Thailand Budget Roadtrip to the Tropics 🌴 (Vlog 8)

By | October 12, 2022

From Khao Sok to Railay Thailand, this is a serious travel day as a backpacker traveling Thailand on $50/Day. Take the 10 Day Creator Challenge:

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Oh no we went in in the water yeah do You want to go back Good morning guys it is a beautiful Start Tour day here on kosak National Park and as you guys can see we are on a Floating set of homes and this is where We spend the night [Applause] We're waking up We're going on a nice road trip to go Find some wildlife [Music] Hello how are you I am under the water Please help me uh no do you want to go Back no it sank for sure can we have a Moment of silence guys rip to a fallen Soldier yeah I think this is where my Drone wanted to rest so I just felt it Was necessary to Let it be and it's returned home Apparently there's elephants that live In this National Park which is insane to See an elephant here would be a life Goal Believe It or Not uh Alicia Keys Actually had a seven day trekking Adventure she was riding elephants Through the hillsides she actually Lawsuit them herself and this is where She got half of the inspiration to write Suratani you can't believe that Ruby Looks like she's in one of those Meditation apps Oh With meditation apps oh never mind

Thank you Like there's a good job that we see it But we have to be very quiet what do you Mean fishing that's true they don't eat Fish do they [Music] Zero elephants but a very very good time Just getting out on the water this Morning was beautiful especially because Yesterday it didn't look like that I definitely recommend going and Watching yesterday's video in fact this Whole Thailand trip is one playlist We're posting a video every day Yesterday was the first day we didn't Get one up because of Kyle stock there's Just no internet where we are right now So we couldn't hit that publish button But to be honest it's also been a really Nice part of this day it's just my phone Has zero bars zero messages zero people Asking me questions it's just been full Connection and immersion in this Incredible Lake the final perfect Moments here at the lake uh just Literally spent the last hour napping Inside of here that bed with this View And uh now we gotta pack and head off to Our next place and while we're saying Goodbye to an absolute Paradise where We're taking you next is probably just As beautiful and definitely brings a Different vibe to it I hope I can find a Drone

All right guys it is time we are packed Up and we are saying goodbye to this Little Paradise So I just got a message from my friend He said a monsoon has hit 36 provinces Of Thailand we got a little sample of it Yesterday but today we're in the the eye Of the storm we're in that like Beautiful little part that's just Untouched our shoes are so wet yeah Marvelous hike that we did so this is Kind of cool our driver before he sets Us off on our way has taken us to his House in these little Cabanas and these Are all freshly grown pumpkin From his yard I'm not a fan of papaya But the pumpkin's very good and then uh Yeah we got some really delicious rice So your average travel day in Thailand Isn't always a glamorous one usually it Looks like this when you're down the Islands trying to get from place to Place you're either on a ferry or you're Traveling Inland and it's actually a lot Of work it looks like a short little Distance here or there but you kind of Have to go through the bus companies Either follow their schedules which they Don't run that frequently or you just Hire privately and you definitely pay a Little more so you know we're not doing The full Backpacker thing today uh We've Hired this one out privately to go just Two hours this is 2500 Baht which is a

Lot honestly but uh it is what it is I've talked to two separate people and I'm not getting a better price so guys This is our driver for the next two Hours what was your name hello my name Is wow I am the Rival for you amazing We're gonna become friends over these Next two hours but I want to show you Guys what's very common so obviously You've seen 7-Eleven but what I want to Show you now is the other coffee shop That you see very often at High uh gas Station so whenever you're doing those Road trips you can always request to Stop at one of these sort of step up for Coffee lovers but don't get too excited Now back in my Backpacker days this was Outside of the budget I would only look In here and be like wow how nice would It be for a smoothie but things have Changed I can afford a smoothie nowadays So we're getting our driver a drink and We couldn't remember what it was so she Sent us a voice message [Music] You're on YouTube Hey They do not go easy on the sugar here or The cream that's not a latte that's a Dessert and it's good All right we're making a little detour Here what is this a temple very local Not not a famous one though yeah So unexpected you would not have

Expected to see this here I think you just stopped here because You want another uh Chow meow Photo Thailand is one of the few countries on Our planet that is primarily Buddhist And that's why when you come here you'll Immediately notice not just their unique Architecture but also the way they honor Their gods or I should say the Buddha in This massive temple in the middle of Almost nowhere I should add is one of Those signs that you are experiencing a Truly unique culture and uh that's one Of the beauties of coming to this Country Wow that is a load guys look at this Thing We've just arrived in AO Nang about two Hours later on is kind of like the Port City the area where you'd catch a boat To go to relay so Rayleigh is actually Not an island unlike most places that People go in Thailand but it's a Beautiful beach that is so remote that You need to take a long tail boat to get There takes about 30 minutes we're gonna Have to go negotiate our way there but The dock where we find the boats is just Ahead uh-oh it looks like it's low tide Which means this is the day you've been Training for no yeah you're gonna need To carry your backpacks for a little While now

