Taking My Jewish Parents to a Muslim Country

By | September 11, 2022

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This was our 5th big international trip together, but it’s their first Muslim-majority country. Being Jewish, I knew that it would be an eye-opener for them, and it certainly was.

We were led by our local Turkish friend, Anil — starting in Istanbul, then heading down South to Antakya, Gaziantep, Kahramanmaraş, and Kilis (on the Syrian border).

From the mouth-watering cuisine to the ancient historical sites and everything in between – Turkey is just FANTASTIC (seriously, one of my favorite countries in the world) and it was special to experience it alongside my Mom and Dad. I think that this was my favorite trip yet with my parents.

And most importantly, they now have a different perspective on Muslims and Islamic culture!!! They can fully understand that Jews and Muslims are SO similar, and that’s a beautiful thing 🙂

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[Music] Welcome to the world of islam hello from One of my favorite places in the world Istanbul my parents have never been to a Muslim country before i've traveled them To vietnam korea ireland scotland but They've never been to a muslim country I'm picking them up at the airport Tomorrow morning and we're going to have A blast don't go anywhere What's up hi How are you welcome to turkey did you Know that you're in the middle east Right now That's okay i'm with jabinski though i Didn't realize it was such a big city Massive yeah the biggest in the world First steps We are ready to go let's get out of These clothes and let's go hello Istanbul hello you flew a long way from Arizona to seattle to turkey now we have The best tour guides in the world no the Best tour guide is on his way his name's Anno are you okay Yeah but i need like few more minutes to Leave my parents hello nice to meet you Anil i'm ellen So happy to meet you hello This is the corn That's good this is amazing It's different the texture is different Oh man Sorry i think it's mine now

I love my parents they are my best Friends and i have a really close Relationship with them over the years I've taken them on pretty exciting trips But this trip is different they have Absolutely no clue what we will be doing In turkey it's their first muslim Country and as you guys know islamic Countries are my favorite however as American jews they often aren't Portrayed as the safest and that's Exactly why i'm so excited to take them To turkey and change their perspectives Over the next five days all right dad What do you see Ice cream [Music] [Applause] [Music] Why [Music] What do you think about that was great Thank you very much All right good thank you Oh my god Very good incredible chewy it's so good It doesn't melt it's very flavorful Flavorful Awesome it's just a fun atmosphere i Can't believe i'm with mama and turkey Right now [Music] Those two buildings right there are the Really famous mosque they're like a

Thousand years old that's hagia sofia And that's the blue mosque we're gonna Go there tomorrow that's impressive so Good we just sat down for dinner and There's a live violinist [Music] Just like me my parents have a sweet Tooth and they're gonna go nuts with all The delicious turkish desserts I know Save my mom please Thank you for saving My mom is so easy to approach for Everybody selling stuff on the streets We're starting the day by taking the Metro sofia [Music] We arrived to one of the busiest areas Of istanbul and the first thing we're Going to get is a delicious turkish Lunch i don't know if i could try this It's a taste it's very salty Mommy i am I know what this Okay I like it with the lemon on it that's Good Have you heard of matzah it tastes just Like it I kind of like the chai well cheese is Really easy I love it you know what he drinking he Never drinks i drink tea all the time Belly's full it's time to take my

Parents to the most historical sites in Istanbul and of course they need to Dress the part Welcome to turkey [Music] You look adorable It's comfortable We've made it to the haki of sofia and Blue mosque this is one of my favorite Courtyards in the world My mom's getting hackled again Turkey make the double knot Double knot is better than single nut But do you have anything else with that Carpet yeah uh turkish delight ladybugs Jewelry scarves Yeah i am here i am this is my job i Show you blue moss after the mosque i Show you my shop we have somebody to Show us the most but thank you oh sorry Mom gosh Oh now we're gonna take me out sorry I just said no thanks i like to talk to Everybody All right we're about to enter the blue Mosque it is crowded mom and dana are Dressing the part Can you say salaam alaikum It sounds like hebrew She's cute it's weird It feels good i feel like i'm part of The whole community here This is both of your very first time Going into moscow

First time they've ever been in a mosque Right now whoa Yeah i'm on earth shoes off yeah Like we used to see all the blue like Ornaments and everything that's why it's Blue most but It's all construction When you finish praying you just sit and Count the praying beats 99 99 times and you there are three Words It's incredible i mean the ceiling is Beautiful are you hot in the hijab a Little bit So what's the history of this building It's like 1500 years old building and When they built it it was a christian Church and at that time it was the Biggest christian church on the planet But when ottoman came here they Converted it to a mosque Then they used it as a mosque for years Like for 500 years how do you say the Name again What does that mean It means The virgin mary it's very interesting Especially because i taught it in my Book so to hear it in real life and to Really experience it is Amazing actually Wow Wow Truly stunning like the the way that the

