Ugly Tourists in Texas: How to Upset Texans

By | December 31, 2022

Are you heading to Dallas for a football game, San Antonio for the Alamo, the beaches near Galveston, or perhaps the Hill Country for some fun? Well Texas has a lot to take in as a tourist, and when you are in Texas you don't want to upset the locals. Here we go through faux pas that tourists do when they visit Texas that really upset the local Texans. How to be a good tourist in Texas.
Filmed in San Antonio, Texas

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Hey there fellow Travelers Mark here With welter's world and today we're here In San Antonio Texas for some of the Things that tourists need to know before They come to Texas so they don't upset The locals you know Don't Mess with Texas and I think the first thing you Need to know as a tourist coming here to Texas the one thing you will do no Matter what that will upset the locals And it'll probably the first thing you Do because you're going to be driving Into Texas is not driving fast look 65 Miles an hour speed limit that's the Minimum they drive fast here I know some People think oh those are big trucks Those big trucks with those big tires They can't go fast oh yes they can and They will and if you want to guarantee To upset a local just drive slow or stay In the left-hand Lane that is one way to Guarantee that people are going to be Like dude keep up with that traffic Because driving fast is Texas and I Think going along with our Don't Mess With Texas I think the second thing that Kind of upsets the locals when you come Here in Texas is if you pick on Texas Right when I talk about picking on Texas Probably we're talking about things that Truly represent Texas things that people From Texas swear by it is one thing that My grandma and my grandpa did and I do It too they do have a certain level of

Pride in certain things so if you're a Bad-mouthing BlueBell ice cream that's Not going to go over well if you're not Wowed by Whataburger and they're spicy Ketchup again that's not going to be Taken well if you think oh HEB is just Another grocery store no oh or my God God forbid you go to Bucky's and you Don't buy a t-shirt 9 000 things you Didn't need I mean it's the gas station Target of the world I mean Bucky's is Really cool and they have such pride in Texas and things that are Texan that if You don't like it or you say something Bad about it or you're not as impressed With it sometimes that just makes them Go ah you're not from Texas you wouldn't Understand because not everybody gets Big red I understand that but just know Messing with text and stuff probably is Going to put you on the wrong side of uh Some of the logos when you're here and One of the things that's funny is as Much as Texas loves Texas Texas loves Texas stuff another way you'll upset Them is if you tell them oh well then That means you're you're not a Southern State oh no no no Texans if you tell Them they're not in the South they're Not a Southern state they're like what Are you talking about we've got we've Got Southern stuff we've got barbecue We've got howdy and you all we got all Those things you know and and we've got

The Heat and the humidity and all kinds Of stuff and they'll get upset but then You'll say wait but I thought you said Texas is its own thing so is Texas a Part of the South End they're like well No Texas is its own thing so no matter If you say Texas is part of the South or You say Texas isn't part of the South You're gonna upset somebody now no Matter what side of the Divide you fall On Texas a Southern state or Texas is Its own thing is if you kind of make fun Of the accents or you're saying things Like y'all ain't a word it no like That's part of the thing you do hear the Howdies you do hear the yaws you do hear Some of those things and those are Normal so don't be making fun of people That's not cool that's not mannerly and That kind of leads us into another one Of the things I think people do that Upset the locals and that's just not Using your manners I mean Texans are Famous for being friendly being very Open I mean let's be honest most of the Stuff on this list when you talk to Texans they're not gonna care they're Pretty chilled out about a lot of things But one thing that they really Appreciate is that people use their Manners and it's more than yes sir no Sir yes man no man you're getting that Door you're helping people with their Stuff you're letting them know that oh

