STUCK in the BERMUDA TRIANGLE (30 Knot Winds)

By | September 26, 2022

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We're going around cape hatteras which Is one of the most notorious Craziest Spots in the world [Music] You guys we are so excited this is Actually going to be the biggest sale We've had together as a family by a mile We've waited probably an extra 10 days To get the right forecast and it's a Little too good It is beautiful blue skies this morning We woke up we packed up the house we Just spent two weeks in the heart of Charleston at our friend's house because I did magdalena but it's so nice to be Back on the boat to have unpacked our Bags kind of the saloon's still a bit of A mess but it feels good we're inspired Again ready for a new adventure boat's Looking pretty schmicko Peter Have been an emotional Wreck today what's going on Just lots of work It's really hard to do it all We've had the we had the two courses the Kids are going crazy There's a small bar trip Yeah A trip to vietnam a charter business a Swimwear line Lots of things two things we can't talk About two very exciting things

Three Three very exciting things it's all Exciting but it's a bit much And probably once every two weeks I'm like i can't do it I can't do it all and then and then two Days later when i caught up i'm like This is the best thing ever no no no What you you get grumpy I get stressed yeah and then yeah what Happens i get emotional and you start Having a go at me for no reason no i Don't don't use this video as some kind Of Thing for your personal oh my god come On what happened this morning and then i Was just upset I was upset yeah so what happened You're being unhelpful You need to be helpful when i'm Emotional and sad and you weren't [Music] We had such a nice time in this house I'm gonna miss it hey ellie last night Was like oh this place really felt feels Like home we've been here for probably Two and a half weeks And um yeah i felt a little bit Melancholy packing it up what is it [Music] Okay everything looks good nothing left Behind [Music] See the rays of the dog

I'm just getting this on and then i'm Gonna pull that around Okay all aboard We got new char plotters yeah we got new Chart plotters did you put the charts in There Funny mistake he's done a great job but He forgot to put the navionics card into The actual stuff so we've got a base map And nothing else which was a little Concerning first thing in the morning But we know what the problem is we're Going to rectify the situation and we're Going around cape hatteras which is one Of the most notorious Craziest [ __ ] spots in the world Carpe hotarus has been known as a hazard Since the middle of the 16th century it Juts like an elbow out into the atlantic And two major ocean currents with very Different characteristics converge off Of the cape Infamous for its shifting shoals and Shallows Low-lying hard-to-spot barrier islands Pop-up thunderstorms and geographically Induced weather anomalies and you can See why we're planning this voyage so Carefully Dudes from the volvo ocean race went Around the world through the southern Ocean racing hardcore and they said that Hatteras was the worst weather and the Worst conditions that they encountered

In the whole place it's Very very notorious the the water and The weather's there so elena's I'm not we got good weather we're going To be fine you got it amigo Hi All good Funny thing There's two of them in there so yeah Pop them in the unit down below [Music] And we've got alex on board hey what Brings you to the vagabond um we are Sailing up to annapolis and then i've Got About two months worth of work to uh get The boat ready for charter and people Have met you before on the racing Crossing up hey uh i think so we haven't Done like a did you get much screen time Uh we did talk about thunderstorms yeah Impending doom of thunderstorms and That's mrs ellie Hello how are you good yes how was your Time in the house It was nice it was relaxing the kids Could just run around and i could keep My eyes off them for more than five Minutes yeah so it was good but i'm Happy to be back on the boat Elena I feel like i've gotten soft Having hung around in the house for a While

Yeah it's it's really hot on board i've Been used to the i've just been sitting In aircon watching netflix I've been getting fat Drinking beer and getting uber eats it's Been amazing Really looking forward to getting out on The ocean So what do we got here alex we've got Hot lands and then the hot gulf stream So we've got thunderstorms building on Both sides um but we're sort of Threading the needle in between the two At the moment hopefully the two on Either side of us don't get so big that They meet in the middle Fingers crossed Just looking in the grab bag because a Concern of mine for this trip is that we Don't have a life bra because we used it For the safety training which is ironic So i'm just looking at the grab bag We're going to use the dinghy as a Life raft if we needed to so what would You say to the people that would say you Should never ever leave without a life Raft Your ding it's a great lifecraft and if You want to be a sailor you've got to Leave for and we would have had to wait An extra two weeks to get our life raft So as much as i don't like doing this You just got to look at the fact i don't Want to jinx us i don't want to talk