Pain is chipping off the walls the huge Domes but i noticed in the neighborhood There's a mosque very close to all the Houses so it's not hard to get to one if They're working do they just stop Working and pray Uh yeah yeah it is understandable is it A certain time in the day in the sunrise Noon Afternoon sunset and after sunset I'm very relaxed right now So in our religion the orthodox have the Women are separated from the men and i Feel like this is very similar to Judaism because a lot of the things Because i see the women Are praying and the men are over there It's very interesting fundamentals of The religions are the same Be a good person Don't lie don't cheat don't harm anyone Like the real fundamental is the same so It's so normal to see some similarities Among the religions [Music] Well that was cool yeah that was really Pretty Very pretty Mama and turkey wow This is great I felt some stick [Laughter] Pretty cool up here great pictures of The mall we are now heading to the grand

Bazaar one of the best places to shop in The world how much is mom gonna buy If she's already shopping i don't know She can't wait i was gonna stop in that Store this is the oldest and the biggest Shopping center in the world welcome wow Where do we start [Music] Welcome thank you how are you i'm good Thank you my first purchase You are welcome thank you very much you Are welcome nice to meet you [Music] I've always wanted these shoes but They're too wide do you have another Color my mom literally stops at every Store Hey i'm gonna get three it's the evil Eye to protect us It's like the stanley cup This store is insane look at all this Art [Music] [Music] Absolutely normally we make the shipping Alpha so you pay health we pay hub with The shipping it will be 1700 and this Will be 2000 u.s u.s you're [Music] From here to arizona It's a For the first time i'm seeing such a Masterpiece Sure i don't like to make it up and down

This is not ours And i'm not charging for all of those The price not the same i'm gonna put two More glass and two more cups Is there a deal being made Okay shake his hand Two thousand i'll give you how many Gifts two three You're dealing views turkish people like Yours gives back only one i give you a Treat We're gonna take a picture Just just two out there okay Sold for two thousand dollars to ellen And danny Thank you We are now heading to uh Take the boat ride across the bosphorus Sea from europe to asia and along the Way gonna try some of these fresh fish Delicious it's good Very good This is a really istanbul thing to do Right now sit here by the river for the Beautiful master Deep fry it oh they make it while you Watch then syrup it and it's ready to Eat [Music] Real Good that's delicious god that was good I'm glad i saw the guy walking around I'm like what are those lokma That's pretty good it's like a crunchy

Donut With sweet like honey sauce or something Thank you all right we are about to head On the ferry to go to the asian side of Istanbul the only city in the world that Is split between two continents 40 cents To ride before they say The asian side of istanbul is my Favorite it's so much less touristy than The european side but it still has so Many charming cafes beautiful mosques And amazing dishes for cheaper just like That we've entered asia same city we Changed the continent welcome to asia [Music] Bread and cheese sesame oil Do you want him to cut oh yeah [Music] Oh that's that's like One of my favorites so far Oh god I think this is Like one of my favorites so far this is Delicious Istanbul was great but all the tourists Are exhausting and it's not the real Turkey that i wanted to show them now we Drive by car to the south to one of my Favorite regions called hatai it's right Along the syrian border and i'm going to Pull a pretty funny prank on my mom That mosque is beautiful look this is The border right No we're fine you're like i don't want

To get in trouble you're like a half a Mile from cereal I don't want to get in trouble That white wall right there oh like Mexico that's pretty cool I think it's the closest i'll ever be See that guy with the Kind of gun At us like what are you doing Big guns Thank You oh you're Okay Okay that was not fun what happened Explain we had to stop Show our passport but they had the guns And everything and luckily we didn't Have to get on yet [Music] Look [Music] Crossing the street here stuff Yeah This is so funny my mom still has no Idea This city is mostly syrian we're in a Town called kilis on the border of syria And it's mostly syrians you see arabic Writing everywhere but my mom still has No idea He's blessing him [Music] He was trying to Like take some money probably so he

Hold and like blessing praying in arabic And stuff but i knew it's kind of scam So like can i tell you the real reason Why we came here uh-oh Why because we're going to syria today No we're not yeah we're at the border Right now come on through yeah we're at The border we're just gonna go for like Just a couple hours then come back what Are we gonna do there we're just gonna Hang out with people Okay let me show you the map no you're Not That line of syria we're like a mile From the border We're not really yeah we're gonna go to Syria did you see the guys with the guns Earlier he knows you just drive in and Then you just tell them to stay for like Two hours and then they let you come Back up what if we get stuck there What's the worry Did you know that all the people here Are syrian all the people that's why There's arabic writing and all the People with a woman they're all syrian You haven't noticed We just go to syria for like two hours And then they will just let us come back In it's literally like five it's like a Five minute drive no we can continue now We're continuing Let's do it it's it's safe here it's Safe

