Strasbourg: 10 Things That SHOCK Tourists about Strasbourg, France

By | November 5, 2022

Heading to Strasbourg, France and not sure what to expect? Well here we go through ten culture shocks that tourists and travelers to Strasbourg have on their Strasbourg vacation. From the incredible number of historic buildings, to the Petite France district, to the Alsatian food that will be so different than the traditional French food you are used to, Strasbourg has a lot to please travelers. The cathedral holds a surprise as well.
Filmed in Strasbourg, France

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Hey there fellow Travelers Mark here With vultures world and we're back in Stroudsburg France and today we've got The 10 things that shock tours when they Come here to Stroudsburg and I got to Tell you the first thing is really kind Of shock you when you're coming here to Stroudsburg is How it feels so French but looks so German well what you have to realize is Actually this city has gone back and Forth in the Alsace region has gone back And forth between France and Germany for Quite some time so you definitely have a Lot of German influence when you're here So if you're thinking of having your Total French vacation well you'll have a French vacation but it'll definitely be A regional Alsace French vacation with a Hint of that germanic-ness in it but This city is amazing from the Architecture the food to everything but You can't escape that French German Mission mix-up of things when you're Here all right and probably the second Thing is going to shock you that it Relates directly to that is the local Cuisine isn't your typical French Fair No you are not going to have your frog Legs and you are not going to have your You know now you have some great duck But you know you're going to have some Different foods when you're here because Of that Germanic influence and

Everything I mean you have which is um How would I say this it's sauerkraut It's really good sauerkraut with a bunch Of meats with it you know some a sausage And some ham maybe some pork belly a Shoulder oh my God their shoulder here The pork shoulder oh it's so good like You have the heavy heavy Germanic food Here in Stroudsburg while I should say It's not germanified it's The Alsatian Food that's here I mean it is got a lot Of pot to your TomTom if you know what I Mean like back off though which is you Know a bunch of lamb and beef and pork Together with potatoes yes you're gonna Eat really really well when you are here And they actually have their own kind of Pizza here it's not a pizza it just Looks like it when you see it the top Flambe or the flamacooka which is a Really like thin thin thin pizza dough Kind of stuff and then instead of Marinara sauce it's like a creamy cheese Is spread over it and then they put Maybe get some ham on there or some Onions I like the mushrooms on there but Oh so good but you have such great food When you hear the Google hope the the Cake that's here it's more like a bready Kind of thing but it looks like a cake You'll see it in all the bakeries around Town you have this really really great Food seen here that's completely Different than the rest of France so

Take advantage of that and try some new Stuff when you're here [Music] Now the next thing is going to surprise You when you come here is actually the Prettiest part of being here and that's Going to petite phones this is the area Where it has all the half-tembered Houses I mean it's one of those things That when they show France postcards I Mean you've got you know Melissa Michelle you've got the Eiffel Tower and Then you've got patifrons it is just Gorgeous walking around there tons of Restaurants tons of bars tons of places To sit out and take in the beauty of the Area and when you walk around there you Understand why Strasburg is a UNESCO World heritage site like the city itself Because yes you have the Fantastic Notre Dame cathedral but Petite France so much Great stuff here when it is just a Beautiful beautiful city okay and when You walk around here and you just take It all in you understand the pit from The Pedestrian streets going around to Going on the river and sitting with the Locals on the weekend and having a drink With them or or taking a boat ride Around to see the great architecture I Mean it's just it's is fantastic and you Really like yes this is what UNESCO Meant when they wanted to make world Heritage sites whole cities Stroudsburg

