Ugly Tourists in Milan: What Tourists Do to Upset People in Milan

By | November 19, 2022

Visiting Milan is a must when visiting Milan. However, there are some things that tourists do that really annoy the locals in Milan. So whether you are going to the Duomo, the Galeria, La Scala, or just enjoying a night out here are somethings to know about visiting Milano, Italy.
Filmed in Milan, Italy
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Hey there fellow travelers mark here With walters world and today we're in The navili district of milan and today We're going to talk about our ways that Tourists might upset the locals when They come here to milan because anywhere You go in the world where there's lots Of tourists there's certain things Tourists might do that might upset the Locals so we want you to be better Prepared so you can make some friends Here milan and not some enemies okay and I think the first thing i got to tell You about is when you're looking at the Milanese you have to make a distinction Between the milanesi in brutito and the Milanese Okay so basically you're looking at the People that are born and bred in milan Versus the people that have come to Milan maybe they came for work or they Came to school to study you know bocconi Is here which is a fantastic university And so there is definitely a different Vibe between the two types of people and It would usually be the uh milanese Improtito that might be a bit more Perturbed at the tourist than the people That moved here so i just want to put That one out of the way in the first Place okay but if we're looking at the Improvito or anybody that's here Probably something that annoys them is Anytime you're going slow or you're

Walking slow or you're stopping to take Your pictures in the middle of the Walkway these kind of things in any big City annoy people and milan is no Different so if you're going to be Walking down the sidewalk because some Places they're very thin Step to the side to take your picture Don't just stop right in the middle Because that that annoys people anywhere You go okay Another thing i think is important to Mention is it doesn't matter what side Of the impertito fence you fall on one Thing that annoys the locals with Tourists that come here are all the Tourist things that go along with it you Know i mean people say oh they don't Like the tourists because they're Tourists no i don't think it's that Because a lot of the milanese are Actually very friendly to tourists i Think what they might not like about the Tourists when they say that is all the Trappings that come with being such a Tourist mecca that milan is because with The fashion and the duomo and leonardo Da vinci's last supper is you get the Pickpockets you get the bracelet people That try to put things on you you get The hey where are you from what's your Name people more often and therefore it Makes more crime more pick body and Things like that and that kind of annoys

The local in a city like this because Milan traditionally is not really a Tourist city like this isn't going to be A see your roman ruins kind of vacation When you think of italy this is more Eating drinking making mary finding a Job destination in italy so coming to a Place where you it's more of an Industrial city you get kind of like Turned off by dealing with all the Tourist trappy kind of stuff that can Happen because of all the tourists here And that kind of upsets them but of Course there are other things like if You're going on the metro or you're in The the main station and you're standing On the left or standing in the middle of The elevator that's going to really Upset people so make sure you're always Standing on the right because people Will literally during rush hour times People literally run you over and yell At you to get out of the way because Look they're in a hurry this isn't like Sit back and relax you know we're having A few drinks in bari kind of italy no This is milan this is a go go go kind of Place so anything that slows them down Whether it's walking slowly or blocking The escalator is gonna it's gonna kind Of upset the locals just so you know Another thing that tourists do that Upsets the local is when they don't Quite get the traffic culture here in

Milan and when i say that it's not just They don't know how to drive around the Lawn or ride the moped around milan or Whatever it's more they don't know how To cross the street right they don't Know when to go and so it's really Important that you're watching not just For cars but also for trams for buses For mopeds for bikes you have all that There because i can't tell you how many Tourists i saw just blindly walk out on The street because no cars were coming But they almost got taken out by a moped Okay so you want to be careful with that Because that's where you might get a Honk or a quick whistle at you when you Are here from a local now another thing That might have set a local when you do Come here is if you only do the duomo la Scala and the galleria like trifecta When you're here and maybe you see the Last supper and then you say i saw milan Well the thing is milan is so much more Than that just like three or four block Square area to see the duomo of the Gallery and the scala you have to see Them all of course but this city has so Many museums so many churches so many Different districts that you're not Really experiencing you know milan if You're only doing those tourist sites That kind of obsess the locals because They have a lot of pride in their city Like no come to the oviedly district and

Go out there drinking with your friends Here we have all kinds of other great Places around the city that you can see From museums to cemeteries at churches That it's not just duomo and spin your Foot on the the bulls balls in the Galleria there's more to it than that And the people are really proud so it Kind of hurts their feelings or insults Their pride when you only see that so Make sure you go out and explore more When you are here in milan and kind of Going along with that is when tourists Complain that they're not having what They thought would be a truly italian Vacation when they meant they wanted a Historic roman vacation look roman Vacation means rome the romans okay Milan is an industrial city you do not Have the ruins like you have in other Parts of the country so you need to make Sure you temper that expectation and Realize you're going to an industrial City and that's what the real tourism is About here with some actually really Great museums and churches yes but You're not going to have that historic You know Roman vacation things and that's one Thing the locals don't like is like look We we pay enough to roam we don't need You to compare us to rome because that's A whole different ball game when you're Here and you can kind of feel some of

The resentment that milan has for rome When you do that so that's kind of a Good thing not to kind of talk about or Compare when you are here i mean just Think about it you know when people Think of the best you know stadium in Italy they don't think of censero they Think the colosseum the coliseum hasn't Hosted anything in a couple thousand Years right so you know just realize There's a little bit of bone of Contention there and then i think Another thing that might annoy the Locals when you are here is if you Complain about the prices look i'm not Going to lie to you coming to milan Staying in milan staying at the hotels Here in the accommodation going out to Eat i mean this is probably the most Expensive place to go and visit in italy And the thing is it's not just really Expensive for you it's really expensive For the locals as well so if you sit There and complain about how expensive Milan is it doesn't make the locals feel Any better because it's really expensive For them too so that causes a little bit Of resentment i mean they can give you Something to talk about with them but It's something they're like yeah we Already know it's expensive we have to Live with this okay so that's why it Could be something that could be a Little bit of a touchy subject i mean

Not all the time but just something that You might want to know about and all of These things you know people might not Say anything to you but i just think It's a good idea to have an idea about What are some of the things that Tourists do in different cities and Different countries that kind of upset The locals so then you don't do that and You have a better chance to know the Culture better and to make friends with The locals around here because honestly Whether you're here in milan or vicenza Or rome the italians are fantastic they Want to show you their cities their Country their food so go out there and Enjoy and make friends while you're here Ciao from milan

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