By | September 6, 2022

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[Music] [Music] Honestly it's like mother nature really Doesn't want us to leave a lutheran Today it's already 10 o'clock a huge Squall has come over so we anchored In the hopes it would pass but It's still here and time is ticking away We have 50 nautical miles to sail today Everything's trying to keep us here in a Lutheran but we have to go because we're Trying to get this boat la vagabond the Second up north to annapolis to get her All jazzed up ready for charter Um we're kind of running out of time So yeah we just sat out that storm but It looks like there's more we've just Looked on the radar We're going we've got to go [Music] So before we can actually hoist the Sails we have to get out Between some reef we wanted to take a Path we hadn't traveled yet between two Reefs but because of the visibility and The wind it's gonna be really hard to Spot That coral and we don't wanna risk it so We're just gonna take a longer track That we've been through before and then Yeah we're gonna hoist the sails once we Get out here and this was actually the Last day of wind which is another reason Why we had to leave today

And we're just keen to go we're looking Forward to filming this episode for you Guys we actually have some funny um Maybe a little bit inappropriate Some things you don't know about us that We're gonna tell you throughout the day [Music] Lenny Yeah okay What you doing so i'm driving the ball With that i'm happy to drive the boat oh Thank you because there's a big stone Called A Tomato whoops a snowman Tonight you mean tornado before riley Gets into some deep and meaningful even Abstract things you don't know about us Number one is going to come from me Riley and i are doing couples therapy we Once met a guy on a beach in antigua who Was a couple's therapist and a fan of The show who thought we should be giving Out relationship advice unfortunately we Struggled just as much as everyone else And that guy we met said that given the Boat the kids the confined space and Working full-time together our Relationship would be what he would put Into the really really difficult Category which made us feel a little bit Better All of the things that i love my Children life partner and my home are

Attached to what would be described Geometrically roughly as oblong taurus Pieces of 3 8 g4 high test chain which Are in turn connected to a swivel which Is connected to an anchor These pieces of equipment are expected To and frequently do Withstand the forces of 40 50 knots more Of windage pushing on our vessel and the Accompanying waves if we drag or the Anchor dislodges we will likely end up On the rocks that is my entire Life connected to a chain which saves Our lives every single night it is Completely insane when you think about It and we don't have problems we don't We Travel I don't have drag race droplets yes Yeah no no rain yet What's on the what's on your mat lady A storm coming on the way To see the Rain That rainfall is gonna make heavy rain Down to make heavy rains down on the Ladder [Music] Okay so what's the decision Well this is completely unforecast we've Got 20 knots On the nose so we would need to be Tacking up into it it's supposed to be We've got 20 knots from here we're

Supposed to have 15 knots from here i Got stung by a bee yesterday so i can't Actually pull any ropes So We're gonna turn around and Have a go Another day Four old ellie won't know what's going On Ellie We're turning around oh really yeah okay Yeah i thought it was getting a bit Intense but i've never done this before So yeah i mean It's just unforecast And it's coming from the direction we Want to go So we couldn't get there like it would Take us all night okay And riley can't pull any ropes yeah this Is not good timing Okay so back to where we were back to Where we were all right [Music] [Music] What's that i just say i want to talk to My friend i know but we had to turn Around lenny the weather was so bad So there's not a breath of wind today it Really is a shame that yesterday ended Up like it did that's the problem with The localised storm systems you just Can't really see them So yeah

Guess they didn't pin out how we hoped But that's okay we have a calm day where We're all stinking hot on board and We're not sailing It's beautiful it is beautiful [Music] Ellie this is so nice I think i'm just going to stay here all Day it's the coolest place on the boat Right now it's a little bit of a breeze And if i just keep wetting myself I want to stay cool ah that's so good [Music] [Music] How you liking the new beanbag I actually love it We found this floating the other one This one's not the other one was full of Water it was waterlogged so it was heavy So this one here is very light which i Enjoy tell everyone why we found it Floating in the ocean that's really Weird that it's not waterlogged Obviously it fell off someone's boat And we found it rather quickly unsure About the colours but I don't think the colours match What we're trying to do on this boat Here no neither of our personalities Either Baby pink So yeah we're out here on a very flat Ocean it's unfortunate that we're Motoring but i do like to appreciate the

Ocean in all of its forms and when it's Flat and calm like this and where we Have to motor that used to really make Me extremely frustrated i've come to Terms with it And Yeah The ocean looks beautiful when it's nice And flat yeah we are in between two Islands there's no land for Six hours motoring we've just done And we still have internet Oh i can't wait for starlink it's gonna Be even better Now you can get starlink for moving Objects we're so excited There is about three quarters of an inch Of solid monolithic laminate which is to Say fiberglass creating a barrier Between us and the ocean Layer upon layer of fibreglass is laid Down which is then vacuum infused with Resin creating a stiff wall the boat Displaces over 14 tons of sea water Which means that at least 14 tons of Water is trying to get back inside our Boat anyway at cat there is a mere three Quarters of an inch of fibreglass Separating us from the cruel mistress That is the ocean and a liquid so Corrosive that it melts steel so darwin Is at the age now where he wants to go Anywhere he wants to go on the boat He wants everything he can't have

