Todd Labrador Birch Bark Canoe Launch at Kejimkujik – Mi’Kmaq Artisan

By | September 29, 2021

Mi'kmaq Artisan Todd Labrador is one of the only traditional birch bark canoe builders. On September 18, 2021 he launched his newest canoe at Merrymakedge beach in the Kejimkujik National Park and Historic Site. Built over the summer at the park with local guides and help from visitors.

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Music from Epidemic Sound

Hey it's kayla from travel yourself and Nova Today i am at the kejimakujik national Park and historic site to see the launch Of a birchbark canoe by emigma artist Todd Labrador travel yourself [Music] Hi there my name is todd labrador and um We're in kenjinkuche national park at Miramar kids beach but i build birchbark Canoes and we've been here For the last several years summers Building canoes The one right behind me is the one we Just finished this year or this summer And So i worked with our rose muse And her daughter cedar from bear first Nation And We started back in june 24 And We worked here until september 5th So today we're gonna do the official Launch And this canoe that we built this summer Will Will be going to ryerson university in Toronto well um I always had the interest as a child and And my great-grandfather Who had raised my father he was a Birchbark canoe builder so um

I got the stories from my father like Kept hearing these neat stories about When he grew up and what they did and so Building canoes was one and uh so that's How i get interested um Pretty well around the province because Uh Like this well the cedar the inside the Ribs and the flanking i got from new Brunswick And We could have used black spruce here but I cedar is easier to use And We use modern tools but we also use Traditional tools And Um Some of the wood i got locally some of The bark i get some of it in here some Of it outside Todd and rose who built this canoe are Going to take the new canoe out onto the Water Thanks to my partner rosie The one that's going to be swimming here In a few minutes And cedar and and everybody else that Helped Include my wife lorie [Music] [Music] Me [Music]

Oh [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] Um [Music] It went very well i um I'm always amazed at how little Resistance the birch bark has in the Water and it's effortless really to Paddle I didn't expect That many people but uh really pleased With how many Showed up and uh it's always nice to see Everyone and And uh You know it's not like they come and And we go out and they go home it's like They stay so uh and some people had a Chance to try it out and Sometimes Well many times it's the first time They've ever paddled the burst parking So I like to do that You

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