Vermont: The Don’ts of Visiting Vermont

By | October 12, 2022

Thinking about heading to Stowe for skiing, or Burlington for biking? Maybe enjoy a Creemee or two at your favorite local shop? Well here we have the do's and don'ts of visiting the state of Vermont. It is small, but it is beautiful. Enjoy the views, the farm to table food, and the flea markets. Tourist information on Vermont.
Filmed in Vermont

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Hey the fellow Travelers Mark here with Walter's world today we're in the Green Mountain State of Vermont for the don'ts Of visiting Vermont and I'm going to Start with this one because it's very Important to the locals that those of us That come here for leave people know This don't stop in the middle of the Road take pictures of the beautiful Leaves changing also don't drive slowly Down the back roads because that's their Only way to get home look if you want to Make the vermontres happy because They're half of you to come enjoy the Leaf peeping here because it's gorgeous But please pull over to the side of the Road go to one of the turn offs and take In the beauty of the leaves changing Instead of driving the locals and seeing By driving really slow or causing Accidents by stopping in the middle of The road to take a picture so so that's One thing that my local friends really Wanted me to put across to you in the Very first don't of coming here now Another donut I have for you is if You're a tourist you're going to drive Around not just for leave people but You're going to come here for skiing and Stow or are you going to go to Lake Champlain go go around there because the Biking here the hiking another thing you Need to realize is don't expect to have A sell signal all the time and I'm not

Just talking oh the super fast stuff so I can live stream my skiing or live Stream the beauty that's here no I Honestly like some places with the you Know Green Mountains the mountains the Valleys and all these things you don't Always get a signal so if you're going To be driving around download the Directions onto your phone or onto your GPS before you go so you have it there Just in case because it can be one of Those things that can be disconcerting Especially if you're driving the evening Time because there's not a lot of Highways when you're going through Vermont you're on a lot of back roads a Lot of dirt roads and it can be a bit Scary if you don't have your GPS working So just have a heads up that cell Service doesn't always happen and the Thing is I know a lot of people when They drive around they're thinking well If people get lost or I can't find some There'll be some chain restaurant I know And I'll be fine when I'm there and I Gotta tell you right now don't expect to Find any chain restaurants or chain any Thing when you're here in Vermont Vermont loves Vermont stuff so if you're Looking bed and breakfast I mean it's All about local stuff here yes you can Find a Hampton Inn here and there I'm Not going to say they don't exist but The thing is is Vermont is about Vermont

And it is not about chain stuff so don't Expect to see too many chain spots when You are here because honestly Farm to Table isn't something special here Farm To Table is actually a normal way to eat Here in Vermont now when people think of Vermont a lot of times they think of Stow and they think of the the skiing in The winter and it's gorgeous and don't Pass up I'm coming to ski here in Vermont in the winter because honestly It's fantastic but with those ski slopes I now have another dump for you don't Skip out on visiting the ski slope areas Outside of winter because whether you Want to do biking hiking wandering you Want to do you know exploring I mean It's so beautiful here if you're just Going for a drive around where the ski Slopes are you're gonna really enjoy it When you're here because honestly it's Gorgeous just driving through Vermont And stopping at the general store to Pick something up or a local Brewery I Mean it's just one of the things you're Going to love to do and that's why if You come here in the summertime ski Places are still fantastic to visit Because they have all the accoutrement You need just stop the snow in the Summer and when you're going to those General stores around here I gotta tell You don't forget to pick up 100 pure Vermont maple syrup I mean maple syrup

