Taking Thailand’s SLEEPER TRAIN to the Islands 🇹🇭 (Vlog #5)

By | October 8, 2022

We left from Bangkok to Surat Thani to head to the Thai islands and we did it via Thailands Sleeper Train in 2nd class. Start from the beginning of our trip HERE:

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Wait oh no [Music] Good morning guys and it is our final Final day in Bangkok it's coming on a Little too quick but we're not done yet We've got some fun things for today and Then tonight we're taking a night train And yes I am wearing this shirt for the Third day in a row [Music] Thank you So many memories terminal 21 here we go Any budget Travelers you guys better Write this one down because at the very Top one like the fourth or fifth floor Is something called Pier 21. so when you Come upstairs to Pier 21 this is where You have at least 20 of these little Restaurants they almost got this like Cafeteria vibe to them but each of them Are individual shops and restaurants and That's the move right there you gotta Get the high knees chicken set hainanese Hainanese things haven't changed it's Still a dollar for a pull full portion Of food but they're not huge portions so You might want to get yourself one maybe Two that's one dollar right there [Music] Wow That looks so good This is all I can think of this is Really really cool too basically you Point out whichever cup you want and

They just blend it up you tell them to Add no sugar and it's basically just Fresh fruit [Music] It was amazing because you get to choose Everything and anything it's like Instantly ready right in front of you But it doesn't matter if it's dollar if It sucks the food's actually really good You get a bit of everything food's so Good Whoa You want to introduce yourself people Are like who is this there's an Additional friend in the friend group Jasmine what did we mean we met in Bali Jasmine messaged Andrea and we all kind Of have been in Bali around the same Time about two weeks ago so it's kind of Coincidental that we're all meeting here But a very good place to meet the truth Is I don't know when I'll be back to Bangkok so I had to come here just for Old time's sake we experience a lot of This food all right so to catch our Night train tonight we really have to Hurry up and this traffic is just Starting up it's 5 p.m hey boss how much To go to labua yeah how much 150. yeah okay 150 two people me and her Two people hey let's go this is how you Beat Bangkok traffic That is why you need to take a motorbike When traffic gets going it is so busy

You know what I find really interesting Is that the time on Google Maps has been So inaccurate like this is us cutting Through traffic and it's still taking Like 45 minutes when it said it should Have taken 30. this is like a hour and a Half by car probably maybe two hours the Problem is we're going to a Sky Bar Right now and we're gonna have maybe Enough time to grab one drink and then We're gonna have to book it to go get Our bags I don't want to miss this train I'm so scared What if we uh we lift There you go I'm making our own lane All right baby This is crazy that's it there Wow I'm getting all these smells as we Go by look at these altars it's like These little miniature temples I can smell all these flowers and Incenses so oh my God it's a miracle Chamberlain okay Chamberlain Vibes for Sure for sure dress code Ryan is wearing A sleeveless bright there that is the Ghost Tower and back in the day that was Like one of the coolest things to do as An exchange suit and you would climb up This abandoned staircase through this Abandoned building and the sunset is the Exact same view as this one just a Little couple floors down but the fact That it was like this sketchy building With sudden drop-offs and it was like

The best place to carry up a beer enjoy The end of a beautiful day in Bangkok But uh nowadays it's pretty much super Super duper sus and illegal to do it We're not gonna risk it for the biscuit Today all right let's see how much Damage we did with one singer Foreign Ty of all of our food all four of us Together at Terminal 21 was less than One singer one beer that was a 13 beer Ruby's cocktail on the other hand 25 Ryan's cocktail because you have to Order one twenty five dollars The guy who's paying [Music] An eight part of my 50 bucks though the Race is on because we have to run back Pack our bags grab our bags and then Head to the train station all in the Next 70 minutes Hello [Music] Pro tip to save money leave your bags With your hotel lobby and then you can Pick it up at the end of the day and now That we have our bags it's time to go Run for the train because it's leaving In 35 minutes she's thick ER what do you think Grab it in there folks all right What can you get so many of the viewers Wish they were that backpack I'm doing

Fine up here if you guys were wondering This literally looks like an airport Thank you boss Okay cheers see you guys insert Tony if I don't make this train I got no money Left for my room I blew it all on this Ticket this is seed walk so hard Why is this place so big thank you so Much run Put a little tap in your step okay [Music] Wait Oh no [Music] No no One that ain't ours okay yes Emotional damage The Backpacker Olympics You guys got to work on your time Andrea's like a 100 meter kind of person After 101 she's it's a game over all Right at the end of the train tracks They've got a bunch of little pop-up Shops look at that that looks good Tonight's dinner is 1.50 Some Pad Thai Yeah How do you know pretend go that way Hi roommates if you look at the red Number Oh thank you yeah perfect all right so Hidden you have to look down All right so we're settled in in the end We made it with like five ten minutes And up to get some Pad Thai

Um these right here are currently seats But they actually open up turn to the Beds where you guys are gonna be Sleeping Ruby can show you where the bed Is ours right there all set up I also Have the upper bunk but let's be real Ruby and are gonna end up cuddling And in the meantime I'm just gonna eat My pad thai looks like we might hit our 50 goal today only set back by my Chang Beer [Music] So I want to give you guys a little bit Of a tour here oh hey girl you want to Show us what's going on in here Literally Give me a tour This is my beautiful window Stars yeah yes You wake up it's gonna just be blue Water yeah and over there that's my um Backpack holder let's see yeah right There and this is for my laptop but this Is what's called second class uh there's Like third class which is basically just Seats which would be pretty long it's About 400 Baht this is 900 baht to have A comfortable bed it's actually probably Cheaper guys I'm gonna be honest I Booked it through a third party online I'm sure I paid a markup but it's also The expense of a bed for the night so I Don't have to pay for a hotel and uh let Me show you the toilet

Wow Very nice so I literally just published My video for the day I hot spotted from My phone edited from here and uh yeah It's all set live three days straight Daily Grind it's a lot of work to make These videos happen the same day but It's something I'm very familiar with if You're a long time part of the channel You'll know that I actually started Daily vlogging in Thailand and so this Is kind of literally the biggest Throwback possible going back to where It started how it started with a few Extra tricks up my sleeves a few cooler Transitions like this one And That one I learned that one just the Other day Pretty cool [Music] Other than that I'm the same lame dude But yeah I'm off to bed bye [Music] Hello good morning coffee no thank you No thank you Wake up call come on kids it's time to Go to school breakfast Actually smells really good though wow And that right there is what it's like To take the sleeper train I really Really recommend it for 25 bucks uh you Might want to spend the extra dollar and Get like an eye cover maybe an extra 25

Cents on some earplugs otherwise you're Going to get woken up by the Fried Chicken lady coffee but she seemed very Sweet How do you have so much energy [Music]

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