Anymore we've also altered our course so Normally you go out into the gulf stream But we're going to be quite close to Land there's some other precautions that We've taken as well if something were to Go wrong to tip things in our favor Oh i know how much you want to play with This no you want to play with that lenny You have to blow through it as hard as You can [Applause] [Music] [Music] I'm just gonna go to bed for a bit So relaxing right now Right and he's asleep i'm gonna go Translate for a bit do it all about the Length this is the most relaxed i've Been in a while yeah Lenny you're with me bud No Come on hey can you can you grab the Binoculars alex said he saw a whale Before should we go and have a look for A while i see One pirate ship of pirates something i'm Gonna see the ship away Are you guarding the door yes Am i allowed to come inside No because i'm doing some work You're doing some work Did you have a sleeve ellie i did yeah [Music] Um

[Music] We'll have to keep it down Sorry about that honey I am showered and fresh we're about to Put the code d up riley's going to tell You about the wind [Music] Hey babe tell us about the wind and Where we're putting up the code d that's Gone behind us which was we did you hear The thunder no yeah there's thunder and A bit of lightning but that's going Behind us now so i'm happy to put up the Big kit uh we've got 11 knots from about Here so once we put this up we should be Flying it's probably it feels like 10. [Music] [Music] [Music] So this is a 400 nautical mile passage Which is the furthest baby darwin has Been and all of us together so when Lenny was one his longest passage was Actually a 10-day trip and then a 19-day Trip he's got a little bit more Experience than darwin did at his age But that's okay we've been taking it Slowly this year since baby darwin was Around and now it's time to take on some More serious sales with him this is a Bit of a Celebration this sale We're playing the sleeping monster game [Music]

We're going nine knots right now this is So much fun Tell me about the conditions right now So it's picked up to 14 from 120 degrees Which is absolutely perfect so we're Glad that the weather came as it should Have we're doing between nine and 10 Knots now which is great the gulf Streams out there which we're not going To go to because there's a wall of Thunderstorms that are all appearing on The gulf stream if they dissipate in the Morning we'll go there and get a three Knot boost but if not we'll just Continue along as we are here and then There's a What's it called it's not moorhead city Is it it's a 10 mile detour well it's 20 Because it's 10 there and 10 back but if The wind picks up and the kids are tired And it gets a little bit annoying for Everyone tomorrow then we can tuck in Here this beautiful little anchorage Yeah it's just comfort and just depends On how the crew feels as to How far we keep going the ultimate goal Is annapolis which is 500 miles away From when we left [Music] Just a bit of housekeeping if you're a Young cruiser which can really be any Age because you're as young as you feel Right don't forget to sign up to the Young cruisers association share your

Story and connect with other young People getting out there over at it's free and having Become a member and flying our burgee in Anchorages has already brought us a lot Of good like-minded friends and fun While you're there visit the awards tab To nominate yourself or another Inspirational cruiser for the International cruises awards the awards Will be given out at our upcoming event At the annapolis boat show in Collaboration with the yca we'll be Hosting this event and giving a whole Bunch of you recognition for your hard Work whether you're on social media or Not and it's going to be a blast voting Will finish up on the 6th of october I'll pop the link in the description Below see you guys soon it's been pretty Funny trying to entertain the two kids In this small space you wouldn't believe Me if i told you how many times we clean This area sweep the floor pick up the Toys try and put away as much as we can It all just comes straight back out so They've been playing with uh lego blocks Lenny's been playing an educational game On his ipad and now he's actually Watching octonauts because it's the Afternoon we allow him that darling Wants to watch but he can't He just pushes the button he just pushes The button oh what happened

What happened Okay How's the kids been going ellie That's sweaty They've been fine to be fair darwin's Been a little bit grumpy the last half Hour but all day it's been it's been Quite easy Are you being cheeky Oh my god I do not trust that at all I mean it's brilliant but i'm a bit Scared wow Here is a shock absorption uh Device And what it does is it absorbs the shock From this here rope then it's slapping Around making all sorts of ruckus so we Rigged up this thing and it's much Quieter much better it's good It's so good [Music] Very good It could be a little more spicy He was just crying and went i don't know He's just been a bit upset for no reason And when he eats he'll get frustrated And he i just see him when he put his Head back to cry like He's got some new teeth coming so he got Like eight A long time ago and now i think finally He's getting the other ones and we've Calmed him down with some chocolate

Oh is that yum [Music] So lenny is sleeping in ellie's bed Tonight she's just taken him read a Story i hope he's asleep for her now but It's about the first night i've slept Together in the same bed he seemed Pretty comfortable with it he loves Ellie so that's a relief we just don't Want him sleeping up here in the saloon When the door's wide open and we're Sailing and if someone's out at the helm And lenny wakes up No one would know and maybe he could go Outside Just to see where dada is or anyone so It's safer for him to be In a bedroom so he's in ellie's cabin Because i'm in our cabin with darwin I'm just about to jump into bed and Riley's on watch until midnight and then Alex is going to take over they're just Going to tag team until sunrise and then I will jump on shift at sunrise With darwin once he's awake so yeah That's the plan for the night still got The kodia have seen lightning on the Horizon so i'm going to ask Riley what he thinks about that What's going on what's the lightning Look like There's there's a bit over here that i'm Looking at but that's that's the only Bit that's all around us which is so

