The Country That Doesn’t Yet Exist (Liberland)

By | October 30, 2022

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Have you ever heard of LIBERLAND? The self-declared micro-nation that sits on a mysterious 7km plot of land on the border of Serbia and Croatia? If not, then you will be absolutely shocked by what I'm about to share with you in this 33-minute video – one of my favorite stories of the year!

The 'country' of Liberland was founded in 2015 by a Czech libertarian named Vít Jedlička, and it was built on one simple principle: FREEDOM. More than 900 citizens already have their Liberland passports (yes, they are real!!), and this legal document allows them to enter several U.N. countries such as Haiti, Malawi and the Colombia. Word on the street is spreading, and now more than 700,000 people are on the list to get their e-residency cards.

I recently went to Liberland's annual festival called 'Floating Man,' and I was really inspired by the conversations that I had. There were so many creative and forward-thinking minds in one place, with a lot of optimism for the future of Liberland to gain full independence. But one thing didn't feel right to me… It is extremely difficult to enter the physical land.

Both the Serbian and Croatian border police are guarding Liberland 24-7, along the banks of the Danube River, and they will arrest anyone who tries to step foot on the land itself.

In this video, I uncover the full Liberland story and go on a wild mission to land on its soil.

What are your thoughts on Liberland? Would love to hear in the comments below. My team and I have never worked harder on editing a video, and we'd love your feedback.

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We are completely surrounded right now By corrosion police there's three boats Two police cars and the police walking On the beach ES There are 197 countries on Earth but is That number about to change what happens When people come together to Self-determine a new national identity What is Libra land well it's a newborn Country it's a micronation in progress Liberland is a country between Serbia And Croatia liberland is a funny idea That reached serious proportions what if I told you that there's a seven Kilometer strip of no man's land on the Border of Serbia and Croatia on the denu River wow this is the beautiful Lieberland right there after the breakup Of Yugoslavia in 1991 voters got a Little messy To this day neither Serbia nor Croatia Has claimed this mysterious plot of land Until this guy came along meet vit Yelichka a Libertarian from the Czech Republic On April 13 2015 he declared the seven Kilometer plot of land as lieberland and Since then he's been building the Country from the ground up there's Enough people in the world that believe There is liberaland there is today Lieberland has over 900 citizens who all Have their own lieberland passport which

Can be used to enter multiple countries Like Haiti Colombia Malawi and Counting And word on the street is spreading fast There is now over 700 000 people who Have applied to be the next citizens but It's not so easy to step foot in this Micro nation it doesn't bother you that The police are chasing guys right now Both the Serbian and the Croatian police Are monitoring this place like Hawks 24 7. I'm going to try to go there tomorrow Yeah do you think I'm gonna get caught And arrested yeah probably I'm going to Uncover the real story and find out for Myself how libreland a country can be Born Before I embark on my journey I'm here In Prague at the lieberland headquarter Office which also functions as a Terrorist apartment I am so curious to See what it takes to become a citizen You have many offices or consulates but This is like the main this is the Central office because this is where we Issue our documents from and our Obviously the irresdancing cars Passports these are all e-residency Cards you guys have to hand pick who's a Resident you don't just accept everyone Well I mean e-residency is actually for Anyone okay you just just register on The website and you can really buy the E Residence account that's the first thing Towards citizenship but not everybody

That gets the e-residence he gets a Passport of course not necessarily no They really have to do something on The Voice to earn password I gotta earn it Thank you for becoming a lieberland E-resident the competition is heating up Among the Nations not just to go fully Digital but also to move to Blockchain-based systems Cleveland has a Big competitive Advantage our dedication To Freedom we are moving away from Legacy systems and unlike in other Jurisdictions taxation in Libya land is Voluntary taxpayers are rewarded with Merits which give them proportional Voting rights and increase reputation Let's rewind taxation in Libra land is Voluntary taxpayers are rewarded with Merits which give them proportional Voting rights and increased reputation That is pretty cool we already have Diplomatic relations with a number of Countries which are U.N members we're Not a secession movement or a separatist Movement we liberal land is land that's Unclaimed by by any other country now Next year Croatia will join the Schengen And they will have to specifically Delineate where their border is and That's what they've gotten away with for The past several years they say okay the Border is the river or right order of The Croatian side they haven't really And we've taken a support there and the

