Vicenza: The Don’ts of Visiting Vicenza, Italy

By | December 11, 2022

Heading to Vicenza, Italy and not sure what to expect? Here we have the best of what to do in Vicenza, and what not to do in Vicenza. From eating bacala vicentina or bigoli to taking in all of the Palladium architecture, from the basilica to the Vila Rotunda. Vicenza is my favorite place to be in Italy.
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Filmed in Vicenza, Italy
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Hey the fellow Travelers Mark here with Walters world and today we're back at Vicenza our favorite City to visit here In Italy and today we're going to talk About are the don'ts of visiting Vicenza Because a lot of people have started to Come here and enjoy the city and I Thought it was time we went a little bit Farther in our videos on how to help People here in vichense and the first Thing I got to tell you is when you come Here don't believe the lies that people Tell you around Italy that you will eat Cat here in Vicenza no no no no no that Is Generations ago decades decades Decades ago when those things kind of Happened because those were tough times In Italy back in those days but the the Rumor the the myth the legend that they Manjigati are the people of eachenza no No there's no cat eating here though you Will see a cat at the stadium if you go To one of the games when you're here so Let's just get that one out of the way Just so you know but but honestly I Think the most important thing in terms Of cultural history and importance is Don't forget to pay respect to my wife's Boyfriend and probably the most Influential architect ever I'm Andrea Palladio is from here on Vicenza you can See tons of his buildings around town And in the area around here I mean they Do bike tours to his Villas and his

Estates they built around here but here On the practice in the Audi go right Around the corner you'll see the Basilica this Basilica which is gorgeous And don't think the Basilica is a church It's actually they have a museum inside And there's all kinds of great places to Have a pet of TV around there but yes Palladio is the man here in town there's Actually a statue for him here and when You go around you'll see a number of his Buildings and you know the Villa rotunda Which is right out of town you'll see That and be like hey that kind of Inspired you know the White House and All these great buildings around the World yeah yeah they did so don't forget To pay respects Andre Palladio when You're here because it's amazing okay Now another one of his his buildings is The chiato olympico and don't pass up Going to the tiato olympico now he built The building but inside they built a Stage that is incredible it's so Incredible it's a UNESCO world heritage Site and you'll go in and see it you'll Do a tour there it's beautiful and you Go in and you see oh that's a marble Stage that's really cool oh no no no That's not a marble stage and those Perspectives to make it look like it's Like five blocks deep oh no no that's All perspective it's all done in Wood It's fantastic and it's so important for

Cultural history it's UNESCO world Heritage site and it even has its own Fire station right there just in case Anything happens so definitely check it Out and I'm going to tell you don't Forget to get your tickets when you go At the tourism office right next door Because they're super helpful as well so Don't forget to do that now with all This architecture and walking around Enjoying things you're probably going to Get a little hungry when you're here and I'm gonna say this don't pass up a Chance to have big league on Arna which Is basically bigly with a duck Ragu Sauce it is so good and if you've never Had bigly it's a fat egg like spaghetti Noodle and you you'll see it it's more Of a wintertime thing because it's very Fortifying let's say but it is wonderful But that duck Ragu Sauce that is a thing From here in and the chance and around This area it is wonderful you've got to Have that and honestly it's my favorite Italian food and every time I come here My friends know no matter how hot it is It was 38 degrees the other day or you Know like you know almost like a Hundreds you know Fahrenheit and I had To have it my Italian friends like dude How can you eat that of this seed I'm Like because it's amazing so definitely Have the bigly when you're here now to Kind of beat the heat another donut I

Have for you is don't pass up a chance Put a pet of TV you know the afternoon Drink you have here in Italy yes they Love it here and when you're here in Venice you're gonna have a spritz There's very much there's a lot of Different kind of spritzes you can have I know Spritz apparel is the most Popular one around the world right now If you're not sure what a spritz is it's Prosecco with bubble water and then They'll put you know Opera which is kind Of a sweeter Um it's weird it's like a sweet bittery Orange one or you might have compati Which is very much more bitter or you Can have the Venice version which is Select or in the chivo which is either The bubble water and the Prosecco with April girl and Campari so you can have That but a pair of TV time here is a Thing for me don't pass it up because It's your best chance to meet some of The wonderful locals that are here and They're going to tell you more about the City and what you should see and what You should eat so don't pass it up and Here Piazza de sanyori there's plenty of Them out here during the day or you can Go around town some of my favorite Favorites palsythology is another great Place to go you can see Christian there They've got all the apeter TV you could Ever imagine you can go to pitanta if

