Ugly Tourists in Lithuania – How to Upset Lithuanians

By | January 4, 2023

Are you heading to Lithuania and want to make sure you don't upset your local Lithuanian friends or co-workers? Well here are some cultural nuances that you should know about Lithuania so you don't upset your new friends whether you are in Vilnius, Kliapeda, or even Kaunas. How not to upset people in Lithuania.
Filmed in Klaipeda, Lithuania

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Hey fellow Travelers Mark here with Walter's world and say we're in kaipei To Lithuania and today we're going to Talk about our ways that tourists upset Locals when they come to Lithuania Because I know when we travel around Sometimes we upset locals without even Realizing we've done anything wrong and So I want you to learn these things so You don't accidentally upset your new Lithuanian friends and I think the most Important one to start off with Especially if it's like an Olympic year Or a world championship year is don't Talk smack about the Lithuanian national Basketball team look I know when you Think of Europe you're like oh every Country is only about football wrong Lithuania is all about basketball and When I say all about basketball I mean If you're doing a pickup game back home And there's some like five foot tall Lithuanian kid or a seven foot tall dude Pick the five foot Lithuanian dude Because he can shoot lights out from Like 900 feet it's unbelievable but the People love their basketball teams so if You can be here when a game's on and Watch it's fantastic but if you talk any Smack oh they will not be happy be with It I mean I lived here when Lithuania Beat the U.S in the old four Olympics And everybody was going crazy and they Were going crazy at me so just be ready

That know that look it's all about Basketball here captioning K is the way To be in Lithuania okay now The second thing you might do that might You know more likely you might bump into When you're when you're traveling here Is if you don't look in their eyes when They go isekata and they cheers you look In Lithuania it's very important to make That eye contact when you cheers and Beer is fantastic here and the whiskeys Is really good here and all kinds of Great drinks here but if they cheers you They'll say is to your health and then You look at them in the eyes and if they Cut it back because if you don't well It's seven years of bad um luck let's Say all right but also I mean I've had It where my friends actually stopped Like no you must look in the eyes Okay So that might be something if you come From a culture or eye contacts not as Big of a thing here it really is so make Sure you do make that eye contact now Another thing that might I don't know if It's going to upset them but it might Make them a little bit uh nervous a Little bit um you have to realize this In Lithuania there's a lot of Superstitions and we actually have a Video on the superstitions of Lithuania And some are pretty funny but there's Some that you'll notice that I've Actually had friends drag me around

Polls before and that is if you're Walking down to Street and there's like A light pole or a garbage can or maybe You're walking on the other side of the Nice little Fountain behind me there and You split between the two the thing is If you do that that means you split your Friendship so you gotta walk back around On the same side and sometimes your Friends will be like hey come back here Like I had a number of friends would Grab my hands drag my butt back around The pole so so just have a heads up for That one now a little more serious thing In terms of what might upset people is You say Lithuania oh isn't that Russia Look Lithuania yes 40 years ago 50 years Ago was part of the Soviet Union but it Was never part of Russia and what's Interesting is if you look at Estonia Latvian Lithuania Lithuania never had a Large percentage of population of Russians during the Soviet times now if You're looking at Estonia and Latvia Then you know like 40 percent whereas in Lithuania maybe 12 to 15 Max so Lithuania is very much about Lithuania Where Lithuania And they do not like it if you call them Russian okay now a lot of people do Speak Russian because you have cleaning Grad which is right on the border there You got Belarus on the other border but It is something that that's not going to

Go over well so even if you're joking Remember it's leotovich it's Lithuanian Here okay leotuva all right so just let You know that now the next one I want to Talk about which is oddly enough Something that would upset people Anywhere But Here Lithuania is really Really love their cars okay the guys are Big big into their cars and I would say It's messing with anybody's car or Pretending like you're gonna mess with Somebody's car or trying to mess with Somebody's car is not taken well like Some places you're like yeah whatever But here it's kind of a more serious Thing so do be aware of that also one Thing you're not might not realize if You're gonna bring gifts from home Lithuanians don't like processed food They like natural food organic food like You'll eat pretty clean when you are Here because they like their natural Stuff when you have that zeppelina when You're here it's gonna be made from Lithuanian potatoes and Lithuanian meats And stuff and and they're going to do That and they they like the nature side Of things and you go around the country You'll notice it's a lot of rural Tourism here and that kind of nature Part goes listen to their food so if you Offer them processed food or kind of Like over colorized food I guess you'd Call it or you know that's just not

Something I really like I mean they Won't be rude about it but it's not Their thing just so you know another Little thing I noticed when I was living Here is uh don't be weirded out if Someone asks you for arbatos arbatos is Tea people like to go have tea like I Will go with my guy friends in the Afternoon to have a tea and just chat Like that's a normal thing here and some People are like wait you want to go have Tea or like just let's get a beer let's Do this let's go have dinner it's like No I just want to go have a tea and and Sometimes tourists and locals they they Get the wrong idea of what I'm going to Have tea means and going to have arbatos It's just going to have a little chat Okay so don't think anything else Because that could cause some Rifts Between your friendships so Autobots is Just hey let's go out and chill and just Chat for a while now let's go back to That drinking thing okay because the Beer here is fantastic the vodka is here Is Fanta the whiskey here is fantastic But the thing you got to realize is You're gonna upset people if someone Looks at you and says is fecata remember I said that you gotta you gotta cheers Them back but if someone across the room Is doing a shot and you don't have one And they go isekata and do a shot and They're pointing at you that means

You're next and if you don't take a shot Because they said you're next That that that's just rude man that's Just rude okay and it's not gonna go Over well so make sure you're ready so If people are like hey you say Conte Like all right I gotta have one because There's a difference there's that we're Drinking together it's fakata cheers and Then there's the I'm having a shot but I'm calling you out next okay so do be Aware of that one so I hope these little Tips and tricks or ideas I guess you'd Say are recommendations help you have a Better time here in Lithuania by not Upsetting the locals because you know What you don't want to do that when you Travel you want to make sure you know The locals and get to know them have a Good time with them not upset them Because you didn't cheers back with that Isfe Kata with the eye contact so Imagine I have a shot it's fecata Back at you bye from Lithuania

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