Court didn't want to rule because that's A big question so there's a chance that They will kind of give it away yeah Right now they have an extra territorial Blockade of liverland not allowing Anyone croatians serbians or liberal Landers to go there like I mentioned Crossing into Lieberman is not an easy Job under the constant threat of being Arrested but I am determined to Physically touch the land and see how Many interesting people I can talk to Along the way The Journey Begins in Belgrade Serbia I Cannot tell you how good it feels to be Back in Serbia I I love this country do You think every Serbian knows about Lieberland The young people yeah Belgrade has a Vibe unlike anywhere else in Europe it's Edgy like Berlin yet beautiful like Prague the streets are chaotic but Somehow it's Charming oh and if you like Meat the food is amazing I'm on my way Now to pick up mate my awesome camera Guy from Prague the adventure begins You ready for the adventure [Music] Wearing some random neighborhood like Following this guy in a Toyota that's Going to take us to his his house which Is where we're sleeping This guy doesn't speak any English only Serve you

No sir English whoa Cool we're on the Danube Do you understand Okay okay Let you see this Powers okay one two Three okay Okay ah okay okay okay it is an island Okay after securing the keys to our Homestay mate and I headed to the Floating Man festival which is Lieberland's annual Gathering hosted by And for those who have a vision for Libra land more than a thousand people Came to this year's Festival which takes Place in apaten Serbia a small town next To the denu river that borders Croatia And of course lieberland the festival is More like an adult playground where Like-minded free-spirited individuals Come from all over the world to connect Learn meditate dance and have fun it's Going to be packed later they said like Lots of people yeah we're expecting Roughly a thousand people last year we Had around 800 I think in one day and it Filled up so quickly uh well the music Brings people in you know yeah but now I'm helping out liberland with Contacting people who showed interest Also helping another friend here in Belgrade and I met through the floating Men yeah actually the the first wife Which means that my role is to keep

Things running especially the family Because with this traveling a lot so This is my kind of support and sometimes When I really want to really want to Burn out somehow I have helped with some Liberal projects for example the the Liberland brochure is my baby and Sometimes some organizing events it's Like when you look at your kids and you Are every day with it you don't see it Grows Right right Libra land's vision is built On blockchain technology in fact they Were the very first micronation to Accept Bitcoin and now they have their Own currency called lieberland merits if You ask me it's pretty dang cool how They are planning and preparing it for The future over here they have a Merchandise table where you can buy Shirts flags and you can pay in Bitcoin Right here I officially use lieberland Merits for the first time that was a That was a cool experience Well we are building the freest Nation On the planet it's not every day you Build a new country it's a very very Rare situation weird kind of stale State Kind of situation between Serbia and Croatia and this land remain kind of Unclaimed and then we'd noticed this Seven years ago he founded the previous List on the planet we have one of the Best architects in the world Patrick

Schumacher we have all the brain ready For England to build the country and all My friends in the world smile and let Live here in Legoland well we're Building we're growing 10 to 20 every Year huge hype at the beginning but you Know these things really take time and You need to have a good people and we're Growing every every year 20 percent just Think about it if a country yeah grows 20 in a Year where are we going to be Like people don't see the potential of Exponential growth and that's exactly What we're doing where because Europe For example is going to look at one Person yeah where they're going to be in Five years right it will be maybe five Percent richer but where label and will Be 20 years if we keep growing 20 every Year after meeting some very interesting People and further uncovering the Liberaland story my first opportunity to Touch the physical land has arrived and We will not be doing it by boat I just Got offered to go on a sea plane over Lieberland This is gonna be pretty cool all right We're heading down to the downer river Right now We could alleyway I'm going with a pilot that doesn't Speak English all right and here is the Plan check this out dude this is amazing Man

