okay [Music] Thank you please Is there awesome yeah it's so cool we're Gonna go buy you some we gotta go pick Out some dolls now Uh yeah however this is yours oh thank You sweetie Can we please play with it Guys it is pretty uh fragile and there's So many small pieces We're gonna be I'm gonna try to be super Careful

But Dorothy there's just one rule If you're gonna play with this it's a Dollhouse that means you can never grow Up you could never turn 11 ever never Ever grow up stay a kid forever Dia yep But Daddy would have fun of birthdays No she can never grow up well she can Get older like she can turn 11 and 12. But she needs to like stay a kid you Know what I mean so does that mean no More eating laughs You guys look at this front door daddy Does that mean no more eating for the Kids No it's more of like an attitude thing Like she can get older and she can grow Big Can do kid things yeah yeah she has to Like stay fun stay young That's so cute oh speaking of packages All right here's a letter For Dorothy Yeah it's from the person who made it Dear Dorothy I wanted to wish you a Happy birthday all the way from Pennsylvania I hope you love the present Made just for you you your bunk beds Were my favorite part to make enjoy your Special day Marina Wait is it an XOXO and then this last One Dorothy This is for you Oh That's so mean eggs and kisses oh yeah

Careful it might be fragile I don't know What it is Okay just wait no [Music] Oh my goodness what is it oh my goodness Wow Oh a little bottle goes in this side Mine We're gonna hear about it my friend Right she deserves it wow it's ready can I see this That is No my gosh that is so well made [Music] Oh we can't say thank you enough to this Special person who created this dog what A talent Talent right but it will Forever be forever be a treasure to our Family maybe for Generations I hope so This is something you will keep forever And you will give to your little girls Yep we're never gonna let go I'm never gonna stop it I'm never gonna play some anything Except this I loved it when you said Dorothy You're Gonna Keep this forever and maybe pass It on to your own daughter 100 . It's your face oh I know I guys I Figured it out what I know how this Happened what someone with a shrink ray Named Vector shrunk our entire house

If we should shrink where I us and then We can like play in here oh yeah Are you able to just touch all of this And play with all of this nope good job You know who's gonna love this as Candace yeah for reals this is like a Launched at her work I think something Pretty fun is you could go and watch the Tour videos of when our home is being Built and it really shows you the detail Of each room that all exists in this Little dollhouse we're gonna do a mini Series introducing you to our home every Room or a section of the house was Inspired by a different country Um and now that we've been living here For the last I don't know six months or Something we want to share how we've Been living in this like wonderful place That we've picked out not just a typical Home tour of like here's our kitchen Here to our living room but like this is Our kitchen this is how we use it this Is what it means to us we want to share That with you okay now that Dorothy is 10 we have something on her bucket list That we're going to work on we are Heading somewhere very special to do This uh stay tuned It's gonna be great We live in the country to get our scuba Certified wait Foreign For your actual birthday tomorrow this

Is something we do An absolute favorite part of my birthday Being shared with my daughters is that Day it was just the two of us and it's Always just whatever she wants to do so We'll see it's just me and Dorothy Whatever we want to do happy birthday to You too do you want me to make a montage For you yeah uh for us I like how much It's dark [Music] Happy birthday Got any surprises up with your sleeve For me I do what is it seriously

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