Ugly Tourists in Montreal – How Tourists Upset the Locals in Montreal

By | December 21, 2022

Traveling to Montreal, and not sure what you might do that would upset the locals? Well, here we have some of the more common mistakes that tourists to Montreal make that annoy the locals. So do your best not to do too many of these, as the locals in Montreal can be super helpful!
Filmed in Montreal, Canada

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Heyville Travelers Mark here with Walters world and today we're here in Montreal and today I want to talk about Are some of the things that tourists do When they come to visit Montreal they're Really kind of upset the locals because We're good tours we don't want to make The locals upset so I want to give you Some of these things you might not Realize you're doing that totally drives The locals Bonkers and the first thing Is if you're using the public Transportation here if you're taking the Metro and you're blocking the escalator Look look look stand on the right pass On the left so don't have your bag Block In the left side of the escalator don't Stand with your friends side by side on The escalator stand on the right let People go because this is a big city People got to go to work they want to Get back to their neighborhoods they Want to get back home and the Metro is The way people get around so don't don't Don't don't don't don't don't block the Escalator because that will definitely Get a person from Montreal to be like Tourists now the next thing you might do That might upset the locals is something That you might notice in the background In a lot of our videos and you might Hear it going on right now and that is Ask them hey um when is all this road Construction going to stop does it

Bother you that the roads are closed all The time I mean really honestly the Slogan for Montreal should be Club Road Closed because there's so much Construction here and yes as a tourist It annoys you because you don't know how To find your parking spot you don't know How to drive around town you don't know What's closed when but for the locals It's like an extra level of hell for Them trying to figure these things out As well and having you pointed out to Them doesn't really help things is that Just get some kind of going in the first Place all right now another thing you'll Notice that the locals love here is to Bike and there's one thing that anybody That rides a bike gets upset with and That's when people block the bike lane Look you'll see whether you're in the Plateau neighborhood you're here you're In downtown or in the Old Montreal There's a lot of bike Lanes all over the Place and if you block the bike lane if You walk in the bike lane if you scooter In the bike lane if you park in the bike Lane if you do anything that disrupts The way the bikes are supposed to go the Locals will get little upset with you And don't be surprised if you get a hey Get out of the way or you know some Other choice Canadian words to uh let You know that you're not in the right Place so don't upset them by messing

With a bike lane all right now another Thing that might upset the locals is if You come in and you don't at least try To speak a little French when you are Here look everybody speaks English along With French when you're here but the Thing is we're in Quebec and French is The predominant language here and we're In Montreal where French is a Predominant language so at least have a Bonjour when you walk into a store in a Male C for thank you when you when You're thankful for something because That's appreciated here they don't Expect you to speak fluent French they Know you're a tourist you probably don't Speak much anything aside from English And that's okay but at least try some French or at least Venture into a little French-speaking kind of chat because That will go a lot farther than just Busting it in English I mean I think That's like our number one don't when You come here don't just bust it in English because you know look we're in Quebec we're in the french-speaking part Of Canada okay so just know that and Another thing that might make them kind Of shake their head and go is uh if you Point out the language difference in Terms of size of font at the restaurants Look I gotta warn you if you're going to Be coming here to realize there's Actually regulations that dictate that

French has to be on the menu and English Too but the English has to be smaller Than the French so if you're used to Going to restaurants and having to get Your readers on you're really going to Need them when you're here and if you Point that out to the restaurant they Can't do anything about it so so don't Upset them just know that that's a thing You have to know [Applause] Speaking about the French language and When the French part of Canada we're Here in Quebec I think another thing That might be a topic you might want to Kind of steer away from if you do come Here is Quebec Independence look in the 90s I remember when there was Referendums there's a lot of stuff for Quebec Independence we're going to go Out on our own there's a lot of history There's a lot of stuff going on there's A lot of moving Parts when you're Talking about Quebec Independence and The thing is some people don't even Think anything about it it's no big Things like ah whatever but for other People it could really mean a lot and You don't know who Quebec Independence Is really important to and who it's not Really important to so that's why it's Usually best to kind of steer away from That conversation and and I guess That'll lead me into another thing that