There's no there's no attacks in a long Time there's no nothing's going to Happen You'll be fine I'm just kidding we're not going to see You it's a prank I could have gone with that a lot longer If i wanted to We're we're not gardens area but we're Very close probably not a good idea most Of these people right i'll be most of These people i would say the majority of These people are syrian refugees around You just haven't even noticed I mean i wouldn't know the women that Are covering their face completely yeah Are all syrian I would say and a lot of the language in The street is arabic Yeah i just saw something i knew about The prank that's why he wasn't scared I'm not gonna i can't mess with you that Much You came you became fully silent when i Told her she didn't talk for like 30 Seconds the prank went well So the loudspeaker it's coming right now From that speaker see it so there's a Guy inside saying that words No someone is speaking to them in the Morning They're speaking it it's not a recording If you walk in the door you'll see the Guy in the microphone cool pretty cool

Right the people on the street are very Friendly yeah of course they're friendly Have you seen my videos in syria they're Great people They just said isis is what kind of Ruined it So mom that sign is arabic Yes so can you see how that's different Than turkish yes It now makes sense but i didn't notice That before what do you think about this Place Cool it is cool it's just kind of there It's just it's Very very impoverished More than the other places we've been But it's just interesting to see another Life that doesn't look like scottsdale Arizona [Music] All right welcome to antakia How was the car ride great the first Thing i want to do here is eat are you Hungry yeah Please watch out There's a place in syria that looks just Like this How cute is this restaurant [Music] That's the real stuff Right wow Very flavorful Wow hummus comes from syria so you're Almost in the homeland but wow why is

That so much more flavorful than ours Because you're in where almost was Invented That's This is my all-time favorite bread this One The sesame Seeds on it Freshly baked [Music] All right we had our delicious food in Natakia and now i'm going to take my Parents to get some kanape Mom career let me show you something so In the markets of aleppo they it's just Soap bunky milk So Got me so Donkey milk soap yes donkey milk [Music] Right here Gonna say Kunafe we are gonna have some kuna face It's a pastry sweet pastry with cheese Inside this is called cada youth It is a super thin dough Cut and like It's kind of pasta but not really They mix it with This cheese which melts and after that It's ready to eat they serve it with Pistachio on top we are in the kanafe Shop you can smell it This is one of the best desserts in the

World right here you have cheese you Have different pastry layers honey Pistachios all on top of each other for This one amazing dish We're waiting patiently okay Okay let's try it I see what you were talking about it's Incredible Cheese The texture the flavor Mmm The crunchy salty sweet It's my favorite dessert Thank you Thank you Walking around these streets i'm just Reminded by how Amazing it is in antarctica these Cobblestone streets old historic houses This is one of the birthplaces of Christianity actually the word christian Was derived from one place in this city It's really cool to be walking around Here and even cool to be with my parents As usual very cool Oh my god he's so cute He doesn't speak english To be a foreign dog Welcome to the museum hotel Look at this there's a whole ancient City underneath the hotel the biggest One-piece mosaic in the world It starts right over there and it goes To the other part

[Music] Not bad You're about to get you know Come out here In the pajamas What's the name of the state A tie Yeah the city is so vibrant and full of Life i mean it's just fantastic [Music] Look in there beautiful it's beautiful In here what do you think i love look at The color of the carpet Can you feel the spirit yeah it's very Pretty really really cool and this one Was more than 800 years old more than 800 years old now the real adventure is About to begin to a city in the south Called gaziantep the culinary capital of Turkey my parents literally have no idea What's going on they are just following The leader These are the people that Come to my house come have some tea sit Down they're so hospitable all my videos That you see yeah this is the place Where you'll see it the most This is what i thought turkey was gonna Be like Let's develop yes Definitely not This hotel is hundreds of years old Oh you got a great view of the mop this Is old

Look at this you have a tur your own Turkish bath yeah Yeah You sit on your little thing And you wash yourself that's all the Showers It's like a museum in here welcome to Gaziantep we have finally arrived in the City center a lot different than this Temple no tourists no tourists no fancy Buildings no but it's very cool this is The real turkey right avi yes welcome to Real turkey welcome to gaziantep Kebab time We'll go to one of the bread shops and We'll see how they go oh no Oh This is it from hand wow Oh yeah One tomato can we have Oh god look at them oh it looks like a Pumpkin That is reddest I've ever seen Oh just like super juicy Well cooked Okay smell of that kebab is just Outrageously tasty i mean Thank you thank you Delicious You got to put some salad in there And then you take a little bit of meat In the bread ah that's the sandwich Right