You're going to be on the other side of The river there's so many great like Places just to sit and have their pet of TV and if you didn't know when you have Your pair of TV in the afternoon your Drinks usually they'll bring you out Like a little snack as well so that can Tide you over until dinner time to get That bigly con Anna or my next dome for You is don't be surprised when actually The most famous food from here is Actually with cod fish yes bakla ala Vincentina or basically Vicenza cod fish Is a super popular dish here in town Down but also it's one of those dishes That people know about from Vicenza Around Italy and the reason why it's Kind of a surprise for people is because Vicenza is landlocked so why would a Fish that's from the sea be one of their Most popular dishes well because in the History of Vicenza a lot of the sailors A lot of people here became Sailors for Venice and they went out so they got Used to eating all that stock fish the Cod fish and they brought it back here And it's kind of like a cod fish stew And you have it with polenta it's really Quite nice I mean if you're here during The day brighetti always has it it's a Nice little like um you know go in you Pick what you want they give it to you And you talk to them later and you pay It's one of those super fun things like

Don't pass up lunch at Righetti because It's very economical it's very tasty and They change the menu every day so it's Like three or four different pastas or Meats you can try but it's a really Super Italian thing to go and eat at When you are here the thing is I really Want to tell you this one if you're Going to be here on the weekends Actually Thursday Friday Saturday night Don't forget to make dinner reservations Especially if you want to eat downtown Because Italians love to go out to you In Vicenza it's no different and so the Weekends places fill up okay so make Sure you ask that reservation so when You're walking around during the day you See a place that looks nice maybe go hey Um do you have any room for three Tonight you know or whatever and they Can help you out or they'll say we don't Have it today maybe tomorrow night Because you don't want to miss out on The Fantastic food that's here now Another thing tourists like to ask about When they go traveling is well how do I Get around town Mark do I need to use Public transportation what do I need to Do you don't have to worry about public Transportation here in Vicenza you can Walk around and see all the different Parts of town no problem see the walls See the the Basilica heck there's Actually a stairwell that will you can

Walk up that'll take you to montebellico If you're not sure what montebellico is When you come out of the train station Turn around look up on the hill and You'll see it up there you can actually Walk up to that I've done it a number of Times I mean It takes some strength but the views From up there are gorgeous but honestly You don't have to use public Transportation when you are here I mean You can but you don't really need to now Another thing that's kind of nice if You're going to be here during the week Is Market day so Tuesday and Thursdays Is a traditional Market here if you got To seniority of you throughout town so Whether the meats cheese is closed all Kinds of stuff you want to get the T-shirts for your neighbors kids as a Gift for watching your dog this is where You can kind of get them but what's fun Is on some Sundays there's also other Themed Markets as well we were here on a Sunday And it was the antique flea market and Josh just fell in love she got all kinds Of vintage clothing and things but it's Really really cool and and that kind of Reminds me of another thing don't pass Up shopping here in Vicenza because if You're in Venice you're gonna get Overrun with tourists in the shopping Stuff and they're not going to be as

Helpful or friendly because they're just So many tours Verona yeah there might be More shops there but again more tourists Harder to get to really good service Here you can get Italian clothes Italian Design stuff for men and women and the Thing is a lot of people here speak English I'll talk about them a little Bit and they'll help you figure things Out I know Jocelyn had a fantastic time Shopping the other day with Ozzy our Friend's daughter finding fantastic Dresses here that you just don't find Back home in the U.S the UK and it's Really locally produced stuff and you're Like this is awesome so don't pass up Shopping when you're here another thing That makes food chains are really great Is because it is kind of in the center Of the Veneto so you can use this as a Great base now I say use this don't just Use it as a base also enjoy The Chins Itself but you can go out and there's All kinds of great simple day trips to Go to you can go to Venice seriously Save yourself a couple hundred euros a Night by staying here versus staying in Venice okay but you can go to Venice for The day anywhere from a half hour to an Hour away depending on the train you get You can go to Padova the University City I mean 15 to 30 minutes to get there you Want to go to Verona to see Julianne's Balcony anywhere from 25 minutes to an

