We Slept in Thailands Best Kept Secret Hideaway (Vlog 7)

By | October 11, 2022

In Khao Sok National park Thailand, ther are a series of floating cabins that allow you to sleep in Thailands most beautiful destination. It's truly a hidden gem. Take the 10 Day Creator Challenge:

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Panic everyone Panic let's feel it All right so this morning we're off on a Little adventure and we were supposed to Have left already 30 minutes ago we Didn't book The Tour until just now and They're like literally if you don't get To the front desk in 30 minutes you Can't come So for those of you that don't know What's going on we're currently Traveling through Thailand with roughly Where I'd say roughly 50 a day we slept In a tree house last night right now We're in Comstock National Park and this Has probably been the highlight of the Trip just yesterday taking a tube down The river but today I think we're gonna Hit a new all-time high because this is The reason people come here and it's the Reason I've come back for my third time But there's one thing I'm doing very Differently than I've never done before And I'll show you what that is later Today Good morning Nigel I'm always on time Uh-huh that's my specialty Okay Okay Oh payment but it's free right Have to say if you're coming to Kawasaki Done it three times this is my favorite Spot I've done it with you'll want to Look for these smiling faces and what's The name of the place our jungle house

It really was our jungle house wasn't it Bought for everything that we're about To go on from the transport to where We're staying tonight I'm very excited About this Failure I haven't even started my day And I'm already out of my 50 spending [Music] Trust me I've got my priorities straight Yeah you already know All right guys so our journey start Right here hello Good to see you man here we go Oh Holy schnauzers and trousers that is so Many fish Hey boss boss wrong boat it's that one Yeah All right let's hope it doesn't rain Here we go [Music] I feel like we're in Avatar right now I guess we're home one of these Chalet Slash Cottages slash floating homes is Ours I don't know which one it is one of The coolest things I say this all the Time but we get to do a lot of cool Things yeah no I'm not gonna lie I'm not On my fittest but I want to show you Guys a little Backpacker trick all right I actually saw Ryan do it I don't really Know how it goes put your hands through The uh here we go yep okay you flip it On your head yeah and then you slide an

Arm in That looks so hard exactly how you do it Is that was that close yeah but wait I'm Not done I'm just getting warmed up Give me another one please pick me pick Me pick me pick me we didn't really pick A package I can see there's some basic Ones here but it looks like we're going To the luxury ones All right guys Moment of Truth our Waterfront property let's take a look I Feel like uh the Chicken McNugget Character from McDonald's You guys this is nice it's nice look at That view this is really really cool Guys I'm so stoked to be here Did it Wow it feels amazing It's so fresh the water There's no salt no not at all we're Debating squatty potties different set Of points number one the actual ideal Position for a human to relieve Themselves appropriately is to actually Squat like that it's true yeah you in a Clean environment sure for sure I gotta Go the toilets come see this is where You go and do you know your stuff oh We're gonna get a tour of the bathroom Floating shower wait I want to see it This is literally a platform floating in The water not too bad now my question is Is this just draining out into the water Like there's a toilet right there it's

The exact yeah we're literally swimming In it Foreign [Music] So like high tea we've got these stacked Little platters of food got some chicken With some that looks like um this looks Like green curry looks really good I'm not a big sharer though what if I Eat it all yeah can I eat it all for Just me okay okay we don't need food I don't think he did I take him Seriously when he's wearing a shirt that Says Sharpshooter on it it says Team Glock this is so good guys oh my God Ty Curry never misses Hi Kristen from an airport in Thailand You may have heard me talking about a Program that was coming a lot of time And energy and love has gone into this This is the 10 day Creator challenge in Only 10 days 20 minutes a day you are Going to be learning everything that you Need to create viral videos how to land Collaborations with your dream clients How to overcome the fear of being in Front of this camera and so much more Having been exactly in your shoes where You stand today at the foot of a Mountain I set out to create an action Plan for busy working professionals and For creators who are at the beginning Steps where they need that road map that Step-by-step guide to start making money

