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This video is dedicated to Manilla and his smile, perhaps the happiest smile in the whole entire world 🙂

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CHRISTMAS MORNING SNOWED IN! Family Travel Home and Polar Dip Challenge.


WHAT'S INSIDE?? Opening Presents from Santa Claus. Christmas Day Family Special.



He is ready Okay wait wait wait before we finish That crazy story it's time Welcome to The Bucket List 12 Days of Christmas It's the most wonderful time every year For the last I don't know eight years Garrett and I sit down together and talk About what we can do to help someone out For Christmas the theme is always what Has meant the most to us and how we can We find a way to pay that forward or Share that with others that's been Things like bucket list trips all over The world it's been Lasik ice surgery It's been trips to Disneyland yep and Memory Maker kit all sorts of different Things and this year Jessica there had a Very special idea let's give the gift of Giving we are so grateful that we have Been in a position to be able to give And give pretty generously uh this year We've decided we are going to give 25 000 of our own money and we want you to Help give it so this is how it will work In the description of this video there Will be a link to our website there you Will find the very simple rules on how To apply to become a bucket list sneaky Elf and that means that you're going to Help us take the twenty five thousand Dollars that we are gifting and just Spread it around the world in unique Ways we there's no rules we just wanted To do as much good as possible so the

Ideas come from you we're going to read Through each and every submission and Pick the ones that we feel best about That is not an easy task but I think the Important thing is that we're just Wanting to do as much good as possible And we're super grateful for your help Again we kind of want to leave this wide Open so that your ideas on how you want To do good with this money it's wide Open It could be for yourself it could be for A family member for someone at school Some at work it could be for someone Across the world and I think that's the Beautiful thing is when it comes to Service sometimes you have somebody Immediately on your mind but sometimes If you just go out in the world wanting To do good you'll be amazed at the Opportunities that pop up when you're Just looking for it so one of so one of The requirements is to film and capture If you are chosen if your submission is Chosen then we are asking you to film Your gift your gift giving and then Share it with us and we will then share With with the world we are trying to Just put as much goodness and light and Love out there this Christmas holiday And are so excited to do it with you the Hope is that we can compile them all Together into a beautiful video that we Put out there and just spread as much

Spread Spread spread as much joy as we Possibly Spread I just gave up dang it Oh man All right before we leave you we need to Share one very important thing Our boy Manila He lost his two front teeth Jessica just Struck our child no stop it Vanilla bumped his face on Mom's knee And this happened Show us your smile bed Bigger No come on He is ready wait what it's ready Google It just a tiny bit now okay open Manila you know how last time was 25 This time 2 000. wait what Drinks what Two thousand people named Frank it's two Thousand people do you want to meet 20 000 Francs Gather every Frank in the world and you Can meet them all What do you think are you ready oh What's up Callie here grab my hand Okay wait two arms two hands on my arm Ready Coming up 50 bucks Good morning All right where are we at on this what's Your decision it's your choice don't Pull it

Right now Already You know that how do we eat Nutella Toast with that you're not gonna be able To eat until it toast with that yeah or Cereal oh Whoa whoa This is No way it was dangling it Manila you are just the toughest kid in The whole world [Music] Properly with Christmas it's money do I Have in the Dorothy too yeah and that Was Mana but this is the thing about Mana he has always had maybe my very Favorite smile in the whole entire world When that boy Smiles it's genuine Is yeah it's just the most pure thing Ever and I'll forever miss like little Little baby Minna on his smile with all His Divas but uh even now that he's lost His two front teeth it's such a good Smell buddy yeah it's my house [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] Huh okay honestly you just have my Favorite smile on the whole family Where did this guy You always have though All right if you have any questions send

Us a message and we already hope you're As excited as we are I'm so excited this Is such a special time You lay physically but uh we're ready to Do some good this holiday season we love It Merry Christmas

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