Is the definition of that when you're Here and that goes into something really Is going to make you love Alsace the Whole region but here in Strasbourg as Well and that's the next thing that's Going to shock you is just the pride the Locals have in their region and in their City and you see that how the city's Cleaned up how the museums are put Together how the people want to make Sure that you have real Alsatian food I Mean when you go to the restaurants here They're mostly outstation okay there's International ones but it's not the French cuisine you think of it's The Alsatian Cuisine and they're going to Let you know that you need to have the Alsatian wine when you're here the Reese Things I mean ground clue is my favorite I mean there's just so many great wines That are here that you can have and they Want to make sure you have that right my Friends that live here the first time I Can't be like no no you have to have a Pecan first that's how we drink our beer Which is a beer with a little bit of Pecan liqueur and it makes it like a Sweet kind of caramely beer it's really Good but the people are just so excited And that Pride really shows if you go to Places like like The Alsatian Museum Where you go to the city city History Museum of Stroudsburg or the other Museums around town you really get a

Great understanding of the area and the People and their pride and you really See it I mean I get excited for it I Mean my family's from here like I went To one of the churches here which is Where my family went 200 years ago and It's like I'm still proud of this place Too because it's just so gorgeous and And the people are friendly and nice it Just it just makes a really great Surprise when you're coming here now for My technology lovers and for the people Wondering why there's this beautiful Church behind me the next thing that's Going to shock you when you come here is The Notre Dame Cathedral and yes you Might be shocked that you can actually Climb out the left side over here and go Up there yeah you can go up and have a Nice view and you might be surprised how Out of shape you actually are compared To what you thought you were just saying But actually inside is gorgeous the Stained glass windows are fantastic to Be impressed by that but the thing that Will get you the most is if you go and Watch the astronomical clock that's Inside it goes off every day at 12 30 Okay now you can go into the cathedral Anytime like in the morning in the Afternoon but they close at the middle Of the day because people get tickets to Go in and they have like an audio visual Presentation which is really interesting

You're like how the heck did they figure Out all these things the ellipse of the Earth and all this kind of stuff it's Really really cool but you see it go and You start to appreciate like what kind Of technological know-how they had all Those years ago and it's really cool now If you just want to see it and not see It working you can see it anytime you go To the the cathedral it's no big deal But this Cathedral is gorgeous and what I want you to do walk up in the front And look at the facade look at the faces Look at the artwork the sculptures that Are on there it is just gorgeous and you Also might be shocked about the line to Get in so maybe pick up your tickets Earlier in the day instead of waiting in Line because it opens up at 11 30 for People to walk through to get ready for The 12 30 showing so you don't need the Whole hour beforehand if you already Have the ticket you'll be fine the Stroudsburg pass can help you out in That way no another thing that might Shock you is when you have to jump out Of the way because of all the bikes in This city there's 500km kilometers of Bike paths here in Strasbourg but you'd Swear that the people were actually just Riding on The Pedestrian Zone all the Time so do have a head on a swivel Sometime because you'll be walking the Pedestrian street at a bike delivery

Driver will go by or or Grandma will go By you know going by or a kid will go by Just just you'll be shy that you might Get taken out by a bike not where you Think you will you know in a bike path But randomly in The Pedestrian zone so So just be aware of that one also you Can do bike tours around here too so You've got lots of options with the Bikes but yeah just be just be ready That someone might go ding ding behind You and don't jump just stay where you Are because they're coming and another Thing that might get you when you're Here another thing that's kind of Shocking is just how many school groups And tour groups come through Strasbourg I mean this city is world famous when UNESCO world heritage site but it is Morning noon and night you usually have You know we got morning now usually have Tourists coming through and tour groups And so you'll have with a little signs Walking by and they'll knock you out of The way to make sure they get their Stuff and they'll block some entrances To some cafes while they get their Things but it's just like all the time They have groups that are here and it's Not just old tourists and coming through It's young Tours School groups crowd This place this Square on a normal School day it's got kids everywhere Having their lunches or the school

