Ugly Tourists in Savannah – How to Upset the locals in Savannah

By | January 14, 2023

Heading to Savannah, Georgia fellow travelers? Well if you are you will have a wonderful time, but there are some things you need to remember when you visit Savannah so that you do not upset the locals. From calling “Slow-vannah” to not knowing how to drive around the squares to taking someone's parking spot on Tybee Island, there are a few things every tourist should know so they don't upset the locals in Savannah.
Filmed in Savannah, Georgia

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Hey fellow Travelers Mark here with Walters world and today we're here in Savannah Georgia and today we're going To talk about are things that tourists Do here in Savannah that really annoy The locals because this city has a ton Of Tours that come here for great Reasons for the architecture the food The people the fun but there's some Things that we do as tourists that Really do irk the locals a little bit And so I want to give you that list so You don't make those same mistakes and I Think one of the things I want to Mention is this is one thing quite a few Of my local friends have told me is just Stay away from the slow Vanna moniker Because they don't really like that They're working they're getting their Stuff done and and saying it oh it's so Bad and this kind of gives it a Connotation that nothing's going on it's Stuck in a slow period of time and they Don't really like that so just stick to Savannah okay the hostess City like Stick with that versus The slovana Thing And and speaking of slow uh let's talk About something that really irks the Locals and that is if you hold them up Whether you're on 16 95 driving through Town walking on the streets you think It's it's not slow for them they're Going to work they're going home they're Going to get dinner with their friends

And they don't like being slowed down by The tourists so those left lane drivers On the highway of the roads move over a Bit okay on the right side and if you're Going around you want to take pictures Of beautiful homes and architecture here Um stand to the side of the sidewalk Instead of you know right in the middle And the thing is I really want to tell You that the driving thing that drives In the most crazy is if you don't know How to drive around these squares now Savannah is filled with beautiful Squares you're going to go see with a Spanish moss dripping down in The Monuments in there and no The Monuments Don't not any of The Monuments don't Line up with the name of the squares but The locals get really upset because you Have to know how to drive around the Squares because you're going to drive Around the squares but you have to Realize is the people that are already On the Square they have the right-of-way If you're on one of those side roads Coming in you have to wait for the other People to go okay that are already on The circle and that's where I see a lot Of fender benders and a lot of upset Locals because like tourists need to Learn how to drive on the squares now no City likes some people complain all Right but I think here in Savannah they Take it to another level of how they

Just want to shake their head and say Bless your heart to the tourists that Come here and complain about the bugs Whether it's the mosquitoes or the Palmetto bugs or or the Sand Gnats I Mean the old the baseball team used to Be called the sand that's like it's a Thing we have here okay bugs are a thing When you're in the South and when you're Here in Savannah and complain about it Yeah we all get eaten alive by the Mosquitoes when they're here it's just The way it is okay so so that'll kind of Put people off but also if you complain About the Heat and the humidity here in Savannah especially in the summer I mean You're in the Deep South in the summer Yes 100 degrees is normal and 100 Humidity is normal so just be ready for That and just know that they're Miserable too so complaining about it Kind of puts people off and one thing You need to realize is people from Savannah want you to have a good time When they're here because they're very Proud of their City hence why Complaining doesn't go over well but I Think one thing is they'll kind of feel Bad about you if you don't expand your Palate past some of the more tourist Popular places like if you're only going To mothers and sons and and Mrs Wilkes And eating on River Street they're going To feel sorry for you that you didn't

Explore more like hit up cotton orai Heck just got on Broad and going 45 Beasts for their calpaccio do something Else besides a tourist famous spots Because there's so many great Restaurants here and no it doesn't Really annoy them it just makes them Feel so sad for you and you don't want The locals to feel sad for you go Explore the food when you're here now When you travel to places sometimes you Already have friends that are there a Lot of people live in Savannah or have a Vacation homes here maybe they're one of The bases and and sometimes we go places We ask our friends to join us in some of The tourist activities and there's one Tourist activity that you're pretty much Guaranteed to upset a local when you Come here and that's if you ask them to Go to Leopold's Ice Cream on broaden Because the reason is one it's not that Great I mean don't get me wrong I love Their hot cocoa ice cream like that's Really good but the line that comes with It especially on the weekends or tourist Times it's here I mean we're talking out The door down the street feet in 100 Degree weather with 100 humidity with no Shade no one likes that and the locals Like nah man you go all by yourself so That's one thing it's just just having Them go with you to Leopold's Ice Cream If you want to try it get at the airport

