Tennessee: The Don’ts of Visiting Tennessee

By | November 5, 2022

Tennessee, the Volunteer State, home of some amazing nature and wonderful hospitality. Whether you are heading to Gatlinburg to have some fun with the family, visiting the Smokey Mountains, partying in Nashville, enjoying Blues in Memphis, or watching the Tennessee Volunteers football team play a game on Saturday, there are so many things to do in Tennessee. Here we want to tell you the do’s and don’ts of visiting Tennessee as a tourist. What not to do in Tennessee.
Filmed in Tennessee
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NFL Travelers Mark here with welder's World and today we're on Nickajack Lake Here in Tennessee and today what we have For you are the don'ts of us in the State of Tennessee and and my first Stone for you is if you're gonna be Coming to Tennessee especially in the Fall and it gets gorgeous without leaves Changing it is phenomenally gorgeous but I gotta tell you in the fall Don't confuse the locals with Construction workers especially on Saturdays because that is when the Volunteers are playing the Vols the University of Tennessee football team They love them here like they are Psychotic fans I know here you know in The SEC everyone loves their local State Team but Tennessee takes it kind of to The next level when it comes to the Vols Okay so if you hear a few rousing Renditions of Rocky Top just know it's Okay it's not the construction workers That's just the locals singing and Dancing and enjoying themselves in all The orange glory that they are now our Second dome for you has to do with Jack Daniels and for those who don't know Lynchburg Tennessee is where Jack Daniels The Whiskey you know is actually Made the distilleries here in Tennessee But my dome for you when it comes to Jack Daniels and other alcoholic Beverages is don't expect you'll be able

To enjoy or I should say don't expect You'll be able to buy alcohol all over The state because there's a number of Counties that are dry counties in Tennessee where you can't buy alcohol Out you can have alcohol so maybe you Want to bring it with you but you can't Buy it so if you're going to be planning Your vacation check beforehand to see What you need to do and what you should Bring just in case and going along with That Jack Daniels don't another don't I Have for you is don't think it's just Jack Daniels there are a number of Smaller distilleries throughout the State so you can enjoy a tiple of Whiskey from many different distilleries Throughout the state okay now my next Stone for you is don't think that Tennessee is the same throughout the State now if you're going to be out on The east side where the Great Smoky Mountains Are you know Appalachian area You can go there with Pigeon Forge and And Knoxville and go to Gatlinburg and Go at Dollywood and hike in the Great Smoky Mountains and do the natural Waterfalls in those caving and all this Kind of stuff it's gorgeous but that's The East Side you have that but then in The center you can have the plains where Nashville are where it's pretty pretty Flat and then you go to the west by the Mississippi River and Memphis it's very

Much three very distinct regions of the State so remember there's three stars on The flag three different regions and you Can have a different vacation in each One of those and I say you can have a Good vacation in each of those different Regions because my next stone for you is Don't think it'll be quick going from One side of Tennessee to the other if You're gonna go from Memphis which is on The Mississippi River on the very very West and you're going to go all the way Over to Pigeon Forge and go have some Good times there and go in the Smoky Mountains you're looking at a seven hour Drive I mean going from east to west or West to east when it comes to Tennessee I mean it takes took us longer to drive Through the state than it was to go Across Nebraska all right now if you go North south it's not too bad but just Don't don't think it's going to be a Quick drive across Tennessee so nothing I'll say about driving if you're gonna Be driving the Great Smoky Mountains in The eastern part of the state you do Have some windy roads when you want to Go and see some of the the caves you Want to go see the natural waterfalls The natural water slides this kind of Stuff I will say is don't just take Pictures while you're driving they have A lot of pull-offs so to go to the Pull-off take the pictures take the

Videos go do a hike you can do that when You're there so don't feel you have to Be driving and worried about the driving And taking pictures no no there's plenty Of spots for you to get off the road and Enjoy the nature when you're here Because honestly Tennessee is gorgeous The thing is it's not just outdoor Beautiful lakes like this you have caves And there's over 9 000 caves that you Can go and explore you want to go to Ruby Falls Chattanooga just right down The way you go to Ruby Falls which is a Waterfall inside a cave yeah it is Gorgeous when you are here so get out Don't forget to bring some good hiking Shoes so you can go out and enjoy the Nature in the state especially on the Eastern side because you really you're Really going to miss a lot if you don't Do that now another thing I think you Should know is when you come to Tennessee don't forget there's actually Two time zones in Tennessee so if you're At Knoxville or Chattanooga on the Eastern side of the state that's Eastern Time Zone they're gonna be in Nashville Or Memphis that's central time zone so Maybe that's why the people drive so Crazy because I think the next stone I Have for you is don't freak out about The driving when you are in Tennessee Because the locals they're like NASCAR Drivers just go go go go go and they go

