Walking Across an Entire Country w/ No Money

By | August 21, 2022

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Welcome to Liechtenstein!! Have you ever heard of it? It’s one of the smallest and most unknown countries in the world, nestled in between Switzerland and Austria – and I had the brilliant idea to WALK 33km across the entire nation with no money, no phone, and no map.

Why? Because I enjoy challenging myself and pushing my body to its limits.

Watch the intense story of struggle, perseverance, and victory – and comment below your thoughts! Do you like this kind of storytelling?

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I'm standing in no man's land right now In between Switzerland and Liechtenstein And I'm going to attempt to walk across The entire country of Liechtenstein with No phone no money and no map [Music] Oh Google Maps tells me it's a seven hour Walk from the southernmost tip to the Northernmost tip or 32 kilometers and I'm gonna try to do it in five hours or Less and make five new friends along the Way if you've never heard of Liechtenstein before it is a tiny Country nestled between Switzerland and Austria there's only about 38 000 people That live here it's the fourth smallest And the second least visited country in All of Europe there is no Army no National debt and no airport it's a very Peaceful almost perfect country and an Ideal Nation for me to walk across it's Actually the summer solstice so it's the Longest day of the year in terms of Sunlight that's why it's so bright at 5am an absolute stunner of a morning Already coming up to a small little town Here is just hard to put into words how Peaceful it is out here it's a German-speaking country but so far the Few people I've spoken to walking their Dogs are asking me in Germany what I'm Doing and I can't respond you speak English

No German speak English No English Okay do you speak English No only German knowing this I'm walking To Austria Austria yeah yeah okay walking oh man That was awkward third Kirk which is Actually a city in Austria nearby where I'm going and Badoo is the capital of Liechtenstein I do know that I just have To walk North and I have to Cross by the Capital of vaduz which there's a sign Right there [Music] Good morning Do you speak English Yes you're the first people I've met That speak English I'm walking across Liechtenstein and I'm going to Austria Are you from exercise huh are you from Here yeah we grow up Nice place You're welcome I'm from the US are you Are here oh I just uh enjoying the day It's really nice here nice to meet you Nice to meet you I've successfully met my first English Speakers Really nice people the good thing about Walking across Liechtenstein is this I didn't bring any water with me because I know that I can find this It's so fresh you speak English yes Where is Austria yeah I think in five hours you can go okay he

Takes five hours I hope five hours I've Officially left the first town and in Front of me is just open road I gotta Admit I'm a pretty out of shape 31 year Old I don't work out that often and I'm Coming off some of the worst food Poisoning I've had in a while something I ate in Lake Como in Italy destroyed my Stomach nonetheless I've always wanted To walk across Liechtenstein so in 2015 When I was a budget Backpacker with long Joggy hair I was Couchsurfing in Liechtenstein and I had the thought back Then that what if I walked across the Country but it's been on my mind for the Last seven years It's been about an hour since I took off And I'm kind of surprised to see that It's pretty much all built on Civilization people are starting to come Out and about nothing's open yet but it Seems like people are waking up I'm Guessing that sholay is the German word For school German class101.com Sex toy shop brothel or weird haircut Dresser [Music] It seems like people know how long the Walk is because it seems like people Have done it I mean just Arizona itself Is I don't know 30 times bigger than Liechtenstein it's hard to comprehend Sometimes The bells are ringing

I think it's telling me to get going Faster I remember this beautiful little Courtyard very well I remembered how Artsy it is look here look in front of Me that's what I'm talking about Like weird sculptures What a place like Liechtenstein I'm Actually curious how many of you guys Have not heard of Liechtenstein before This video let me know in the comments Below please are you also walking across Liechtenstein which one do you speak English yes I did we know we make the VIP not right crossing the Swiss house From here to the lake lemon we want to Try it in 10 days good luck thank you That's awesome man I'm only walking Across the country you're walking across Both both are countries They're probably going somewhere down Here one of these places which is 130 Hour walk Walking is underrated the Exercise that you get is uh much better Than you would think Gotta Move Your Body all right I have made it to the Town of Sean which is the halfway point And just to make it a little more Challenging for myself I'm going to Sprint to the finish line and I'm Probably gonna die here we go baby Running all the way to Austria from here Oh there's the church Press the bells that are ringing Cool oh it's been like two minutes and

I'm already tired feel those cramps in My legs I can't even tell her the last time I Ran I'm out of shape my backpack is too Heavy on my back so gotta carry it now And Off to the Races whoa train Oh my God This is a terrible idea You know what I have this pain now in This it's out of my knee when I ran that 10K in the Bianca Marathon have that Same pain the sun came out so it's hot [Music] And I became very very silent Getting that mental block mental focus Too [Music] Just go it's a motivation behind Everything I do [Music] Then it's foreign I don't know if it's this way no I think It's this way I'm actually not entirely Sure I'm gonna keep going this way Hey I need to ask someone This is hard Why am I doing this to myself Oh Breakdown Oh I'm having all kinds of paper is falling Apart mostly my knees now at the sides Of my kneecap I just don't it's getting

Dark and depressing Can you speak English no Austria Austria I'm like two for ten on English-speaking People then I've approached most of them Just don't speak any English but that's Okay maybe I should learn some more German I thought there would be more Water soft but I'm dying of thirst And there's a cafe I'm gonna stop and Get some free water somewhere hopefully Oh stairs are killing my feet oh It was a much needed Refresher Got maybe an hour left I don't think I'm Gonna break my five hour mark this one At the beginning just uh running has Been brutal I've had to take too many Stops I'm totally lost right now I'm In some little village There's a little roundabout and the Sun Is straight up so I don't know which way Is north But I'm pretty sure it's that way I'm gonna have to ask someone This is absurd I'm like walking around This freaking town There's nobody Is somebody's home All right I see some people in front of Me Do you speak English anyway hi where's Austria I'm lost Which way do I go it's like the town of

Bangs is it that way just go straight Down Okay you could sit and then you pass the Board okay it's like what like 30 Minutes by foot or maybe yeah something Like that yeah thank you okay have a Nice one bye I got the directions now I Need to go that way right through that Mountain and then I'll be in a town Called bangs Austria and I'll complete The journey I'm going to Sprint to the Finish Line my legs are complete Jello Right now I feel like they're gonna fall Off but I am determined to get there Let's finish this video on a thing and I'm I'm not gonna bring go follow me Over and collapsing My leg just said my knees You can't do it tar Road has ended now Dirt road to the finish line I think it's just up there taking the Beautiful views And realize that we're approaching the Finish Line I'm walking across like to Shine even through the pain it's just so Blissful out here his pockets of nature Are just absolutely fantastic it makes Me appreciate the world we live in all Right stop talking Drew let's go push It's starting to develop this limp on my Left knee right here the pain back side Ah Right there thanks Yes I'm suicide

I did it Oh I did it Oh my God Victory tastes so good I just ran across look didn't you die Oh My God Foreign Thank you guys for watching I really Enjoyed this one Subscribe if you enjoyed love you all See you in the next video peace I'm Drewbinsky and thanks for watching make Sure to subscribe to this channel in the Bottom left if you want to see more Adventures from every country and in the Bottom right you will find my second Channel which are bonus travel stories That have never been seen lastly on that Middle link I'm giving away for free my Best flight hacks until next time stay Safe be spontaneous and just go

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