Ugly Tourists in Finland: How Tourists Upset The Finns

By | October 22, 2022

Sauna is almost a religion in Finland and not knowing the right etiquette for the Sauna may be the biggest thing tourists do that upset the locals in Finland. The Finns are pretty laid back people, but there are a few things that travelers and tourists to Finland do that does piss them off. Here we go through some tourist mistakes that do upset the Finns.
Filmed in Turku, Finland
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Hey there fellow travelers mark here With walter's world and today we're here In turku finland my old stomping grounds And today we're going to talk about our Different ways that tourists can upset The locals when they come here to Finland and i'll be honest it's going to Be hard to find out you you know upset The finns because they're pretty stoic They're pretty laid back they don't like To cause a lot of ruckus but there are Some things that tourists do that might Irk them just a little bit and i want You to have a great time when you're Here because it's a beautiful country With wonderful places to go and visit And see and do and you don't want to Upset the locals when you're here and i Think the first thing that you might do That might upset the locals is if you Say sauna wrong i mean sauna is from Here not sauna there's no sawing in Sauna okay if you're not sure what a Sauna is it's that hot kind of like hot Room where there's the rocks and then They pour the water on the steam comes Around like It just it just makes you feel alive When you go in there and they love it Here i mean people have saunas in their Home they have in their apartments they Have them in their apartment buildings They have them at the hotels like you'll Check into your hotel and be like oh uh

The male sauna is from eight till ten Tonight it'll be hot and the female is From six until eight you know like they Have it all set up and it's a big thing Here and if you call it sauna they'll be Like dude Yeah okay it's sauna okay so that's one Thing also i think another important Thing is if you don't have the right Sauna etiquette when you're here now no One's gonna say anything but there's Some things you should know because one You don't wear clothes in the sauna it Is all a natural okay and if you're Going in with your swim trunks or your Pair of shorts or your undies yeah No okay they'll tell you we got tiles There for you okay so you can take your Clothes with you and then change out of Them and then go in the sauna with your Towel But it is a naked thing here and i think Another thing that sometimes tourists Understand is like when you go to the Sauna it's guys go together and and Women go together okay it's not a mixed Sex thing it's it's separate hence why They're like men from eight to ten and When we're from six to eight because That's how it is and you will really Kind of upset people if you try to kind Of sexualize sauna because that that's Just not it it's like sexualizing going To the bathroom it's just something

People do like yeah you know sauna is Just a place where friends go and relax And sweat out the stress of the day okay So those are some things i think it's Important in terms of the sound Etiquette that can upset the locals but I think one thing that will really upset Them that if you really want to like Poke the fin okay is to uh say anything Nice about sweden but say something nice About sweden in a way that sweden seems Better than finland especially in ice Hockey because oh my god i can't tell You how many times i've seen people Almost come to blows here which is Insane when it came to sweden versus Finland ice hockey and i'll be honest With you i'm i'm a finland fan spanish Ice hockey is awesome go to games when You're here tap c go to see one of their Games when you're here in turku it's Awesome but do realize that if you say Well you know finnish hockey's nice but Swedish stuff or swedish food or swedish Whatever ah no people are not gonna like That you're not gonna make any friends That way so so be aware of that one but I think the one that you as a tourist Might bump into um and might deal with That you might not even realize you're Upsetting people is is if you're loud Look i've done my best to try to get Away from everybody i can to film this So i'm not upsetting the locals because

The finns like quiet they like to be in Nature they like to be Silent like i was at a parade today and You could talk in a normal conversation While the parade was going on and so Whether you're in public transportation Or on the train or going out to eat you Don't have a lot of like loudness okay So if you're a loud boisterous person Just know there's probably some finn Going oh god could that person just be Quiet okay i mean if you take the train They have a special little Cab net you go into to talk on the phone All right now another thing that they Probably won't bring up to you but People like kind of look at you a little Strangely is if you kind of invade their Personal space because finland is a huge Country with not a lot of population so People have some space here and they Like their space and if you get too Close to them they do not appreciate That they like their bubble so give your Finnish friends the bubble when you're Here say hi don't run up and give him a Hug and kiss say hey how you doing now On another thing when it can kind of Upset the locals it's basically your Geographic knowledge you know i lived Here in finland and when i told people i Was going to finland they're like oh is That like part of russia because it's Right on russia's border

Look do not associate finland with Russia ever no they don't speak russian Here they speak finnish and swedish Those are two official languages and They speak english better than me or you Okay that's how they roll this is not Soviet finland i mean back in the day They used to have the sticker for for Cars in feminists at sf for Suomi which is finland and finnish and Finland which is finland and swedish Okay but people go oh is that soviet Finland you're like no you morons So now you see finn as their as their Little tag okay but honestly like the Winter war was 100 years ago but for People it was something that the fans Are really serious about like we went to War with russia And beat them to save our country so There's not a lot of Friendliness between the two so that's Not really something you want to kind of Bring up so do be do just just have a Heads up for that one another thing i Think that might get your finished Friends a little out of sorts is if you Don't kind of follow the finished rules Because the fans like to follow rules Like we have rules so they should be Followed and the fans are very good at Follow them whether it is you know Waiting to cross the street or you don't Be late you said you'd be there eight

O'clock you will be there eight o'clock And people don't really take kindly if You don't kind of keep your word and go By the normal rules that they expect you To do so whatever you say you're gonna Do make sure you do do it but the thing Is the fans are very hospitable people Like they will share with you they will Have a good time with you it'll be Wonderful but i will warn you you might Like freak them out if you show up Unexpectedly i mean i know when i used To live here i could make plans with my Friends and we'd have it down we'd meet At six o'clock and they'd be there at Six but if i would just happen to be Going by their apartment and knock on The door ring the bell they're like What are you doing here and they Literally look at me like i don't know Who you are because mark was supposed to Be here at eight and you're here at six O'clock like who are you i mean it was Really really crazy but they don't like That surprise visit kind of stuff so do Be aware of that and also if you go into Somebody's house and you don't take off Your shoes that's going to upset them And most likely they'll be like shoes Off and they might even have slippers For you when you're there so that's nice But yeah that's another little thing to Have a heads up on man take those shoes Off oh and going back to that rules kind

Of thing there's also the cue culture Here and fins If you actually want to hear them say Something then Cue jump or line jump because they'll be Like hey Uh the line's back there pal like they Will actually say something most of the Time fans don't say anything but it Comes to line jumpers they're not cool With that like not really happy with the The german tours who just kind of smash Everything up in here yeah that's not Cool and also if you're a german tourist They usually don't like you because you Have this reputation for being cheap and Bringing all your food from germany here Instead of buying stuff in finland So that's another thing that might upset The The fans if you're coming here so just Want to give you a heads up for that but Honestly the fins are really nice people They're very kind of reserved and kind Of held back but once they get to know You or once they want to talk to you You'll see they'll talk your ear off They're wonderful people but there are a Few things that might get them a little Erg so do be careful with that and and Also you know if it's late night friday Or saturday night people been drinking Too much that's always anywhere in the World a time where you don't want to irk

People off anyway i hope you're all Doing well i hope this helps you know How not to upset your finnish friends if I missed any of those little things that Upset the fins please put in the comment Section below so we can help other People come and enjoy finland and not Upset our finnish friends because they Are really wonderful so i'll say muy muy Or bye bye from here in turkey finland

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