Ugly Tourists in The Netherlands: Ways to Upset the Dutch

By | November 12, 2022

Visiting The Netherlands can be an incredible experience, the tulips, the art, the bikes, the clogs, the dry sense of humor of the Dutch, but there are things that tourists do that really upset locals when you come to the Netherlands. So whether you are heading to Amsterdam or Utrecht here are some things to remember so you can be a better tourist in the Netherlands.
Filmed at Schipohl Airport in the Netherlands.
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Hey there fellow travelers mark with Welders world today we're at sheeple Airport outside amsterdam today we're Going to talk about ways that tourists Could upset the locals here in the Netherlands when they come visit because When you're a tourist you might do Things that you think is totally fine But in the country you go to won't go Over very well so i want to give you Some of the heads up and some of the Ways you could really upset the locals When you're here and you know what i'm Not going to beat around the bush with The first thing we talk about and the First thing that might upset people is If you beat around the bush look you Have to realize the dutch are very Straightforward they are very Forthcoming they are very honest and They expect everyone to be that way and So sometimes when people come to the Netherlands they feel the people are Kind of rude or they're just really Really direct and they are that's how it Is here and if you're not you know Forthcoming to them they kind of take That the wrong way so they don't like The passive aggressive stuff they don't Like you know people talking behind Their backs they want to know what People think right away so don't beat Around the bush because if you do and You're not forthcoming that kind of

Makes the dutch a little unhappy with You and and i think another thing that Kind of upsets the locals is if a Tourist or a foreign of them they come And visit and they get upset about the Honesty look the dutch aren't always pc I'll tell you that right now but the Thing is is they're honest with you and They'll tell you their thoughts they'll Ask you hey why are you so fat marker But what are you doing here why aren't You in spain with better weather i mean They'll they'll be honest with you and So them being honest with you they kind Of are upset if you don't appreciate That honesty back okay so that's kind of One thing i think you really need to be Ready when you are here because it's Something that you might think you're Being you know kind and not saying Something whereas really the locals Really want to know what your thoughts Are okay so so those are two things that Kind of go together i think it's Important to know but probably one thing Will you will really hear their anger at You or their ding ding anger at you is If you stand in the bike lane look Nothing upsets a dutch person more than If a tourist is walking through Amsterdam or utrecht or wherever and There's a nice red lane where the bikes Go and the tourist is standing right There

Look you will get the ding ding ding and You might get hit by a bike and no one Is going to care look you can get killed By the bikes nobody's going to cry for You they're going to be even more upset With your corpse because now your corpse Is lying in the bike lane look that is One guaranteed way to really upset the Locals is is upsetting the bike lane Okay so make sure you're paying Attention when you're walking around if You're walking you notice you're walking On a red path or a bike path that has a Bike on it get out of the way because The bike will be coming soon and that's What those ding dings are that you're Hearing that's the morning you that They're coming to get you you stupid Tourist no Another thing i think it's important for Tourists to know when they do come here And urge if you're going to study here Or whatever is is the dutch really do Like their rules they like their dutch Rules there's there's things to kind of Expect when you're here and if people Don't follow the rules the locals don't Like that so i think that's kind of Important to know and and if really if You make a promise to a dutch person you Made a promise remember you you're Honest you keep your word kind of thing Here so you know if you say you're going To meet them at 8 o'clock you meet them

At 8 o'clock not 8 30 not nine not seven It's eight okay you keep your word You're not late you do what you say You're going to do because the dutch Very much are hey we have these rules They're there to be followed so follow Them because if you don't then they get A little upset and that could be from You know working on a project if you're A student or working a project at work Or setting up a tour with somebody okay Now another thing i've seen that's kind Of upset some of the locals from other Tourists when they come to visit here Is when tourists think that all the Dutch are smoking dope and doing drugs All the time because the reputation of Amsterdam the coffee houses and the red Light districts and stuff like that Look the red light district the coffee Shops in amsterdam it's not the locals Going there the most time it's the Tourists you go in the southern part of The country it's a lot of germans that Are taking part in the the affairs let's Say and so the locals kind of take that As an affront to them like look that's Not us that's not us that's the tourists That come here okay and so there's Actually been a lot of discussion about That in the in the community here in the Netherlands about those very things okay So just know that They will not take it kindly if you're

