Trying Germany’s weird SPIDER CHEESE 🧀

By | October 1, 2022

This cheese has to be one of the strangest foods in the world. It's called Milbenkäse and it's from a small town in the south of Germany. Let's give it a taste test

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This isn't sand and it isn't dirt there Are millions of tiny mites covering this Cheese you see they have little hairs on Their body and it's called melben quesa It's an ancient method used to preserve The cheese so that it doesn't go bad It's such an effective method that the Cheese can stay ripe for up to 100 years And it actually isn't as funky as you Think it tastes good it tastes great It's from Doctor you can smell the Ammonia like a stable or Citrus I guess Doesn't taste like that at all tastes Like a sharp kind of spicy I can see Them moving the smell is so intense wow It's really good it's good it's really Good you write it spicy

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