Toronto: The DON’Ts of Visiting Toronto

By | December 3, 2022

Heading to Toronto and not sure what to expect? Well we have what not to do in Toronto for Tourists, as well as what you should do in Toronto as a tourist. From eating in Toronto, to the CN Tower, to the ROM and other incredible things that Toronto has to offer. Tourist information on Toronto, Canada.
Filmed in Toronto, Canada

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Hey there fellow Travelers Mark here With Walter's world and say we're here In Toronto Canada and today we're going To talk about are some of the towns that Tours should know before they come to Toronto so they can have a great time And my first done for you is don't add That second tea to Toronto because Toronto is Toronto not Toronto it has Nothing to do with your shoes or your Feet though your feet might hurt after You walk all the time around the city But no it's just Toronto okay so I want To start off with that one just so you Know okay but in terms of tourist tips My first dump for you is don't feel like You have to go up CN Tower I mean don't Get me wrong CN Tower will be in Literally thousands of your pictures When you're here and you will take Thousands of pictures of CN Tower Because it is cool it is on the skyline It is a symbol of the city but you don't Really have to go up it it's I'm not Saying it's a tourist trap kind of thing But you can get great views of the Waterfront on the waterfront you can get Great views of the skyline from your Hotel so don't think you have to go up There just in case you're debating in it Now another time I have for you as a Tourist is and actually anyone that Comes to Toronto is don't drive because You don't want to drive here you don't

Want to park here you don't want to deal With the traffic here you don't want to Deal with the construction here it is Hair pulling out frustrating driving Around downtown Toronto or in the Neighborhoods so just stay away from That that's why my next don't which is Really a do is don't forget to get your Presto card and ride the TTC the Toronto Transit Commission has great public Transport all over the city you've got The subway line you've got the street Cars you got the buses to go everywhere Yeah they can be a bit slow and Sometimes delayed but they will be a lot Better than dealing with the traffic Here in Toronto and honestly it's going To save you a lot of money versus taking Taxis and Ubers around town and when you Are on the TTC one thing I got to tell You is um don't be loud on the public Transportation here no one likes that so If you like to talk to your friend on Your phone real loud or you're one of Those people that for some reason talk To their friend on speakerphone own no We don't we don't do that here you don't Listen to your music loud you don't talk Loudly you're quiet you're quiet on the TTC okay don't randomly speak to people Don't randomly be really loud just Calm down okay and and I think another Don't I have to tell you when it comes To the TTC is don't get in people's way

Whether it is going down the escalator Remember stand on the right walk on the Left on the escalators going up and down To the subway but also if you're Debating about getting on the bus or Getting off the Metro get out of the way Stand to the side of the doors not in Front of them because the locals they've Got to go whether they're going to work Or going out with their friends or Whatever so don't just just don't be in The way okay now getting back to the Tourist stuff another done I have for You is don't skip out on going to the Hockey Hall of Fame I don't care if you Hate hockey I don't care if you've never Ice skating your entire life you will Love the Hockey Hall of Fame because It's done so well the memorabilia that's There the you know the interactive Exhibits are there the exhibits are the History how well they explain everything There is fantastic and what's cool is if You want to get a picture with a Stanley Cup hey you don't have to win it you can Go there and get a picture of the Stanley Cup it's so cool so you have to Go there but I will say um don't be Weirded out if when you're looking for The entrance to Hockey Hall of Fame you Have to go through a food court and it Gets kind of weird You're in the right place if you're Going to a food court to go get to the

Hockey Hall of Fame I know it sounds Weird but that's one of the things here Now another joke I have for you for the Museums here is don't pass up the dinos At the ROM the Royal Ontario Museum Probably has one of the best collections Of dinosaur bones in the entire world I Mean it is an incredible visit to go I Told Liam I was coming back to Toronto Last time he was here he was like three Years old he's like go see the dinos Again and he's past his dinosaur phase That tells you how great they are so Definitely definitely definitely check Out the ROM but they have a lot of Different stuff that's there it's not Just dinosaurs it's a huge collection And the building itself is really cool How it's like a historic looking Building and then the modern stuff Jutting off on the side it is cool to Check out just from the outside but Don't forget to go in because it's well Worth it now my next done for you is a Quick one behind me I don't know if you Can see it because how I have it angled But don't be disappointed by the city Hall here in Toronto it could possibly Be one of the ugliest City Halls in the Entire world I'm just saying I know Another tone I have for you is when you Come to Toronto what you have to realize Is this city is super International People from all over here and one of the