There's like a little kiosk that has Some of their best ones I like Savannah Socialite it's great but yeah your local Friends were like oh no I don't want to Go there with that line oh so do be Aware of that another thing I think is Important uh that will upset the locals Here is if you forget your banners I Mean it's not just please and thank you Yes ma'am no ma'am yes or no sir it's Also if you're going to the store you do Talk to the person that's bagging your Groceries you're uber driving you do Chat up with when you're here you know And and just proper manners and Friendliness is something they really Kind of expect here and if you're one of These quiet I don't talk to anybody when I'm anywhere They're not gonna like you okay so that Might be why you might experience some Of that slovana I talked about before Because you're not showing your manners You're showing your ugly side as they Might say here now another little thing That tourists love to do but locals get Really annoyed with are those like bike Not the petty cat things but you know The bike bars where you sit on the bike And you're drinking going around town That kind of irks the locals a little Bit when you are here so so don't think The locals will be waving at you very Nicely it'll be other tourists that are

Waving you when you're doing that but That's one thing that anybody Works Downtown is like oh get out of the way All right no another line you could say That could upset the locals very quickly As you tell them hey all the food in Savannah is fried and let me tell you There's some locals right now that are Clenching their teeth and they're Physically that is not true you have so Much great food here for all kinds of Options from vegan and vegetarian the Seafood all kinds of stuff it's not all Just fried in a batch of butter and a Big old bowl of butter no I mean I know Paula Deen kind of influenced the idea Of Savannah cooking and it's all butter And it's all fried but that's not the Case the locals here know that so ask Them where to go out to eat because Remember they don't want you just go Into some of the tourist spots they want You to try out some of the good local Food too that won't always be fried now If you want to be obtrusive any when You're here another thing you got to Realize is traffic here can be a bit Annoying if you're on one of the busier Streets you want to let people in and You'll see the locals will let you in Occasionally but make sure you always Give some indication of thank you Whether it's you know a wave just a Finger this finger not the other finger

You know off your thing just to give Some kind of recognition that they let You in because that's going to that Manners kind of thing here and and You'll see that it goes a long way if You have the smile the thank yous people Like cool come on in but if you don't Don't be surprised you look at that rear View mirror and you get some death Stares okay now if you're going to be Going out to Tybee Island that's where The beaches are near Savannah one thing I want to tell you is if you park in one Of the reserve spots for the locals out There they will not be happy and what's Crazy is they won't be happy they'll Pick up a phone call when within five Minutes your car will be gone I mean There's a whole Towing industry out There that thrives and just flourishes Because the tourist Park where they're Not supposed to okay so you're gonna Upset the locals and then you're gonna Be upset yourself because you got Totaled and you don't want that to Happen so remember to look at the signs When you are parking to make sure you Can park there because otherwise you Might have some problems and my last Thing that will annoy the locals is when You go out to eat and you get upset when You order tea and it's sweet tea I mean Look we're in the South we're in Savannah like this is sweet tea world

And here you have to ask for unsweet tea Because the de facto tea is sweet tea I Mean yeah you could order sweet tea or Just tea it's going to be sweet so just Remember that because I've seen a number Of tourists have gotten off these little Trolleys here and been upset because I Didn't want sweet tea I just wanted Normal tea I'm like look then you need To order unsweet tea that's a thing here All right so sweet tea is the de facto Kind all right so don't get upset by it Because the locals be like whatever how Didn't you know that so I hope this Helps you know some of the things that Tourists do here in Savannah that annoy The locals if you have other things that You see tours through that drive you Crazy here in Savannah put in the Comments section below so we can help Travelers be better Travelers when they Come here to beautiful Savannah Georgia Anyway I wish y'all the best I'll say Bye from here in Savannah

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