Like oh you're from the netherlands you Got a blunt for me no that's not going To go over i think another thing that Goes along with the coffee shops the Party culture the party atmosphere then The party kind of mentality people have When they come to amsterdam when they Come to the netherlands it's something That does actually upset the locals and That's if you're one of those drunk Tourists or one of those high tourists Or one of those drunk and high tourists Who falls into the canals in the am you Know in amsterdam look the crazy Tourists the other loud out of control Tourists that come here when they party Too much that's something locals don't Like either like they don't want to go And then pee there when those things are Happening so do be aware of that because You know if you are messed up people Aren't going to help you very much Because they're kind of upset with you So so just be ready and know know your Limits when you're coming to the Netherlands okay if you're going to be Doing those things i think one of the Most important things for a tourist Coming here is if you do go to a coffee Shop and you are going to partake Talk to the people that are selling the Stuff there tell them about your Experience with with whatever you're Doing so they can help you pick out

Something better for you because what You're going to get at a coffee shop in The netherlands it's going to be very Different than what you get back home Now another kind of small thing that it Doesn't always annoy the locals but Sometimes people will comment about that Is if you call the netherlands holland Well i should say this when you call the Netherlands holland outside Of a football soccer game kind of thing Look if you didn't know holland is Basically like 80 90 percent of the Netherlands but it's not all of the Netherlands and so for those people that Don't live in the holland park they Might not like that okay so that's That's one thing to think about And i think another thing is important This is one thing i think is is kind of A common thing in every country but i Think it's really important to mention Here is uh if you as a non-dutch Complain about stuff in the netherlands Or complain about dutch things or dulce Culture or dutch anything It won't go over well okay the dutch Feel like they have a monopoly on Complaining about the netherlands and no One else should do that and if you do That as a tourist well shut your mouth Because the dutch get to do all the Complaining about it all right I guess in a way it goes to our next

Thing where i want to say you know if You're not dutch you don't mean much This is one thing if you talk to International people in florida that Come here to study or work here Sometimes there very much is this if You're not dutch you don't mean much Mentality and if you want to see it Really come out you want to see some Heated conversations okay some honest Kind of conversations bring up north Africa bring up the refugees that are Here bring up eastern europeans these Are things that like really buzz topics That will really get people going and Talking and really heated in their Discussions about these things so that's That's that's something you got to think About but it is one of those things that People that come here realize that the Dutch have the dutch and then there's Everybody else okay so if you're not Taking that into consideration You might see that they might get a Little upset with you which is Interesting because when you try to Integrate like if you're trying to speak Dutch i think that's another thing that Kind of annoys the dutch when you're Here is if you as someone who's not a Native dutch speaker tries to speak Dutch or tries to begin sentences in Dutch you'll notice that the locals here Go straight to english

Perfect english by the way perfect English and you may just want to Practice your touch or improve your Dutch and the people like dude stop Speaking dutch go to english i'm way Better in my english than you on your Dutch yeah They are the dutch are ten thousand Times better their english than you at Your dutch but the thing is it's hard For you as a as a foreigner here as a Visitor here's a tour series as a you Know someone studying here to learn Language because the locals get kind of Annoyed when people don't switch to English so that is one of those things That is kind of funny that usually like I'm trying they're like hey yeah stop Just go to english okay Um I think um one of the dutch culture Things that sometimes can bring up a Little bone of contention with people is If you're coming around christmas time And you see black peter or stop pete um Let's just say this just go yeah he's From spain and just drop the subject Because it's just it's just not going to Go well all right and then i think the Last one i want to talk about ways that You can annoy your dutch friends very Quickly is if you surprise them Look the dutch do not like surprises They do not like unplanned stuff if

You're going to do something with a Dutch on a weekend okay you're going to Go out you're going to do things they're Going to okay where are we going to go Eat where are we going to go drink where We're gonna go next what time are we Gonna meet what time are we gonna end Like it's very much kind of a planned Out kind of thing and if you're a fly by The sea or pants person that might not Go over so well here now the dutch are Pretty cool about things it's one thing Is a lot of times these things that Might annoy them you'll never realize it Um because the dutch are like whatever But it's something to kind of think About and that kind of un Spontaneity thing Maybe make sure you kind of talk about The plans and god forbid you show up at Your dutch friend's house without Letting them know You might as well just just don't just Don't do that okay because the locals Will not like that all right so these Are some things that i've seen in all my Business here in the netherlands the Little things that tourists do that Might annoy the locals it won't annoy Everybody and i'm sure there's other Things that do annoy the looks please Put in the comments section below so we Can help tourists that come to the Netherlands do a better job of learning

More about this beautiful country and The wonderful people that are here and Yes they are very straightforward and They are very honest but you know what If some of the best sense of humor You'll find in europe so enjoy your time Here you will love it from the beautiful Cities the fantastic food to the crazy People and all the fun stuff in between Anyway i wish y'all the best and i'll Say bye from here in chipotle airport Flying out after another fantastic visit To the netherlands

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