Key and best parts of that is the fact That you don't have to eat traditional Canadian food you know like maple syrup And steaks and stuff when you come here Because there's so much great International Food go to Koreatown have Korean food Chinatown have Chinese food Little Italy go to Greektown there's so Much fantastic food all throughout the City because the people that came that Immigrated here brought their Cuisine And they brought the good stuff I mean We're talking you get Falafel at some Fast food joint it's probably better Than the Falafel at your fancy Restaurant back home where you live it's Amazing so go explore go eat all the Different nationalities that are here I'm gonna tell you I've had some of the Best Portuguese food ever not just from The five years I lived in Portugal but Being here the Portuguese food was Incredible so make sure Eva's just Getting one of the Portuguese custard Tarts get one you will love it now one Donut I have to remind you of though is When you're shopping here um don't Expect the price you see to be the price You actually pay because they do have Sales tax here so imagine another like 13 added on to anything you buy so that Can get frustrating as a tourist also Don't forget to tip we tip here in Canada between 15 and 20 and if you pay

With car they'll give you the machine Back and it usually will give you 18 20 Or 22 percent uh they're pretty smart There Um for you to tip on it because it is a Tipping culture here that's how it is in Canada that's house here in Toronto so Don't forget to tip your waiters and Servers they're super nice here so you Should and the thing is is when you're Going around the city don't miss those Neighborhoods whether you're going to go Out to eat or go see some of the Galleries in some of the shops or or Just enjoying your time here whether You're going to The Distillery District Just like this nice pedestrian area Which shops and place to eat and stuff Yeah it's a little touristy but it's Well worth it going out to Kensington Market with all the boutiques there I Mean that's always a fun place to go That's actually Jocelyn's favorite Neighborhood here Toronto you know Whether you're going to Greektown Cabbage town you know Queen Street West I mean there's so many different Neighborhoods for you to explore that I Really recommend that you actually stay Out in the neighborhoods because my next Dome for you is don't expect much going On on the weekends downtown because Downtown is downtown it's a working area And so when it's Saturday and Sunday I

Mean it's pretty empty except for some Tourists walking around so you might Want to stay outside of downtown if You're here on the weekend if you're Here during the week it's totally fine There's plenty of accommodation but just Want to give you the heads up now my Favorite spot to visit when I'm here I Don't want you to miss out on it is Don't forget to pig out when you go to St Lawrence Market so St Lawrence Market Has been voted like one of the best Markets in the entire world and you go There I mean it's got you know the Cheeses and the meats and all the stuff That's there but what's cool is you can Have a lot of the Canadian Specialists And Toronto Specialties when you're There one thing if you want to get that Pea meal bacon sandwich that you hear About you need to have when you're here In Toronto you can get it there and it's Fantastic if you ever want to have one If you're trying to think about it it Looks like it's a ham sandwich kind of But it's kind of like if ham and a Bratwurst had a baby and then they would Sliced it thin and put it on some Fantastic bread with some mustard that's What it tastes like or you can get some Butter tarts when you're there because There's bakeries there that have their Stuff there get the pastel the knots of Those Portuguese Tarts I was talking