Very good This is So soft And so tasty as i remember it's amazing So juicy The best kebab i've ever had we shot Here two years ago with avi One to ten ten is the best one seven Eleven That's the best one and uh now i get to Bring my parents here so take a little Bit of flat bread look at that It's so soft and mushy One of the best kebabs you can possibly Have Right here in glasgow Delicious I can't even talk i'm shoveling it in so Fast It's so good I forgot to warn you drink some water The green pepper [Music] More pressure it's good for your tongue Oh you should have warned him I like that hot pepper but not that hot I don't know A little rough there for a while It it became his habit like more very Much but i'm just insisting to pay this Time at least Because last time we didn't we're happy Today [Music]

He says 200 doesn't know i said like Whatever the price say it Don't don't make it wrong it's enough to Say 200 it's like 14. 300. This is the bread shop dad go in here That's how they make the bread [Music] Watson Now we are in a really old mosque and in This area like those arches and all the Stone work is so local you have to wash Your feet so they take off their shoes Five times a day Feet hands face Yep so every mosque will have a washing Station i've never seen you take so many Photos of my life Probably not coming back but this is Really cool There's other places you don't want to Take exactly the world remember me avi i Brought my parents here mom and dad Chai turkish coffee Water anything cold i'll have my turkish Coffee do you want shy or anything this Place is amazing they have all fresh Pistachios you literally can't get Fresher in the world than this this is Where they come from On teddy bean dinner seven so happy you Liked untappd and i'm happier that you Brought your parents here so they have

Also Seen he says This pistachio is from this region Some is coming from syria some is coming From karama maharaja gaziantep but They're just lucky that we named it as The knot of untapped this is not of Untapped in turkish language thank you Very much thank you very much Once again wow daily it's written the Nirvana of pistachio [Music] He says you brought your parents here so This is my gift Thank you We are now entering the mechanic street We can buy all these little antique Things it's beautiful in here [Music] It sounds expensive when you first hear The prices Thank you thank What do you think about your new shoes i Love them They are very comfortable actually This is called ko lon yak So it is made out of pistachio but the Lemon one is the most famous one it is Eighty percent seventy percent alcohol And we were using it for like Hundreds of years and call it cape and This became The most useful and least harmful Disinfectant you can try the pistachio

One But it's very Cultural they've been using it for years This place is pure magic i mean copper's Paradise any kind of antiques home goods Plates traditional things can be sold Here What do you think about this street so Far Pretty cool we are literally the only Tourists here that's okay it's cool yeah That's cool that's why i took you here It's cool to be the only foreigner Great i'm about to eat this whole thing It doesn't get better than this Oh did you see that salt beer Oh my god Who wants to buy Good morning how do you say good morning Good night good night in it's a Beautiful morning here in gaziantep and We are heading for breakfast good night Good night Good night [Music] We've entered a little caravan serai for Breakfast Really beautiful spot This is the teapot That we use in turkey a lot That part is full of Boiled water and tea Leaves this is pretty Maybe intense i can say

So We use like 30 40 of chai tea and this Is only boiled water and we feel the Rest to reach the optimum color and Optimum level so this is how we serve And this is the method Makes us to drink like five six cups per Meal [Music] Wow this is my korea [Music] Good morning from Turkey look at this food good night United Good night time to feast You could also do like this [Music] [Music] Those are the best oh you'll ever have In your life yeah there's these just Fresh off the crust i'm gonna have some Eggs they're like They're salty olives yeah delicious have A little protein with the breakfast Oh is that the bill yeah How could they do it in a treasure box 400 liter 3 24. Let's keep that Oh that was good It's a spot Right now i'm going to take you to get My favorite dessert here in gaziantep It's called cat's mag catfish yes it's

Right in front of us this shop i came Here last time you like pistachios right I checked this out Is there sugar water what makes it sweet What's in it a little bit of sugar Little bit of milk cream pistachio And dough this is the dough [Music] Yeah you just barely put in sugar you See that [Music] How cool is that It looks like intestines Are you confused on the payment system Here he wants to pay first every time It doesn't matter if you don't pay like If we say like oh we forgot our wallet In the hotel can we pay later can we pay Tomorrow they're all okay yeah they say Nothing Oh Beautiful wow That's beautiful and they put pistachio On top One to ten 10. [Music] Hot Flaky on the outside Gooey on the inside covered in Pistachios Oh man Dad everybody always ask me where the Name binsky comes from so where does it Come from