Yeah let's go This is freaking awesome I've never been in a seaplane all these Years of traveling to every country and This is my very first time all right Well I don't know how to fly because There's two controls here so I hope I'm Not the one playing yeah So we're trying to take off for the last 30 minutes and we couldn't get official Approval from Serbia for Croatia Well we couldn't fly To show that there is a kind of a Dispute On the Border here and So I thought that we would have Permission the guy the pilot had flown That plane from Italy all the way up to Here And I was really excited to fly but uh We're Bound by the police [Music] All right we got this yellow and beer From Appleton see if it's any good That is delicious and it comes right From here so it's even better Foreign At night there's a huge Festival here With Serbian rock bands there's a reggae Musician on right now lots of people Come check this out You try to go to the lever line Yesterday yeah what happened so uh well We took it across the border obviously With the van and then it got dropped off

Before the checkpoint yeah we took all Our backpacks and stuff so walk through The bush he slept overnight yeah yeah so The police did not see you at the Beginning no no but we did hear a car All night long so someone was looking For us but they couldn't find us in the Morning in the morning Well it makes the guy spaghetti we took Out the tent and then we went to the Beach so some soccer that's when we saw The uh Liberty in the boat And then shortly after we saw the white You know the boat behind Liberty so I Said oh there's a police so we all just Ran back to the forest grabbed all our Stuff and then hike back to like when a Car dropped us off yeah and then Literally Just on the turning to the um the main Road to policeman walked down so wasted Yeah It sounds like my trip tomorrow to reach The physical land of Labor land is not Going to be so easy but for now it's Time to head to bed at the random guest House from the Serbian guy who doesn't Speak English the guy told us we could Sleep upstairs there's two rooms but Then he said that there's a girl some Random girl sleeping here you're tall as Hell but you've got somehow found a Couch to fit you yeah it never happens But yeah you're lucky yeah same height

Look at that You know it's something a lot of weird Places in my life but The weirdest Night bro My bro I just see bro So the German guy showed me that that's Where we're supposed to sleep up those Stairs there's like a room with two beds And a bathroom well next time where did He come from this morning he just showed Up at our place I come I come I think I Come at Three in the morning now and I'm fresh That is the liberon power here you know All right we got a nice little breakfast Here we have beef in the house good Morning Brad good morning good morning I got tea what is that that could be the National dish which case this was great Stuff and it lasts forever Oh there we go so now we have a national Day This guy's amazing Two of course thank you of course Sausages yeah thank you Foreign All right we are now heading to actual Libreland and the interesting thing is I Don't know if we'll get there we're Taking a boat with wheat I don't know if We'll actually step on the land because The corrosion police is out there

They're looking for us all right we are Arriving to the boat it's a big one much Bigger than I thought I thought we were Gonna be on like one of these guys Oh wow the party up here [Music] [Applause] It's a crazy experience we got all these Libra Landers on about going to labor Land in the rain Yeah this would be my second time so Like on the land uh last time I just saw It so hopefully this time we can go on The land I've been working for like Lieberland for like four and a half Years now really and I still haven't Touched the ground this is all so wild To me as someone who has been to every Country in the world there is no bigger Adrenaline Rush than to physically stand On the land and breathe in the air However very few people involved in Laborland has done any of these things I Hope today will be the day that that all Changes Foreign [Music] So we don't know what was going to Happen So you have to take you there different Ways yeah I have to I have to touch the Land I can't come here We'll make it work The Serbian doesn't want us to go the

Croatian police doesn't want us to go So what are we gonna do now we're Standing in the middle of the river Veep doesn't seem too concerned so I'll Follow his lead [Music] They're kind of right in front of us Right now and they're not really letting Us pass Okay now oh so yeah we can reach my Paddleboard What's the deal now so do they say we Can go or what well probably not but we Have a lot of fun you know because they Show us the the stories that they have With croatians oh that's funny dude I Respect you for like putting up with This crap like man You cannot have foreign You'll have to go back for sure now yeah Maybe maybe we actually right now Because we lost so much time we will Concentrate on the conference We will try to get you to liverland with Those people yeah Anyway to get there I'll swim if I have To okay you make up a rule that Completely crashes your own people's Ability to travel with with foreign Vehicles It doesn't make sense literally Everything that can go wrong has gone Wrong our apartment last night we had to Sleep on the couch wasn't able to ride