Is more than a thing here it's like a Religion like you will see it if you get It creamy it'll be a maple creamy if you Get candies you'll see Maple stuff there I mean God if you go to any of these Diners or restaurants for breakfast Their pancakes the Fantastic oh maple Syrup on it it's wonderful and the thing Is if you come here and you're are Trying to think of some kind of Souvenirs to take home with you or gifts To take back to your friends at home one Of the two things I always recommend is The maple syrup make sure 100 pure Vermont maple syrup because it is so Good and if you open it remember once You open it you gotta refrigerate it Okay so don't just try a little a little Bit of it while you're here then take it Home just save until you get home and Then use it there and put it in your Fridge okay now my second souvenir that You should definitely take home with you For your friends or maybe just for Yourself is don't forget to buy some Vermont Beer I'm not kidding Vermont has Some of the best beer in the nation when The new beers come out people come from All over the Northeast Tech all over the Country to come get those Vermont beers Like I'm stocking up on maple syrup and Beer to take home with me because we Drove here this time yes so you can have That but honestly you're gonna see local

Breweries throughout the state so Wherever you go if it's a restaurant They probably have their own or somebody That works there's brother or cousin or Friend owns a brewery and they're Supplying it so you're gonna have the Local Brews when you're here because my Goodness they are fantastic now I know I've talked about the nature that's here Okay but what you have to realize is Don't think it's just nature don't Forget to visit the beautiful towns and Historic sites throughout the state I Mean there's a lot of great places you Can visit if you're just driving around Driving through the main streets of some Of the smaller towns around Vermont and Honestly most of the towns here are Small towns but they're so quaint so Beautiful if you're just checking out The local church is there the local Museum it's fantastic but the thing is There's so many farms around here you Can see beautiful Farms Shelburne Farms You're like wow Farmers did pretty well Here in Vermont yeah yeah they did or You go to the Shelburne Museum and they Have buildings that it's an it's an open Air museum you can see historic Buildings that are there that's Fantastic Um the author Robert Frost yeah you can See his farm here Calvin Coolidge our Old president accident his Homestead is

Here you can visit but probably the one Thing that people love is actually the Covered bridges here in Vermont because You're going to see all these beautiful Side roads with the covered bridge here And there I mean if this isn't the state With the most covered bridges per square Mile it's got to be in the top two or Three of the country okay so when you See a cover bridge get that picture go And see it even it's just a brown Bridge It's it's a really wonderful thing now When you are going around Vermont I do Have to tell you this one thing don't Expect a lot of interaction with the Local vermonters because they're not big Into the interacting kind of thing with The tourists I mean if you notice a sign Behind me has a no trespassing sign I'm Not going down there I'm respecting Their space because that's their Property and the thing is is here in Vermont one you don't have a lot of People I mean this is one of the most Sparsely populated states in the entire U.S I mean there's cities in the US that Have two three four five ten times the Population of just this state so you Don't run into a lot of people anyway And another thing is we're here in New England and and you do have the New England Shield which if you ever come to England you'll notice that the locals Don't always kind of interact a lot with

The tourists or people that aren't from The area just kind of like a protective Shield they put out there now if you Break through the Shield or get the Shield off there they'll be very Friendly and show you around but just Know You're not going to get that over the Top friendliness here in Vermont you're Going to get very much of a what do you Need what do you want let's get it to Business you know whether it's in Service or restaurants or stores just Just be aware of that and and I gotta Say though if you do have any issues Though that people will help you it's Not like they're they ignore you and Don't help you they will definitely help You if you have any car trouble a flat Tire you're lost don't think of a local Won't help you that way because they Will but just don't expect them to be Going out of their way to be super Friendly to you when you are here couple Don'ts for that because honestly Burlington's fantastic the pedestrian Street there the restaurants Ben and Jerry's yeah she got to go there and Have that but if you're gonna be in Burlington I got two don'ts for you one Don't forget to get reservations to go Out to eat in Burlington because they do Book up because that is a very popular Place for people to go eat and enjoy

