The Don’ts of New York at Christmas

By | December 14, 2022

Hey there fellow Christmas travelers! This week we are looking at the do's and don'ts of visiting New York City at Christmas time! Our special guest is Megan from @TheMeganDaily a licensed tour guide in New York City. We cover the Christmas windows on 5th Avenue, the holiday markets all around New York City, the lights Dyker Heights in Brooklyn and so much more Christmas in New York City activities and fun. What to know about visiting New York City at Christmas Time.
Filmed all over New York City at Christmas time

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Merry Christmas from New York City Fellow Travelers and today what we have For you are the don'ts of visiting New York City during Christmas and I gotta Tell you don't pass up coming to New York City at Christmas time because the City is magical from the Christmas Markets to the events going on the Holiday fairs the food the fun the Festivities and all kinds of the fun Stuff but don't just take my word for it Actually a friend to join me to this Week on today's video [Music] Thank you so I brought my friend Megan Who is the official guide here in New York City to give us some more of the Don'ts of this in New York and Christmas Time and since she's so much of a better Speaker than I am I'm going to switch This on just to her a big don't of the Holiday season in New York City is don't Come expecting to get great There are certainly free things that you Can do in New York City over the Holidays it's absolutely free to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree it's Absolutely free to look at the Holiday Windows at Bergdorf Goodman but if You're looking for a deal in a Restaurant or a great deal on a Broadway Show or a dinner cruise they might Actually be more expensive during the Holidays if you are looking to get a

Great deal in New York City the best Time to travel is really January and February that's when we have events like Broadway Week where you can see a Broadway show and get two tickets for The price of one and a restaurant way Where you can eat at some of the city's Best restaurants at a price of about Thirty dollars for a three-course meal But during the holidays don't expect Budget deals don't forget to tip when You are traveling to New York City During the holiday season remember that Everybody who is helping you create Memories they have actually chosen to Not be with their family to help you Create those wonderful holiday memories So whether or not it's a taxi driver Your hotel concierge a tour guide a Waiter or a waitress give them a big tip During the holidays another thing to Take note of is that while everything is Super busy at Christmas time in New York City January and February are usually Pretty empty so anyone who is helping You is really depending on those tips to Get through January and February [Music] So another thing I think is really Important this is one that Megan Reminded me of before I came here Yesterday and she's like Go ahead tell them don't forget to get The weather so many times

To work as Aunt in December in December I kid you Not I've given tours to people of Central Park and they show up wearing Shorts wow it gets cold in New York City You want to check the weather you're Going to enjoy Central Park you're going To enjoy the holiday lights so much Better if you are warm and toasty that's Right and you can actually go inside of Some beautiful places like here at the Peninsula Hotel to check out their trees And and do that so do get out of the Cold if you aren't prepared but yes that Was the most important thing because I Was coming with a full winter coat long Underwear all the stuff and then I Looked the weather's going to be in the 40s the entire time I'm here so I have a Quarter zip t-shirt and a little jacket And I'm doing okay yeah that's the other Thing you don't want to go too far the Other direction too is then you get too Hot and if it's raining you want to make Sure that you have an umbrella or Raincoat you're just going to enjoy Everything better if you the weather Exactly because no one likes to be a Tourist when they're soaking wet [Music] So another important down Especially if you're a little Claustrophobic is don't be afraid of the Crowds I know that places like the

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree are Going to have Bonkers crowds it is Totally worth it I mean the tree is Covered in 50 000 LED lights there is a Star on top of it that is covered in Three million Swarovski Crystals if you Are not impressed by that I don't know What's going to impress you yeah and the Crowds You can get away from look we've gotten Away from just over here buy it what's Cool is what's right down the way Saks Fifth Avenue and they have a phenomenal Light show it's synced to music it's I Mean it's cool Yeah and it's worth braving the crowds Not just here but anywhere you go in New York City because this is a very popular Time to be here that's why it's also Important that we gotta what don't Forget to book your accommodation well In advance because this gets very very Popular for the holiday season so your Accommodation your restaurants all kinds Of stuff don't forget to do that because Otherwise you might be A little out of luck to get all the good Stuff people do the touristy stuff Because it's awesome that's right don't Forget to visit New York City's holiday Markets we have so many holiday markets Right now I'm standing in Bryant Park Which is my personal favorite holiday Market because there's an olympic size

