We met the President of Chile! He was eating in the same restaurant we had brunch! #chile #travel

By | October 18, 2022

We Met The President of Chile! 🇨🇱

After a long morning of sightseeing, We chose a lovely terrace across from the National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago.

During our lunch the people started asking a man for photographs who was dining there as well.

We asked the next table ‘Is this man famous?’ and he said, ‘He is the president of Chile’. We said, ‘yeah right.’ And then the manager said, ‘Yes he is!

He was leaving at the same time as us, so we introduced ourselves and said we were from Canada and we chatted for a bit and said in our excitement, ‘We’ve never even met our Prime Minister before!’
He said ‘I’ve met Justin’

He then asked if we were going to Patagonia because that is where he is from. And we said, ‘We will say hi to your home for you’

His Excellency Gabriel Boric was very gracious, friendly and welcoming. We are still a bit in shock that we actually talked to a President of a country out in a normal every day setting.

Not a bad first day in Chile!

You never know who you’ll run into when traveling the world.
#chile🇨🇱 #santiagodechile

We just met the President of Chile yep We're having brunch in Castillo Forestdale here in Santiago and guess What there was the president he was Eating there too and we talked to him we Told him we were from Canada and he said Have a great trip and we got a selfie How's that for our first day And now you can just see him he's out He's just talking to people I love that About leaders if you can get out and Touch them with the people that's Awesome It's so nice too they have the coolest Presidents I gotta get more it's not every day you See a president Nice car bye

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