Good Um but yeah i'm just keeping an eye on That and that just happens to be Right where the wind's coming from But i think that it would come behind us So are you and alex gonna hop bunk in The saloon No he's had a room and i've slept in the Saloon oh yeah okay that's nice yeah About two hours ago we jive alex woke me Up right in the middle of when i was Sleeping Which was very good We're headed into a thunderstorm he's Like hey dude we're gonna jump so we jog Because we're getting close to one but Also there was clear sky one way and Horrible looking sky with lightning and Thunder and all sorts of [ __ ] in the Other And so we're just turning so we're going This way now all behind us is just lit Up it's it's just nuts and Alex got a message from his mate saying Um you guys made the right decision Because that that What we were seeing earlier has just Gone Nuts It's 6 00 am the sun hasn't come up yet Um The boys have been at it all night Hey what is it And i think alex is just gonna drive the

Boat because this little man's awake i Was hoping he'd sleep in so alex is Gonna drive the boat and then i'll take Over [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] We might outrun that rain Because it came behind us elena it's Given us a push And so we've been able to go further Downwind Directly on course we're getting 12 Knots of vmg Yeah i know it's amazing ellie's room Has turned into the playroom on this Sale when he's already broken the roof How did you do that i was trying to help Daddy [Music] So i had to help you were trying to help Dad and you broke the roof yes Riley's just woken up from a big nap and His breast stinks But i love you he had a big night last Night with alex how was it It was hard Um we decided to do two hours on two Hours off and I hate it so much but i've also Grown to love it you don't get to go Sailing without getting that feeling Headache in the back of your head from

Too much coffee and not enough sleep At 2am setting the alarm for every 15 Minutes and Foot just falling asleep being in this Weird haze i associate that with Sailing now Um so i kind of love it the kids Behaving themselves they're actually Playing in ellie's room she's built a Fort in her cabin she did that this Morning as well yeah the fort has come In handy your eyes are so red No one my mate Paulie would say what if we hung over Here wake up and go Oh my god Got the breath and the thousand Arseholes Thank you riley Lenny just said you're amazing Really yeah so what's happening We've got 25 knots apparent Sorry we've got 25 knots true with a Full rig up With 17 knots apparent because we're Just running dead downwind sea state's Very calm but this thing's Pretty massive but we're moving quite Fast relative to its position So turns out We've got two well-rested good sailors On deck and we're just trying to keep Going further and further and further Away from the heart of the storm

But yeah that's 24 knots and the next thing we'll do is Put the headsail All the way and then if we need to Turn around and probably just drop the Whole main go dead down wind again with The Head sail until until it flew right over The top of us [Music] Darwin's first Open ocean squall and yours too early Yep how does it feel say it yeah it is Exciting it's very nice to have the Option to come inside and just stay nice And warm So i've got the Full main up so basically i decided to Just save us some time by not taking a Reef so we're dead downwind the Autopilot is just really handling it and I'm here ready to pounce if something Happens i don't care about getting wet It's just it's just the floor gets wet And then we've got to clean it up that's My thinking about coming inside is i Don't want the kids to slip on the floor Afterwards it's not a safety thing at All laney can you pass me one of them Thanks mate Ellie said ellie was going to go for a Run yeah and lenny ran out and goes He didn't want her to go And he was going i want to blow you a

Kiss yeah but he does that's what he Does to us And when i see yeah He loves her yeah lenny loves ellie Alex two now we just had the best crew On board and this trip couldn't have got Off to a better start it's been so much Fun already yeah i kind of don't want This trip to end actually it's kind of Sad that this is going to be our last Sale together as a family on this boat But we have some really fun things that We're planning and we need your help for So we are going up to svalbard we've Already Hinted at that previously when we got Out our cold weather gear from storage We're gonna sail a tall ship up in Svalbard in the arctic circle we're so Excited for that i'm losing my [ __ ] About that i've had that plan in the Back of my mind for Three years but honestly you got like Looking after a boat full time It's it's just there's it's relentless Anyway we found ourselves with a bit of Time now so i'm really looking forward To going and doing that yeah we have a Couple of months from moving from this Boat to the new boat and we decided to Go on an adventure we'd love to hear What you guys think we should do apart From the arctic circle were you i What would you do it needs to be water

Orientated yeah water orientated but can Be anywhere so we're gonna make four Videos From the arctic circle on an old Traditional wooden ship i've been Wearing my new puffer jacket he's so Excited he's wearing his beanie i'm like It is hot purposely cranking the aircon So i can wear my wet weather gear see You guys soon all right we're just luck On the rest of the sale thank you [Music] You

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