So you were just really young and you Were really really really fat legs So i had to call you something it wasn't Just true it was just minsky like Balloon binsky drew binsky And that is the foundation Of bitsky it doesn't mean anything it Means absolutely nothing Except they kind of rhyme with pinsky The secrets are revealed secrets are out That's it How are you doing Okay look at this place all kinds of Deliciousness only found here in Gaziantep Thank you These are good They melt in your mouth mmm These are they're really good ones I think the best ones you have i think So Thank you very much That guy is so cool that was fun he was A great guy it's cool that i met these People two years ago and then i come Back in there so happy i'm so happy the Food here is unbelievable Fresh Delicious Taste that i've never had before And you keep on feeding me it's like Blow up Dad come look at these sunflower seeds Look how they make them come here right

Here Oh no these are pistachios sometimes They do some piracy Yeah It's hot [Music] Come on Mom likes the turkish tea so much that She's buying her own tea pots Mom always wearing the battle You buying that one the teapot i'm Thinking about it i can't think of Something better Oh i like that one better yes That's pretty cool Why do you like that one better look at The handles it's all More detailed [Music] It's so sweet and this sweetness Stays in your mouth for like 30 minutes Whatever you eat you eat Pickle it will be sweet It's interesting it's very sweet it's Just like weird Like licorice yeah black licorice it Makes your immune system stronger It cleans your throat help you to lose The stones in your kidneys It opens all the Peeing system Yeah it tastes like black licorice Shopping shopping shopping I'm blown away by the freshness

Of the fruits and vegetables and even The nuts look at this You can walk We're walking over the excavated ground From the gaziantep castle right below Our feet okay don't walk on this place So what's the history of this building This is the castle of gaziantep this is An important stop on spice route and Silk road so every city on this Route has that kind of castle to protect The rulers and the like soldiers and Everything we're standing in front of One of the oldest citadels in the world It's about 2000 years old here in Gaziantep Look at this beauty Still pretty intact Are you sure Hello abi nice car all right The city is very famous for its ice Cream they say that it's the original Place where ice cream came from in the Whole world and it's where turkish ice Cream came from so i know you guys are Going to love it yes and we have the Best super driver ever we have one Mission right now and that is to find The ice cream ice cream you scream they All scream for ice cream Here we are At the famous place with a long line Welcome to kahrama marash the home of Ice cream they are doing this ice cream

For Over 150 years all the flavor and the Hard texture comes from that That's What makes it hard it is called sallet And it is like a cousin of orchid that's The root of that Plant They harvest it and then they Prepare it prepare the ice cream with That Salad and it The special taste and the texture which You will understand in like a minute Oh look how he dipped it oh Oh he just gave it to you Oh How was that experience Best ice cream i've ever had thank you For the city whatever it's called Just call it For making ice cream what a crazy and Fun 100 hour journey it's been in turkey With my mom and dad this is the best Trip i've ever taken with them and i'm So proud of them for being spontaneous Open-minded and adventurous i think this Will pave the way for the next trip to Either pakistan iraq lebanon or similar I will remember these moments for the Rest of my life all right well we just Conquered turkey we did Almost a week amazing totally different Than i ever expected what do you think

Yeah i never want to come to turkey but What we experience is unbelievable this Is your very first muslim country First muslim country as jews as a jew What do you think about peaceful Friendly people very friendly yeah Food's incredible i didn't have any Problems at all what do you think about Like the mosques and the worship rooms All that stuff i found it very Interesting it was very nice to learn About their religion see some Similarities to Being jewish it was just really nice to See them and see them in their own Homeland and their own culture what do You think about the hospitality of the Turkish people very nice oh very Hospitable i just met a man for the First time he spoke english he gave me Four postcards to take home just as a Gift they're more genuine and Kind-hearted than most americans and They're always hitting their heart like You know nice to meet you but in the Heart it's not you know it's sincere It's not just to be nice how nice Everybody just even driving in a car Everybody wants to hit you and nobody Flips you off like in america or yellow Yeah everything's calm well it was a Great trip thank you for coming today Yeah thanks buddy i'm drewbinski and Thanks for watching make sure to

Subscribe to this channel in the bottom Left if you want to see more adventures From every country and in the bottom Right you will find my second channel Which are bonus travel stories that have Never been seen Lastly on that middle link i'm giving Away for free my best flight hacks until Next time stay safe be spontaneous and Just go

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