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Raise your hand if you love Octonauts! Our family loves Octonauts! We are big fans of the ocean, wildlife and love a show that is so entertaining and educational. We were thrilled when they sent us their new line of Octonauts toys.
The Octoray Playset – Easily transforms into a huge 13” tall Octonauts Mobile Headquarters! It lights up and has over 25 familiar Octonauts phrases! It comes with Captain Barnacles, 3 sea creatures, a detachable Mini-Ray and Mission Card!
Octopod Playset – The whole Octo-crew joins together to EXPLORE, RESCUE, and PROTECT with Net Launcher, Claw, and Spyglass! It comes with Deep-Sea Barnacles and 3 more sea creatures!
Vehicle & Figure Packs – Choose from Save the Florida Box Turtle with Captain Barnacles and Gup-A, Save the Barracuda with Kwazzi and Gup-B or Save the Kangaroo with Dashi and the Terra-Gup 1. These were our kid's favorites!
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THEY ARE AMAZING! Please follow their pages and definitely message them if you're ever looking for the best private lessons everrr.


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[Music] Good morning from lake tahoe nevada [Music] Before i show you our wake surfing here In lake tahoe i need to take you on a Little journey of what it's been like Over the last few years of learning to Wake surfing Give me [Music] Okay she's gonna get it kelly doesn't Like it when you fall so i try to stay Up In utah we went wake surfing with some Of our good friends kirk and alex and They have these super cute three little Boys and jack their oldest he's been out On a boat a handful of times and he's Even tried getting up wake surfing a few Times uh but i think he just gets Frustrated or cold or whatever um but There's something about garcia garrett g Can just he just speaks to children Differently and i don't know they they Always do really well with him so Garrett got in the water and helped Jacqueline Yeah Let's go But if you could see we have this Footage of jack getting up for the first Time And he was so confident and he did it Perfectly and he just looks right at his

Mom he goes like this He was so stoked [Music] [Applause] So good and he was so proud of himself And he just he didn't want to stop he Didn't want to get out of the water and He loved it he was so stoked on his new Skill good job jack Do you guys hear that [Music] Bring it in wow What is it Who loves octobots we we love octonauts Our kids don't watch very many shows but One of the few shows that we do love and Are happy with the kids watching is Octonauts it's entertaining it's Educational so we were thrilled when Octonauts sent us their whole line of New toys that the kids were so happy to Play with this is like the biggest one What is that we got the octa ray which Makes 25 familiar sounds Lose we got the octopod which comes with Captain barnacles and a whole bunch of Different sea creatures What's that guy's name And we took all of the gups And the octonauts to the pool to little Adventure we were young and we were free And running We're like one and without you i'm Sinking

I'm always shining next to you Oh i Got you there's no reason to Chasing pavement on my own Cause you're here to stay every night a Day I'm delighted cause i got [Music] We got together with two amazing girls Named ashley and bailey who are actually World Champion wake surfers and oh my goodness These girls are literally surfing on Like cafeteria trays there's like maybe This big of a Fin and they can just do all the tricks And all I just couldn't even They were amazing [Music] [Music] [Applause] Bless you ashley and bailey i'm so Impressed with you girls i'm so so Grateful that Our kids especially dorothy got to see Two young girls doing something that They love that they're good at and Turning it into a career [Music] Uh [Music] Not only are you super impressive wig Surfing but you're

You're just good people and really good Sweet nice girls I am so grateful that dorothy has some Girls like you to look up to like that i Want you to keep your feet Perfect and then push backwards Keep those arms straight dorothy [Music] Oh my gosh [Music] [Applause] Oh my god Okay [Music] Okay [Music] What is happening [Music] [Music] Especially on that board go dorothy how Was it Yeah First ride are they Super proud of you like see how my knees Just moved a little bit forward to put Weight on my toes that's a tiny Direction but it'll do a lot okay it Should take some instruction pretty well That'll be more stable for you too Yeah remember to keep those arms Straight arms straight deep [Music] [Music] You got this buddy good boy

[Music] So push push push push down Steal your hands push your heels relax And push down with your heels that's What makes me go reverse And then push down with your heals The arms straight and push down with Those heels okay i'll tell you when to Push You ready so push push push push push Your heels push on your heels push on Your heels twist down yes just [Music] I popped the board yeah [Music] Me Dude the best white bass Wow Uh yo jess yeah If you 360 before me so help me Oh [Music] So garrett and i went about learning This super differently garrett is a Snowboarder and he's just done a lot More on like board sports and i'm like Besides my like super rookie surfing i'm Just not like a board sport type of Person and so it's like really hard for Me to learn how to carve but i'm pretty Proud of myself over the last two years Learning to get up i need to stay up Learning to drop the boat and or drop The rope and now learning to try to

Carve it's been so much fun garen on the Other hand garrett is Just so good at things He's kind of one of those like annoying People that just picks it up picks it up So easily And he does a really good job but for The last two years he's been trying to Learn to do a 360. what's he trying to Do I just And then think about if this is the wave Right here yeah this is your board all You do is ride into the top of the wave Doing the spin at the top and then back Down We're gonna do the twist and it goes Like this [Music] Baby make me know you love me Come on twist again [Music] [Music] Garrett is so close to getting to do a 360. i think he felt bad that he was Like taking all the time when we went Out with ashley and bailey in florida And i honestly i also think he was just Kind of waiting to show off in front of Our friends when we go visit them in Coeur d'alene this year so he can like Bust out his first 360 then Yo Oh my god

We got big [Music] [Music] Hey do you want to give it a try I can't hear what'd you say Yo kelly you ready And this is the moment right here Bailey plus cali ready we'll do three Two one jump three two one jump three Two one jump Go okay go Go Go Get those arms out callie Kelly you're looking so good Oh my gosh My god [Music] All the way around buddy all the way Around Is [Music] Hold on [Music] [Music] Oh my gosh We just invented a new sport Wow Good job kelly smash i thought you're Going to do a switchback with him on Your shoulders and i was like Right now you guys that was so good how Did that happen Callie you universe one of your 360

Buddy Kelly i think you're the best in the Field oh did you just outdo everyone Guys he will not let us live this time He will always bring this out he's right Remember the time i was four and i beat Everyone to a three yeah First person in our family to do a 360. Who would have thought This little nugget oh from the high part Send it Go for it again Yeah We'll see his limit go go ahead and go For it then we can go bigger okay so you Just tell me are you ready All right send it One Two Three Good man okay so tahoe wake surfing [Music] When you're on the water you got to find Those same spots [Music]

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