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Wish Manilla a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Can't believe he is 8 yrs old already. Such an awesome kid and we are so grateful to be his parents. We hope you will subscribe to our channel and tune in next week!


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I want you Oh I'm so glad I remembered this story Dorothy's has Manila what do you want For your birthday and his answer [Applause] See how you're short so I gotta like put The camera down so I can see you Oh that's looking good You did it buddy You've been trying since the first day Of the trip and here we are in the last Day and you finally did it you lost a Shoe high five Foreign [Music] [Music] Thing about vanilla but there's so much That has happened just in the past like Month that really exemplifies who Manila Is but I think we share those stories What happened on the flight home I don't Know what you said to him you were Sitting next to him I don't know yeah You're across the aisle A blue plane you know I have a challenge For you Your toothbriggly Yeah 25 dollars What what if you do it on this plane you Can pull it out I don't even have to you Do it you have two hours oh I see how Wiggly it is [Music]

Do you want me to yank it no I can do it soft My dad is orthodontist growing up he Said if you want straight teeth and no Braces you got to pull out your teeth as Soon as there are even a tiny bit wiggly So the teeth coming in can come in Straight I never had braces so I told Manila look your tooth isn't quite ready If you let me pull it out now 25 Tomorrow 24 next day and Manila smarty Goes is this money on top of the tooth Fairy money I was like you betcha buddy I have no control over the Tooth Fairy Money I can only control my own wallet So he immediately starts just going at It and wiggling it and I was like do you Want me to try it I mean five minutes Later this thing is like all bloody Ready to come out this is so close you Want me to do it Did it [Music] Is ready You got it buddy You're like what Yeah On the other side other side Yeah yeah Get your nail like up in there Oh it's starting to come Yeah yeah that means it's starting to Come oh it is so close Is this happening right now yeah

Try some twists now We're just doing at all angles You are something special Manila has Always had a high threshold for pain Once we're completely boarded if there's Still spaces feel free to go ahead and Put your backpack purses Etc up there But until we are fully boarded please Refrain for putting those smaller items To be overhead Overhead if we have to check back Got it Oh my God It feels so weird [Music] Is it in the napkin No we dropped it no [Music] Yeah yeah [Music] Hey wait wait wait wait till he gets out Ready pay attention touches the sidewalk Ing in Utah and Manila Threw up tell that story We were out on the water and he just got This random out of the blue tummy bug Quietly throws up over the side I'm like Should we go home like should we call it I mean I was like no I want to surf What do you think wake surfing will make You feel better You want to go or just want to sit All right here's the board Here's the Rope

Remember to put your heels right on the Edge Put your heels into place so I can show You where That's good and that's good put that Foot yeah yeah okay hey really that's Perfect That's it buddy Oh yeah oh yeah nice Caterpillar your front foot All right Buddy look at me Great All right Drop the rub this time man go ahead and Drop the Rope [Music] See buddy you're doing great Touch the wave a tiny bit Touch the wave Yeah Vanilla that was awesome sorry sir Honestly typical Manila like that story Says so much about me now that he is low Maintenance Chill you just go with the flow we gotta Say all the time that we were able to Travel the world because of how good a Little easy Manila is exactly and then This is the cool kid that wanted to Surf Even when you Foreign 's Birthday was coming up and

The other way I don't know Whoa look It's opening up automatic Whoa buddy is it good with the juice You can try it I don't think you'll like It gonna try and just dip a little bit In hey you're getting good chopsticks Anyways No I told you [Music] [Applause] [Music] Yesterday [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] Right now get back in that stance one Two go Whoa Friday night the Derek Huff and Haley Show then the next day just hanging out The pool ordering room service playing Video games in the hotel room eating at Our favorite restaurant they're doing Their skin turns Okay You should do it every turn and then off To the Imagine Dragons at Macklemore Concert We go to will call we get our tickets And then there's these golden stickers Right what do these golden stickers mean

We had no idea [Music] We go down the Forum showing like Everyone what's this mean what's this Mean nobody knew what it meant and then Finally this lady is like hey That means you work here she's like do You work here says working surprise like Yeah oh yeah yeah I work here she's like Laughing at me like you don't work here But you should keep those stickers safe So I put it on put it on manila and I Say follow me buddy he's like where We're going it's like we're just gonna Go until somebody stops US okay so Manila's first ever concert we're here At the Macklemore Imagine Dragons Concert but guess what our tickets came With these stickers which is good What are they what do they mean we don't Know We think they might be backstage fast How do you know you don't know hey if You know then walk backstage I dare you To just walk backstage see if somebody Stops US It's back there should we go for it We're just we're just gonna walk until Somebody stops US [Music] Wow [Music] Pretty cool buddy happy birthday [Music]

There they go They're Going On Stage Right now Sometimes [Music] The great person who gifted us those Passes Thank you so much it was such a Memorable first ever concert for my boy Manila such a stellar concert so here You are First show There's many more to come there's much More life to come may your journey be Long may the path Go all over the place hey you leaving Patty Nobody knows your path only you Space your [Music] Whatever you want Above all If ever you feel alone you are never Alone talk to your parents talk to your Friends oh It's not true [Applause] [Music] [Music] I've always met you now [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Music] [Music] Hanging out with you and just being a Part of your life because you're just You're just fun and cool and you're just Getting better and better like you're Just more and more fun More and more enjoyable to be around We love you Happy birthday Manila happy birthday Buddy you're You're eight wow hey you're so big Dispatch birthday and we had a very Special birthday week planned just for You [Music] All right Happy birthday vanilla thank you [Music] Wow Does he know what it is You don't even know what your birthday Breakfast is Whoa Okay Foreign [Music] Happy birthday to you make a wish [Music] Oh Oh I'm so glad I remembered this story I Would have had to re-record all of this Because my very favorite story of Manoa's birthday is it goes back like

Six months ago Dorothy's has Manila what Do you want for your birthday and his Answer to me and Dorothy in this Conversation Manila says I want high Heels And I take like just half a beat and I Say you know what mineral okay You want high heels I'm gonna get you High heels buddy and in my mind I'm like Okay that's where we're headed in life It's fine it's fine for reals that is it As a parent I was like like almost like Proud of myself like you know what I'm Just gonna be supportive I love him and I accept him no matter what no matter What and uh Dorothy was the one that Goes Manila you mean Heelys He said high heels but he met Heelys and You know immediately oh yeah yeah yeah Dorothy could not resist Borrowing a pair of high heels from our Neighbor No but she wanted like she wanted high Heels so we borrowed some high heels From her neighbor wrap them up so Dorothy can play her joke on manila for Mistaking high heels for Heelys happy Birthday Manila this present From the full family Just what you wanted Just what you asked for No that's not it keep looking [Applause] It's high heels hey

Okay okay [Music] Here's your real gift S Look at the bottom Heelys We did it we just borrowed that from Yeah yeah Come over here And Manila you don't like skate on them You just Glide So take a step how do you know this Mom [Music] ENT And slice And just stop you to stop um all the way Back on your heels or you laying on your Feet these are cool do they make them For adults I think I saw our shirt where I'm Here oh of course she does Well we love you so much no matter what We love you happy Birthday Manila happy Birthday buddy happy birthday Manila Thank you for being my little brother Even though I beat you in Mario Kart El thank you for being my big brother [Music]

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