So fast and wherever they go in the US They're driving super fast except when They Park in the left lane and go like 65 in the left hand lane because for Some reason people in Tennessee love Left lane driving so just pack your Patience when you're driving through Tennessee because there are a lot of Spots we have a lot of traffic in the Hills and stuff so it can be a bit much But just know Don't get too upset with the local Drivers and I think that leads into Something I really need to tell you About when we look at Nashville and that Is don't rip all of your hair out when You hit Nashville and their horrible Traffic look Nashville has grown by Leaps and Bounds the last 10 15 20 years I mean it's incredible the growth it's Had but the infrastructure hasn't really Kept up with it so when you're taking 24 I-24 and you're coming down you know Going through do expect to have some Backups and if you're going through Downtown like oh this isn't too bad just Just wait just wait eventually get to The you know past the downtown area Things go back into like a four-lane Highway and you're like whoa shouldn't This be six or eight Lanes still no and So the traffic will really get you and And downtown Nashville where they have One lane roads can be a bit frustrating

So if you're going to be staying in Nashville ask your hotel what's the best Way for you to drive in to get to the Parking now when you're talking about Nashville there's a couple other things I really need to make sure you know is One don't mess around with Nashville Hot Chicken now look what I like to tell People is National Hot Chicken isn't Just kind of like chicken thrown with Some Tabasco sauce on it so it's not It's not buffalo wings okay what it is It's fried chicken and then they have The the mix and and the cayenne pepper That's in there and everything it's I Mean it's really hot like it is like And it will it has some kick okay so Don't think it's gonna be some easy oh Like Popeye's spicy chicken sandwich I Like that it's gonna be easy oh no Nashville hot is uh next level up and if You go to honey bees or any place that Has Nashville Hot Chicken get it it is Phenomenal and another thing I want to Talk about when it comes to Nashville Because I'll have more videos on Nashville you can check those out but I Really think you should know us don't Think Nashville is just country music Now I know you know even though the Gretel Opry was there and and the Country Music Hall of Fame is there we Think this is all country stuff and you Go down Broadway with all the musicians

Playing you're thinking I've heard a lot Of country music here it must be a big Country Place well yes Nashville's big For country music but it's not just Country music okay Nashville's kind of Become a hub for a lot of people from Around the U.S moving to the Mid-South And it's really more of a hipster Haven Than it is a country music kind of core Anymore okay so it's definitely a Different vibe than You're Expecting When you come to Nashville all right now Since I'm talking about the cities I got A couple things I want to talk about With Memphis and we have dunks and Shocks and Memphis videos too you can Check out but if you're going to be in Memphis you're going to be on Beale Street and you'll see the guys and the Kids doing the back flips and the jumps And stuff like that if you're taking Their video if you're taking their Picture don't forget to tip them okay That's how they're making their living That's how they're making money so don't Forget to tip them when they do that now Another tone I have for you when you're Going to Memphis because you know that's Where Graceland is where Elvis live Right and don't dive sticker shock when You go to Graceland because wow the Whole Graceland experience can be Incredibly expensive for your wallet Especially if you're taking a family

There but if you are an Elvis fan it is Well worth it okay because it is a whole Complex as you have Graceland itself and There's across the street from Graceland I mean you could tour the the house Right but then across the way they have Like all these cars and all this other Memorabilia from him it is really cool But my goodness the sticker shock when You're there It's bad now another done I think I Should relate to Memphis is I don't Think that Tennessee Barbecue is just Dry rub ribs now don't get me wrong Memphis and dry rub ribs from the Rendezvous fantastic but you can have a Lot more than just dry rub ribs when You're in Tennessee or in Memphis the Wet barbecue I like Central Barbecue in Memphis when I'm there but anywhere you Go throughout the state you're that Memphis sweet sauce oh yeah you can have That but you can have wonderful barbecue Throughout the state so don't think it's Just dry rub ribs there's a lot more to It but I think the biggest don't I have For you when you're going to Memphis is Don't skip out on the national Civil Rights Museum honestly one of the most Moving museums in the U.S when you go There you learn about the history of the Civil Rights Movement it's actually in The old hotel where Martin Luther King Jr was a fascinated I mean I still look