That bathroom's dirty you might want to Go to the other one I mean that's the Texas way and and sometimes it's a Stereotype that Texans are overly Friendly what you have to realize it's Not that they're overly friendly it's Just that they're polite and they use Their manners and that comes across I Should say as being super friendly when You're not used to those matters all the Time okay so don't forget your manager Here because you do don't be surprised Somebody calls you out on it when you Are here now another thing that kind of Might be a sensitive top to talk about With people you're here that might get People riled up a bit because you tell People you're moving to Texas because People from Texas know why you're coming Here they love Texas hence all the Texas Pride but if you're saying you're moving To Texas or especially you're saying You're moving to Texas from California Oh wow that is going to get people riled Up okay I'm just gonna tell you that one Right now okay and kind of going along With that because a lot of people move To Austin it's one of those big booming Areas here in Texas is I think it is if You say oh I've been to Texas or I know Texas and all you've ever done is go to Austin look Austin's a cool City I've Had a great time when I've gone there But if you say that you have to realize

Is that Austin has a Special relationship with the rest of Texas because there's a lot of people Here in Texas that don't feel that Austin's really part of Texas even Though it's the capital so just know That that might be um some touchy topics If you talk about that now another Cultural faux pas you might have when You come here to Texas that might upset The locals is if you basically say well Football isn't for Fridays football is Saturday for college and Sundays for the Cowboys yes but don't forget about Friday football high school football is A big thing here and since people have a Lot of pride in Texas they have a lot of Pride in their town and they have a lot Of pride in their high school they went To or their kids went to people keep Going to the high school games well After high school like if your kids Might have graduated 20 years before You're still going to Friday night Football with your local kids high School teams because you know what Little Johnny down the street he plays On the team and wand over there across The street he's also on the team I want To go support them Bill you're like 80 Years old I mean this is one of those Things football is Big here okay and yes Their college teams haven't been super Great the last few years but things are

Turning around for them but just know if You like plan stuff for a Friday night And don't factor in Friday football or Saturday football or Sunday football Just be aware of that Um so yeah but but don't worry if you're Talking about professional football it's The Cowboys nobody cares about the Texans honestly even Houston I wonder Some sometimes I mean just just go with The Cowboys on that one now let's focus On some food faux pas that you might Make when you come to Texas that will Upset the locals and one is you tell Them that true barbecue is pulled pork Oh hell no not here in cattle country Here in Texas it's all about brisket Okay yes you can get pulled pork and you Can get pulled chicken you can get all Those other things but honestly in Texas It's all about the brisket and you want To have that that's what you want to get When you're here and so if you invite Friends open we're having a barbecue or We're having barbecue and you've got hot Dogs or pulled pork the locals will be Like dude I thought we were friends okay So remember that another food thing and This is one thing you will insult a Texan whether they're young old Rich Poor wherever they are in the state is If you kind of push Shaw when they Suggest having breakfast tacos look it Doesn't matter who you are everybody

Loves breakfast tacos and it doesn't Matter if you're going to torches in Austin or you're going to the gas Station down the street to grab some or Your local Taqueria to grab some in the Morning breakfast tacos are the bomb and If you're kind of poo pooing them off Because you're thinking oh McDonald's Breakfast burritos how could they be so Special oh my God here that's not Breakfast burritos they're just Breakfast tacos are amazing okay so Definitely have them it's a good way to Ingratiate yourself with the locals also They do like to uh take you to go get Them so they sure look it really is at a Gas station it goes a long way to make Better Texas friends when you're here so Don't be distant no breakfast tacos Those breakfast tacos are amazing and Here's a little thing All these things that might annoy people You might not get any rise out I think You might get something but there's one Certain way certain thing you can say That will set off everybody in Texas it Doesn't matter who it is The scariest thing any Texan can hear Let's say it's the middle of July You're visiting your friends in Texas Just walk out of their house in the Middle of July and be like hey Bob I Think your air conditioner is broke you Will see people freak out because oh my

God it's so hot here in the summer and When the AC goes out people melt okay You will see people that will get hotels Because the AC in their house doesn't Work in the summer okay so that's really The scariest thing you can tell somebody From Texas that they will freak out About all right so I hope you liked our Few little things that tourists might Say or do that might upset the locals Here in Texas and yes I personally Didn't talk about two specific topics For specific reasons but I think you can Imagine those because I don't want the Comments turned into that craziness but What are some things that you know that Can set off people from Texas so people That come here know how to be better Integrated with their friendly Neighborhood Texan buy it from here in San Antonio

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