Thailand During Rainy Season – Is it WORTH it?! (Vlog 9)

By | October 14, 2022

We traveled Thailand during rainy season. Here's my thoughts. Take the 10 Day Creator Challenge:

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Christian is it worth going to Thailand During the rainy season let me share With you my thoughts [Music] We have a bit of a dilemma we don't have Much time left here and Rayleigh is a Beautiful place I definitely recommend It that's why we came here but without The sun there's no point in doing an Island Excursion by the time night sets It's kind of a bit of a sleepy Town There's not a ton going on a couple Little bars here there but on the other Hand cop is about a one and a half hour Maybe a one hour speed boat away and it Is Lively so even if the weather fails Us we'll be able to go out for drinks We'll be able to go to the fire show There's a lot more to do so we have to Ask ourselves with such little time left Here in Thailand do we stay Or do we be line it for co-pp right now And just kind of write off our time in Relay honestly it would suck a bit Because I did just pay for the hotel but Time is limited 12 o'clock what time is It now 11 75. oh wow so in Thailand you'll see all These travel shops where you get these Like ferry schedules bam these are all The places you can go we have to make a Decision right now oh that's that has Actually got to be some of the ugliest

Things I've ever seen don't yuck her Don't yum yum don't yuck her yum So by speedboat it's only 30 minutes Yeah wow by ferry it's about hour 45 but Less than half the price oh God here we Go four thousand Baht run to the hotel Room yeah you should start packing you Were so slow so please hurry Okay I'm like thinking like I can pack And maybe get a coffee all right we're Making a run for it [Music] [Applause] I think that was record time for us we Got out of our room in like 10 minutes All packed gotta check out but luckily The ferry or the port is right in front Of us Yeah bye guys I do feel a little bit sad To be leaving like this this was really Just like a Sunset and go this is the Other side of the beach you didn't get To see this is the east side so Basically the Rayleigh Beach is split in Two ways there's the west side where the Sunset happens the beautiful white sand Beach and then there's this side which Is not generally as beautiful When the Tide goes out there's a lot of crabs and Poles and it's nice but it's nothing Special four people put on your T-shirt Look at all those stickers I'm like a General it really looks like King Kong Island though I'm so sorry really I feel

Guilty for not having shown your beauty But uh there's one other thing that we Really really should have done that we Just We're not gonna do with this Weather and that's the Viewpoint right There I did it when I first came to Rayleigh I'll show you some visuals but That's one of the other reasons to come Here it's for that incredible view over The beautiful crescent-shaped beaches I Know I'll be coming back someday I just Don't know when and hopefully it's when The weather is a little more Cooperative Because this is probably one of the Islands where there's the least to do When the weather doesn't quite cooperate Foreign Charm already can we go back Yeah uh it's gonna be fun until we need To collect admission fee all right guys The reason we came here it is Burger King they didn't have Burger King on the Last island did they yeah it was going To be a 7-Eleven actually though for Real I'm so pumped that there's no 7-Elevens in Rayleigh that's not enough For a reason to leave I don't know what Is wow dude nice hair yes amazing hey we Don't make mistakes we have happy Accidents This is like no joke some one of the Touristy places I've ever like arrived In there's a McDonald's and a Burger King right in front of my eyes

McDonald's yeah behind you no way Okay so Ruby says this is a good place Apparently yeah all right let's try it Oh Way back how's your back feeling Christian you know what it's got to be There for himself so sorry oh it's a Heart how cute we love you man yeah I think I'm taking Co PP a little too Seriously here Oh my God I think it's the rainy season Things are very affordable right now so I'm booking this place called P2 Woodloft 30 a night 15 a person that Means I got 35 leftovers for Toasties ah Here we go again [Music] I think it's here [Music] All right we are checking in Whoa nice that looks really cozy this is A Vibe big bed Look at that it might be our first time Having a bed together that's true I knew there was a catch with this place The Chainsaw Massacre is our next door Neighbor You guys all right in there All right I think they're all right So pretty much every day around two to Three hours are spent editing the video Catching up on emails and now adding