I still get goosebumps just thinking About going there go you will learn so Much and it will change you okay so if You're in Memphis you have to go there I Know people think Beale Street we're Gonna party yeah party but first go to The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis it is unbelievable now another Popular area where people go is by Pigeon Forge Gatlinburg you know the Smoky Mountains where there's Dollywood And all this kind of stuff and it is Really a fun place to be the thing is a Lot of people don't know about Pigeon Forge or they don't really think much About it but you have to realize is that Is a super popular place for people from Tennessee and this part of the U.S to go On vacation so if you're looking to go To Pigeon floors and Gatlinburg in that Area don't forget to book your Accommodation ahead of time I mean if You're looking in the high summer months You know book that in the spring or the Winter just to make sure you get some Good spots if you want to get a rental If you want to get a hotel or a resort Kind of stuff because they do book out Okay when you are there don't you dare This dolly okay Dolly Parton is a National Treasures for some here in 10 Fantasy and honestly she won't say Anything bad about you because she's too Awesome for that but don't think the

Locals won't give you a little backhand If you say something bad about Dolly all Right because she is amazing all the Stuff she does in the community around The state is just it's just she's a Fantastic woman so go to Dollywood Listen to music and just like all of her Like stuff she talks about she's so Great and she's honestly I guess I guess Yes there's Jack Daniels and Dolly part The two greatest things that have come Out of Tennessee now another thing I Want to talk about because now that I'm Looking around I remembered those Natural waterfalls the natural water Slides when you're going hiking if You're going to be by rivers or streams Don't try to do the natural water slides Right after it rains because there'll be A rush of water so it can be a little Dangerous we were here a few years ago And Jocelyn and Caleb were going up and Jocelyn walked out to go down and then The water rushed through and actually Swept her down there was lifeguards okay So they helped her out but swept her Down luckily somebody had grabbed Caleb I mean it can get a little dangerous so Do pay attention when you are going to Be doing some of the outdoor stuff and The thing is is um don't think you're Always going to get cell service when You're in the Smoky Mountains I mean It's gorgeous when you're driving

Through but remember Hills and Valleys And stuff South Cigna doesn't always go Through so if you're hiking let people Know where you're gonna go now another Don't I have for you is don't pass up The festivals and live music here in Tennessee look I've been coming to Memphis in May for decades okay the best Man of my wedding he actually lives in Memphis we've been coming down here for Years with the whole month of May Memphis has barbecue faster that's got Music bands playing but there's all Kinds of great things throughout the State you only got Bonnaroo which is a Big huge music festival art a music Festival it's more like party rave party Party Time Festival but there's a lot of Festivals and and fairs and things that Go on in Tennessee especially during the Summer so if you can get go but even if You can't get to a festival go listen to Live music whether it is on Broadway When you're in Nashville or Beale Street When you're in Memphis or other places Around milwaukee'll have live music Tennessee is actually one of those States that really is good for music Lovers just because there's a lot of History of it here and it's it's Actually played lots of places and then I want to finish off with this one Jones Overlook the hospitality and Friendliness of the locals here in

Tennessee look you're gonna get fed when You're here and you're gonna get fed a Lot and fed some more when you're here Don't say no like yes I understand that Belts have more holes that I can go the Other direction in because the food is So good here and there's so much of it But the hospitality and the kindness of The people here in Tennessee make it a Wonderful place to be that's why you're Seeing tons and tons of people actually Moving to Tennessee I mean no state Income tax probably helps as well but Honestly you really want to think about It and be like wow these people are Really really nice and and don't take That nicety and that accent as people Aren't intelligent here don't discount Them just because someone might have an Accident or they're overly friendly to You because they're just good people When you are here so that bless your Heart you know a lot of times actually Means it in the good way when you are Here all right and so I hope this helps You know a bit more about some of the Don'ts you should know before you do Come here to Tennessee oh um if it is Winter and there's is any hint of snow Don't go out don't drive don't do Anything stores will be stores will be Bought out just stay home because it's Not that they don't know how to drive in Snow it's just that there's not

Infrastructure for snow removal here in Tennessee or at least in most parts of The state so just a heads up for that I Mean not really an issue right now when I'm here but something to think about so I hope this helps you enjoy more of Tennessee you'll learn more we've got Videos on Nashville we got videos on Memphis and other surrounding states as Well so have a great time and I'll say Bye from here in Tennessee

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