Groups here this is where they have Their picnics and stuff I mean Everywhere you go there's going to be Some school groups when you're here and That's kind of funny because when you Start seeing how busy it gets to the School groups you don't realize the next Thing that shock you is just how much More packed this place gets on the Weekend I mean you go Tuesday night Wednesday night here in town you can go And basically walk into some of the the Nice restaurants and get a seat no Problem on a weekend this place gets Packed with tourists coming from Paris Coming from Germany coming from Switzerland coming from all over the World and it just goes from like nice Calm see how common nice this is so easy To get around no worries to oh my God Where did all these people come from and It's funny because it's like about four O'clock on Friday boom they start Showing up and then Saturday is Completely packed and then Sunday's a Little bit better because people are Heading home the shops aren't open so There's not as much draw here but I mean Wow the shock you have are just the the Like tidal wave of tourists that come on The weekends also if you're gonna be Here at Christmas time and I'm gonna Talk about that later That's another thing you got to realize

Is with all this tourists over running This and the popular times you need to Get your accommodation as soon as Possible because that overrun of people Also deals with the university here the European Parliament that's here so Whenever there's one of those sessions Going or or the students are coming in Or leaving for the semester all the Hotels get filled up so you got a book Ahead okay so be ready for that and and You might pay a pretty penny to stay but It's worth staying in the center just Because it's so gorgeous and of course Make those reservations on the weekends For restaurants any time of the year but Also during Christmas time because this Is the Christmas capital of France you Uh really should make a reservation for Dinner pretty much every night just in Case or just wander around all the Markets that are here just eat on the Street you'll you'll be fine with that Too I mean it's fantastic here at Christmas and I I think that's another Shocking thing I have for people it's Just how Christmassy Strasbourg gets at Christmas like the entire city is done Up the lights the market stalls the Phone show the hotline the foods oh my God the Christmas Foods they have that Are here you don't get other times of The year can you tell me I'm getting Excited it's Christmas and French food

It's like perfect During Christmas time think all the Weekends of Advent to Christmas you know You're gonna have it here and and you're Gonna enjoy it when you're here and the Whole country knows this so that's why They all come here so it's got over the Top christmasiness anytime so if you can Come come but I recommend if you want to Come and enjoy it and not be as crowded Come during the week the first couple Weeks of Advent like first couple weeks Of December that's going to be the Easiest time to enjoy it but anytime you Can come at Christmas it's wonderful and Then Last thing I want to talk about is Actually a shock of just how many great Day trips you have from here in Stroudsburg I mean Strasbourg can make a Great base for you to go to a lot of Places and multiple countries if you Want to go over to Fryeburg and see the Beckley you know the little like I guess You say little Creeks on the side of the Road and go see the moonster there and Go take in the city and go to the Schlossberg and hike in the Black Forest You just take a train from here to Offenburg and then you switch it's like Every it's like a 10 minute wait and Then you go down to Fryeburg hour and 10 Minutes fantastic day trip to do where You can stay longer that's wonderful

Basel yeah you can get down to Switzerland it's a little bit farther to Get to there oh if you want to go to the Wine route the Devon yeah You can go from here to go see all those Wine regions and do the vineyard tours That's really great I mean hey heck you Can just go half hour literally local Train 30 minutes away you go to Kolmar Which is like a miniature version of Stroudsburg which is really really Beautiful and actually if you spend the Night in Colmar it's pretty empty there At the in the evening because most People do date trips when you're there And it's just gorgeous but there's so Many other things you can do right by Here that you're really going to enjoy And make it a surprisingly wonderful Base for you not just a two-day stopover You could stay a week and go do all These other things and enjoy yourself so I hope you enjoyed these fun little Shocking things about coming to Stroudsburg we love coming here so if You want to have a little bit more Tourist solid information kind of video On Strasbourg as well we have a video That don't servicing Strasbourg that can Help out and give you more of the like You know Nitty Gritty do's and don'ts Kind of stuff when you're here also if You go to our Walters World eats Channel We have what to eat when you come here

To Strasbourg as well so I hope that can Help you enjoy your time here in Asus And especially here in Strasbourg Because it is a fantastic City UNESCO Heritage and all bye from Stroudsburg

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