Just were saying that that was we're Gonna be Crossing through the ocean to Get to our boat and then we're gonna Have to walk across the island It's gonna be fun yeah all right one way 100 baht let's go ladies this is gonna Be interesting yeah the tide is out so We have to go into the water I'm not This is not meant for short people wait This is matching your outfit I think you Should keep it I don't want that one We are strong we are capable we oh God That's a big one Oh uh laptop laptop [Music] I thought your laptop was a goner yeah The man grabs the laptop bag and for a Second I thought I was about to watch a Laptop go into the ocean here we go next Up Rayleigh and I'm really excited Hello Christian that's really good there Are some waves oh Wow yeah I'm good I literally took flight I had no idea you had to take a boat to Get here now I understand why there's a Bunch of Clips Rayleigh is one of the Most beautiful beaches on this planet It's like this little white sand beach Stuck and hidden away between these Massive cliffsides the cool thing is you Can actually rock climb them and if we Have enough time and enough budget You might just have to do that

[Music] We have arrived in Paradise All right we're good We're gonna make it all right ladies That's level one level two is getting to Our place now so uh my back actually Hurts a lot like a break straddle up and Let's get it okay I literally just Booked it we are walking to a place Called Rayleigh princess resort and it's Gonna cost us 17 per person per night It's really good so right now it's low Tide we've got a lot of sand here but Normally it's a lot narrower it actually Looks prettier When the tide comes in a Bit but uh yeah let's go check out town Starting this way I have some incredible memories of Rayleigh from all the way back at the Start of my journey and one of those Memories is the day I finally got a yes From a hotel owner saying that I could Have two nights to stay after probably Spending about an hour door knocking on Hostels and hotels and that day was a Particularly hot one I just remember Getting roasted the humidity was through The roof and to finally get that one Person saying yes it felt amazing my Early start as a content creator was Full of incredible memories both Hardships and successes like getting That hotel room for the night one of the Things that I know is that it could have

Been so much further ahead if I had just Been given a little bit of mentorship And advice that's exactly why I created The 10-day Creator challenge which is a 10-day program that will completely Transform the way you go about creating It'll give you the strategy the Blueprints the road map to completely Take off and avoid all the wasted time Of going in the wrong directions if you Guys want to check it out it is 47 it's Completely a no-brainer less money than You'll probably spend on coffee this Month and I have a money back guarantee That if you don't get 10 000 views on Your videos in 10 videos then yeah Completely refund you every single Dollar of your investment now I just Want to get rid of this backpack because As much as I love backpacking I don't Love carrying it and it's heavy and Today just like the day when I was door Knocking is also a humid one this is the Game day we've been talking about what Is what all our training is led up to What's the name of the place that we're Heading to and where's the road Okay so countdown from 30 minutes no Something that's really key guys when You're backpacking don't plan things Don't book things until you need to book Things like I'll tell you that overnight Experience we just had was probably my Favorite part of this whole trip and

That came because when we got to kawasak Instead of doing the day trip like I Thought we would do the lady that owns The resort or worked there was like you Guys need to stay overnight it's a Must-do experience and so I was like Okay I don't have anything booked I Don't have plans let's try it and surely Enough she was right it was amazing and Same thing's happening here we're in Relay whether we stay here one night two Nights it just depends on how we feel Wow welcome drinks concierge service I Feel better Seventeen dollars a person we just keep Going up All right wow I think this hotel is Under construction right now which is Why they're such a good deal because I Don't think you would normally get this Much value oh geez Louise I uh was in The middle of my edit getting ready to Post for tonight and then I just Realized 20 minutes till the sun sets Would be a total waste to miss that Let's go check it out And be like Ryan get the Drone and then I'm like oh yeah This is the Thailand Sunset that I Remember it's our first one of the trip A really really beautiful sunset check This out wow Game of soccer going on or football Depending on where you're from

[Music] Fresh coconut and we're ready to enjoy Sunset it's so sweet in the best way Possible Thai coconuts hit so different They're amazing [Music] Wow wow wow I have to say I think like The rainy season makes the sunsets that Much more meaningful yeah it does Because not every night's been like this I appreciate it a lot more but the Rain's beautiful too so I honestly I'm Not saying don't come during rainy Season I really have loved it it's been Awesome I feel like I'm on this an Island and no one is here but us and a Few people because it's hard to get to Nobody else around it's amazing There's a rainbow there's a rainbow Perfect wow great welcome seriously Crazy [Applause] [Music] I love you [Applause] Definitely not Thai food but Indian food All right guys in case I don't ever Vlog Anymore bye please help me Fun of the day yay [Applause] [Music]

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