By | January 4, 2023


I used to think that the world's tallest People were in Holland or Latvia until I Went to the country of South Sudan It's also known as you can see the land Of the tall and Duck and I love it I Love my height and being here makes me Love it and makes me embrace who I am And how tall I am South Sudan is the Home of the Dinka tribe their average Height is well over six feet or 182 Centimeters but many are way taller than That when I was walking around and Meeting people I could hardly reach the Top of their heads seriously my neck was Starting to hurt from looking up at the Sky all day long so why are the South Sudanese so tall some theories suggests That people have evolved with longer Limbs to adapt to the warm tropical Climate allowing them to sweat more and Prevent overheating whatever it is it's A beautiful sight to see and the people Of South Sudan are so welcoming and Friendly thanks for watching and I'll See you in the next video

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