Thank you Liverpool & all you great Scousers! #Liverpool

By | January 11, 2023

Thank you Scousers!!! I can't say thank you enough to all the fellow travelers from Liverpool whi sent us so many great travel tips for Liverpool. I loved my time with all you scousers! Thank you! #scouse #scouser #liverpool #liverpoolfc #Everton #liverpudlians #liverpoodlians #visitliverpool #visitengland #thenorth

Hey there fellow Travelers Mark here With Walter's world and today we're here In Chester about 45 minutes south of Liverpool on the train and I just want To say thank you to all the liver Pudlians all the scousers out there who Gave us so many great tips and ideas for Enjoying Liverpool because honestly you All have been the best in terms of Giving ideas giving support and tell us Some fun stuff to do when we're in the Area so I just want to make a video to Say thank you to all you scousers out There bye from here in Chester

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