Valley Sky Luxury Camping Domes in Nova Scotia

By | April 25, 2021

A review of the Valley Sky Luxury Camping Glamping Domes in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. I was so lucky to have the chance to stay here with @Ayngelina Brogan while exploring the Annapolis Valley. Located just down the road from Luckett Vineyards these Geodesic domes offer the ultimate luxury, privacy and relaxing getaway in the valley. Grab some friends, a bottle of Nova Scotian wine, a fancy cheese board and enjoy!

Currently the domes are quite booked up but at the end of May 2021 there will be a second dome opening with more dates available. By next year they hope to have 8 to 10 domes totall on their 32 acre property. To book your stay now visit

To learn more about my stay and traveling around Nova Scotia visit my new site

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Hey it's caitlin from travel yourself And nova And today i am in the annapolis valley Checking out the Valley sky luxury camping Suites we've got this lovely beautiful Geodesic dome That we are spending the night in let's Check it out Travel yourself this is where you Enter and right away you have this Beautiful kitchenette there is a Sink a two burner stove There is lots of storage for your Important Wine glasses and other things there is a Coffee and tea Area we have a mini fridge with some Drinks water and perrier included we Also have All the color you could need and check This out They even provide you with marshmallows And marshmallow toasting sticks for the Outdoor Fire pit that is so awesome then over Here we have A four person dining area with a nice Little Light above and just next to it we have A lovely stove for the cooler winter Months to keep it warm in here there is A nice little area To relax with some things to read and

Some games to play there's a deck of Cards in that little Bag there and over here we have The lovely bed so we are in the wine Region here in nova scotia So we brought with us a lovely bottle of Uh benjamin bridge and also a fancy Cheese plate We've added this as a nice little touch Because we're very excited to be Spending The night here and one of the cool Things about this dome Is that above this bed there is another Bed And you can pull off the ceiling pieces There And lay in that bed and get a beautiful View of the stars At night this bed of course also has A lot of storage all around the sides There's an extra blanket and flashlight There We have some beautiful fresh tulips Over here we have another nice little Area To hang out and let's take a look back Into the room And there is a beautiful view into the Woods here in this nice Big large deck then Over here we have some luggage Racks and there are the steps To go to the bed upstairs i will take

You up there after this so i don't hurt Myself trying to film And climb a ladder in the bathroom we Have Some very nice robes there is also a Toilet and a full stand-up shower Sink and mirror it's a very Nice large luxury dome by valley sky Camping we have some more fresh flowers Here Some more towels some beautiful locally Made Soaps and there's even a microwave And a coat back outside of the dome There's also a nice Large deck with big privacy walls There's some nice Lights that come on at night nighttime You have your own barbecue There is also a fire pit and they Provide marshmallows and marshmallow Sticks For you to use and the best part of Course is The hot tub and it is wonderful over 100 Degrees There's some nice places to sit and to Enjoy This beautiful view Currently they only have one dome built But they do plan on having eight to ten Domes [Music] [Music]

Time for the hot tub [Music] [Music] [Music] The valley sky luxury camping domes are Located in woolfield nova scotia in the Annapolis valley Not too far from many great sites like The look off And blombaden provincial park In the area you will also find a lot of Great craft Cider companies like the annapolis cider Company [Music] There are also a lot of apple orchards And other places where you can pick your Own fresh fruits and vegetables And you will also find a few places to Grab Some delicious craft beer There are a lot of great places nearby To grab a bite As well And one of the best parts about the Valley sky luxury camping domes is that They are located just down the road from Lockheed's vineyard About a 15 to 20 minute walk or a couple Minute drive [Music] If you are looking for the ultimate Glamping vacation in nova scotia then This is

Definitely it this dome is beautifully Crafted It's huge there's air conditioning it's Wonderful and it is just down the road From luckett Vineyards if you're looking to stay here Check out to book your stay Today This is dome one and they plan to make Eight or ten domes Total and it is quite the experience Travel yourself [Music] You

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