Into the mix is the 10 day Creator Challenge over a period of 10 days I'll Be teaching you everything that you need To know to get started to break down the Fears of failure of being in front of The camera of not being interesting Enough to get somebody's attention maybe You think to yourself nobody would ever Want to watch me as a former Backpacker That had no place being in front of the Camera I can tell you that it's not a Skill reserved to The Talented it's not A skill reserved to the beautiful this Is a skill set and a career that's Completely up for grabs for anyone for Forty seven dollars I'd love to show you How it works I even have a 10 day money Back guarantee that you will get 10 000 Views within your first 10 posts and now That today's Vlog is finished the export Is now done let's go explore cop Oh here we go again so as the rain Starts to fall and sunset is nowhere to Be seen you might be wondering Christian Is it worth going to Thailand during the Rainy season let me share with you my Thoughts first things first Yep passes the test this is the cleanest Piece of clothing left in my bag [Music] All right this is the photo you saw this Is what we're going against no we're not In rabid gerbils released I'm still Thinking about the fact that Christian

Told us to pack five underwear thank God I didn't listen and I literally packed Like 15. I just don't wear any underwear So I guess yeah Guys are weird all right so there's Three maybe four maybe maybe a hundred I Don't even know there's a bunch of Viewpoints on co-pp and because Andrea's Such an avid hiker She's been begging us To take her I'm not and so we're gonna Do that for her also kind of a fun fact According to Google Maps this place is Called moo seven very fun And this is where we lose the girls [Music] Let's talk about this weather right here Because right behind me is honestly one Of the most vibrant and beautiful Blues You've ever seen it's the coastal area Of kopipi it'll blow your mind on a day Like today this is it at 10 compared to Its normal Beauty this looks like an oil Spill hit but the good news is it's not Oil it's just a lack of sunshine and That's something you're gonna have to Come to expect if you travel here during The rainy season you're definitely not Going to be getting the level of Predictability over the sunshine that You get during the regular season when The sun is out most days now personally I love the heavy rain when it comes in Torrential thunder lightning when it Seems like the world's about to end I'm

All for that the weather you don't Really want to see though is when it's Like this super light Cloud that just Hangs around and can stay there for a Day maybe even two today there's been Absolutely no breaks from it whether We'd stayed in relay or here probably Would have been the same outcome but Again the reason we came here is that if We're gonna get clouded in We're not Gonna be able to get those beautiful Blue colors at least we got a lot to eat A lot to do and a lot of places to go Party tonight I'm excited to show you Why copy p is the party island well one Of many look at the roots on this tree Guys you have a special like obsession With trees I found the trail guys no way This is definitely a different Viewpoint I don't remember this last time This is not right this is not right you Know what guys we totally went the wrong Way I remember where it is now We gave up on the hike we never found it And Dinner you like Rob the most difficult Ones Because Good luck to everybody oh my God Should we just knock it down on three Hurry Okay dinner looks amazing we got Pineapple fried rice pan and curry rice And we got some pad thai

[Music] Thank you happy as you can see yesterday We had an amazing night out but the Truth is copy p is really quiet during The rainy season you definitely don't Get the same party as the same energy And you also get days where you just are Kind of left being like I'm in Thailand I'm by the world's most beautiful Waters But I can't even enjoy them because Everything is a muted gray the good news Is like all things in life there's highs And lows and today's one of those clear Days we are now on our way to the world Famous Maya Bay that'll be in tomorrow's Video but I just want to say there are Some pros to coming in the rainy season Things have been a lot cheaper Our Guest House where we're staying I think is Like 30 right now for the room in High Season I think it's closer to a hundred So lots of savings to be made and still Having a great time even though the Weather can be a little sketchy Sometimes Yay

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