You might not even realize will upset The locals and it upsets the locals Anyway even if you don't talk about it And that's the Habs oh you know what the Habs are the Montreal Canadians the Local hockey team that they love love Love love love and then hey hey hey yeah Like people get irrationally upset with The Canadians when they're playing Mostly the end of the season and their Lack of success in the postseason I Don't give wrong I'm here in the fall I'm seeing Montreal Canadian jerseys all Over the place preseason games are on I'm hoping to go to one so I can enjoy That but I know that this happiness and Joy and love they have for the Canadians Yeah the Habs their love kind of falls Off when you get towards like March April May you know you don't see them Playing until May June very much you Know because they don't have a lot of Success but that's one thing that just People get irked about because it's not You talking about it just you Bringing it up and then realizing that This is probably not going to be the Have season again and especially if you Kind of put it in perspective of Toronto And that's one thing I want to tell you Is definitely if you want to upset the People here one just compare Montreal to Any other City around the world and say That other city is better because the

People here love their City there's a Lot of Pride here but especially if you Compare Montreal to Toronto because There is definitely some competition Between the two so best to leave that Alone don't be like oh I just came from Toronto we had so much fun or I'm going To Toronto and we're gonna have a good Time there just where are you going next Oh I'm just taking the train West you Could be going to Ottawa you could be Going to Vancouver you could be going to Toronto maybe you know but just better Not to do that because that's kind of a Touchy subject here in Montreal now Another thing that might upset your Local Canadian servers when you're here Is if you forget to Temp look in Canada You do tip 15 to 20 I think 18 is Probably like a good way to go and What's cool is if you pay with card they Actually give you the machine and you Can pick the percentage you can pick With the tip you want to have which Makes it a lot easier if you're paying With cash you need a tip there and and That's one thing if you're not tipping Your servers you're not tipping your Waiters that might upset them a little Bit because that's part of their living Now that's part of the thing we do here In Canada it's tipping don't forget it [Music] And as a tourist I think one thing we

Kind of forget is when we're walking Around enjoying all the beauty of this I Mean it doesn't matter if you walk Around the plateau neighborhood with all The bars restaurants and cute houses That are there you're up in Montreal or You're walking around in an old you know Zoo Montreal Old Montreal there's so Much so many beautiful things to take a Picture of take a video of to get your Selfie with one thing that might upset The locals is if you just stop in the Middle of the sidewalk to take your Pictures look it's really easy you see Something beautiful because you see a Lot here in Montreal just step to the Side and take your picture or or step to The other side and take your picture Don't stand in the middle because this Is a working City it's not just tourism And everything is tourists no this is a Living breeding City and they're going To work they're going to school they're Going to pick up their kids from class So make sure you kind of just stand out Of the way because just like in all big Cities they don't want to get held up so Be aware of that and I think the last Thing you want to bring up and there's More things that might upset the locals Please do put in the comment section Below things I might have forgotten to Put in there as locals you might want to Share with tours coming here but for me

I know I've seen this is when people say Oh you don't really speak real French You speak quebecois look they speak French here it's not oh it's it's not Real French it's quebecois it's Canadian French look if you're from the US you Speak English right if you're from Britain you speak English right if You're from you know wherever in the World you speak English it's the same Thing with French they speak French here And if you say they don't speak real French you look like a pompous prick Okay so don't do that when you're here Yes there's some different words there's Some different things out there just Like in every language but please Realize we speak French when you're here In Montreal so I hope this helps you Know a few things that you should know So you're not an ugly tourist when you Come here to Montreal because it really Is a great City to visit tons of museums Tons of markets tons of Green Space to Go to going off the island seeing the Museums going around Old Montreal it's a Fantastic place so don't miss out on our Ride and don't piss off the locals when You're here okay so I hope this helps You know a bit more about how to be a Better tourist when you're here in Montreal bye from Montreal

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