The plane now on the boat it's not Working so I must find a way to get to lieberland We will I will try to drive the Journalist with this book because I can Drive foreigners as a foreign person Foreign Camera guy to take the speed boat to go To lieberland I'm so determined to see This place I'm so determined all right All right I believe this boat is faster Than the Croatian police yes Around five kilometers so we're always Like hello see you later guys I will try To pass the board before the police Check again hopefully they won't stop us Again We're gonna make it there I'm so Determined I'm so determined [Music] I don't know what's happening but There's a problem with the photos of Feet is like literally on the front of The boat fixing the fixing it this guy's An absolute Legend seriously and we are Off going hopefully we don't get stopped By the police again Oh Southern Parts where there could be Potential airport that starts oh wow Here and there is like natural Landings For is that decoration police yes it is Yes they're not going to come over here [Music] Can we touch the land

Over to the to the beach but I think It's better because We go over there wow this is the Beautiful labor land right there [Music] Pork or like a harbor for bigger ships In preparation with right in front of us Already coming Give a little way to the police It's essentially called Liberty Island Really keep into Recreation yeah It doesn't bother you that the police Are chasing us right now they're not Chasing us they're they're securing Labor life Think about it like For seven years they have been making Sure that nobody else is able to play Inside of us right right I just want to Step on it for like a second Is that the Border We just went to the whole country Already so that's the most northern part And as you can see it's exactly four Kilometers of Seashore yep yep so it Hurts territory so you can walk like two And a half kilometers now so how many People like ideally in the future could Actually live here our system envisioned That there will be 17 000 voting Citizens Whether it can be of course endless People without move because we have this Blockchain election and I think that's

Reasonable number for city-state like Neverland yeah so we can go over to that Piece really nice I'm not gonna sleep here I just wanna I Just want to walk in there for a second Where did those guys sleep which means They were they were actually sleeping on Them they you know they had a helicopter Chasing them that was fun they had a Helicopter you got to spend more money More and more eventually they're going To give up didn't they and they didn't Didn't find them But of course everybody that go went There got the citizenship What a life man this is cool Out here Okay Did the first constitution was actually Created by Casper zayat it was very Traditional constitution in a sense that It tried to improve everything that was Wrong with U.S Constitution and then Michael came in last year our Minister Of Justice and he joined these Concepts Together in one system and he put the Blockchain on top of it but I would like All these things from the Constitution To be working on blockchain right yeah So it's not just Constitution that is Written on the paper it's actually Programmed as a code and it cannot be Altered by by somebody just deciding so It's the same thing like Bitcoin you

Have your private keys and that's your Citizenship that's your power to vote Which gets bigger when you pay more Taxes but you know what I'm really proud Of actually are the bank bank accounts That took us couple of years to get and Now liberal and companies can be fully Packed this e-residency cars they are Actually good for doing business first Of all now we can even open bank Accounts with liberal and companies on Them that's cool but you can also use it For crypto exchanges you can yes And liverland paddleboard theme yeah Over there Well unfortunately it looks like I won't Be touching land because we are Completely surrounded right now by Corrosion police there's three boats two Police cars and the police walking on The beach so yes I could go but I know That I would get detained and Potentially getting Persona which means I would never be able to visit Croatia Again and I don't want that so uh can You explain what the flag means what are The colors of course you know the blank Is for very limited government uh the Yellow is for free markets there is a Tree of prosperity the Bird of Liberty Daniel primer and the Sun because we're very positive there we Go I love it man Libra land we're gonna Look back on this video in years to come

And be like remember that time when we Couldn't grab the jacket River all Countries are Justice you know there is Nothing substantial there is no line in The middle of the river that you can Touch everything it's it's completely Imaginary there is a people in the world That believe there is liverland there is Cleveland yeah borders are all man-made Police walking on the shores right there Just kind of giving them the flag you Know So after two failed attempts of touching Laborland soil I headed back to the Floating Man festival where I was Invited to do a speaking engagement I Had an idea as soon as I grabbed that Mic go ahead and make some noise for the Man Drew bitsky Thank you Thank you for the amazing introduction I Appreciate that so I'm going to start Off with a question and this is a Serious question does anybody want has Anybody volunteer to get detained with Me right after my speech trying to walk Into Hebrew land or probably go by denu River okay one volunteer two three you Already did it you already got today Foreign I'm being dead serious because I tried To go this morning I can't come here and Not actually step foot on the land That's kind of how my brain works yeah

