This does WHAT?! | Exploring Costa Rica’s Oldest Market in San Jose

By | May 15, 2022

Welcome to Central Market or Mercado Central, the largest market in San Jose, Costa Rica. Here you can find everything from exotic fruits, kitchenware, tourist gifts, typical food, organic coffee and incredible plants. There are several stalls with hanging dried herbs that are natural remedies for everything from depression and anxiety to constipation and diabetes. The list goes on… We even found a natural remedy for Siya's mom's migraines. Hit play and explore Central Market with us.

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Welcome to the san jose Central market or mercado central is the Largest market here in san jose it Covers an entire block and has more than 200 stalls we visited a lot of places in Costa rica i've never seen this many Costa ricans in one spot and we've never Been here like inside before so i'm Excited to experience it with you guys Let's go [Music] Hello Hello how Good good brother this place is like a Labyrinth Choose whichever direction you want to Go in first This way this way sure Wow look at this cheese We got cakes over here Brownies We've been here for like 10 minutes and Already i'm very disoriented i have no Idea where we came in from It's just like a wild maze i'm feeling Hungry but And i think probably because i've Already seen food and it's triggering me But um maybe we could just like walk a Bit and Kind of get a feel for this place first And see what our options are because I've already seen three sodas a soda is A place where you can get the

Traditional costa rican cuisine like a Casalo And it's cheap too which is always nice But let's look around first I've been told that pickpocketing is Also very big in this market it's tight Quarters And lots of people walking around So You gotta keep your belongings safe i'm Wearing a backpack if there was Valuables in there i would be wearing This backpack in my front i have my Fanny pack fanny pack Fanny pack is good If you need a fanny pack you can Probably get one here there are fanny Packs But overall costa rica is a very safe Country so Just be cautious but don't be worried I see like ginger turmeric This is for colitis gastritis Colitis gastritis I guess that means for sinuses diabetes For prostate Pretty cool wow look at all these Some garlic hanging What is this Loofas So this is like a plant that you you Peel the skin off and you can use this To To scrub you down in the shower this

Looks like it's for migraine pain this Is like cactus hombre grande for like Weight loss i guess For cholesterol This looks like cotton right here What is that It's like almost like a buddha hand but Like a smaller version like some sort of Like citrus You can get the seeds too so we can Prepare our own plants Look at the size of that ginger Amazing wow My mom is staying with us right now and She gets horrible horrible migraines That's like she's not even here right Now she's bedridden And uh It happens to her like once a month and She has these like things these sprays That she sprays in her nose uh and and Those help but it's extremely expensive And i've never experienced a migraine Like that maybe some of you have but It's it's you know debilitating so This is supposed to help apparently this Has a bunch of herbs inside And if you smell it it's supposed to Help with Uh with headaches [Music] This is 3 000 colonists which is six Bucks six dollars canadian about five Dollars u.s

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Payments The final installment payment is usually Around two weeks before departure Another feature i love about late trip Is the trip fluencer program which Allows for you and your audience family And friends all to get extra discounts And rewards on each booking you can Check out our special link in the Description box below so we can both Save on our next trip thanks in advance When it comes down to it later is making Travel more attainable for everyone no Matter what your financial situation may Be now let's get back to the video [Music] Wow oh this is cacao this is chocolate Raw chocolate Wow what is this I've never even seen oh this is a Coconut Made into a scrubber Whoa [Music] Nancy so we actually have this this Fruit tree on our land Yeah and it's like sweet A little sour And it has a pit in the middle like a Cherry Those look spicy [Music] It's only available in costa rica Nicaragua as well but

It's a vegetable that you put in like Soups and stuff Yeah see well so you have to cook it First and then you can peel it And it's a vegetable i've never seen This before that's what i love about Costa rica like you Get introduced to so many new fruits and Vegetables like you think you know Everything and then you know It says I want to keep looking but i'm getting Angry we need to eat first We need it let's go okay I'm really excited it's hard to know Like how to where to eat but my tip is To look for where more people are eating And then you know like that's the place To get it good place to get yeah to get Your food because it's obviously a Popular place yeah and there's more Turnover of the food so food isn't Sitting there for longer It's pretty fishy i'm just eating this Whole plate of vegetables it's perfect It's really simple there aren't like Many added flavors besides just the Flavor of the vegetable a little bit of Salt maybe That's perfect it's simple A lot of beautiful vegetables and fruits Here Some i've never even seen before like What the is that i don't know what is

This oh this this is a palm tree i've Seen these on i think those are the um I think i have no idea how to uh i'm Pretty sure i'm pretty sure it's called Pepe And you have to boil it and then you can Eat it it's very like popular here in Costa rica what is that What is that Wow look at all of these different herbs And plants and spices and Amazing this is a natural pharmacy right Here people with diabetes This is kurkuma And it says use To clean the blood Wow this is to help with depression Amazing Sinusitis And this one's for muscle pain Oh wow yeah you just put a little bit of Alcohol on it and then you rub it on Yourself and Gets rid of any muscle pain there's like Bug repellent I feel like this is what hola buenas i Feel like this is what a pharmacy would Look like a hundred years ago Someone with a deep knowledge of plants Access to like jungles and forests for Harvesting the plants and the herbs Knowing how to prepare them knowing how To use them And

Essentially helping people you know Medicine men medicine women would Would help all sorts of diseases and Ailments and injuries and problems with The body you wouldn't you wouldn't go to Your doctor you would go to someone that Understood plants Yes Is My favorite thing this whole market are All of the stands that have these dried Plants herbs just hanging natural Medicines and getting to talk to the People who run these stands and learn About what these different Plant medicines do for the body and just Oh i love it i'm so obsessed with all of That so this is very exciting and i am Definitely every time i come back i'm Coming here i've barely seen any Tourists here right this is this is a Real local experience this is the Traditional way to make coffee here in Costa rica so i think like if you're Gonna bring a souvenir home definitely Get one of these coffee maker with a bag Of like coffee Perfect gift It looks like just like a sock right you Put the coffee in here you pour the Water and then it drips down into the Cup which you put here wow that's a good Price Nine dollars canadian

I'd say this is where locals would come To get Gifts for their family for their friends If they're going to be traveling abroad Wow look at all that banana leaf amazing There's a little bit of everything here And we're back out in the streets of san Jose Crazy busy streets here I also heard that the market is Overwhelming i didn't feel that it is Monday today so maybe like on a saturday It would be overwhelming but Definitely come on a weekday if you Don't like being you know around so so Many people Just don't walk around the market Because there's definitely a lot more People here than inside [Music]

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