About so many good things to have when You're there that you just you should Just go explore so go there and you can Answer the Eternal debate in Canadian Families is it a butter tart is it Better with raisins in it or better with Nuts in it I mean I got both to try and I'm team done I'm sorry I'm t-nut raisin Was good but team Not Butter Tart that's Me now when you're going around the city If you want to get a kind of feel of the City don't feel that you have to do the Hop On Hop off bus remember the TTC They've got street cars and those street Cars it's like stepping back in time Taking the streetcar around town around The city and they go out to the Neighborhoods as well so that's one Thing I do recommend our buddy Jeff who Just stopped by another fellow traveler Made sure I wanted to tell you that so Thanks Jeff for that one now another Thing I want to remind you of is don't Forget about all the history and art you Can see when you're here in Toronto Because there are tons of like history Museums historic homes you can go to yes You can go to Casa Loma and see the Castle of Toronto when you want to go There the gardens are there beautiful You know you can see that Heck if you're Here in October they actually have a Halloween theme in there too so there's Uh there's a lot of historic homes

History museums to check out but for me It's the art that's here he has a Contemporary art museum you can go to The murals around the city is fantastic But the the Art Gallery of Ontario is Probably the must-see Art Gallery if You're going to go here definitely go For that but if you don't have time for That and some of the neighborhoods they Have smaller galleries with the artists Actually there and so you can go check Those out now another thing I have for You is don't come to Toronto in the Winter look it's cold it's Toronto it's Called just just deal with that but if You do have to come here Toronto in the Winter don't forget to use the path the Path is the underground network of Corridors hallways shops all kinds of Stuff that connects all kinds of places Around town like I can literally go from Here at City Hall all the way down to Union Station it's about a 20 minute Walk on the ground like above ground There's connected hallways and corridors That go all the way there so use that in The winter to keep yourself safe from The elements because there's no reason To complaining about the cold because You can get out of it when you're here Now another sad thing I've got to tell You about Toronto as a tourist is um Don't expect Toronto to be cheap I mean Have you seen the HGTV shows where

They're shopping in Toronto for houses You're like yes I'm looking for a one Bed one bath house with a window oh That's 17.9 billion dollars I mean it's Not that bad but honestly the housing Prices are high but also going out to Eat going out to drink shopping staying Here it is probably the priciest city in Canada or this in Vancouver so do be Aware of that when you're planning your Budget for Toronto because yeah it ain't Going to be cheap so going along with The expensive side of things also don't Use US dollars when you're here we use Canadian dollars it's Canada the thing Is though some places will take US Dollars so if you don't want to exchange Money you don't don't have to Necessarily but just know that they will Give you an exchange rate that's to Their liking also you'll get your change Back in Canadian coins uh so hey you'll Get some loonies and sunnis so I guess There's a good thing there but honestly Just go to the ATM and take out some Canadian money and you'll be fine Because most the places anyway you can Pay with credit card no big deal but I Will say it's mostly Visa Mastercard are The two most accepted ones that I've Seen another don't I want to add about Toronto is don't forget about the bikes You actually rent the bikes and go Around town There's plenty of bike Lanes

Everywhere but I got to tell you don't Forget to watch out for the bikers Because they have their own kind of code Of conduct so don't block the bike Lane Park in the bike lane Don't Mess the Bike lane because the bikers got their Own thing here so just be aware of that Now if you're going to be here for a While I gotta tell you this one don't Miss out on a day trip to Niagara Falls I mean it's actually not that far if you Drove here it's one of the times it's Worth it to get the car out of the valet And drive you can go down to Niagara Falls but the thing is there's tons of Tours that go from Auto down there and There's also buses that go down there so You can easily get to Niagara Falls also If you want to get back to Nature don't Forget you can take the fairies out and You have a nice view of the harbor and Go around go over the islands you can do That as well and then this donut I have For you is one I really really enjoy About Toronto Don't think you have to be big city Scared when you come to Toronto this is A safe big city okay now I know not Every big every big city has issues and Toronto has its own issues but you're Not worrying like you do in New York or Chicago or L.A or anything like that You're really enjoying the city and you Can go out at night and enjoy yourself

You can go shopping you can take your Family around without worrying because It is a really safe big city yeah maybe A pickpocket Here There and some other Stuff but you know but otherwise this is Actually a really great City to visit so Those are my don'ts of visiting Toronto What are your don'ts to help out other Travelers coming to this great City I'll Say bye from here in Toronto

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