And he's just a major hazard right now So today has consisted of ellie and i And even riley Who's also captaining tag teaming and Just looking after darwin because it's Just mayhem really I'm thinking of going in there tonight But mosquitoes will be absolutely mental Well here's a fun one for you Riley and i are into bdsm [Music] We actually have no about five Huge projects that we're undertaking Behind the scenes right now we're at up To riley and i we would have absolutely Told you all but in some cases we've Been politely asked to remain quiet in Others we are legally obliged cannot Wait to share them all with you over the Coming year [Applause] What are we doing we're moving in closer To pete's pub so i can drop some rubbish Off and then we can take the boys in There for a play and Might get some lunch in there later Elena's got a massive day of work so Ellie and i go after the kids [Music] Ah don't you look handsome Do you like that It's like a dog getting a scratch hey He's so chill Um

So I'm filming riley So some other things you don't know About us Occasionally we find ourselves um Brainstorming so riley and i were just In this abandoned room david left So we washed his sheets mate is bad Someone left the window open So it was david actually We should have checked but it rained and All of his bed got wet he's fresh linen So yeah we were brainstorming in this Room this morning i had some footage Uploading overnight here Lenny's broken the hatch up here And I'm just hoping that this video has Sound we we lost the corrosion x for Both of our microphones we always use That to um Fix it when it starts to sound crackly And both of our microphones just started Going crackly so i hope you can hear me Right now but yeah some other things you Don't know about us is sometimes we find Ourselves in this situation where it's Like We can't do this without doing this but Then where's the corrosion next to film This to you know film our next sale to Get here to upload the footage yeah Those are kind of like logistical things That go on behind the scenes that you

Guys don't know about but we're gonna Try and take you along for the ride There more often because it's actually Pretty funny the lengths we have to go To to just get a video up every single Monday [Music] Polyethylene terephthalate or dacron is A thermoplastic polymer material and a Member of the polyester family Weaves of this flat material are cut Into a foil shape by a sail maker to do This the fabric must be cut into panels And stitch back together again by Cutting a convex curve along one edge of A panel and stitching it to a straight Edge on an adjacent panel a process Called broad seaming a unitary curved Surface is created once all of the Panels are joined together the sail is Then hoisted up our mast and stretch Taut at the three pointy bits let's call Them the clues attack and the head air Passes across the outside of the sail Faster than the inside Creating a high pressure which sucks us Forward called lift it actually moves a 14 ton vessel through a high friction Substance called sea water and very Often Upwind imagine sailing upwind it's a Miracle it defies logic and that is how We move around Really just made this restaurant your

Own yeah but [Music] [Music] So we found ourselves on an adventure This afternoon we're in hope town which Is one of our favorite places ever we Just keep coming back here over and over Again Absolutely love it Our friends have lent us a golf cart for The afternoon it's actually a special Day it's kind of like our last couple of Days here in hope town here in the Bahamas before riley sails the vagabond Up to the united states to charleston With our friend alex so yeah that trip For the boys should take them three days And we're gonna fly and yeah this is Kind of our last adventurous day here in The bahamas so we've just parked up at a Bar for a little while the cutest little Bahamian bar it's called onda beach like On dar beach which is so behavior i love It so yeah our time in the bahamas is Coming to an end Nice work I bet don't you dare go all the way to The end Get in loser We're going [Music] Shopping and lenny what's that what's Behind you what kind of a building is This

This essence That's a snack but what's behind you What's this big building with the red Doors We're going inside the sail shop they Make sail bags out of mostly recycled Sails They're so beautiful [Music] So just across the road here from this Memorial is our friend's airbnb you guys Remember we came here when lenny was Like six months old and we stayed in a House for a bit yellow bird is the name Of the airbnb and if you're coming Hometown you should definitely stay There Best location Best owners we love them And this view Putting our lives online has been the Most incredible thing and has brought us So many great opportunities but we've Also been pretty concerned at times our Privacy is so important to us especially With the kids now to the point where we Don't turn on our ais so people can Track our boat or give away our Locations in real time and we ask people To not post photos of us together until After we've left the place i once had a Man outside our sailboat in a marina at 2am when i was sleeping alone inside and Our companionway doors were being

Repaired so it was completely open i Wondered why i couldn't sleep well that Night and i woke up to a bunch of emails From a man saying that he saw our boat He was outside and wanting to meet us at 2am it was kind of terrifying [Music] Riley and i don't want to get married Because we feel it doesn't really suit Us tradition-wise and strangely but Conveniently neither of us had really Celebrated christmas easter's or Birthdays having our kids have changed a Few things for us and we've come around To the ideas of silly hats presents and Chocolate of course the refined Sugar-free kind [Music] There's so much life along here [Music] Turn around there's two [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] This one's more of a personal one unlike These overly confident and quite frankly Savage turtles something you definitely Wouldn't have guessed about me is that i Have a serious case of imposter syndrome Since i became a sailor and then Youtuber i still find it hard to accept And believe is something that is Actually happening to me coming from a

Small country town this all still feels Like such a weird thing and there's a Constant voice in my head telling me who Are you kidding elena you don't deserve This i think because of this i'm Constantly working harder than i Probably should and i hold myself to Unfairly high standards it's something That i'm hoping to overcome yesterday [Music] Full entries into the tender ready one Gotta be smooth one one Two Three That was pretty good yes i could do it That was pretty graceful Come on Just some housekeeping riley show us Your shirt oh Come on No Like I'm annoyed [Laughter] We have new merchandise in our store This design in particular we're obsessed With riley really really loves it yeah It's sick I'm also loving our new fair winds Design you can head to the link in the Description box later to grab something For yourself or a fellow slv watcher Thanks a bunch for your support [Music]

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