The Indian Head Wobble, Explained 🇮🇳 #travel #shorts #india #culture

By | December 4, 2022

Here is why people in India wobble their Head When you visit India you will notice People moving their head up and down Side to side and diagonally and you Might wonder what does it mean Is it a yes or a no is it a not of Approval a quick reading or something Completely different well the answer can Be all the above there's the yes Wobble The no Wobble the baby wobble the what's Up wobble and the wobble that just Acknowledge someone's presence in my Experience the faster the head Bobs the More the person understands believe it Or not this gesture is 100 subconscious If you ask any Indian people to do it on The spots they can't replicate it Everybody do the yes yes yes is it Really up and down yeah it's discoveries Like this and they're traveling the World so much fun thank you for watching And I'll see you in the next video make Sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel For more epic stories and hit up my Podcast thanks bye

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