Because technically I'm in Serbia right Now even though we're close so raise Your hand again if you're coming because I'm going to look for you right after This one you want to come two three I Just recruited all these people to come To lieberland we're gonna go there Physically this is gonna be amazing There's Quick team meeting Logistically how are we gonna do this do You know if we just jump into the water They cannot catch us all [Laughter] Right We'll go with two teams one go from the Sea and one go from the left So really what are we what are we doing That's still wrong we're trying to get From one place to another in peace right Nobody wants to bite nobody wants to do Anything wrong we could go to the marina And then let's go down there find people With the boat and just pay them and They'll take us I think by boat is the Best way and we're definitely gonna get Screwed So uh fingers crossed that this footage Comes out but regardless I'm going I Can't say I've been to lever Lane Without actually physically standing on The land it's the world it's a little Bit complicated If you want to get there you have to

Follow this what I just sent you on WhatsApp oh I'm never going to take the Post from this point yes We got a plan we're meeting at this at This point you can easily get across From the front of the island to Sandy Island yes you can't make decisions in a Group with 30 people I know neither can I no it's a box All right we're going Bye Hi what's up movie Can we just go down this road a little Bit and then we're there It's like a miracle that they came with The exact same time yeah unbelievable it Is it just goes to show that we're in The right place that's exactly that's Synchronicity that just says all right Guys you're doing good yeah No laughing I remember Vita left and Left Dude I respect bringing the portion here Yeah totally Plan us to get closer on like by car and Then we walk by foot [Music] All right dude Foreign [Music] [Laughter] Was perfectly executed everybody just Met here at the same time we have a boat But we do have a Croatian police

Circumnavigating the waters here we have A boat right there and then we have the Two guys right there Oh oh there are two cups with the car And then there's a ship with it that's The sign there's a white sign that's Where Libra sign yeah that's where Liverland starts right there oh and That's Okay Hey we have 20 20 on three we got this Guys welcome Once your foot is on the on that side Hey bro I think the four of us Want to go in that boat and you can just Drop us and whatever happens happy Very clear what's going to happen They're literally right there But then then they're gonna if we ask Them yeah that's just gonna open up the Conversations [Music] If they will listen to us great then we Can do it and come back fine but maybe They won't listen to us We've executed our plan until now to get To lever land and we're just seconds Away from arriving look Serbia So Okay we're in leaving right now we Crossed the sign Yeah that's all I want to do is test Yeah maybe we can just get in and leave

And see what happens All right let's just go All right we are arriving on the shore Right now I'm shaking I'm literally Shaking all right I touched it Up Nice to meet you I don't have a big problem because I Think they will take my balls yeah Yeah this is yours What is your nationality Foreign All right this is crazy so we all gave Our passports and they're not being very Friendly and uh what do you think's Gonna happen Not much I mean that's worse they're Gonna take us to a police station find You 100 bucks and then get you back over Yeah but these guys have been waiting Like all day for this moment and they Got their moments so that that's what's Happening they feel proud that like They're like yes we got them You can see liberland is pretty Beautiful it's right there Really Yeah okay One finger it's okay one finger Pizza And can you throw us Thunder Okay They actually let us go because we never

Touched the land my finger wasn't inch Away and they were like no no he said He said for being a men yeah and he says You you go ahead and you be a man I was I was so close They probably would have arrested Oh they said if you know a hell of It They will arrest you They said tell them we'll arrest all of Them You could try They wanted to take his boat The interesting thing is I gave them my Level and passport Then he said he didn't say what is your Real name do you say what is your other Nationality Yeah he acknowledged it hey there's Peter he said with it yeah Despite failing to reach my goal of Touching the land I want to say that Lieberland is amazing and this Experience has been way better than Expected not only do I stand with the Concept of lieberland but the people Involved are those that I really connect With when you have thousands of smart Successful and Innovative people that Come together for a common goal big Things can happen keep an eye out for Lieberland in the news because they will Continue to gain more and more Recognition and perhaps Independence

Someday soon thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video make sure To subscribe to this channel for more Epic travel stories from every country Hit up my podcast called roots of Humanity and I also have a second YouTube channel where I share more Unseen travel stories until next time Stay safe be well and just go

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