Some of the Fantastic local food here so That's one thing the second donut I have For you in Burlington is don't pass up Getting a bike and riding the bike path And the trails I'm going to Lake Champlain and just enjoying all around There because there's some really great Trails right there that even fat guys Like me can do no problem because it's Really good for families to do as well So that's some stuff there now when You're going through Vermont if you look On a map you'll notice that our neighbor To the north is just right over there Like you can get to Canada very easily So I want to tell you is don't forget to Bring your passport when you come to Vermont because going across the border Is very simple here you can go over and Go shopping go eating in Canada oh my God I got so many great things you can Have when you're there you can go enjoy That quebecois Cuisine yes you will love It and yes it's more than maple syrup Because they got that here there's so Many good things you can do just across The border and it's a very easy you know Going across the border versus other Places in the U.S so I just want to have You have a heads up for that and I gotta Tell you this don't worry if you don't Cross the border because you can still Get poutine here or you know gravy fries When you are here if you're not sure

What poutine is that is the best food From Canada and Vermont has accepted it Wholeheartedly and what it is it's French fries with cheese curds and then Gravy on tap Oh it's fantastic if you're gonna have Some of those fantastic Vermont beers Have some poutine with it and I gotta Tell you though if you're here like I'm In the southern part of the state you Don't see as much poutine in the South As you do in the north it kind of gets More and more as you get the farther North in Vermont but honestly you gotta Have the poutine when you're here too Now if you want some of the wonderful Local food or local Cuisine or local Anything when you're here don't pass up A farmer's market in Vermont I mean they Know how to do the farmers markets here I mean I understand my friends from Vermont when they come visit us in Illinois they're like oh that's your Farmer's market how quaint yeah no here They do it right my friend Rusty really Put it perfectly he said look The farmers market in Vermont are a Lovely combination of practical local Stuff and Whimsical local stuff and if That doesn't sum up a Vermont Farmers Market I don't know what will because it Really is from getting the local cheeses And beers and Venison and food to Crazy Arty stuff that someone made I mean dude

They got it all but it's such a fun Thing to do so please hit up the farmers Markets here in Vermont because it's Just a fun time now I do have to mention Some safety things when you are here for One of my towns and one is don't mess With the snow or the moose or the Bears When you're here in Vermont because yes You will soon beware you know watch out For moose signs and watch out for Bears Sign because there are moose here and if You think a deer does some damage to Your car you have no idea what a moose Does okay and occasionally there are Bears here too so you know be careful if You're gonna be camping make sure you're Sealing your stuff up but I think for Travelers when you're coming here Especially in the winter time you got to Be careful with the snow okay because You have a lot of dirt roads that are Here and you have a lot of winding roads And with the snow and it could be ice You do want to be really careful with That and if you're coming in the Springtime when it's mud season Yeah you got to be ready for mud season When it's the end of winter beginning of Spring because going on these dirt roads It can be a bit dangerous if you're not Used to it so don't mess around on them Look I'm not kidding it is gorgeous here To drive around these covered bridges Are all over it's a wonderful place to

Drive but not just to drive it's also Wonderful place to ride your motorcycle And ride your bike okay but I want to Tell you is don't forget to watch out For the motorcyclist and the bicyclists When you are here in Vermont because People love to be on their bikes it's Not just in Burlington it's all over the State and you're going to see that so do Don't Close Your Eyes Open Your Eyes and Look for those bikers and don't just Look for the beautiful covered bridges Okay it becomes a safety thing and and I Know I kind of alluded this before when I talked about the winter driving but Also Don't get crazy if you come here during Mud season when you're driving because Of all the dirt roads that are here when You have that snow melt and you have the Rain in the spring that end of winter Beginning of Springtime you can have a Lot of mud and it can be very slippery On the roads and so it can be kind of Dangerous so don't get crazy if you're Going to be driving here during mud Season okay but I do recommend not Coming during mud season come during the Spring this summer the winter to enjoy The skiing but yeah mud season maybe not Now another thing I think I should Mention when you're driving around Vermont is don't expect to see any Billboards announcing what's coming up

