Treehouses at the White Point Beach Resort

By | April 8, 2022

New in 2022 are the beautiful Treehouses at the White Point Beach Resort in White Point, Nova Scotia. These luxury adult only accommodations are located at the far end of the property right on the Atlantic Ocean. Available to book for a minimum two night stay starting at $290 a night.

The room amenities include the comfiest king sized bed, a small kitchenette with coffee maker, tea kettle and mini fridge, two comfy robes, a propane fireplace, wifi and a TV with Netflix and Prime. Each Treehouse has it's own private balcony overlooking the ocean and it is perfect for a romantic getaway or a weekend away for one to pamper yourself.

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Hey it's caitlin from travel yourself And nova scotia Today i am excited to be staying in one Of the brand new treehouses at the white Point beach resort they have four of These tree houses on property they are For adults only and they sleep too or One that wants to pamper themselves They're a minimum two night stay and They are on the far end of the property And they are just gorgeous let's check Them out Travel yourself This is the outside of the house of Course And then we have the inside As soon as you enter we have a nice Large closet space to hide all of your Things And then we have this Lovely little kitchenette area that has A coffee and tea station a microwave And a nice sized bar fridge And then over here we have the bathroom There are some lovely double sinks Some really nice Products And we have the toilet and a nice big Shower with two shower heads there are Even some lovely robes for you to use Then down here we have a nice little bar Area a place to eat some food or do some Work who wants to work while you're Staying here there are drawers there for

Storage And then down here we have this Lovely huge king-sized bed Right in the middle of the room Nice and fluffy looking there's some fun Decor on the walls And we have these two fluffy looking Chairs to sit in and enjoy the lovely Propane fireplace There is also a smart tv here that has Netflix and prime and a few channels And then one of the best parts of course These huge doors That open to your own private balcony And the gorgeous views of the ocean here At the white point beach resort And the main building is just down that Way with all the other cottages And this is what the outside of the tree House looks like And you can see the other Three treehouses just down that way And there we go this is a stunning Property i'm so excited to be staying Here it even just smells nice So if you're looking for a romantic Place to get away here in nova scotia i Highly recommend you check out the brand New tree houses at the white point beach Resort [Music] [Music] So [Music]

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