Hour to get there you want to go to the Mountains you can go up there Motorola Stiko you can go there uh you want to go To the home of Grappa you know the the Strong liquor afterwards yeah you can go To basala Del Grappa and have Grappa on On the bridge when you're there there's So many great day trips you can take From here in Vicenza whether it's the Train or the buses that go there Chita Della is a beautiful wild City that's Just on a local train line that's easy To go see so don't forget to do some of Those day trips while you're here that's Why it makes a great base and speaking Of Base I think it's also important to Notice don't be surprised if you see a Lot of Americans when you are here Because there is a U.S base here and so There's a lot of integration of the American soldiers and the people of the City working at the base and working With the base that you really see how They've really done a great job Integrating together as the soldiers are Learning or are learning Italian and They do tours of City you get to Understand the culture better they've Done a really great job of kind of Integrating together which has been Wonderful helping out the U.S soldiers That are there but also the Italians That are here and it's just become a Great thing and and that's why you'll

Notice wow there seems to be a lot of U.S tourists here yes there are a lot of U.S tours but there's also the base and The people that work with the base and Those things and and that's why I think Uh one of those things if you've got to Get tired of the pizza and pasta of Italy don't pass up vicenzo because this Is the capital of Tex-Mex American Barbecue and burgers in Italy because All those U.S soldiers they miss their Food from home just like everybody does And so you can find that they'll Actually have really good barbecue Really good burgers and not just out by The base we went to the Prince of Wales Which is just like right outside of town And Fantastic Burger I mean it's I know It's silly to say well why would you eat Not Italian food when you're in that Well once you travel around for a few Months sometimes you miss those things From home so coming here you can have That and also it's funny you know how I Always say don't think you're going to Get spaghetti and meatballs or mac and Cheese well if you go by the base There's some restaurants there that Actually do sell spaghetti and meatballs And crab macaroni and cheese because It's their Italian American menu you Might have now when you are here I know There's a lot of the US soldiers and so There's a lot of English that is here

But don't forget use some Italian when You're here grazier which is thank you And bonjourno which is good day you know And Vore which is I would like these Little things go a long way because now That a lot of tourists are starting to Come here you know they notice that not A lot of tourists speak Italian so a few Words of Italian will go a long way when You're here but don't worry like you'll Be surprised how many people do speak English here very well especially in the Restaurants the bars and stuff so that's A really nice thing for tourists now if You're here during the season I also Have to say this don't forget to go Cheer for the Bianca Rosa you gotta go Cheer for Vicenza culture because is Life yes they have their own you know Soccer team here their own culture team Here their own football team here and You can get tickets to the game Relatively easily now they're not Serie Ah it's been a while since they were There but they're usually in Serie A Bay Or serious a like the second or third Division they kind of go between those Two but it's always a fun time to go to The match and take it in and you'll see People with their little like little r On their shirts around town because the People love their team here and that's One of the things I really love when you Come to a town like Vicenza you can go

To the games and it's not just fair Weather fans it's people that born and Bred and my dad my grandpa my grandma We've all been cheering for the for for Vicenza for so long that you have that True passion at the games here so don't Pass up going to a game when you're here So obviously don't skip out on Disney Vicenza I know it's not a world famous City but it's well worth visiting from The great architecture The Great Food The great people when you're going to be Here so do come enjoy Vicenza if you Want to learn more we've got what to eat Vicenzon or Walters World East Channel You can check that out we have stuff for A lot of those day trips from here from The sandal Grappa Verona Venice we have Videos to help you out in those Locations too but we hope you have a Great time here in future I know we have We've been coming here for almost 20 Years now and we love it we love the People and we'd love for you to visit This great City so I'll say ciao from Here in Vicenza

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