Or what you can get in the next town Because Billboards they're not a thing Here in Vermont you don't see them Because they don't have them so that's Why it's important like I said make sure You put your map in there because all You'll see is that little little sign Saying oh Stowe 25 miles or Brattleboro You know five miles like you'll see that But you won't see the big sign saying oh The world's biggest maple syrup producer Right here no they don't do that here Okay so so just be aware of it and Another thing I don't think you should Look for when you're here is um don't Expect to do any late night shopping and I don't mean late night like 24 hours I Mean late night like eight o'clock at Night shopping because since you have a Lot of small towns a lot of the stores Do close earlier so that General Store Where you're going to get a lot of Things at might close a bit earlier so If you're going around during the day Pick up what you need while you're kind Of going around instead of waiting for Evening shopping and when you are going Around don't forget to grab a creamy you Know what a creamy is oh if you're not Sure what a creamy is it's a soft serve Ice cream and here if you get a maple Cream yeah they make it with maple syrup Of course those are fantastic and the Locals everybody has their favorite

Creamy okay so please down in the Comments if you're from Vermont tell People your favorite creamy like where They should go to get them just to help Out as tourists so we can find the best One out there because it's one of the Things you have to have when you're here And we actually talk about a lot of the Foods that you should eat when you're Here in Vermont on our Walters World Eats Channel where we have what to eat When you're in Vermont so that'll help You out knowing some other things aside For the creamies because I do believe That's actually the first thing on the List of what to eat when you're here Another thing I think you should know is When you do come here don't be surprised If you see a lot of hippies when you are Here for modest very liberal State it's A very fun State it's very open-minded State so you'll have a lot of very Open-minded people when you're here and So do be aware of that when you're here So you know sometimes you might feel That the the the color of the flag of Vermont should be tie-dyed sometimes Because all the hippies you'll be either At a flea market or some of the places It's fantastically fun so you have a lot Of artists that are here but just be Aware you might see a hippie or 12 when You are here so you're going to be here In Vermont in the summer in the early

Fall don't forget to go to some of the Flea markets or the antique markets that Are here you will see plenty of antique Shops if you don't buy anything they're Still fun to go in because some of the Things are truly Antiques and some of Them are quite X Centric let's say and It is quite fun to go to so if you see That flea market on the weekends pull Over go walk around bring some cash buy Some crazy stuff and have some fun I Know we've gotten some some interesting Toys uh decorations and glasses while We've been here so uh do do that because Honestly the flea markets antique Markets they're pretty fun here in Vermont now would I be a travel channel If I didn't mention monsters I mean Honestly what kind of Travel Channel Doesn't talk about monsters and I think There's two monsters you need to know About when you're going to come to Vermont and I'm going to tell you don't Think that both monsters are worth Worrying about one monster you need to Worry about when you come here are the Mosquitoes I mean the mosquitoes can be Really bad in the spring and summer here In Vermont with all the Lakes so do be Aware of that so have your bug sprays And stuff you want to be protected from That because yeah it's it's not fun Getting all those bites okay but the Other thing you don't have to worry

About is if you're on Lake Champlain Don't worry about champ the lake monster He is totally fine won't cause you any Problems okay you don't know champ well You know Nessie the Loch Ness monster Well here at Lake Champlain they got Champ the lake monster so if you see him Make sure you take a video and shake Your camera around a lot so they can use It on some of the travel channels out There for one of their shows all right But but honestly Lake Champlain is Gorgeous if you can go on it do have a Wonderful time the bike passer like I Talked about before but Don't don't forget to look out for champ But don't be surprised if you don't see Him because he is quite camera shy and Whether you're driving through Green Mountain National Forest you're going to Stow you're going to Lake Champlain You'll be crossed the border into Canada One thing I gotta tell you is when you Come here to Vermont don't think that Miles to destination equals minutes to Destination because you know some places You go oh it's 60 miles I'll be there in 60 minutes in one hour no problem No here oh it's 30 miles that's not 30 Minutes that might take you an hour Because of the winding roads because the Small towns you go through these are Things you really need to know about When you come here so you can better

Judge when you're going to show up to Your BNB when you're going to get to That restaurant when you do make those Reservations in Burlington so just be Aware of that because honestly Vermont Is gorgeous you're gonna love when You're here but I hope you got these Do's and don'ts down so you can have a Great time and I'll say bye from here in Vermont

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