From anywhere and even make three four Or ten times more your current income While doing what you love and action Plan so powerful that I guarantee you in 10 videos you will hit 10 000 views that Is half of a hockey arena of screaming Fans all showing up to your show this is A 47 program with thousands of dollars Of value all packed inside of it this Modest 47 investment can't bring that Audience to you if it can't give you Your value then I will refund all that Money back to you as long as you follow The program but I am not stopping there I'm also including my million dollar Email template which is the same Template I have used to land brand Collaborations with the likes of Google Canon DJI to be able to stay places like This like this and no matter how big or Small your brand is once I teach you how To use them they will quite literally Change your life and your entire Business just as they have for me and Thousands of LCA members are you gonna Keep watching others enjoy life or is Today about the day that you start Enjoying that dream life yourself I Think the answer is pretty simple now Let's turn that dream life into your Actual life and click that link down Below can't wait to get started and I Will see you inside the 10-day Creator Challenge

So here I am enjoying an instant coffee With a new friend Frankie hey cheers bro Cheers Mike and Frankie has been living In kotao now for how long just much five Years now yeah I worked a scuba diving Instructor kotel is probably the island I've spent the most time in in Thailand And it's like the place where people go To get their Patty it also has some Really really good diving and uh awesome Nightlife especially when you're in that Backpacker lifestyle like it's such a Fun time I don't think we're gonna have Time for it on this trip if you look at Thailand you split it in the middle There's the East and then there's the West and it's separated by a Surprisingly a large amount of land with Our week that's left we're pretty much Gonna stick to the West Side dude it's Really really cool to have this uh Opportunity to hang out with a new Friend I'm looking like a mismatched Taurus but it's okay off we go now that We've checked into our hotel dropped our Bags had some food it's time to go and Explore and I have no idea where they're Taking us this place is massive usually When I think of a lake I think of Something really small super chill but This is no ordinary Lake this is Something truly out of a fairy tale and We are off to go and figure out what's Inside those mountains

[Music] All right it was only a matter of time We are now entering into some serious Rains here and so we've Now hidden the Camera and I'm gonna be doing all my Filming on an action camera you can see How hard it's raining just over there You don't have perspective of how tall These mountains are until you're right Next to it and look at this like right Ahead here These rocks just split right down the Middle I just really want to know how This came to be like is it tectonic Plates that just shot up one rock like I Just don't understand how that happens When the guide puts on a rain jacket you Know you're screwed I can hear it Approaching us literally it sounds like A waterfall up ahead but it's just the Rain here we go Oh my God Oh my God It's so cold I really messed up by not bringing that Poncho [Music] Oh my God So today we're going on a hike in Kawasaki National Park it's a beautiful Day so we got a waterfall Uh these are the hiking trails really Nice uh there's definitely gonna be some Snakes around so be careful this is such

A show what is going on man I'm Actually a little concerned about Stepping on something because I'm Embarrassed I'm basically Barefoot at This point so our guide is like uh all Right leech check I have never really been caught that Badly in the rain before it's just an Absolute storm overhead it hasn't really Eased up much either if ever you're Wondering why is it that Thailand has Such beautiful Greenery it's because of The insane amount of rainfall it gets During this season Always a state of disappointment I know I know our guide is like our grumpy Grandfather he really does not like us Just over that Hill is a cave and a cave Is a great source of protection from That somebody's gonna be wiping out on This hill I just know it watch us it's Gonna be super slippery I'm a pro bro That's the happiest he's been our entire Trip take care all right I love extremes Extreme Sun extreme rain brings out a Totally different mood to this place All right so we are now going inside a Cave with these little headlights Apparently there should be some bats all Right and we go it's warm in here wow So beautiful [Music] I had a leech I think because there's Blood on my legs it's honestly just so

Cool to be in here right now normally There's like groups of tourists but I Guess the rain scared everyone away is It set to go back in the rain I thought It would have slowed at least a little I Didn't think it could keep this momentum It's been raining so hard I think I just Want to stay in the cave at this point It was warm in there our guide's making Some calls I'm assuming he's calling the Yacht to come pick us up so we'll see How that goes what do you think of that I have no words no Damn it it hasn't even slowed down looks A little different than the brochure or The most Instagram photos you'll see Because uh today's just a bit of a Different day but it's still very very Beautiful and uh we made it Foreign [Laughter] [Music] That was such an adventure time to warm Up [Music] Oh wow It's like a hot tub in here after all That feels so good So guys if you want to take the 10 day Creator challenge take a look at that Link down below This is literally a buffet So good it's time for bed after an Amazing day see you guys tomorrow

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