Tourist Traps & Scams in Montreal

By | January 18, 2023

Heading to Montreal and not sure what to expect? There are so many great sights, restaurants, and activities around the city that you can keep yourself busy for days, however when you go around you may want to watch out for some of the Tourist Traps that tourists fall for when they go to Montreal. Here we try to help you learn about some of the more popular tourist traps in Montreal and some are very much worth visiting!
Filmed in Montreal, Canada
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Hey there fellow Travelers Mark here With Walter's world and today we're here In Montreal and today I want to talk About are some of the tourist traps that Tourists need to deal with when they Come here to Montreal the thing is this City is really amazing from the food to The architecture Old Montreal I mean It's just a beautiful place to be but The thing is is a lot of these tourist Traps you might actually want to do Anyway because they're still worth it But that doesn't mean they're a tourist Trap okay and and one thing I want to Talk about and this is one thing you'll See tourist traps all over Canada one Thing you got to be aware of anytime you Try to buy maple syrup in a tour shop And this is in like every single blog About tourist traps in Canada because It's true why pay three or four or five Times the price for great maple syrup Just because it comes in a maple leaf Container now go to the dev go to the Local store the grocery pick up some Maple syrup there and take it home or When you get back home you can always Order it on Amazon and get authentic Canadian maple syrup at home without the Thread of the it breaking in your Baggage and ruining all your clothes Okay so just to be aware of that one Okay now the second tourist trap I think I need to warn you about has to do with

Restaurants so if you go to Old Montreal There are so many Terraces there's so Many great restaurants there's so many Wonderful food throughout the city okay But I gotta tell you if you're in the Old town or if you're in any kind of the More touristy areas and you see Restaurants that really really push that Authentic food real French cuisine kind Of stuff look the restaurants here are So good they don't have to Hype it up That's why you'll go to restaurants be Like is this place really special it Looks kind of like a not a dump but it Doesn't look really nice but the food Will be fantastic if they have to Oversell to you to try to get you to Come in we usually know that's kind of a Tourist trappy kind of thing and I find That the prices seem to be a little more Elevated in those authentic restaurants So just go find other restaurants that Have the same type of food without Hocking the frenchiness or authenticness Of it because that can actually up the Price a bit now one of the places that Really looks like a dive but really has Fantastic food but it's totally a Tourist trap but totally worth going to Is Schwartz Deli Schwartz Deli is where You get the smoked meat sandwich okay But here's the thing you can get the Smoked meat sandwich all over town There's No One restaurant that just has

The smoked meat or one bagel place is The best bagel place there's great Bagels everywhere there's great you know Smoked meat everywhere and Schwartz is The one that's the most famous but Here's the thing it's totally worth Going to because it's amazing but the Tourist trap of it is is you go during Lunch time the line can be really long And they they get through the line Relatively quickly but as a tourist if You don't have a lot of time I would Skip and go someplace else for lunch and Maybe come back for an afternoon snack Of a smoked meat sandwich and it's just Bread smoke like brisket oh it's so good With some mustard it's fantastic people Are super friendly too so why not go There and do that so it's a tourist trap That's worth doing but you got to make Sure you do it at the right time and That same thing could go for the Fairmont bagels or some of the other Bagels places around out here where you Have those super long lines because They're famous but you can get great Bagels all over the city too so Something to kind of think about but Honestly the bagels and and the smoke Meter with getting anywhere now another Thing I want to talk about when it comes To tourist traps and these are all Places worth going to see okay I gotta Tell you that the Bon Secours Market

Crescent Street and plus Jacques Cartier Are all gorgeous all worth going to see Beautiful place to be seeing the shop Seeing the restaurants all kinds of Stuff but I gotta tell you because They're so popular because they're so Pretty a lot of the restaurants and bars They kind of hike the prices up a bit More than you feel they should be so if You don't want to bust your budget Sitting at those locations to eat you Can get great food all over the city Without without dealing with that now Another tourist trap I have for you when You come here to Montreal are the Exchange houses and any place you can Exchange cash like US dollars for Canadian dollars because a lot of times You either get a bad exchange rate or They charge you a lot of fees look if You're gonna be coming here you don't Have to exchange money have your debit Card from home there's plenty of ATMs All over the city you can just use your ATM from home and you're going to get a Better exchange rate without all the Fees and stuff so do that instead of the Exchange houses whether you're at the Airport or downtown you see my problem With the tourist traps here in Montreal A lot of them are worth going to see Based on your situation and speaking of Situation another kind of not Necessarily a tourist trap but one thing

I see a lot of people push on a lot of Blogs and videos is go into the Underground of Montreal when I say the Underground it's basically they're just Restaurants and Shops and and connected Tunnels and areas between some of the Buildings so when it's winter time you Don't have to be out in the cold in the Snow which is cool so it's not a tourist Trap in the winter time because it Actually helps you be safer going around Town but in the summer time it is kind Of a tourist trap don't don't get lured Into going to the underground it's Basically just going to a underground Mall so you're in the basement level Going around at different places so not Really super cool to do in the summer Now another thing that I think is Important to mention when you come here To Montreal is you can get great views Of the city one when you're flying in of Course but also if you go to the Montreal that the park there it actually Goes up high and you get a great view of The city for free which means two places Tend to be a bit of a tourist trap Because you can get beautiful views Without pain one is if you go to the Olympic stadium and you go to that like Weird tower you can go up and have a View from there or you do the ferris Wheel you know in old old Montreal for Quite a bit of money if you ask me to go

Do it and so it's one of those tourist Trappy things that look I can see that View for free or I can pay like 25 bucks For it so something to kind of think About if you're looking at your budget When you're here and another thing I Think would go along with you know Busting your budget for something that's Quite touristy and this is something That's in every major city around the World and that is the horse-drawn Carriages or the buggies that are here Yes when you go to view Montreal Old Montreal I mean it is gorgeous and you Can go and you can get a horse-drawn Carriage to take you all around on the Cobblestones and feel like you're back In time and and be there with your Special somebody and if you're here with Your special somebody it's totally worth It I'm here by myself so it's not Totally worth it so as a tourist just be Aware of that and then a tourist trap That I think we don't always think about Is actually ride shares and taxis in Montreal if you use them aside from Coming from the airport because the Public transportation here is actually Really good I mean there's actually a Bus that'll bring you from the airport Into town no problem but honestly you Don't really need to use the Ubers and The taxis and stuff when you're here Because one you can walk a lot of places

Yes it's a lot of walking but there's so Much great architecture and parks to Enjoy when you're going around it's Totally fine but the thing is you have The Metro that's here you got the buses That are here they go all over the city And they go late into the evening so you Really don't have to use the Ubers and Taxes when you're here so that and one Thing is if you're a tourist that's kind Of used to well I gotta Uber everywhere I got a taxi everywhere that's kind of a Tourist trap that you fall into as a Tourists when you don't have to do that You can save a lot of money just taking Public transportation around Montreal Okay so I hope you like my list of Tourist traps here in Montreal I know They're not like crazy tourist traps and A lot of these things you want to do Anyway but I think they're important for Tourists to know when they come here to Enjoy this city so if you have other Tourist traps here in Montreal please Put in the comments section below to Help other Travelers have a better time In this beautiful city and I'll say bye From here in Montreal

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