By | July 10, 2022

We shipped the Airstream to our land in Costa Rica, but it wasn't a smooth process. It also wasn't cheap. Let us fill you in on all the details…

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One month ago we shipped our airstream Luna from tampa florida to costa rica a 3 000 mile journey where luna was lifted Onto a cargo ship and sent to puerto Limon the port on the eastern side of Costa rica and let me tell you it was Not cheap But we'll get into what everything cost Later on in the video we recently Purchased a plot of land in an eco Community in the avocado mountains of Costa rica there are no houses yet built On the land well there's some that are Starting to be built just starting just Starting to be built since we already Have a home like we we just want to Bring it to costa rica and live in it Like we love living in luna We spent most of the last five years Living in luna and it that's what feels The most like home to us and you know we Love our home when we literally want to Bring it to another country But None of this matters if the airstream Doesn't arrive right And you actually haven't seen the Footage that everyone is about to see so I would love to actually film your Reaction of the airstream arriving okay Look who made it to costa rica Luna's here Got a little bit of damage done Right here in the shipping

But that's stuff we can we can fix oh This is a pretty bad dent But everything on the inside Looks good It's all here Everything that we sent Today's a big day we're taking luna to Our land here in costa rica And i couldn't be more grateful thanks To you Thank you so much Jorge You you have made this a possibility That's what jorge looks like i couldn't Be more grateful brother oh thank you Thank you Would not have happened without this man Here There's so much planning so many emails So much paperwork so much went into this Moment and now he's even using his Personal pickup truck to bring it to our Land Oh that's so nice Unfortunately there was some damage that Happened in the shipping They strapped her To lift her onto a boat and That looks a lot worse than i thought Damages on all four sides too bad Just here uh pumping up the tires the Tires were a little low so thankfully i Left this Little air pump in the air stream so

That we could pump up the tires i have a Torque wrench to make sure that the Tires are are bolted on as as tight as They should be not too much not too Little so far so good everything seems To be going well i'm so grateful that i Brought our hitch for the airstream Because i was thinking about selling it In the states because i wasn't sure if We were going to use it anymore but We're using it right now we were able to Bring one of our our propane tanks which Is awesome so we can make hot water It's empty so we're allowed to ship it But wow Wow This is a big deal Oh my god it's happening Not many of these license plates here in Costa rica Costa rica baby Even though the airstream was damaged a Little bit it was not nearly as bad as My imagination Thinking about this thing like falling Off a ship or collapsing windows Breaking if a window broke That would have been hard because like I don't know you can't you can't source Like an airstream window from 1976 here In costa rica i'm just grateful that the Only damage was just a bit of aluminum To the bottom Uh that's that's something that that

Jorge is looking at getting fixed like Right here i can probably even fix it Myself just simply i can probably go buy Some aluminum here and fix it Uh it's the it's the least of my worries I'm just thankful i made it I have goose bumps Look at the mountains in the background Wow [Music] Oh my god This is where i would be so stressed the Drive on the crazy costa rican roads Okay Yeah the main road's fine it's the Off-roads That are Not fine Getting so close To those dirt roads I'm going to drive behind the airstream The entire time making sure That no one hits it from behind Imagine that very last one percent of The journey and it gets into an accident Nope Not today universe Not today We are approaching the mountains I'm still in such shock that luna is Here We've been talking about this for like Over a year now And

I don't know i don't know it's just Amazing that So much planning can happen and then you Can execute it and It goes well i i really missed luna when She was gone and and now she's back and We're gonna have her on our land and We're gonna live in her for You know the foreseeable future Flabbergasted that i'm driving behind Our airstream that is only being in Canada and the us And now is in central america like Driving through tropical mountains Crazy Probably looking going what is this We have made it into alegria Home stretch gets closer and closer Maybe Less than a kilometer away from our land And the roads are getting tighter and Tighter Okay We can do These this are so rough [Applause] So glad i wasn't in that car Okay oh Yeah that oh Slow and steady Oh Okay Okay Okay

Okay Yeah oh Now this is okay Slow and steady baby just take it slow This is the tightest Corner here that looks fun Oh my god Now The thing is so low to the ground it's Just like That's what makes it so stressful to Watch Oh my god Okay Step yen step again Oh watch the side Okay Nice This passion And hope a tire doesn't puncture on These rocks Okay And we're through Oh it's like One close call after another I think We're at the home stretch i think this Is it we are in alegria We have passed all the hard points Now we just have to park it where it's Going to stay for a few months Until we build the platform And then it'll move to its final resting Place

Welcome to alegria Alegria Look at that tree Luna has made it to costa rica so much Planning so much anticipation so much Like worry but like you know just like Looking out for our baby our home on Wheels And she's here A little bit of damage but nothing that Can't be easily fixed She's here she's here pretty much one Piece along with all of our stuff And it feels so surreal it's like It's so cool it's so cool she's in costa Rica she had no idea when we first Bought her That she was about to embark on such a Crazy adventure but she's here and over There Our friend louie ryan's bus They drove it down from the states My gosh You are now Costa rican luna now we're really Digging into the design process for our Airstream because we're going to be Creating a platform Which luna is going to be living on as Well as like an outdoor kitchen dining Area we're thinking about a loft we're In the design process now but we're Going to be building that on our land And then rolling

Luna officially onto her Her Final home she's going to be staying There she's not going to be on the road Anymore she's going to be living on that Platform and we're going to be living in Her Okay the airstream arrived it's parked Right beside our land thank goodness Thank goodness yes what a weightlifted Off our shoulders not much damage has Been done and uh we can move on Yeah so the price of us shipping it uh Originally We were quoted 5 000 Which i was very happy yeah five Thousand dollars to ship a 31 foot Airstream That was great and i knew we'd have to Pay some taxes and like stuff that we Left in the airstream totally fine Then There was a war that broke out in the World and gas prices soared and Everything soared and That five thousand Became seven thousand Became eleven thousand Became twelve thousand yeah So we paid 12 000 U.s u.s dollars to bring our airstream To costa rica also that 12 000 included Us paying taxes and duties on a whole Bunch of stuff that we left in the

Airstream pretty much like our Everything yeah so i'd say like two Grand to that was probably just paying Taxes For stuff that we left in there if you Factor in that we the airstream is Probably valued at 60 70 000 So we're getting like a sixty seventy Thousand dollar home right away In costa rica Um you know and we paid twelve grand for It to get there there's so many benefits Of having our airstream on our land it Means that we can be some of the first People to live in the community right Away we don't have to pay rent living Elsewhere We get to have our very special Home with us that means so much to us That has been the container that has Helped raise our child that has allowed Us to travel the world while having that That piece of home with us and we didn't Want to let go of it so Now she's on our land and uh it was well Worth it yeah absolutely

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