Tourist Traps & Scams in Savannah, Georgia

By | January 25, 2023

Heading to Savannah, Georgia, the hostess city and want to know what to look out for? There are not a lot of tourist traps in Savannah, though some of the ghost tours do get a bit too excited about hauntings, here we go through some tourist traps and scams that tourists may run into when they go to Savannah, Georgia.
Filmed in Savannah, Georgia

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Hello Travelers Mark here with Walter's Rule and today we're in Savannah Georgia One of the most popular places to visit In the U.S and anytime you have a Popular tourist destination you know Some tourist traps are going to follow And so today what I have for you are Some of the tourist traps you might find Here in Savannah and just like any Tourist trap some tourist traps are Still worth going to see and do an Experience but it's a good idea to know What you're getting into before you go And I think one of the biggest tourist Traps that's really blossomed over the Last 10 years here in Savannah are the Ghost tours now there are some really Good ghost tours here I'm not going to Say all of them are tourist traps but I Do find it funny is as people saw that That ghosts made money Savannah got a Lot more haunted like you know some Places have it rated as the most haunted City in America so for ghost tour Peoples it's great I mean they love the Travel Channel here because all it does Is talk about ghost stuff so you have so Many more ghost tours that are here but Some of them really are a tourist trap So do make sure you read the reviews Online for each of the different ghost Tours to find which one's right for you Because you want to get one that has a Lot more history versus the ghost

Detector kind of people because those Are kind of really tourist trappy okay Now another thing you have to realize is Since we're a tourist City you do have Some of the tourist trappy kind of stuff Like the locals go back and forth the Petty calves they can be fun and easy But I gotta tell you for me they're kind Of a tourist trap because Savannah's Flat except getting down to River Street So you can walk everywhere go see the Squares go to Forsyth Park see the Historic homes like the Mercer William House behind me you can walk around and Do that you don't need to do the Pedicabs when you're here so that can be Kind of a tourist trap you can take These trolley buses these aren't a Tourist trap going on a trolley bus tour To get a lay of the land is actually a Good thing to do when you're here but The pedicabs I'm not sure Um another thing that of course whenever You have a fun city like Savannah you do Have the other party kind of things like Whether it's the pub crawl tours or I Think the ones the locals would say are The biggest tourist trap are the bike Bar tour kind of things that's also Another tourist trap because honestly You have so many bars here in town you Can go enjoy and drink at that you don't Need to have sit on a bicycle and do it So so those are a couple of things um

Another thing I think locals will tell You is always a tourist trap but one That's worth getting trapped in is going Out to Tybee Island whether you're Getting your your adult slushies at Tybee time or or getting the the Over-the-top t-shirts and kind of stuff Yeah it's a tourist trap but it's fun to Go to the beach out there okay and I Think kind of going along with that T-shirt kind of theme another tourist Trap I like to talk about is uh actually City Market and what city market is it's Like a block or two of pedestrian street That has shops restaurants bars on it You know and some of the restaurants are Fine but overall you just get a very Much a tourist trappy kind of vibe when You go there so that's one thing I I Would say to watch out for because Anytime you see a place that has a Blanket t-shirt that just says Savannah In big block letters yeah it's probably A tourist trap kind of thing and and Kind of going along from City Market if You go down to River Street now River Street does have a couple really good Restaurants Olympia is really nice but In general I'd like to tell you River Street really is kind of a tourist trap With the shops and bars and restaurants That are down there now I'm not saying Don't go on it because it is worth going Down taking the boat and going around on

The riverboat cruise is fun but just Realize what you're doing when you're Going down to River Street okay it's not The Super historic stuff this is where You go and see the squares to see those Beautiful buildings when you go down to River Street yes you're having your You're getting your candies when you're Down there and you're getting your Tourist shirts and stuff so you have That and yes get your your top boy beer When you're down there you can do that But just know River Street can be kind Of a tourist trap especially if you're Looking at restaurants in the evening Time because there's so many great Restaurants all around town from cotton Arrive 45 Bistro you got a lot of Options you're here so don't limit Yourself to River Street because I feel That's the thing that a lot of the blogs And Vlogs have really focused to get People to go down there when really it's More of a touristy trappy place that Locals probably aren't going to be going To as much as a tourist do so hence Making it a tourist trap and speaking of Eating I think you have to realize there Are some establishments here that Because of their success have kind of Become a tourist trap for example Paula Deen's place I mean they had so many People going there and the lines were so Long it was really not possible to

Maintain the quality of food like they Had before just because of scale right I Mean the food's still fine but it got to Be the point where it was like man That's too much of a tour strap let's Try other places that's why a place like Mrs Wilkes which became very popular Which locals love and and now that's Kind of almost a touristy kind of spot As well but if you're going around just Realize you have a lot of food options Don't just go to the places that show up On tripadvisor's top five or top 10 Restaurants in Savannah because that's Based on a number of people that go There and to get those kind of numbers You're gonna have to get the tourists Going there not so much the locals so Eat out more than just the The Tourist Spots like Moon River Brewery it's good For a beer but don't eat there just just Drink there because their beer is good And move away to some of the other Restaurants around town okay [Music] And one of the the saddest tourist traps I hate having to say this to people is Going to Leopold's Ice Cream on Broughton look Leopold's Ice Cream it's Fine I mean I love their hot cocoa ice Cream I got to give them that Savannah Socialite's also good but it really is a Tourist trap especially on some of those Really hot muggy days you know June July

August September April maybe a day in March like and you'll see people lined Up outside no protection from the heat No protection from the Sun just melting Away waiting to get their ice cream and It really is a tourist trap because one If you're flying in there's a kiosk in Like through and you go through security They have it there and when you're out Of security they have one there so you Can get your Leopold's Ice Cream at the Airport but honestly that line just Makes it a tourist trap you're like oh I Have to get in this line to go there Because it's so beautiful and wonderful And the ice cream will be so good you'll Talk to locals they'll say it's not all That but I mean I find it okay but I'm Not going to wait in line for it so That's where it's becoming kind of a Tourist trap but you can always get your Picture and if there is no line then yes Go in and grab some some because I'm Sure I will if there's no line but I'm Here during a film festival so I'm going To guess that line will be long so I Will not be having Leopold's on broaden I already had it at the airport Yesterday so I'm the game but anyway I Just want to give you some of the fun Tourist traps that are here in Savannah There are more um that's why I put in The comment section below if you have Other tourist traps here in Savannah but

Honestly this is a really fun town to go To and all the things I mentioned here You can still do and have a great time So it's not a bad thing and that's one Thing I think with tourist traps Sometimes it gets a bad connotation that You shouldn't do it the thing is if you Realize what you're getting into when You go to a tourist trap it's okay if You're getting one of those silly ghost Tours that's totally a tourist trap have Fun with it if you're going to go to Paula Deen's place I mean enjoy the food It's there maybe you'll see Paula Walking around or one of her sons I Don't know but you could enjoy your time With them as well so what are those Other tourist traps you've seen here in Savannah or the places around the world Put in the comments section below so we Can help other Travelers know what to Look for or look out for when they Travel and I'll say bye from here in Savannah

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