Ice skating rink but you can also visit The Holiday Market in Union Square and Columbus Circle they're fabulous it's The best place to get a unique New York A tasty treat don't I have for you no Matter what holiday market you go to Don't forget to get hot chocolate you're Not gonna find hot wine everywhere but You will find really good hot chocolate All over the place and yes It's really hot like I need to put this Down because it's that hot be aware of That okay all right now we have moved Locations to another Christmas Destination and today we're aware we are At the shops at Columbus Circle for some More Donuts of Christmas time here in New York and I'm going to let Megan do This on her own because frankly she is Way cooler at this than I am so Megan a Big don't is don't be afraid of going to The outer boroughs I feel like a lot of People come to New York City and they Hear about exciting events that are Happening in Brooklyn or the Bronx and They think oh that's so far away I don't Want to leave Manhattan and I'm here to Encourage you to not be afraid of the Outer boroughs you can go to Staten Island there's an amazing winter Lantern Festival out there the Queens County Farm has illuminate the farm out in Queens you have the Bronx which has the Holiday train show and then what I would

Actually consider to be king of the Christmas lights is out in Brooklyn at Dyker Heights and it's definitely worth The trip don't wait to book Accommodations make reservations for Restaurants and any activities that you Want to do so many guests come to New York and they're looking to get a last Minute reservation at a restaurant like Rolf's which is just very very Christmassy and those reservations are Gone months in advance and I don't want You to miss out on those wonderful Experiences so whether or not it's a Hotel a ticket to an observation deck at Sunset or a really wonderful restaurant You're going to want to make those well In advance and going along with that I Think another important don't we need to Mention is don't forget to book your Tours when you'll be coming here and yes Megan is fantastic but there are a lot Of options out there but I'll let you Talk about that so one of the wonderful Things about New York City is that in so Many ways New York City gave birth to Christmas as we see it and celebrate it Today and the best way to learn about That is by taking a tour you can see the Holiday lights but if you want to like Really delve deeper into how we came up With our Modern Day Celebrations you Want to book a tour so you can book a Tour with me and there's also tours at

All different price points I like her I Like her she's cool I mean I think that My toys are wonderful and I would love To show you around my website to book Those tours is just Click on vocator and there's so many Other tours bus tours walking tours bike Tours boat tours there's really a tour For everyone just make sure that the Tour has a live guide and not Pre-recorded material yeah because Otherwise it's like sitting on the Hop On Hop off bus where it's like oh wow if We're a block up it doesn't actually Make sense and that's what's cool like We always recommend getting live guides And that's what's really cool so if you Want to find Megan you can find the link Down below we'll have that there but Also tell more they can find you on all The cool Social Media stuff I'm on Tick Tock Instagram and YouTube I Am the Megan daily on all my channels that Actually that's how I found her it's her Cool Instagram post about the history And all the different cool stuff around New York so thank you so much Magna for Joining me on this we'll have more Don'ts but I just want you to know some Good stuff from a true New York official Guide correct yes so this is another Important thing in New York City you do Have to be licensed to be a tour guide So I am a licensed New York City Tour

Guide and she's damn good at it too Also don't forget to check out the Christmas windows at the shops and know Not just at Fifth Avenue where they're Fantastically gorgeous and I know you Will enjoy those but there's other Places as well like here at Macy's which Is always a fun place to stop by during The holiday season just see the toys and The fun that Santa may have brought you Know on his earlier Journeys Before Christmas night Merry Christmas and if you want to learn More about coming to New York check out Our links down below you're going to Find Megan's links down there for her Videos and her size as well and we wish You all very Merry Christmas here in New York or wherever you're going to be bye

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